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  1. Definitely expected, but it still breaks my heart. I've been following these guys since 2007 and I'm so sad. I hope they still continue to be active int he music scene.
  2. injectcandy

  3. injectcandy

  4. injectcandy

    throat would be faster. coffee or tea?
  5. injectcandy

  6. injectcandy

    1. Buck-Tick 2. Lynch. 3. Syndrome 4. MERRY 5. Dir en grey 6. Malice Mizer 7. Sadie 8. Liv'ert 8. Psycho le Cemu 9. NIGHTMARE 10. Moi dix Mois
  7. injectcandy

    Wow!! So lucky
  8. injectcandy

    Whale Tooth
  9. injectcandy

    yes. do you drink water regularly?
  10. injectcandy

    1. Dragon Ash 2. Lynch. 3. Avanchick 4. MERRY 5. David Shito:aL 6. cinema staff 7. 9mm Parabellum Bullet 7. R-Shitei 8. GLAY 9. NIGHTMARE 10. SEX-ANDROID
  11. injectcandy

    I do, but not in a sense that they have those elongated, oval eyes, are green and whatnot. I believe there is similar lifeforms as us that probably even live among us. Heck, they could even be more advanced or less advanced than we are. We'll never know How much do you care about this World Cup?
  12. injectcandy

  13. I've been out of school for 3 years, but I did a 3 year Graphic Design program and majored in Advertising. I'm not doing that now, but I am designing—graphic design at least. Ideally, I'd love to do more web design/front-end developing as they're my faves
  14. injectcandy

    Got to see my first jband ever despite being in the fandom for 10 year now :') Went to see ONE OK ROCK in Toronto. Super awesome!! They're coming back in the summer for Warped Tour, but they'd be the only band i'd go and see since the lineup for Warped sucks these days;;;
  15. injectcandy

    Bought me some delicious summer tea from DAVIDsTEA <3
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