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  1. The new Drudkh album is great as fuck, I don't get the bad reviews. Need to spin it more, it might grow in me more and more and maybe become one of my favorites of this year. Surprisingly enough, I also liked the new Judas Priest album a fucklot. It's very good, need to give it more time but my first spin exceeded my expectations. I'm happy for them! Also, I'm not too much into the recent JP albums but isn't Rob's vocal performance particularly awesome in Firepower than in the band's previous records?
  2. https://sacredleather.bandcamp.com/album/ultimate-force This album is everything I hoped it would be, I love it. Far from perfect and original + there's room for improvement but pretty damn effective and those 80s vibes are amazing! Brilliantly executed heavy metal.
  3. Wow, I'm surprised at these covers. They're totally different from the band's usual art style... Don't know what to expect from this though? Anyway, I don't really like any of both covers. Hope the music is good, eh.
  4. The previous album was a masterpiece already and it sounds like another one is on its way. What an absolutely brilliant track!
  5. I personally think that their debut album is fantastic but the new one is (again, to me) a clear upgrade. Like getting rid of the unnecessary stuff from The Revenant King (i.e. the doom-y influences à la Candlemass in some tracks, they're enjoyable but that really doesn't give any cohesion and coherence to an album that's already long) + keeping what they do best and pushing it a step further. Conqueror's Oath is way more coherent and seems more accomplished, maybe because it's more straight forward than the previous album. In any case, both albums are phenomenal. Varathron dropped a new song for their forthcoming album and it sounds pretty solid. Can't wait to check out this new beast!
  6. Yup, the new Visigoth album is solid as fuuuck! I didn't know what to expect after the masterpiece that "The Revenant King" was, but they fucking did it again. These guys though. Btw new Kalmah album announced to come out the 6th of April, stoked for this! After five years of waiting, I hope this is going to be worth it. Evil Kin doesn't sound too bad, although the production could have been a tad better.
  7. New Sojourner album coming up in March! The first track sounds lovely. Really looking forward to listen the whole thing! https://avantgardemusic.bandcamp.com/track/winters-slumber Also beautiful album artwork, need to get the vinyl!
  8. Omg I so cannot wait for this to come out! Some interesting names have announced new albums so far, among which I remember : Obscura, Between the Buried and Me (double album), Memoriam, Hypno5e and Violet Cold (trilogy). I'm obviously not mentioning those who have been cited above. (Drudkh, Immortal, Rude, and so on) Bands such as Saor, Sulphur Aeon and Enthroned are (or are about to start) recording new stuff. That leaves me thinking that 2018 has enormous potential musically, let's see how it goes this year.
  9. Immortal, Drudkh and Deströyer 666 (they're releasing an EP) and the year just started. Damn! Really looking forward to listen them all. I've been able to check out some new releases so far, but most of them were leaks. My favorite for now is undoubtedly that Summoning album. Albums from Harakiri for the Sky, Shining and Abigor are also great!
  10. Star Wars: The Last Jedi – When you are in the film industry, music industry or whatever industry, at some point you'll have to experiment, try new things but of course, you'll always have the freedom to play it safe if you wish. And, as time goes on, you end up developing your own signature, something that defines your music, (or your films, your paintings — your style, in one word.) What disappointed me with this episode, is the fact that they practically abandoned one particular and main aspect of Star Wars that makes the universe so cool and unique... My point: there is basically only one lightsaber battle, and it's not even between two (or more) main characters. Most of the film's most interesting aspects that I was looking forward to discover were in fact quite disappointing to end with. And during the key moments wherein the producers had the chance to make the film interesting and "different", they just made it previsible as fuck instead and without any interest. What I loved though, is obviously the gorgeous cinematography of the film. It has its lot of show, but sadly I think it successfully and deservedly managed to be the worst SW film to date (and I don't mean it's a bad film, not at all.) Helter Skelter – So, Erika Sawajiri is one of my favorite Japanese female actresses and I was so looking forward to watch this movie. Before even watching it I knew she was going to have a "daring" role, I know it was going to be different from anything she ever did. Well, it pretty much was. But not only that, the acting was really on point and I like how disturbing it was as well. I still have to check out the manga, but I like to believe that this was a great interpretation. All the other actors did so well too: Shinobu Terajima, Yosuke Kubozuka, Kiko Mizuhara and so on. It felt good to watch a "recent but no so recent" Japanese movie that didn't suck, so yeah.
  11. Primer – I had heard some nice things about this one, so I checked it out AND that was one of the best choices that I've ever taken in my entire life. Clearly deserves every good word it gets and makes any other film in the genre seem like total horseshit. The acting is on point, the plot was on point and its complexity is totally mind-blowing. Shane Carruth is a fucking genius for making such a great film with a budget of only 7,000 USD. And so I went on checking it out another movie by him... Upstream Color – At least with Primer I can say that I was sort of sure that I was following the plot pretty well, but this one raped my brain without mercy. I started grasping some elements, of course, as the film progressed.... But overall, it is a quite coded movie with well hidden messages. Also the concept of the "life cycles" was pretty interesting. I had some difficulties to link the intro of the movie with the rest of it, because it made no sense at all. But then again, not everything has to have a meaning, or it doesn't necessarily have to be complicated. Other than that, excellent acting and amazing cinematography!
  12. For the short time I've been interested in kpop and busy exploring it, SHINee was probably among the very few that I used to enjoy. I'm really shocked and saddeed by his death... RIP.
  13. I've seen quite a few end-year lists thus far, and I was gonna ask you guys to share yours or at least give some of your favorite releases... But then I realised I'm rather interested to know what are some of your most disappointing releases from this year? There have been a few for me, for example: Enslaved — E That album was bland as fuck and didn't make me feel anything throughout the whole thing. What I found most frustrating is probably the fact that when I felt like it was going somewhere, it just kept tragically going nowhere. Falloch — Prospice I didn't know these guys were releasing this so it's not like I was expecting anything, but let's say that I was excited to hear this new one. It did nothing for me and actually just managed to frustrate the hell out of me since I love their two previous albums. Tragic. Al-Namrood — Enkar I enjoy these guys music and I admire them for their history and bravery, but this new album just felt boring to me and I was looking forward its end throughout the whole thing. Too bad. Feared — Svart I'm not gonna lie, I expected something. The previous one wasn't that good, but I was hoping to hear something similar to Synder... The first single they dropped for this album was a warning, and I didn't pay attention. 9 tracks, 25 minutes and only 2 good songs. Uneven Structure — La Partition I tried to like this album, I honestly wanted to like it but I couldn't. I don't know what type of result they were going for with that production, but it was a total miss. And even when I managed to go past that prod, the music itself was meh. A few good songs towards the end, but that's it. Moonspell — 1755 Was excited because I actually liked the samples they dropped and the context of the album's theme/lyrics, and when the album came out I did quite enjoy it. But as I gave it more listens, I ended up realizing it was quite mediocre for Moonspell standards. Such a shame. That's some of mine, didn't want to make it too long. Btw I'm also interested by your favorite albums as well so if possible, drop yours!
  14. I went on to watch some Andrew Garfield films and was not disappointed. The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2 – Enjoyed both, they're fairly good. The second one is better than the first but both come with their tremendous lot of incoherence. If you're able to see past its numerous flaws, you might actually enjoy the hell out of it. Andrew Garfield was a good Peter Parker, too bad that his screen-time as Spidey is always very brief. Electro is a terrible villain btw, and I think he got too much screenplay for such a character... I'd have preferred to see more of Green Goblin, but one doesn't always get what he wishes for. Hacksaw Ridge – The fact that this film was about WW2 helped me not thinking twice, and I really loved it. It was deep and I really don't have much to say about it, it really amaze me. The battles were on point too, and you could really feel how horrible it can be to be fighting in one. I also like how I started being annoyed by the character of Desmond Doss but started appreciating him more and more as the film progressed. Highly recommended. Silence (2016) – After reading the book, I was afraid that the movie was going to be a huge flop... Hell, was I wrong. I actually think that the film was so representative of what the book has to offer and doesn't miss out on anything that is important. The acting was brilliant, the cinematography was terrific and Yosuke Kubozuka being in this film was a little plus that made me like it. Huge props to Martin Scorsese for this masterpiece.
  15. In case anyone cares: the new Hooded Menace album just leaked, and it's solid as fuck. I'm gonna give it more spins, but I really dug it.