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Found 10 results

  1. 麗麗(reirei) has announed to release a brand new single named 「炸裂ナゴPOWER (Sakuretsu Nago POWER)」on 2018.05.09. Also the band will release a special 10th memorial album release on 2018.08.15. This CD includes re-corded and reborn songs recorded with the current 麗麗(reirei) members. Also this release will be partied together with メリーバッドエンド(Merry Badend) on 2018.08.17 at Nagoya BOTTOM LINE Also 麗麗(reirei) will hold their first oneman at 2018.4.27 HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA. Which they also party vocal 紅愛 (kurea) birthday. All info here https://ameblo.jp/reireiclea/entry-12334962205.html Later today also everything at the official homepage http://reirei.nagoya Official band twitter https://twitter.com/reirei_official Official band member twitters https://twitter.com/reirei_official/following The band also will hold a special 8 month tour on every 8th of the month 2018.05.08(火)巣鴨獅子王 (Sugamo Shishiō, Tokyo) 2018.06.08(金)心斎橋FANJ (Shinsaibashi, Osaka) 2018.07.08(日)HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA 2018.08.08(水)池袋BlackHole (ikebukuro, Tokyo) 2018.09.08(土)大阪LIVE HOUSE D' (osaka) 2018.10.08(月、祝)名古屋ell.SIZE (nagoya) 2018.11.08(木)HOLIDAY SHINJUKU 2018.12.08(土)名古屋ell.FITS.ALL (nagoya)
  2. Augie1995

    All right, well now that I have my hands on the album I can officially give my opinion on it. Naya I am really tired so I might not finish this but so far it sounds pretty good the intro song is absolutely spectacular, there's so much energy going on and the guitar rocks. I've already heard Drain from the previewd and the full PV but that's still a really awesome song. Voltage is something new, it's really pop metal song if I can say that but the breakdown is the most interesting thing becausE I have Yet to hear something like that. Incomplete and Zantetsuken are the usual good new girugamesh tracks. Antlion pit is a catastrophic beast! Sato she does really good here and he does some sick low growls. I gotta say that Nii is just ruling this album. So far this album is shaping up to be their best one yet. This new sound that they've embraced is doing them good and I hope that they continue on with this sound. Edit: All right, so I've almost thoroughly listened to the album and the only song that isn't really hitting me is "Live is Life" and the new Zecchou BANG. I feel the production on the new one is nicer but the instruments sound dull, especially the guitar. The guitar in this song contrasts so much with how the guitar has been throughout the whole album, strong and very "in your face" Other than that, the album is pretty much a strong one and I love it to death Pros: Intro, Drain, Voltage, Resolution, Alone Con: Live is Life, Zecchou BANG
  3. アンティック-珈琲店- (An Cafe) will release their new album 『ラフ・ソング』(Laugh Song) at 2017.2.22 (2 types) Regular edition include CD (¥2,800) and limited edition include CD+DVD (¥4,800) Tracklist: 01. 千年DIVE!!!!! (Sennen DIVE!!!!!) 02. JIBUN 03. 恋するサンタクロース (Koi suru Santa Claus) 04. 熱くなれ (Atsukunare) 05. 生きるための3秒ルール (Ikiru Tame no 3-byou Rule) 06. 涙より重いWAR (Namida yori Omoi WAR) 07. JUMBO 08. ラフ・ソング (Laugh Song) 09. new song (tba) 10. new song (tba) 11. スマイル一番イイ♀ (Smile Ichiban Ii Onna) ~2015ver. ~English ver.~ (included in limited edition) 12. 熱くなれ (Atsukunare) ~English ver.~ (included in limited edition) DVD: LIVE CAFE 2016「ココロディスコ」(Kokoro Disco)
  4. DOESN'T MATTER You liar, you liar you're fuckin liar You liar, you liar everyone loves other people's misery People die, you brake up, forget your lines You go on the school trip twice My nose bleeds often these days I get complaints when I take my clothes off What people think is what's important Even if you have a hole in your socks or not Get them involved! By the way you sounded really snorty on the phone Doesn't matter... Doesn't matter! You liar, you liar when true comes out You liar, you liar I'll send you flowers You liar, you liar you're fuckin liar You liar, you liar everyone loves other people's misery Get them involved! By the way you sounded really snorty on the phone Doesn't matter... Doesn't matter! You liar, you liar when true comes out You liar, you liar I'll send you flowers You liar, you liar you're fuckin liar You liar, you liar everyone loves other people's misery
  5. Hello! Just doing a bit of research I'm asking this because growing up, I preferred the album. However, as the industry has changed, I've grown to like the EP and the single much more than I used to. I like it when artists will release a few singles or EPs more frequently, rather than a new full-length every few years. For example, I can count on GACKT releasing a couple of singles each year. I like it, I know he's active. I keep up with him. Goldfinger (i know, not VK music) has released something like 1 new single in the last 6 years. I love Goldfinger, but I kinda forget about them for a while, and then think "geeze, I wonder if Goldfinger has released anything new" - and they haven't. So my vote is now for either single or EP. What about you?
  6. The CD is like new since I never opened/touched it. I opened the wrapper, cause I thought I'd get an autograph. I noticed from storage there's a few scratches on the case itself so it's not a big deal, it can easily be replaced. Tracklist 1. Road of the Wing 2. Aoi Ookami ga Mita Zekkei 3. Yuukaigoto 4. Kaze no Slave (Album Version) 5. Representa 6. Amphibia 7. Fuefuki Douji (Album Version) 8. Revandish Ring (Album Version) 9. Aza-Sailla- 10. Lorent This is a rare Album from Japan! So get it before it's gone!
  7. Augie1995

    Now I'm not in the mood to really write a huge in depth review or anything like that, but, I would just like to say that this album was my entry to this band. This album is the first thing I have listened to from coldrain, a band who I had previously avoided due to some pretty dumb reasons. This album was absolutely amazing to me, it had some pretty amazing songs: The Revelation, The War is On, Time Bomb, Chasing Dreams. All the other songs to me were all pretty good but not amazing. This album has some really amazing choruses which are just the highlights of most songs and I love that this album isn't full of heavy breakdowns all around, but it includes some pretty great, yet short, guitar solos or awesome melodic breaks between the songs. I went back to their previous releases such as The Enemy Inside and Through Clarity, my favorite song from Coldrain has to be Inside of Me from Through Clarity (it even helped inspire some new songwriting for me). I can definitely tell that in their new album, the drums sound a lot tighter, and the guitars are most focused on a melody than trying to keep the rhythm of the song with riffs. All in all, I have found an amazing new band to follow, some great new songs to jam out to, and an addition to my "Top albums of 2013"
  8. Augie1995

    A very good release, best album they have put out so far (This is their second album LOL) This album was coming in with expectations I had from their past 3 singles. The title tracks didn't attract me as much like Starry Heaven and NOAH, but INNOCENCE was really badass. The only thing exciting me was the thought of getting more songs like the final track on the Starry Heaven single or SHADOWS from INNOCENCE. The preview for Tears got me a little down cause it sounded like they were doing some poppy ballad type song, but, it wasn't entirely that and I ended up loving it. The one thing I have always loved about Royz, besides the crazy melodies that are almost unexpected in most songs, is Subaru's voice. It has a sort of soothing lullaby to it and the fact that he can growl makes him and the band a lot more interesting. Kind of like with SuG and Howling Magic, once you heard Takeru growl, you kind of felt like: "Holy shit, maybe this might start getting good" Royz was already good but they just got better. This album brought forth some really amazing songs, and unlike their first album, I don't find myself skipping songs to find the good ones and listen to the rest later. アルカロイド was the first step towards more INNOCENCE type songs, 糜楼 was their next heavy sided song, claiming the spot as my Favorite song of this album, followed up by FlashBack which to me resembled SHADOWS a lot. We got some great ballads such as アテナ with such a calming slow acoustic melody in the melody, and then you get an uplifting, cheesy if I might add, song right after which gains the spot as my least favorite song. Don't be mislead though, it's still good, it's just not my cup of tea. Why the hell didn't I have 恋花火 on my iPod beforehand? I thought I had their whole disco, amazing song. Very nice fast tempo that gets me energized. The final song Aerial Cord gave me some hope with a name that awesome. I was hoping for a fast song but it was more in the mid-tempo style of songs. That's not a problem here. Sorry if my reviews aren't as astounding as Zess but my hope is that some people read my reviews on these amazing bands and decide to give them a try.
  9. Well done, 摩天楼オペラ, absolutely spectacular! The -overture- sort of brings you in to what you know is coming next already. It's a great SE and it transitions nicely into GLORIA. Plastic Lover is a very nice song, absolutely in the style that I was expecting more of the songs to sound like in this album~ 悪魔の翼、just by the previews alone, had already made it as the most anticipated song for me on this album. The intro just pumped me up, the chorus is rather abruptly put in but the majestic-ness to it just overcame that. There's a beautiful calm spot between the song that was just elegantly added. The fact that 2 single songs came after this was kind of boring but Freesia and Camel are two good songs so it wasn't all too bad. Merry Drinker is a very powerful song, love the energy that goes along with it, gets me headbanging along to it for some reason. Both the guitar solo after the Chorus and the outro solo was just pure Anzi love~ SWORD as i expected is a very strong sound. Yuu really likes to get that bass drum going the whole time huh? He does the same thing all throughout the final song, 喝采と激情のグロリア. MY GOD, that BASS in SWORD just made my ears jizz!!! Great song, definitely my #2 on this album. Somethingのブルー, by the length alone, was looking to be the album's ballad this time around. It's got a very nice orchestral background and the chorus is really something beautiful. The small guitar melody after the 1st chorus somewhat reminded me of a GALNERYUS melody(calm down, not saying they are copying them or anything). The fact that the songs fades into a piano melody was just the best ending for this song! Midnight fanfare just transitions beautifully from the previous song. Clearly, this the album's instrumental. Blasts forth into the instruments rather abruptly though. It would have been nice for some buildup but the instruments are too good to give a damn. Just be Myself(JUSTICE) was very badass but there was a lot of repetition in it with some small changes in melody every now and then. This song has a structure similar to a regular song. The song plays a chorus, Aメロ, chorus, guitar -keyboard solo. Bメロ, and then the outro. 喝采と激情のグロリア sounded just amazing from the previews, I knew I was in for a treat. Guitar is absolutely the best thing about this song, and the piano sections in the Bメロ is just exceptional with the perfect pace to it. This was the best song to finish the album with, can't think of any other that would have fit this spot. All of the new songs were just absolutely amazing and they picked the best songs from their singles to add to this album (Although Psychic Paradise would have been better instead of CAMEL). Thank you, 摩天楼オペラ!
  10. Augie1995

    Lyrics for any release from them would be greatly appreciated!
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