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  1. kareta-uta

  2. kareta-uta

    So happy Aki is back ^__^ But... this bandname is even worse to find than ALIVE.. xD"
  3. kareta-uta

    As "Yuna" ^^ ... and he's called "Nana" and is a host now. It's nice to see they are all still friends! But too sad Nozomi won't be there... He said he won't perform because he needs to prepare for his birthday live which is a few days later.
  4. They are using the old look to promote because that's the one they used for the 4band-tour-photoshoot last year when they announced this tour and the new one wasn't revealed.
  5. kareta-uta

    Just a rough translation ^^ if anyone has a better one or correction, feel free to add it! The conversation when they are eating: Mother to father: This Sashimi looks delicious, doesn't it? I added very fresh (?) things! Is it good? You love tuna, don't you? You also like Hijiki, right? I also made Hijiki. Is it good? And I made the Miso soup with Wakame and Tofu which you like. Please, eat! Mother to daughter: What are you doing? Eat already! In the end the girl is saying "Thank you for the meal./What a wonderful meal."
  6. kareta-uta

    Of the regular dokumoru PV? I did one some years ago into my mother language but I can make one in English as well.
  7. I don't know too much about the other bands but I agree with CloudyTree here. It's true that Purple Stone gets PVs on a regular basis but they also don't release 3 or even more CDs each year. It's barely two and since two years ago they don't change outfits for each of them anymore. They get new outfits about once a year and shoot 2 PVs with one outfit. Also, they don't even have a new PV for their just released album (which has close to no new songs). And yeah, also no Oneman tour yet. I understand where you come from though. Purple Stone do get the money to release all their CDs not as live-limited. As I said, I don't have any real insight and also don't know too much about the other bands but this is what I wanted to throw in about Purple Stone's releases.
  8. kareta-uta

    Just so that there are no misunderstandings: It seems like weloveucp used google translate because I can't see ANYTHING in Yuya's tweet hinting that it was drowning. I put his tweet in google translate and there the wrong translated "drowning" comes up but the Japanese tweet only says it was "a sudden accident".
  9. kareta-uta

    I wonder if this is live limited because the previous "糞麺氏ね" song was already live-distributed... Maybe it's rather a mini-album that you can buy in stores like they did with tsunagaritai? Not doubting that Zigzag would indeed do ridiculous stuff like releasing a live-distributed song as live-limited single again though xDD
  10. added lots of goods and CDs from my trip to Japan in May this year! Please take a look ^-^
  11. Only one day left for many of the goods! ^-^ My friend will move abroad and the last day she can send out her stuff is on April 11th, so I'll delete her goods in the list after that day!
  12. I revive my shopping service! This time only for a short time and mainly for the following bands I can buy you goods from at lives: Arlequin*, ARCHEMI., ASTARIA, DAMY, DIEALO, Pentagon, Purple Stone*, Royz*, R-Shitei, SAVAGE, Smileberry*, Vexent, ZigZag *reduced cheki fee for these bands NO SERVICE FEE for - Smileberry’s Best Album "Hayazumi berrys" (早摘みberrys) + FREE Shipping (contact me for details) - Sick²’s new album “ENIACMANIAC” Shopping Fee: Depends on the goods! There's a quite small basic fee and 5-15% of the total. Feel free to ask for details and the total including fee and decide afterwards if you want to buy ^^ Shipping: via SAL (unregistered), Airmail (registered and unregistered) and EMS (registered) directly from Japan. I've had a shopping service for a year in Japan and have some knowledge about sending out goods from Japan the cheapest and easiest way (^.-) Payment: Paypal highly prefered (but SEPA bank transfer as well as Japanese bank transfer possible), Orders and payment have to be made until the end of April (May 3rd at the latest)! Just send me a mail to keia0025@gmail.com or a message here for more details! More details on Smileberry's best album: You will also receive the shop bonus, as long as stock lasts. I will add the bonus in the order of your payments but of course everyone will receive bonus if the shop has enough ^^ Free shipping applies to SAL but I can send it via Airmail for only 50 Yen more ^^ If you’re ordering more via my shopping service I will give you a discount on the total in the amount of SAL shipping of this CD. I'll be in Japan in May and will revive my shopping service. If you need anything or want to know more about what i can buy and what my fees are, just send me a message!
  13. Lots of things are sold, so I've updated the list but there's still plenty of CDs and other goods available UNTIL APRIL 10th, 2017! ^-^ Sorry, for the late reply!! Seems like I didn't get a notification... Sent you a pic ^^
  14. My friend asked me to sell some stuff for her which means, I added LOTS of goods of a looot of different bands. And Flyers of about 150 different bands. Please take a look! L-marked goods won't be available anymore after April 10th, 2017 and I'll delete them from the list afterwards.
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