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  1. Yukimoto

    @-NOVA-the preview is out!
  2. Yukimoto

    @-NOVA- I really like this too. @colorfuljinsei What about this?
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! 🎉🎈🎂 ❤️ I LOVE YA 

  4. @chipathy He had a difference in musical direction so he withdrew from the band
  5. Yukimoto

    Looks a compilation of their live-limiteds. Nice!
  6. Yukimoto

    @-NOVA- What do you think about them?
  7. Yukimoto

    Awwww looking forward to this! @-NOVA- Do you listen to them?
  8. Yukimoto

    @-NOVA- I like this!
  9. @The Piass Where do you see a single by the name of "Hi" it just says that they will have their first instore event on 2019/01/01 which is Tuesday or 火曜日
  10. Yukimoto

    @-nova- this was really good!
  11. Yukimoto

    Awww love that they are back with something new