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  1. Just in case anyone is interested at my CD buys for December here it is! 



  2. I wonder if that's why he got like no people calling his name when he entered the stage back when Keisuke left, or maybe he's just not popular with the girls .-.
  3. This new look is Fucken Beautiful<333333 I just can't and I need that new CD now.... Tomoya my love<33333
  4. @Shaolan974 @-NOVA-I was reading their blog and it says something about ダリル (Darryl's) older brother but te Dara part is iffy so maybe like an ending in conclusion "Darryl's Dara"
  6. I loved everything I did but I followed them because I look toward vocals on any group so pretty much if Tsuzuku is gone I don't I would be around if they came back unless their new vocalist was just as epic or that much more. Until then I'll wait for Tsuzuku to come back but I am really sad that the band struggled so much and found a name for themselves finally just too have it hi-jacked by management ;-;. Come back soon please.
  7. I don't think it's the fact of him just having Marijuana but more the fact that all everyone in Asia, not just Japan, knows where these things get you and how it affects others. I mean if they want to take him back that is totally up to them, I mean I don't know how it will affect them in the future but Yuusuke I'm sure was mad because it hurt him that Aki would do something like that to begin with and they were doing so well so I think he was hurt overall. I would be too if I struggled to get somewhere and someone was about to ruin that for me, especially if it was a friend and someone I thought I could trust but I guess that's to each their own. I do love Lynch though so I do hope this doesn't cause a rift between members .-.
  8. UGH this song was amazing.... @-NOVA-
  9. honestly one DVD usually costs 5,000 to 6,000 yen so I don't think this is such a bad price at all for all you get unless the lives aren't complete then that would make it seem less worth it
  10. @-NOVA-Songs up!
  11. Loving the new look, still so sad though ;-;
  12. Shadow sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this new song already!!! Can't wait!
  13. @sujiYeah I really like their music too