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  1. Yukimoto

    UGh I'm loving this a lot.... Like every new song they put out is better than the last<3
  2. Yukimoto

    sounds good!
  3. Yukimoto

    Yeah they look nice
  4. Yukimoto

    @-NOVA- I like this!
  5. Yukimoto

    Amazing look as always!!!
  6. Yukimoto

    @colorfuljinsei LOL their formula will probably always be the same without changing much but IDK I still like it I just don't like that majority of their discography is live-limited lol. I want to hear it ^^
  7. Yukimoto

    @Disposable Yeah they always been good but they are one of the bands that always has some kind of live-limited release, I mean I don't think they've ever had a live without one haha. I wish I could collect them all but yeah I can't. This one is also live-limited and like always it sounds so good but I wonder if Anomaly will be as good as this one .-.
  8. Yukimoto

    @Disposable I think they are an amazing band but they have so many live-limited and release so much that I can't keep up haha. I love their music but I wish I didn't have to miss out on all the live-limited because a lot of those are their best stuff too.
  9. Yukimoto

    @-NOVA- look at this @Kathy the first one doesn't work
  10. Yukimoto

    I feel like every new release is better than the last<3
  12. Yukimoto

    It's been tooo long so YAY!
  13. Yukimoto

    They help him out in the studio but can't ata live venue. Oh ok I just wondered haha no shade intended Hopefully I can catch them live someday and see for myself
  14. Yukimoto

    The look is spectacular!!!<3