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  1. This live looks like it was soooo much fun!!!!!!
  2. Changes....... I really won't get it if they are going to exclude stuff....
  3. Already pre-ordered it so I'm looking forward to receiving it next month some time haha
  4. Ughhhhhh they sound so much better as Dollboxx I think.... Love this new song alreadyyyyyyyy.... Probably their best soooo far
  5. @frayedMost definitely! I loved all the songs but Akai Dress was the best I think
  6. @chocobuzzDamn I can't remember but he was either the same height as me or shorter.... I think shorter and I'm 173cm ish give or take haha When they first came on stage I was like wow they are so tall but obviously they look taller because they are on stage haha. If I turned around to see him behind me I really could of been more accurate though I also want to add that he was the shortest of the 3 I think.... But I was really trying to look past him to Aru hahahahahahahaha. But we made eye contact soooo muchhhhh
  7. The new look is good besides not really feeling the drummer.... sometimes some people they try to hard to be different..... The song was very short and progressed oddly but I'm hoping the rest of the songs on the album are better. Unless this is not the full song then I'm game to hear the rest!
  8. @frayedhere you go haha. If I didn't mention any thing someone wants to know feel free to ask
  9. UGH So biased but my favorite bandmen is Aru! God I was just in love when he came out to the stage haha but he's so far in the back so I couldn't really see him just all Ryo haha. Anywho Ikebukuro Black Hole Live - [2017.10.21] So I have been to a few lives but not so many, I mean I've only seen the Gazette twice, once here and in America and now Virge and I would have to say Virge did it better. I don't know if it was because it was such a small live and everything felt so intimate but like the ambiance from start to finish was just spectacular. I guess the only thing that my friend and I did notice was that the songs seemed to run into each other and more often then not we thought to ourselves like wait are they replaying that one song from before or is this different.... But with all the dancing and headbanging there was really no time for talking haha. They started it off with the full New PV of 夜想 (Yasou) where everyone bent down so everyone could see the screen and we watched the full PV which had to be about 5 mins long if I remember it correctly and it was really goooooooood. The new look and the scenery was just amazing and I was nodding my head from start to finish, obviously the only one besides one other guy because the girls only take part in hand gestures and so forth and don't seem like they are really feeling the music? is what I was thinking because swaying for me is really feeling it and not being able to control your body.... ) Anywho side rant over. The PV was amazing and my friend and I was in awe and right after that the Live started and we stood up and went for it. I'm not going to give a play by play of what was done in each different song but more the things that surprised me about going to my first small live, probably ever. Starting off I mean the headbanging and so forth is probably the easiest thing you can probably get right without messing up only being to someones live once but the hand movements I had to just watch and every once in a while the fist pump came up and I could easily do that so I did haha. There was parts where we moshed to the left and right ( I swear their was a different name for it but yeah) That was pretty fun and we did it for a long time during 二枚舌 (Nimaijita) where Ryo got off stage to have people sing in his mic and to move with us. He was right behind me for sometime so I don't know what he was doing because I was trying not to pay him to much mind but I saw the everyone looking right behind me so who knows if he was riding my backpack or not lol. Then he tried to get back on stage but Sizuki kicked him back in the crowd so he stayed for a bit longer and then got back on stage to end the song. I really think the highlight of the night was Akai Dress it stood out a lot more than the other songs to me and with the red light blazing behind them I was really feeling it, probably my new favorite by them , I think. They they ended the night after their last song and told us thank you for coming and to follow them. All in all it was a great night and it got my friend and I excited to go take on another live soon so who knows where will be next but yeah. If you guys haven't listened to them yet I would check them out they are good and want to say even better live! Live Set list
  10. Hey Guys so last night I saw Virge live for the first time and they were amazing! So I thought I would come here and talk about their live on their Artist post but they didn't have one So I thought I would start one and talk about the live I went to last night! For starters here is their new Look and list of their current discography! 遼-ryo- 紫月-sizuki- 沁-shin- 或-aru- Discography 1st Mini Album ~ UTOPIA [2017.05.03] 1.琥珀 (Kohaku) 2.恨ミ言 (Uramigoto) 3.夜明け、灰色の呼吸 (Yoake、haiiro no kokyuu) 4.ボクノ悪イ癖 (Boku no warui kuse) 5.蓮華 (Renge) 6.ユートピア (UTOPIA) Like an Edison: Bonus CD 「暁」(Akatsuki) 1.暁 (Akatsuki) Live-limited and Like an Edison CD ~ 不透明な雨 (Futoumeina ame) [2017.07.26] 1. 止マヌ雨 (Tomanu Ame) 2. 凶夢 (Kyoumu) 3. 二枚舌 (Bonus Track) (Nimaijita) Ikebukuro Black Hole Live-limited CD ~ 紅いドレス [2017.10.21] 1. 紅いドレス (Akai Dress) 1st Single ~ 夜想 [2017.11.01] CD 1.夜想 (Yasou) 2.お人形遊び (Oningyou Asobi) 3.泡沫 (Utakata) 4.凱歌 (Gaika) DVD 1.夜想 (Yasou) Music Video
  11. @patientZEROeven though it's the same genre gotcha..... They always lie anyway lol. But anyway back to topic. Can't wait to hear what the new songs sound like!
  12. Yeah that's how they looked tonight at the live. The live was so amazing and they showed the PV at the start of the live!!!!!! I love them so much more now.... It was sooooo fun!
  13. I forgot why he left to begin with now
  14. LOL I just messaged you this same thing hahahahahaha. That is wayyyyy to weird....
  15. Wow I'm going to see them live soon and this kind of brings me down some tooo because I don't like mean or rude people.... Guess I won't be looking his way at the live.....