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  1. DizzyShiori

    That look is so cool <3 and I'm curious what they will sound like. Killaneth was really good, hope they dont change the genre too much.
  2. DizzyShiori

    Wourld Tour, yes! Couldn't attend any concert on when they were in europe, so I will surely go to one on the world tour :)))
  3. DizzyShiori

    That's sad to hear, I hope they come back someday
  4. DizzyShiori

    Well I will first head to Lapinlahti, maybe visit Kupio and spend the last days in Helsinki/Suomenlinna. I don't know how Finland can't be loved, of course I have been there mainly in summer but I also liked the few winters I have been there.
  5. DizzyShiori

    I watched Radio today and I can highly recommand it. It shows how nice people can be and that made me really happy today, cause this world is just full of angry crap.
  6. DizzyShiori

    I love travelling, meet new people and get to know new cultures. I have mainly traveled Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Croatia). The only country I've visited outside of Europe is Japan. I've been to Finland the most (once a year), as I have a lot of family up there and I love to go there every time <3 I'm always crawing Sauna here. My favourite country so far was Norway (have been there 3 times). The landscape is unbelievably beautiful, I can't put it into words, you just have to see for yourself. And of course Japan was awesome, even though I only know Tokyo. Next up is going back to Tokyo in February. I also plan to go to Finland in summer and to London in fall.
  7. DizzyShiori

    THANKS GUYS for mentioning the skull fuck revolvers, I didn't know about this band. But they sound pretty good. Gallo is one of my absolute favourites, love their trashy music. Since Wajow joined their guitar play improved a lot. But I'm still sad that Hikaru left the band, his weird style fit so perfectly into the band.
  8. DizzyShiori

    wow what is all this Born hate? XD I liked them so much and I'm so happy Ryouga's back with such a good band. They're first release was damn good, so I can't wait to hear more of them. The look is also great, Kouryuu always looks so good
  9. This song is pure love, can't stop listening to it. I didn't like the band in their beginning, but they made a really good change in my opinion
  10. DizzyShiori

    This setlist with Bidoh on vocals...could they please make a video of this?
  11. DizzyShiori

  12. DizzyShiori

    yeah of course, but when you're asked, what kind of music you like, in an interview and you only mention rap it just sounds so awkward
  13. DizzyShiori

    ^ REALLY! I remember the first time I listened to them and I was "yeah sounds cool" and then he started to sing and I just hoped someone would forbid him to sing x_x
  14. DizzyShiori

    well I can't say for real, I wasn't at that concert. but I remember him having so much fun on stage, so I'm sure he loves singing and will be training hard. but still the fact, that he likes rap music, kinda confuses me, what the hell is he doing in a metalcore band??
  15. DizzyShiori

    well I saw them in 2015 and he did sound pretty good. I think he is one of the better vocalists in vk.