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  1. The Piass

    TYPE A : 2000 yen + taxes CD : 1.虫眼鏡(Mushimegane) 2. DVD : 1.虫眼鏡(Mushimegane) TYPE B : 1620 yen CD : 1.虫眼鏡(Mushimegane) 2. 3.カルマ(Karma)
  2. Eleven years later, ゼリ→(Jelly→) is now the solo project of YAFUMI (LAID BACK OCEAN). It will last until the end of 2020. He will have a live on 2019.10.13 at Akasaka Blitz. https://jelly-web.com/topics/190617/ A best album called 『BAD PHILOSOPHY』 including re-recorded songs will be sent at the end of August if you order before the fourth of August. (5400 yen) Tracklist : 1.ROCKER(2019 Cremation Ver.) 2.RODEO RADIO(2019 Cremation Ver.) 3.おもちゃのピストル(2019 Cremation Ver.) 4.光を放つように(2019 Cremation Ver.) 5.次の晴れた日に(2019 Cremation Ver.) 6.ALL STAR 7.REVOLVER 8.フォルム 9.アロワナ 10.VELVET SNOOZER 11.メキシコには逃げられない 12.SPARROW 13.STAY GOLD 14.RAINBOW BIRD 15.ORANGE 16.FIRE ARROW 17.回転未来 18.OUR LOOOONG ROAD + T-shirt Twitter : https://twitter.com/jelly_20th
  3. Limited edition : 1944 yen CD : 1.水没(Suibotsu) 2.頂戴頂戴(Choudai choudai) DVD : 1.水没 (Suibotsu) Regular edition : 1620 yen CD : 1.水没 (Suibotsu) 2.頂戴頂戴 (Choudai choudai) 3.花咲いて(Hana saite)
  4. Houts' drummer 胡樂(Uta) will leave the band on 2019.08.08. https://ameblo.jp/kalmian-joker/entry-12494309709.html
  5. So, according to the article, he made strange/irresponsible tweets and people did not like it so he deleted his Twitter without talking about it with the other members. All the band is currently talking with him trying to gauge what to do with him. https://lineblog.me/hello_official_blog/archives/1843065.html
  6. The Piass

    The band covered 「Matrix」by Crystal lake. The band will have a live on 2019.07.17 as part of the event 「The Road to True North」sponsored by Crystal lake.
  7. I think it just means that it is a limited edition...
  8. A band mixing singing and dancing will have their first live on 2019.08.01 at SHIBUYA-REX. The band is produced by NEXT DECADE. A song called 「Breaking the Dark」 will be available via Apple music, Spotify... as of 2019.08.01. Members : Main singer : YU-TA Main singer : HAL Singer + dancer : YOSSY Singer + dancer : Key Rapper and dancer : LEVI (ex-Vexent) Rapper and dancer : TAKK Twitter : https://twitter.com/ALTL_OFFICIAL Website : https://n-decade.com/artists/ALTL Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/altl_official/
  9. On their way home after a live in Fukuoka, near Yamaguchi Prefecture, they were driving on a highway and while taking a corner, something was on the road and the vehicle stepped on it which caused the vehicle to turn over. The fact that it had rained also played an important role. Haklo's bassist ビビ(Vivi) was injured. His right foot, arm and abdomen had laceration marks and were bleeding. He will be able to leave the hospital on 2019.07.16. Tensai's guitarist and drummer 那(Naoya) and ジュニア(Junia) were taken to the hospital because of severe bruises on their bodies. Both of them should be discharged today. Obviously, they need time to recover from their injuries. Tensai's live on 2019.07.16 will proceed. Haklo will play their live on 2019.07.17 but with 4 members.
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