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  1. Their 4th EP "ビッチはね、ビッチじゃないよ。" will be released tomorrow (2018/02/08, live-limited). Tracklist 1.ヒス症 2.らぶみ 3.使えね。 4.ビッチはね、ビッチじゃないよ。 One-Man-Schedule: 2018/02/08 - Shibuya Rex (Sold Out) 2018/02/13 - Osaka Ruido 2018/02/14 - Osaka Ruido (Sold Out) 2018/04/09 - Shibuya Rex 2018/04/10 - Shibuya Rex 2018/04/20 - Kitahorie Hills Pankoujou 2018/04/21 - Kitahorie Hills Pankoujou
  2. Cool song!
  3. New look: Furthermore they've announced their second one-man-tour ("がんばれ!ジグザグ〜あっぱれ珍道中〜") for april: 2018/04/24 - 渋谷REX 2018/04/26 - 名古屋ell.FITS all 2018/04/28 - 十三GABU
  4. His condition must be pretty bad, if he isn't able to play at least their 2nd anniversary show this weekend. But, well, that's how it is. Let's see what the future will bring.
  5. Setlist of GAKs birthday one-man: Opening Guitar Solo 「V.D.Headwater」 1. パニックパニック! 2. アドレナリンBANG! ー 3.甘酸っぱいマンゴー 4. Hysteric Lady 5. ポイズンチョコレート ー 6. 絵空事 7. sakura. ー 8. LIGHT BLUE  ーSEー「Dragon’s Whisper」 9. Imperial Dragon -Instrumental- ーSEー「紫宴 ~Shi En~」 10. デサバ 11. 回転木馬 ーINTERVALー 12. キャットウォーク 13. ミラーボール -Live Edit Version- 14. Scar -Re recording ver- 15. 歌舞伎町バタフライ 16. ブラスターボルテージ ~Encore~ En1. 願い -LiveEdit Version- En2. BLAME -Re recording ver- They'll hold their 5th anniversary one man at 高田馬場AREA on 2018/03/29 and their 5th anniversary presents live at Osaka Muse (2018/02/14) and 高田馬場AREA (2018/03/14).
  6. Holy shit, that's a bummer! This one made my day though
  7. New Goods:
  8. Well, 69 shows is quite a lot... Not a fan of their music, but it's great to see more and more "small" bands pulling off extensive tours.
  9. Looking forward to the full version
  10. Honestly, I don't like the new EP as much as 名前がない or 幸せだよ。殺したい。, but after listening to 清楚系不純エゴ (the song, not the EP) for a few times, it grew into one of their best songs until now, at least for me. 現実逃避癖 doesn't grab my attention, probably because it's one of these songs, which you need to experience live before you're able to appreciate them fully. Same with 最低最悪、だ, although I'm somehow in love with the chorus... Don't know why though 毒ラマグラ is no bad song at all, but for me it sounds like a left over from their days as 黒姫の夢遊病. Simply not my cup of tea. Any other opinions?
  11. Their new live-limited EP "清楚系不純エゴ" (Seisokei Fujun Ego) was released today (1500 Yen). Tracklist 1.清楚系不純エゴ 2.現実逃避癖 3.最低最悪、だ。 4.毒ラマグラ Setlist of their one-man at Osaka Ruido: Updated One-Man-Schedule: 2018/02/08 - Shibuya Rex 2018/02/13 - Osaka Ruido 2018/02/14 - Osaka Ruido 2018/04/09 - Shibuya Rex 2018/04/10 - Shibuya Rex 2018/04/20 - Kitahorie Hills Pankoujou 2018/04/21 - Kitahorie Hills Pankoujou
  12. The album will include a hidden bonus track. At least according to their website. They'll also head on a two-man tour together with シビレバシル (Sibilebashir): 2018/02/23 - Shinsaibashi FanJ-Twice 2018/02/24 - Nagoya ell. Size 2018/02/27 - Ikebukuro Edge
  13. Yeah, that's probably one of the main ideas behind the release. It gathers lots of songs which were, until now, only available at their lives or some indie stores in osaka. The album is already up for pre-order on cdjapan which means that it's going to be their first nationwide release. Seems like they want to expand their activities.