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  1. I need to spin it more, I found it to be a very interesting album and it definitely needs you to take your time with it. I totally disregarded that disc 2 though, lmfao.
  2. Yeah this year has been really meh, Terrifier and Extravasion will definitely get a spot in my end-year list, as things stand by now. Checking out the new Condor album as we speak, and still curious about Droid and Municipal Waste. Also need to give both Vampire and Craven Idol a second chance, couldn't dig them during my first listening session.
  3. Finally a 2017 thrash metal release I can qualify as flawless: These frenchies are dope!
  4. Neat! Thanks man. Will check them out. Yeah there's lots of them, can't figure out what to start with, lol.
  5. Could anyone suggest me some historical movies? Watched The Ballad of Narayama a few years ago and I loved the hell out of it, same for Letters from Iwo Jima. Like I said on the other films' thread I'm about to watch Silence, but I don't know any other movies about Japan's history that I could watch.
  6. Just finished reading Silence by Shusaku Endo and maaan it was so good. I thought it was a bit slow at first in the build up but then it got better and better. I'm a sucker for any historical books and films about Japan and this one didn't disappoint! I'm gonna watch the 1971 film and the new one afterwards. No idea what to read next though
  7. The new Neige Et Noirceur album is really fantastic! Only a single spin so far but the album gave me a significant first impression. So dark and cold, and the vocals are just brilliant. I love it.
  8. I second this! The Lay of Númenorë is easily one of the most epic songs I've ever listened to in the genre, it doesn't get better than that. Really is the highlight of the album imo. And I agree about the medieval sound the album has, which indeed allows the band to produce something somewhat unique and refreshing. Definitely a great release!
  9. Yep! Their new album is so great, I'm giving it time to let it grow on me but it is a clear AotY contender. Was a pleasant surprise knowing that their self-titled debut didn't manage to hit me like End of Chapter did. Wouldn't be surprised to see it making it lots of end-year lists.
  10. I've been catching up on movies I couldn't watch in 2016 (there were so many of them anyway, so yeah lol), and this is what I've watched so far: Watched the second X-Men trilogy and holy shit, that was great! I didn't expect them to be so solid and hell they are. My favorite is probably the second one, but the two others aren't far behind. That said though, my favorite character has got to be Quicksilver, he literally made the films better (the man deserves his own movie, like, really). I'm stoked for more! I was skeptical about Rogue One, since SW7 was good but didn't make me feel anything. This one started really dull, a little boring at times, but then things kept getting better and thank fuck because I would have been sooo pissed off otherwise. One thing that I loved are the fucking landscapes, so damn beautiful. The second half of the film was worth it, thought it was really good and the connexion it made with A New Hope was sweet. I liked this one. And one of my favorite Marvel movies might probably be Doctor Strange, it was so good! This one must have been THE one to watch at the movies. It was really fun and spectacular, and that CGI was nuts. Crazy stuff.
  11. After more than a decade, I finally found the time to watch the first X-Men trilogy and it was pretty cool. The three films were equally good without being transcendent. I can't pick up a favorite but the worst one might be the third. Not because it was bad but because it had some potential to be great and didn't do what I expected it to achieve. Such a pity. Still, I enjoyed my time. Also watched 君の名は (Your Name.), and I really loved that one. It's been a while since a movie had impressed me this much, it really was a touching story. Pretty well done and the characters were interesting, funny and really great. I'm definitely gonna recommend this movie to anyone that hasn't been able to watch it yet.
  12. Hate how depression never fails to say hi when nobody's around.
  13. I'm fucking finally done watching the last season of Dexter, and I was a bit skeptical since most of my friends were telling me about how the episode final sucked. Well, I don't agree at all. This is possibly the best finale the series could have wished for. I loved how it ended and it left me speechless. Not gonna say anything more than that in case a few of you didn't watched the series but hell, if you still haven't you must give it a go. One of my favorite TV shows ever. I'm happy I watched it.
  14. Really digging the song, can't wait. Also loving the album cover, another beauty artwork for 2017 and still going.