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  1. ^ REALLY! I remember the first time I listened to them and I was "yeah sounds cool" and then he started to sing and I just hoped someone would forbid him to sing x_x
  2. well I can't say for real, I wasn't at that concert. but I remember him having so much fun on stage, so I'm sure he loves singing and will be training hard. but still the fact, that he likes rap music, kinda confuses me, what the hell is he doing in a metalcore band??
  3. well I saw them in 2015 and he did sound pretty good. I think he is one of the better vocalists in vk.
  4. Ah that song sounds good!! Reign got really boring, maybe I should start listening to them again. And good thing, that Kazuharu found a band again.
  5. I was so shocked when I heard the singer from Zillapark formed a new band, because his singing was so aweful. But seems he improved a lot. But still he has some kind of annoying voice.
  6. It's curious that they survived that long. Used to listen to them when they formed but they were just too unspectacular.
  7. What were they thinking when chosing this tour name...? But looking forward for the mini-album <3
  8. Really need to try to get this DVD in japan! Ricko is such a good live singer.
  9. nice, they're coming to switzerland will go and have a look as I used to listen to them a lot
  10. ゴシップ - 錯乱 -SAKURAN-
  11. Holy shit I want to rip off my ears
  12. This look is so aweful :'D but I don't care how this band looks as long as it doesn't affect the music
  13. Looking forward to this album, they haven't disappointed me until now, I loved every single relaese. I hope this album won't change anything. But nice to await so many new xaa-xaa songs x3
  14. As I finally got a PS4 I started to play The Last Guardian and it's so beautiful <3 Trico is such a cute giant monster
  15. ゴシップ Satsuki's smile is so absolutely adorable. He always seems kinda scary and serious, but when he smiles he's like a completely different person x3 http://gph.is/2izLzR3?tc=1