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  1. You have added a "1" but it's 2019.07.03 !
  2. You have to go to Youtube, the video works just fine !
  3. It's more complicated ^^ You will get 「自我殺傷」(Jiga Sasshou) only if you attend one of the following free lives. If you attend one, you will be given a proof which you will be able to trade for the CD on 2019.08.25. That's how I have understood it. 7月20日(土) 郡山#9 7月21日(日) 仙台space ZERO 7月22日(月) 八戸FORME 7月25日(木) 札幌SUSUKINO810 8月06日(火) 福岡graf 8月08日(木) 岡山image 8月10日(土) 大阪vijon 8月11日(日) HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA
  4. Their first album 「人間白書」(Ningen hakusho) will be released on 2019.09.25. http://romankyuko.net/news/215.html
  5. The Piass

    This is quite the weak preview... His voice has a few good moments though.
  6. The Piass

    People coming to their live on 2019.06.09 at TSUTAYA O-WEST will be given a DVD called 「時に人生は映画のように」(Tokini jinsei wa eiga no you ni). http://www.liphlich.com/schedule/91111
  7. They will have their first live on 2019.06.18 at Takadanobaba AREA ! They will last 3 months until they disband in August. Members : Singer : 暁人(Akito) (ex-Faze) Guitarist : 織(Shiki) Bassist : 優(Yuu) Drummer : KG (ex-Faze) Twitter : https://twitter.com/officialEYELESS
  8. Yes it was released in March. I did not pay enough attention X)
  9. It will be available via any CD shops as of 2019.06.26. Tracklist : 01. レペティア(Repetire) 02. アティック(Attic) 03. ド・リームス(Dreams)
  10. Yes, in his previous band, not now.
  11. He is just a manipulator ^^
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