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  1. Yukimoto

    sounds great already
  2. Yukimoto

    They sound really good and I listened to this a billion times...
  3. Yukimoto

    sad they have to give it away for free though... Do I hope it helps get people into them because, I too, liked the preview MVs they put out
  4. Yukimoto

    ohhhhh they are signed to Bakemono now? How cool!
  5. Yukimoto

    Haha nice! the new site has their whole discography now
  6. They are an amazing band they just don't have the push behind them like a lot of other bands do, i.e. Goemon, Resistar, B.P. Records or something like that. But maybe over time they can still make it as long as they keep going. I mean they've lost many members and are still pulling through strong so good for them
  7. Yukimoto

    Well that was the original price of the CD so if it doesn't go up a lot then its a bargain since you didn't have to attend the live yourself to get it
  8. Yukimoto

    Got to see them LIVE!!!! But the drummer looks like PURA's vocalist on this one
  9. Who is this? I've never heard of them and they've been around for sometime too! How sad that I would need a lot of catching up to get into their discography maybe haha
  10. Yukimoto

    Why are the lyrics so basic but I loved it so much!!!!
  11. they sound amazing though for real! Got to go see them already haha
  12. Yukimoto

    It's been tooooo long! I missed these guys!
  13. Yukimoto

    there music is so amazing!
  14. Yukimoto

    This sounds amazing
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