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  1. As we celebrate Monochrome Heaven's 10th anniversary, ORZ will take a moment to reflect on the last decade. One thing we all have in common is that Monochrome Heaven was instrumental in helping us shape our tastes, so we're going to share with you some vocalists we really like. These aren't necessarily the best vocalists per se, but they are ones that we enjoy and that we hope you will too! 郁磨 (Ikuma) Years active: 2005 to present Notable bands: アンド (And) and REIGN 壱-hajime- Years active: 2005-present Notable bands: TRIGGAH, THE GLADROW, 壱-hajime- solo project Ryuga Years Active: 2008 to present Notable bands: Sel'm 一葵 (Kazuki) Years Active: 2012 - Present Notable Bands: Belmosaic, ザアザア (XAA-XAA) YUKI Years Active: 2007 - Present Notable Bands: Mix Speaker's, Inc., リライゾ (Liraizo) 芥 (Akuta) Years Active: 2008 - Present Notable Bands: Administrator, Chanty Ryoga Years Active: 2006 - Present Notable Bands: BORN, RAZOR Thanks for reading and feel free to share yours too! (Please put all videos in spoilers so the page doesn't slow to a crawl)