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Found 3 results

  1. tenshibara

    Hi I've been coming here as a guest for a while now but I decided to join formally today! *slow clap in the background* I like a lot of VK bands but my favourites are Mejibray, Diaura, GazettE, VRZEL and Pentagon (ペンタゴン) You might see me pop up around here quite often since I have too much time on my hands xD Love, peace and chocolate, ~ Aya <3
  2. ■2017.2.08 NEW MAXI SINGLE「CRAZY TRIBE」3 type Release!! 【TYPE A】 GMCD-028A DISC1.(CD):1.CRAZY TRIBE 含む全2曲 DISC2.(DVD):「CRAZY TRIBE」MUSIC CLIP +撮影密着ショット (¥1,800tax out) 【TYPE B】 GMCD-028B DISC1.(CD):1.CRAZY TRIBE 含む全3曲(¥1,500tax out) 【TYPE C】 GMCD-028C DISC1.(CD):1.CRAZY TRIBE 含む全3曲(¥1,500tax out)
  3. Message from Vo. Chizuru: "Hello everyone in the States. My name is Chizuru, vocalist from the band Pentagon. First, I am very happy to know that there are fans across the sea supporting us. We aren't able to go see you guys in person as of yet, but we will definitely do our best to go to you guys as soon as we can. We will be featured and meeting oversea fans for the first time through XENON's livestream Q&A. I'm actually really nervous since its the first time we do something like this. I hope to enjoy our time during the livestream. thank you" - Chizuru(Pentagon) Please note that there was a bit of miscommunication at times, and the band misinterpreted some of the questions so some responses may not make sense.I also did leave some odds and ends out of the report. *Also for those that are unaware Minpha does not speak so he wrote or gestured his answers* So the event kicked off and the band began with a self introduction. They explained who they were and what their concept was. Chizuru described their concept as "Dark Fantasy". After the self intro. they talked about their new upcoming album「WELCOME TO GHOST HOTEL」. He said that we can expect a much darker sound from this album. The Q & A began and Pentagon began by asking us some questions: Yutori: I would like to visit America to meet women but I've heard that most women in the U.S. carry guns in their purse, is this true? *A girl revealed the inside of her purse to the band and prove there was no gun* Band: Ohhhhhhhhhh! Person: I do have pepper spray Yutori: *Blurts out in English* Oh My God! ... JESUS! *We all laugh and Yutori laughs back* Taku: Is there any stage in Los Angeles that would welcome a visual-kei band like us? Someone mentioned the whisky a gogo since Dir En Grey had preciously played there the night before. Band: Ohhh Dir En Grey, thats awesome! Yutori: Cool Name! Someone else said the Roxxy Theater since Vamps held a concert there back in October. Chizuru: What is it about visual-kei that gets you so interested? It's a different language so how do you guys manage to enjoy it? *I'm assuming this question relates to the message he sent us the day before the event, i think Chizuru still finds it hard to believe he has fans overseas* Person: I just love how every release is a different concept Person: I love how the instruments sound Person: I love the MV's they look really well done and it has an amazin production Band: Thank You! *Now our turn to ask questions began* Person: Is there any band that you like outside of Japan? Chizuru: Unfortunately, I'm not so good at English so i don't really listen to any. Yutori: I began playing guitar after listening to the Beatles and I've enjoyed their music since. Taku: My Chemical Romance Minpha: *Gestured Ok sigh with his hand* Atsuki: A lot! Person: What is one of your hobby's? Chizuru: Gamble Yutori: *Blurts out in English* MASTURBATION ! *We all laughed* *Yutori laughed back* Taku: SEX! *he laughs* Joking ...Sports Minpha: Women outside of Japan Atsuk: (Did not answer or forgot to answer) Person: Do you see many male fans at lives? Chizuru: It may seem hard to believe but Pentagon is actually one of the few bands with many male fans Person: Favorite Color? Chizuru: Black Yutori: Green Taku: Blue Minpha: Pink Atsuki: Grey Person: What is your favorite animal? Chizuru: It used to be cats but now its a dogs Yutori: *Shouts in English* Humans! Taku: Armadillo Minpha: Cat Atsuki: Dog Person: Chizuru what is your favorite Japanese band? Chizuru: Golden Boomber! Person: Is there a concept you would like to do in the future? *The band actually spend a good minute to think about this one* Chizuru: Mafia ! The Q & A came to a close but before we left Yutori asked us one last thing in English Yutori: Which do you love me or chizuru!? (omg it was the cutest thing ever i regret not recording) Chizuru: *Just puts his head face down on the table laughing* We all replied You! Yutori: Oh Thank You! We all said goodbye and the Q & A ended.
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