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  1. Yukimoto

    The full song is really good! The lyrics are all over the place but I like it!
  2. Actually loved this song. Better than the other R-shitei members project so far.
  3. His and Unite.'s vocalist sound really similar! Love the song!
  4. Yukimoto

    that song was pretty epic. They just get better and better!
  5. I really like this song!!!
  6. Yukimoto

    This song is really nice. Chanty always making magic
  7. Yukimoto

    WTF He's doing like the best music today!!!! Missed Ryu<3
  8. Yukimoto

    Hmmmmm I think maybe he tried to hard maybe? But I guess Ruki's voice is a lot deeper too. Not sure but yeah nothing like the GazettE version but it's always nice trying to cover bands ^^
  9. Yukimoto

    @Shaolan974 I'm guessing they had booked Ikebukuro a long time ago before Corona and now they are giving a link for those to request to get their money back.
  10. Yukimoto

    The PV AMAZING!!! The Song AMAZING!!!! Ya'll playing on that key change.... such a highlight for me lol. But for real if these actions were really in place in Japan it would be in a lot better shape right now ~_~. But that was quick thinking and works well with the song so good on the director!
  11. Yeah in asian culture, usually everyone is supposed to work for the same goal, pretty much follow the leader and if you deviate from that goal then you aren't a good person and you're against everyone else. so they use that saying of being selfish quite a lot in Japan for those who try to be different and it helps to keep everyone in line really.
  12. So simple and a lot is repeated yet one of the most beautiful things I've seen in some time. I love that he made this himself and how it came out. Surely a lot better then anything I could've done
  13. Yukimoto

    @returnal ahh ok. I'll have to try to find their releases then
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