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  1. Okay so, I need more time to totally get into "Northern Chaos Gods" but it's really, really good. I'm gonna be spinning it a lot and it's very likely to grow on me even more. They did a great job and showed us why they deserve to be called Immortal. Also listened to BTBAM, Skeletonwitch and Obscura new albums. They're also growers, and I'm enjoying them quite a lot! Only Deafheaven remaining, I have high hopes for that one. This summer might honestly end up being the highlight of the year in terms of metal music. We'll see.
  2. Visutox

    This. Getting back to DOGMA right away after listening NINTH hits you with such regret. It could have been so much more enjoyable but nah, they had to screw up the production. Really sucks because it's a very good album with cool details here and there to enjoy so yeah... So frustrating.
  3. I still haven't managed to find the THING that makes this album screw up but as you say, it might be the vocals? I need to pay much more attention to them in my next spin. What is certain is that Devoid of Light was more cleverly crafted than this one. That said, Mirrors is a fucking gem, man. Brilliant album closer.
  4. I probably need to spin their discography again, yes. I always had a tough time going through their albums (I eventually get bored) but there have always been tracks here and there that I like. Now getting back to Prequelle again, my favorite tracks are: Rats, Faith, Miasma (they should have told us they were this good at instrumental tracks), Dance Macabre, It's A Sin (the vocals during the chorus are so powerful) and Avalanche. Not a single bad track and the album is still growing on me and new favorites might be coming up, lol. Really, Jig? Whenever I get back to the debut I somewhat feel disappointed. They've totally abandoned the Mgla-ish influences with the new album (I get that some people deny this, but to me it's palpable) and yeah, feel like it's a weaker album overall. There are good melodies, good riffs, nice vocals but it isn't as efficient as the previous album. :(( Then again I'll have to spin it again and again till I can provide a solid opinion about it but for now I feel like my guys have let me down.
  5. Prequelle is not bad at all. The first half of the album is better than the second though. The album grew on me with the second spin and I'm starting to like it, which is good as I've never been a fan of their music.
  6. Any opinions on that new Uada album?
  7. Might go in that case. Although I must admit that I'm tempted to go to the concert only to see Nuclear Devastation, they're awesome.
  8. Has anyone here already seen Aura Noir live? They're gonna be performing in Brussels in two weeks and I don't know yet if I want to go to their concert. I'm gonna check out the new album anyways and hope it will convince me to go see their show.
  9. Okay, this is really epic! I didn't like their previous release but this sound really has me hooked and looking forward the new album. Also the album artwork is beautiful.
  10. The new Drudkh album is great as fuck, I don't get the bad reviews. Need to spin it more, it might grow in me more and more and maybe become one of my favorites of this year. Surprisingly enough, I also liked the new Judas Priest album a fucklot. It's very good, need to give it more time but my first spin exceeded my expectations. I'm happy for them! Also, I'm not too much into the recent JP albums but isn't Rob's vocal performance particularly awesome in Firepower than in the band's previous records?
  11. https://sacredleather.bandcamp.com/album/ultimate-force This album is everything I hoped it would be, I love it. Far from perfect and original + there's room for improvement but pretty damn effective and those 80s vibes are amazing! Brilliantly executed heavy metal.
  12. Visutox

    Wow, I'm surprised at these covers. They're totally different from the band's usual art style... Don't know what to expect from this though? Anyway, I don't really like any of both covers. Hope the music is good, eh.
  13. The previous album was a masterpiece already and it sounds like another one is on its way. What an absolutely brilliant track!
  14. I personally think that their debut album is fantastic but the new one is (again, to me) a clear upgrade. Like getting rid of the unnecessary stuff from The Revenant King (i.e. the doom-y influences à la Candlemass in some tracks, they're enjoyable but that really doesn't give any cohesion and coherence to an album that's already long) + keeping what they do best and pushing it a step further. Conqueror's Oath is way more coherent and seems more accomplished, maybe because it's more straight forward than the previous album. In any case, both albums are phenomenal. Varathron dropped a new song for their forthcoming album and it sounds pretty solid. Can't wait to check out this new beast!