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  1. The Piass

    In the video, it is written 1500 yen + taxes so as it is usually the case the final price is 1620 yen ! Oh thanks, I forgot to mention that it will be sold digitally.
  2. The Piass

    I saw the pictures but these members could be his support members as a lot of solo projects usually do.
  3. The Piass

    There are no other members appearing on the website so it is a solo project, I guess.
  4. The Piass

    His first single 『プルガトリオ』(Purgatorio) will be released on 2018.10.10. (1620 yen) Tracklist : 1.プルガトリオ (Purgatorio) 2.Unknown 3.Omen Website : http://meme-murder.com
  5. The Piass

    The band are still doing lives.
  6. The Piass

    The details of his new band will be revealed on 2018.10.01.
  7. The right place for this video is here : A link had already been provided by a fan who bought the CD but as it is not from the band, it will have to be changed, I guess.
  8. During their live on 2018.09.19, the band will sell a single called "愛の美少女戦隊ジグザグ"(Ai no bishôjo sentai zig-zag). (1000 yen) Tracklist : 01. LOVE GAME 02. かわいくなりたいねん (Kawaikunaritai nen) 03. 開闢戦隊ジグザグ(Kaibyaku sentai zig-zag)