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  1. anakuro

    Lmao unfortunately with all my other cds there's no other space to put them & we don't have space for more shelving in our apartment. Maybe when we buy our house I can finally get better shelves for the cds😂😂 but I don't mind them being stacked tbh. Think more cali's been delivered today👀
  2. anakuro

    I've got the limited edition of 憧憬、睡蓮と向日葵 so idk about buying 残響、睡蓮と向日葵 just yet I do have 再教育 & 再教育 改訂版 though? I haven't taken & posted a picture of every single cd i own but, well, here's the collection ↓↓
  3. anakuro

    They started shipping my orders from about 3 weeks ago (we ordered around the same time) so i assume yours will be shipping in the next few days tbh there are a couple things i am considering grabbing but i dont want to wait another 20 years for shipping... I'd rather buy on mercari, puresound, or closet child. smh. yeah i'm curious if 残響、睡蓮と向日葵 is worth it but for now it's not a priority to buy for me personally トゥナイトゥナイ ヤヤヤ demo is a bit much for 1 song that i'm not even big on. i wonder if it is different from the version that was included with the tokyo cali gari land CDs if not.. agreed that it's not worth it. i'm not big on the 12 version either. tbh, I'm not big on 12 as a whole it's such a snoozefest.
  4. anakuro

    i was gonna put this in the last music related buy thread but i figured it might be better suited here running out of cali gari CDs to buy so it's mostly DVDs + 第5実験室 予告版 with that hidden track which was a nightmare for an idiot like me to rip but i already put it away so i didnt get a pic of it oh, and the dai2 demo tape came today. look at that cali gari money... I've got a few more things shipped and on the way and more waiting to be shipped (looking @ u surugaya) once I buy 2018 oyasuminasai 2017 shitasaki last dance 2012 夏の日 密室 ザ☆ベストイレブン 非金属の夜 20130927 SHIBUYA O-EAST I'll be calling it a day and say collection COMPLETE because not sure it's worth getting 残響、睡蓮と向日葵 for 1 extra track, 初恋中毒〜童貞一直線篇〜 only popped up once and it was bought instantly so i give up before i begin 俺は怒ってる does this even exist is it really what the heck 俺が咲く山~Ride On! BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN~ impossible to get 新しい新曲デモバージョンCD-R「トゥナイトゥナイ ヤヤヤ」 it doesnt pop up often and i'm not that big on the two versions i have already. i think it's on surugaya but eh the 2 sonosheets especially since the aoe one is on the goodbye disc 2 if I can get 第1実験室 and 洗脳's demo tapes for not 20,000 per tape then i will consider grabbing them🤔 does this mean it is time to start my lifelong journey to complete the goatbed discography
  5. anakuro

    lmao that would be great ao was like so convinced "it HAS GOT TO BE THIS there's no other option" so i hope it lives up to siri x alexa
  6. anakuro

    Ao + Aie commentary highlights **I wasnt paying as much attention Aie instantly understood how the commentary worked (with them commenting on youtube and us viewers listening to youtube and watching the e+ stream at the same time). comments were like "wow aie got it instantly when shuuji & kenjiro had no idea the whole time." Ao's response was basically "can you believe i'm the oldest" and they were basically saying he was shuuji and kenjiro's nurse/caretaker Aie, after understanding how the commentary works, "ah, so that's why that's stuck over the camera. otherwise they'd see us fully nude. " ao asked aie about the foam "idk what it is" ao asked aie about the saran wrap "well it's not saran wrap... but like... the bigger version... we had other plans for it but ditched it and well mako had some time on his hands so " ao asking about the mic and aie's just like "oh no the ones on the right and left dont do anything. just for decoration " ao asked if it was ok for him to actually reveal that and "yeah of course i mean if you LOOK with your EYES you can SEE that only the middle mic is hooked up!!" Aie and Ao talking about COMPLEX' be my baby at one point??? this song just follows me and turtels everywhere i guess Even though it was announced in advance when the commentary would be Shuuji apparently called Ao in the middle of it and it cut off the stream at one point lmao Ao continuing to call shuuji うちの石井 ("my ishii") and お石井 (o-ishii, adding o to the beginning of a name was something they did back in the day for ladies) mako flailing around ao: he must not have stiff shoulders at all if he did there's nO WAY he'd be able to do that aie: hmm yeah he must do a lot of stretching ao: shuuji does a lot of stretching too actually before lives he's just perpetually stretching A propaganda truck started driving around in the background and you just heard the ANGRY YELLING in the background lmao uber eats guy walked in by accident and ao's reaction was simply to ask staff "was he hot?" (I believe the consensus was yes) ao "the red lighting... it really... it eliminates your wrinkles... i recommend it..." after deadman finished ao was like "well i'm full on deadman already is there really more to watch??? really?? lmao" and during cali gari he kept going CAN WE FINISH YET? ao and aie talking about food (mostly boiled eggs) for the first song or two of cali gari lmao ao "I really dont want to do old songs anymore" aie " ME TOO" like aie deadman doesnt have any new songs what are you supposed to do cali gari's release is next month and they havent even started 2 of the songs aie and ao proceed to crack up over how this schedule is impossible ao telling more stories and tru facts that he probably shouldnt i honestly forgot what he had been talking about though so cant elaborate ao "if corona continues i need to get better at talking to myself for streams, huh" ao and aie get stopped by the police for questioning on like a weekly basis apparently. Aie "If i have my guitar they dont stop me but if i dont then ALWAYS" ao "what the heck it doesnt matter if i have my guitar or not!!" ao apparently has a VERY CLEAR vision of what oto sex 2020 will be the end
  7. anakuro

    as stated before, it's on e+ tickets are still on sale and will be until the archive finishes, but you need a japanese credit card for it ao and aie did a commentary with it too (to be listened to while watching the stream--there is no video for the youtube!!)
  8. anakuro

    idk booklets like that havent raised prices THAT HIGH before i think i think it's honestly just trying to make up for their big minus in budgeting
  9. anakuro

    All the merch sold out quickly besides the cd. Personally, I enjoyed the songs (they played the CD as bgm for the stream before & after) and I grabbed the CD & the tentacle shirt. time to wait two weeks again! Yeah surugaya keeps sending me emails telling me "sorry for the wait. we still haven't shipped :)" only one of my orders is in packing mode & will be shipped soon & it's not even the oldest order. And well the one that wasn't surugaya, but was book market or something shipped literally the next freaking day and arrived the day after that 🙄
  10. anakuro

    it was just... so much...slime....
  11. anakuro

    The cd & other goods will be available on ao's shop. one cd per order. Just gotta decide if I want a tentacle shirt too lol...
  12. anakuro

    commercial/digest video of the cali gari/deadman live
  13. anakuro

    as I continue to speed run through completing my cali gari collection.... kill is unopened?? wtf running out of space for all these CDs though...
  14. anakuro

    Gdi plant I can't believe you came here just for that Why do you two do this to me
  15. anakuro

    Ao's shipment has finally arrived. Let the extended hernia listening experience begin......................... + 淫美まるでカオスな 2020 but it's just an M-card so i didnt get a picture Yesterday I grabbed these too 👌👌
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