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  1. Certainly black metal, but since I'm interested in discovering lots of dungeon synth I think I'll take recommendations of both if possible. Will start with From the Throne of Hate, then! Thankies.
  2. True that, time runs fast. But I was particularly thinking about the enormous gap that there is between Oath Bound and Old Mornings Dawn (7 years or so). Anyway, I gave Minas Morgul yet another spin today... what an album, timeless... What an atmosphere. I'm gonna be counting the days until the new album gets released (and also spinning the whole band's discography but that goes without saying, right?). By the way, and if I'm honest, I wouldn't mind Caladan Brood announcing a new album as well. The world is about to end so they might as well drop new stuff already, it's now or never guys. I'm curious about Elffor. What album would you recommend me to start out with? I have a good feeling about them although their discography seems to be such a mess with all those alternate versions, lol.
  3. HOLY. SHIT. I'm. So. Fucking. Stoked. I never thought they'd release something so soon and I'm happy we're getting a new album four years later. Never knew this. One of the most metal things I can think of, lol.
  4. I can for sure say that I will never get over giru's disbandment, especially because I never got the chance to attend a concert of the band that introduced me to VK -not to mention that they're my favorite band and helped me go through so much shit back then. If not for them, I'd probably have gotten into VK way later than 2008-2009 and wouldn't be as happy as I am of discovering such an amazing world. LIN, Sel'm, SCREW and BORN were among my favorite VK bands as well. They all had tough times at some point in their career, mainly musically speaking but all of them also delivered and made me a proud listener. Wouldn't be so sure about this but 壊れていく世界 surely is their best song and one of the greatest songs to ever grace the VK scene.
  5. Spinning Nemesis Divina from Satyricon right now, I had forgotten how fucking great that album is!! I'm into an Enslaved marathon right now (well, sort of actually) and I'm slowly but surely discovering some great albums. Thus far I've listened three albums from their prog era, namely Vertebrae (which is good but also kind of meh), RIITIIR (astonishing imo) and their latest released album which is also very good imo. As for Cradle of Filth, I made sure to take note of your recommendations. Will start a CoF marathon pretty soon as well so that's a nice timing, mate. I personally happen to enjoy everything since Communion, with a preference for that one over the rest since their come-back. It seems to me that they know pretty well how to fuck with the symphonic/orchestral parts and I don't think it's pointless. It adds up so much to the music but then again I just think you've got to like it.
  6. The new Satyricon sounds so good! I liked the new song from Enslaved, what I don't get is the reason of dropping the longest track off the new album as a single. I'm not too much into Enslaved anyway but their two first albums are timeless imo, absolutely stellar. I think I'm gonna enjoy this new album! Btw I'm not into Cradle of Filth either but that new song they dropped is surprisingly good, I like it a lot. I haven't listened much from the band anyway but this one could be my starting point, maybe. Septicflesh also dropped another single off their new album and hell, it sounds so good and the orchestral parts are so epic! Can't wait for Codex Omega to drop.
  7. Here's a youtube link in case people are lazy to download it. Decent song, although I'm not fond of this particular one.
  8. Could anyone recommend me an album from Aimer to start out with? I've seen that the latest output was highly acclaimed by almost everyone so I would want to get some recommendations knowing I never listened anything from the artist.
  9. I came to think that if any religion was even close to being perfect people wouldn't be cherry picking. In other news, two albums I've been waiting to be released have leaked and I'm so happy.
  10. Same, I expected something better....
  11. Finished watching Ushio to Tora and it was very good! A mix of humor, cool stuff, feels and avoiding lots of anime cliché. Very good stuff. In other news, started watching Boku No Hero Academia. I'm five episodes in so far and I'm really digging it! Awesome shit.
  12. They've improved so much since their debut, which by the way is really good but unfortunately those drums just don't work for me. Their two latest outputs are god tier anyway, and I'm blown away by the new one. Selvans! Their new album is on my list but I never listened anything from them. Might as well start with Lupercalia and then attack their new album, seems like a good plan to me (pretty sure I'm gonna adore these guys too). EDIT: Holy hell, Lupercalia is absolutely astonishing! What a sweet discovery, I love it. Can't wait to check out the new album. Still related to Avantgarde Music: I prefer this one to their debut, a really great album from Wode although I wish it was a little bit longer. And boy, that artwork is simply just magnificent!
  13. I second this! I need me a cutie bunny one of these days.
  14. It's a very good album and I was very surprised by it. Hansha is such a beautiful track I agree the production is a bit of a letdown, sadly. I like the addition of melodic elements and the RoS signature which is always pretty recognizable. Good album that could have been better but since it's RoS that's what sticks with you the most after you're finished listening the album. I'm also stoked for the new Thy Art album, chances are it's gonna be an absolute banger. The new Battle Dagorath album is an absolute masterpiece of eternal darkness. Deliciously executed ambient black metal that sometimes reminds me of the legendary Darkspace, which I absolutely adore. This album is very likely to end up on my end year list and I'm gonna be spinning it A FUCKING LOT. Instant favorite.
  15. REDEEMER also has one of the most glorious openers on the band's discography imo. The live version is pure joy.