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  1. Yukimoto

    @-NOVA- What you think about them?
  2. Yukimoto

    UGHHHHH this whole album is good!!!! Bring it on<3<3
  3. Yukimoto

    sounds amazing
  4. Yukimoto

    I LIKE IT!<3
  5. Yukimoto

    I can't help it.... And I really liked it.......
  6. Yukimoto

    @chipathy ^LOL the new single is released in a way that its not only heard where some things are heard on the left and some on the right but now heard front to rear and top to bottom to give you a 3-dimensional listening experience. I wonder what it will sound like for real
  7. @CAT5 Just realized I don't follow you.... I obviously need to because you have amazing taste in music! Thanks for leading me to this amazing band and some others
  8. @-NOVA- yet again! they are doing it<3 Need to see them live UGH! That puppy song almost had me in tears... SMDH</3
  9. Yukimoto

    Totally sounds like a winner!
  10. Yukimoto

    sounds like an amazing single
  11. Yukimoto

    can't wait for this
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