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  1. On 2018.12.12, their new album 「14」 will be released ! A tour to celebrate their 25th anniversary (1993-2019) will begin on 2019.01.14 and will last untill 2019.03.23 at 中野サンプラザホール(Nakano Sun Plaza) The tour is called "TOUR 14 -The time is out of joint-" while the final live of this tour is called " -I've come a long way since those old days-".
  2. The first one 「くしゃみ」(Kushami) will be released on 2018.09.26. Tracklist : 01. くしゃみ(Kushami) 02. ゴミ漁り純恋歌(Gomi sunadori jun renka) 03. 囚人番号07番は愛した(Shûjin bangô 07 ban wa aishita) The second one 「粉砕するぞ!」(Funsai suru zo ! ) will be released on 2018.12.03. TYPE A : 1620 yen CD : 01. 粉砕するぞ!(Funsai suru zo ! ) 02. 悲しみ三丁目(Kanashimi san chôme) 03. ベッドの下の性書(Bed no shita no sei sho) TYPE B : 1620 yen CD : 01. 粉砕するぞ!(Funsai suru zo ! ) 02. 死因:腹上死 (Shiin: fukujô shi) 03. 実録!!宇部市少年、大人との戦争(Jitsuroku!! ube shi shônen, otona to no sensô) The third one 「俺を必要とする人はこの世の中に居ないよ」(Ore o hitsuyô to suru hito wa kono yononaka ni inai yo) will be released on 2018.12.03. TYPE A : 1620 yen CD : 01. 俺を必要とする人はこの世の中に居ないよ(Ore o hitsuyô to suru hito wa kono yononaka ni inai yo ) 02. 隣の席の卑猥ちゃん(Tonari no seki no hiwai-chan) 03. 48手のお品書き(48 shu no o-shinagaki) TYPE B : 1620 yen CD : 01. 俺を必要とする人はこの世の中に居ないよ (Ore o hitsuyô to suru hito wa kono yononaka ni inai yo) 02. 死因:煙草(Shiin: tabako) 03. 挿入歌(Sônyû ka) --> https://mamireta.com/contents/187216
  3. The music video collection 『 映像盤。肆 』 will be released in december 2018. Their DVD live 『 映像盤。伍 』 has been announced. It will include their live 『 日本 八十八 箇所巡礼』 Tour FINAL on 2016.08.22.
  4. The Piass

    The mini album will cost 2700 yen and will be limited to 666 copies. Moreover, this is not a new look but one that they used for ENDLESS DEAD. 転化 is translated as tenka.
  5. At their live on 2018.11.22, the band will sell a single called 「LAST DANCE」. (1500 yen) Tracklist : M1.LAST DANCE M2.ロンリートーキョーパラダイス (Lonely Tôkyô paradise) M3.STARRY NIGHT
  6. The Piass

    The album has been pushed back to 2018.12.19 or 2019.01.14. Kyôshin-ban and Ryôshin-ban will be released on 2018.12.19 while graph-ban will be released on 2019.01.14. The covers will be drawn by 寺田克也(Terada Kastuya)
  7. Their new album 「転生輪廻」(Tenshô rinne) will be released on 2018.11.14. TYPE A : 3780 yen CD : 13 songs DVD : 01. 「転生輪廻」(Tenshô rinne) (PV + making-of) TYPE B : 3780 yen CD : 13 songs DVD : 01. +「遠塵離垢」 multi-angle version LIVE DVD TYPE C : 3240 yen CD : 13 songs + 2 bonus
  8. Their new single 「ラブレター」(Love letter) will be released on 2018.12.05. To celebrate their fourth anniversary, an one-man live called 「雨の日」(Ame no hi)will occur on 2018.12.25 at Shibuya WWW. If I am right, a live DVD of this one-man live will be released later on. A mini tour called 『甘く暴れた雨』(Amaku abareta ame) with 甘い暴力(Amai Bouryoku) will begin on 2018.11.03 and will end on 2018.11.24. Dates : 2018年11月3日(土)名古屋HeartLand 2018年11月4日(日)大阪 LIVEHOUSE Rumio 2018年11月23日(金・祝)仙台enn 3rd 2018年11月24日(土)新宿RUIDO K4
  9. The Piass

    Tracklist : 1000 yen 1.Gungnir 2.道化師症候群-pierrot syndrome-(Dôkeshi shôkôgun) 3.異常的深愛アクセラレータ(Ijô-teki shin'ai accelerator) 4.秘密-secret- (Himitsu) 5.非公式彼女(Hikôshiki kanojo)
  10. The band have announced that their second single will be released in 2019. To celebrate the release, several lives will be hold on 2019.01.15/22/31. (Shinjuku HOLIDAY/ Imaike 3STARS/ LIVEHOUSE Rumio) To celebrate their second anniversary, the band will have a live on 2019.04.24 at Shinsaïbashi VARON. A free one-man tour will begin on 2019.02.18 to 2019.03.07.
  11. Limited edition : 1940 yen CD : 1.ラブレター (Love letter) 2.人間界からの手紙(Ningen-kai kara no tegami) DVD : 1.ラブレター (Love letter) Regular edition : 1620 yen CD : 1.ラブレター (Love letter) 2.人間界からの手紙 (Ningen-kai kara no tegami) 3.どこかのあなたへ(Doko ka no anata)
  12. Their first live will be on 2018.05.05 at 難波Mele. Members : Singer : 死にたい。(Shinitai) 6-strings : 怖い。(Kowai) 6-strings : 見て。(Mite) 5-strings : もういい。(Môii) Drummer : 嫌だ。(Iyada) Twitter : https://twitter.com/nakimushi_offi?lang=fr
  13. This new EP "囚人のジレンマ"(Shujin no dilemma) will be released on 2018.11.21. (1500 yen) Another CD called 「思い出は笑わない(音が孤独を覆うまでver.)」(Omoide wa warawanai) (oto ga kodoku o ôu made ver.) will be distributed at Village Vanguard on 2018.11.16. Tracklist : M1 微睡(Bisui) M2 囚人のジレンマ(Shujin no dilemma) M3 零(Rei) M4 空気より透明な(Kûki yori tômeina) M5 その後(Sonogo)
  14. You can now listen to 1914's latest album "The Blind Leading the Blind". I have yet to listen to it but as the song from the album was very good, I am also confident that the album also will be.
  15. The Piass

    The tweet says that this look will be up for one month. A one man live is also scheduled on 2019.01.04 at Den'Atsu to celebrate the New Year. "1カ月限定アー写公開"
  16. Wrong, the singer wants to leave on 11.21 not 09.20.
  17. Their first will was held on 2018.07.18 at Ikebukuro EDGE. Members : Singer : 結海(Yuu) ((ex- Lieluck, ex-FeniX ,ex-Noraneco) Guitarist : Ryu (ex.FeniX, ex.Silver Linings) Guitarist : 幸(Yuki) (ex-Artemis) Bassist : ヤス(Yasu) (ex-クオリアス(Qualius), ex-せばだ(Sebada) Drummer : ぞおい(Zoe) (ex-Artemis) Twitter : https://twitter.com/wafukugirl
  18. Their new single "デッドオアモンスター"(Dead or monster) will be released on 2018.11.14. --> https://lineblog.me/hello_official_blog/archives/1375724.html
  19. This new release 「ノベルファンタジア」(Novel fantasia) will come out on 2018.12.26. Limited edition : 2800 yen + taxes CD : 6 songs DVD Regular edition : 2300 yen + taxes CD : 7 songs