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  1. Btw. they've announced a bunch of new one-man-shows: 2018/07/24 - Shibuya Rex (Sold out) 2018/09/13 - Takadanobaba Area (Sold Out) 2018/09/27 - Osaka Muse (Sold Out) 2018/12/21 - Umeda Trad
  2. Low budget kei strikes again. Buuut, I like the song, although i prefer their darker, more serious side as well. Hoping for the b-sides
  3. New Zigzag single in july AND a new Purple Stone single in august? Well guys, my body is ready!
  4. CloudyTree

    Can't give you an official one, sorry 😬 Got in touch with their CEO some weeks ago and as far as I understood it, they're going to release it.
  5. CloudyTree

    They'll release it
  6. CloudyTree

    The single is worldwide available through Itunes since 2018/06/03
  7. Btw. they've announced a bunch of new oneman shows: 2018/07/02 - Shinsaibashi Bronze 2018/08/03 - Osaka Big Cat (holy shit) 2018/08/08 - Shibuya Rex
  8. CloudyTree

    Btw. They'll hold their fan meeting at Shinjuku Ruido K4 on Keiyas birthday (2018/05/30).
  9. CloudyTree

    Another one already? Btw. There will be a tour as well:
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