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    Been following the Japanese music scene for nearly 15 years now, have a large interest in 70s and 80s Japanese music.

    80s VK, 90s Vk, J-Metal, J-Rock, J-Rap, Industrial, J-Pop, New Wave etc..

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  1. Because you didn't dig DEEP enough..
  2. Enjoy your time here! We got what you need ^^
  4. I am slightly interested to hear this. Hopefully a preview or something comes out so I know whether or not to waste my time.
  5. Oh, I am a bit dense lol don't mind me.
  6. Am I missing something..?
  7. Yeah, that basement was a general hangout spot. Lots of good times were had.
  8. Posted another photo from these images sometime last year or something Just a man and his cat <3
  9. Hello and welcome to the site! If you keep an eye around, you'll surely find more bands you like that are similar to the ones you listed. ^^
  10. Damn, those are really good drawings man, love the style!
  11. It's so catchy, I always come back to this song.
  12. The reason flac is nice isn't just the supposed sound quality most can't even hear anyway. It's the fact that it's lossless format and no matter how many times it's transferred the data won't degrade/corrupt.
  13. Shellshock - An After Image
  14. Shit son I missed the hype train :(((((