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  1. They had a couple years ago but came back pretty soon after. Ogawa also left and came back (and left & came back again..). They're breaking up in June.
  2. anakuro

    So in my experience--which is 5 years of going to concerts here--it is 100% normal to say 行く for going to a concert (or ライブ as it is often referred to--コンサート is usually used for things like orchestras etc). I hear it, I use it, and I am asked it all the time in relation to lives. ○○に行く ⇒ I am going to (whatever concert, whatever band) ○○に行くつもりです or ○○行く予定です⇒ I intend on going to~ or I plan on going to~ are completely fine. Another point is in English we say "I am going to~" as future tense. You cannot use ~ている form as future tense. It is a current state of being. If you say (concert)に来ている! you are saying that you are coming to the concert right now (it's not quite the right word choice in that situation either, but that's another topic). It would be the same for a band coming to a place--you wouldn't say ~に来ている unless they are on their way right now, instead it would be ~に来る However, imagine you just told your friend you are going to a live. After you have revealed that, imagine that you now want to know if they are going too. In that situation, you are more likely to ask 来る? or to tell them something like 来てね!/来てほしい right. If you are undecided about whether or not you are going to the concert you would ask them 行く? An important note, when someone is going to a concert, whether you are there are not, and you want to tell them to enjoy it you would NOT say 楽しんでいって instead you would tell them 楽しんできて I hope that's helpful
  3. まだ10月末にライブの予定は無いなぁ 間違えないけど最近のバロックとかにあんまり興味無い 昔のは大好きだけど 昔にトミナ?とか書いたけど正しくタミーナなの? アメリカは別にいいけど、アメリカより、家族&犬会いたいよ ありがとう 頑張る💪(˘ω˘ 💪)
  4. anakuro

    I love Sable Hills & Absolute is a great CD. Did it come with a sticker?? Vision of Fatima is pretty cool too--haven't picked up their CDs but I've always enjoyed seeing them live
  5. そういえば、前に大阪にも来ると言ったよね?いつ大阪に来る? はじめまして、 申し訳ないけど、名前は特に書きたくないのであなくろって呼んでもいい。 2012年にアメリカから島根に引っ越したけど、今は大阪に住んどる👆😊👆 昔にはヴィジュアル系に行ってたけどもう卒業した(笑)今はメタルコアやハードコアのライブによく行く。やっぱりヴィジュアル系より、楽なんだ。 ライブ以外、普段はよくNetflix見たり、ポケモンGOやったりするね😊偶に飲みにも行くけど、年取ってる()もし飲みに行ったら、次の日にしんどすぎてそろそろバーに行くのやめようかなっと(笑) 最近日本語能力試験のためまた自分で日本語を勉強してきた。12月にN2を受験することになったけどマジで不安😢 よろしくお願いします🙏
  6. anakuro

    Name: we can go with anakuro Age: 27 Years studied: Uh, 2.5 at university, then self study on and off. I've lived in Japan for 5 years and that's what improved my japanese the most. Estimated level: advanced. Knowledge of Hiragana/Katakana: all. Kanji: if you're asking me to handwrite, not many at all. I can read basic readings of probably 1000~ kanji. I can recognize the meaning of more (but not be able to tell you how to read it). It's hard to assess because, well, I don't/can't really count them; depends on what criteria you're using; for many kanji I know them in the context of words, not a single kanji alone. What is your main goal with studying Japanese?: need to improve vocabulary and grammar. I want to pass the N2 for job related reasons. What materials have you used before?: At uni we used Genki 1 & 2 but I wasn't a big fan at all. I don't know what we used when I studied abroad, but I wasn't that into it either. I've used memrise to help with learning vocabulary. JET program japanese language course books two years (intermediate, advanced). I'm currently using sou matome, but it seems way too easy for the N2--also, not the biggest fan of the grammar book. But really, I learned through immersion. I lived in a really small town for three years and had to use japanese every day. I couldn't be shy and not speak japanese--otherwise I'd never talk at all. On the other hand, I feel like my skills went down after moving to osaka. I've started self studying again & my boyfriend only speaks japanese so I feel like I'm slowly getting back to where I used to be.
  7. anakuro

    I'm not surprised given he was their support since roji left, but a part of me hoped that out of nowhere rai (gigamous) would be the new guy lmao Considering he's nowhere near where roji is skill-wise, I'm even more pessimistic about their future than I was before when it was announced that roji was leaving💁 Anyway, they also announced their oneman tour. The anniversary live is in tokyo👀 but the tour final is osaka👀
  8. @Tokage Takken's not in matsutake works anymore as far as I can tell lol Also lol sry I'm going to fail you on all accounts. Whatever that release is it's far gone and I'm not going to be able to go to tokyo😂 RIP
  9. anakuro

    I don't know the band to be honest but 再始動 = restart So, it's definitely not a one day only thing
  10. @Tokage They were so good man like one of the best of the night
  11. I went to that elect horror pictures show live tonight btw 曖昧中毒 they do have another release that was released today, live house only and is limited to 100 copies (only 90something are for sale because the members "bought" copies each). The cool thing about them was there were only bassists. Three bassists + the singer who would sometimes play too. There was some really great parts but overall I feel like once the novelty of 3 bassists wears off that's where enjoying the band also ends. as for what's going on with 太平洋ベルト they had a bunch of old CDs with them, nothing new, but I guess the prices were lowered a bit? they seem to have updated their website (kind of) since I last looked at it http://id6.fm-p.jp/129/osibe/ マツタケワークス Eiji's cult lives on I'm guessing at this point they wont be making any new music considering they've done matsutake works for so long and not put out anything. the only goods they had were cheki--a year or so ago they had stickers but it seems like they dont even sell those anymore
  12. anakuro

    Couldn't agree more. I didn't like where XAA-XAA had been going for a while but now I..really dont have high hopes...
  13. anakuro

    He's the most talented i've ever seen. I hold all other drummers to his standard tbh I'm having flashbacks to Belmosaic when he Quit Did support drums for them the whole time Rejoined Belmosaic broke up
  14. anakuro

    I wish the reason was to join another hardcore band like GNz-WORD but I think he's retiring from music activities in general, which is a damn shame.
  15. Yeah I'm looking forward to seeing 太平洋ベルト ...possibly more than I am matsutake works (sorry eiji).... I've survived Pinokiwo once but idk if I can do it again. Let's just hope the bar is separate from the floor so I can escape (._.; ) oh man i'm feeling that Kalavinka (now that i have a chance to listen) & 首振りDolls 👌 Not so big on Otome Kokka and they're kind of a mess imo--demoting their drummer because he sucked (to what? their mascot? idek what he does anymore i dont really keep up with them) and getting a new drummer--almost losing their contract with Terakoya (because...they're not that good ? and have like 2 fans total idk).
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