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  1. sounds amazing!!!
  2. he says sorry for causing so much trouble with everyone, but that there was so unhappiness in his family and it was mentally damaging him and because of bearing all of that he didn't think he could stand on stage in front of everyone. He's sorry that all of this had affected everyone else around him and he wants to do his best from here on out so to please support him!
  3. WAAAAAAAAAAAA why live-limited..... I won't be here for it.... But I'm excited they are back again ^)^
  4. HMMMMM they sound really goood for realllll<3
  5. My lastest CD buys



  6. This is one of the best videos they made accompanied by one of the best songs they have written..... It makes me hate Aki a bit though for hurting them but it's wonderful that he had friends like them that helped him through this ordeal and so quickly! I don't even like getting MV's but I kind of want this...
  7. I like it I like it!
  8. Sounds good guys!!!!!!
  9. I think they are exaggerating, like just saying that they had soooo much time left and already sole out a show.... This will most definitely give them some PR for Zepp Tokyo since more people will be on it for that show
  10. When I saw them at Tsutaya the live was really short since they only had like 8 songs at the time. I want to say like 45mins or less and there wasn't a MC at all if I remember correctly but they are doing well
  11. Awwww this is their second live-limited single in a row..... i really want to hear these...
  12. Loving this new look!!!!
  13. I actually really liked it!!!!! I'm excited to get this Good job guys!
  14. This sounded really good too!!!