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  1. Yep, there's already one on here: I used to listen a lot their debut album, and I'm still not over Rami's departure because I loved her vocals but shit happens I guess. It's been ages since the last time I listened a single song from the girls so I might as well catch up one of these days. And to me it's simple; if they don't identify themselves as VK then they're not VK. You'd say it's an easy argument but I'm not the type of person to dig into the details in order to tag bands like this or that (I suck at it).
  2. ^ I find the second half to be a lil bit weaker but nothing serious, it's really a fun album. I also love how DAMN. is 55 minutes long and doesn't seem so long, whilst To Pimp a Butterfly is longer and you can feel every minute of it. I don't mean that TPaB is boring but they're two different albums, they sound totally different. Also catching up with the latest Death Grips right now, it was about damn time!
  3. Has anyone listened Kendrick's new album yet? Wanted to know what the hype around it is all about and now I know, it's fucking dope.
  4. Discovered her music with Electra Heart, so that one has a sort of special spot in my heart. But The Family Jewels and FROOT are really good as well, and I enjoy listening to those as well. I remember when FROOT came out (the single) I couldn't stop spinning it, it's so good. I also listen to (but rarely) Beyoncé, last time was when I felt like coming back to Lemonade, which I thought was ok at first but then I ended up hugely disliking it. I don't know, I just fail to see the greatness of it (musically speaking).
  5. Episodes 1 and 2 (s3) of Black Mirror really fucked me up, the 2nd one especially. Holy shit. I hope I'll be able to watch the whole thing before heading to school.
  6. I enjoy listening to some Marina and the Diamonds when I'm on my pop mood. I also happen to spin Lana Del Rey (still have to check out Lust for Life though, there's been a lot of hype around it). And I hardly listen anything else than what I've mentioned. EDIT: Lust for Life is ok.
  7. Finished reading The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún, and gotta say that it was a good and interesting reading. I'm happy about it because I was a bit skeptical at first, as I said before, because I'm not very familiar with poems. But I really enjoyed reading this book, even though I had to get used to the Yoda writing style. The comments made by Christopher Tolkien are great and they give some interesting information about the Norse mythology, and some links there are between it and the Tolkien universe. Anyway, since a lot of friends and my brother have been telling me to read The Witcher, I considered it was time to do so. Finished reading the first chapter just now, and so far so good, I've gotta say. This is my first serious interaction with the saga (even though I remember starting The Witcher 2 on PC but dropping it immediately after because my config was deplorable), so I'm discovering Geralt and even though I can't judge a character based on a few pages out of a saga of seven books, I can say for now that he doesn't seem really badass for now. Will keep on reading and hoping to start appreciating him more.
  8. Since I had my reading of The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún by J. R. R. Tolkien on hold because of The Da Vinci Code (which I finished today and really appreciated reading, I definitely don't get all the hate and the criticism it received), I'm gonna resume my reading and try to enjoy it. I'm not very familiar with poems so this will be quite a good exercise in order to get used to them and try to appreciate them.
  9. Finished watching season 2 of Utopia and now I'm wondering how the fuck did that show get cancelled? It's a fucking masterpiece and it makes me angry that tons of shitty tv shows get renewed for more and more seasons but shows such as Utopia get cancelled like this. Fuck, dude. Easily one of the best series I've ever watched. I also regret watching it because now I think I'm going to die of frustration one of these days, knowing what the episode finale implied. Season 3 would've been even crazier.
  10. Started reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, I'm really enjoying it so far.
  11. Cool rendering, I love it!
  12. ^ Same, this is some extreme quality stuff. Makes you wanna come back to it after you're done listening the whole thing, few albums have such power. Dodecahedron's new album is also fucking phenomenal. I'll definitely be giving these two more spins in the next few days, they blew me away.
  13. ^ Damn, lots of huge names there. Too bad that your bro won't be able to come, but as you said life goes on. Enjoy the hell out of it! Anyway, the new Nightbringer is bloody fantastic, holy shit. I'm afraid I'm gonna have a bad time making my end year list. I thought that 2017 would never top last year but here we are, with tons of amazing albums and we're not even in June.
  14. ^ good timing, I've been also delaying watching the second season since it came out and yours is the only opinion I've read so far. I might start watching it very soon. Started watching Utopia, which was recommended to me by a friend of mine like two years ago or something. And fuck, I hate myself for delaying it so much. It's bloody awesome, watched 2 episodes so far and I'm really enjoying it. The photography and colors are stunning. The actors are also great, especially Fiona O'Shaughnessy as Jessica Hyde and Neil Maskell as Arby (so fucking creepy he is).
  15. They're not to blame if he's acted like a fucking twat, I mean Ghost's concept was meant to be like this from the start. There's a contract, and that has to be respected. But then again I also don't give a fuck, as long as the band's music quality doesn't get fucked up because of this ridiculous drama. Brujería is a band I've always wanted to dig in, checked some songs from them and they sound really good. I'll definitely be giving them a go this weekend, prolly. Speaking of Asesino, I really hope they'll release a new album one of these days. It's been ages since Cristo Satánico came out.