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  1. Btw. they've announced a bunch of new oneman shows: 2018/07/02 - Shinsaibashi Bronze 2018/08/03 - Osaka Big Cat (holy shit) 2018/08/08 - Shibuya Rex
  2. CloudyTree

    Btw. They'll hold their fan meeting at Shinjuku Ruido K4 on Keiyas birthday (2018/05/30).
  3. CloudyTree

    Another one already? Btw. There will be a tour as well:
  4. The CD will be sold exclusively on this tour. 2018/04/24 - 渋谷REX 2018/04/26 - 名古屋ell.FITS all 2018/04/28 - 十三GABU
  5. Their new live-limited CD "あっぱれ珍道中" (1500 Yen) will be released at their "がんばれ!ジグザグ〜あっぱれ珍道中〜"-tour kick off (2018/04/24 / 渋谷REX). Tracklist あっぱれ珍道中 祈り 恋風 かわいくなりたいねん
  6. Their 4th EP "ビッチはね、ビッチじゃないよ。" will be released tomorrow (2018/02/08, live-limited). Tracklist 1.ヒス症 2.らぶみ 3.使えね。 4.ビッチはね、ビッチじゃないよ。 One-Man-Schedule: 2018/06/22 - Osaka Muse (Sold Out)
  7. CloudyTree

    Cool song!
  8. New look: Furthermore they've announced their second one-man-tour ("がんばれ!ジグザグ〜あっぱれ珍道中〜") for april: 2018/04/24 - 渋谷REX 2018/04/26 - 名古屋ell.FITS all 2018/04/28 - 十三GABU
  9. His condition must be pretty bad, if he isn't able to play at least their 2nd anniversary show this weekend. But, well, that's how it is. Let's see what the future will bring.