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  1. Wish I could attend to such an amazing gig! Yes, the album cover of Eroded Corridors is really spot on. Really representative of the music! Love album covers that are a true reflection of the music itself.
  2. Adam Burke killed it this year, once again... Horrified, Artificial Brain, Loss, Pagan Altar, FFAA and so on. He's only capable of great things.
  3. This beast adds up to the "amazing death metal albums of 2017" list, as if said list wasn't already long enough. Unreal album, absolutely vicious and brutal. This is the kind of death metal I live for. https://darkdescentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/eroded-corridors-of-unbeing I had high expectations for this album and it sure as hell fulfilled them. Another great melodic/death metal album, beautifully crafted and those bass-lines are such a beautiful thing to listen to. I'm gonna be playing this a lot in the next days/weeks/months. https://horrified.bandcamp.com/album/allure-of-the-fallen Another personal favorite from this year, I fucking love this one. Some dark/post-metal that holds such a dark and amazing atmosphere throughout the whole thing. Has an amazing replay value and already listened it a few times, and it gets better after every spin. Fiar is such an amazing vocalist! Plus all the lyrics are in Catalan this time, and that is a + for me since I love the language and I'm trying to learn it. Other than that, I love the album cover. https://foscor.bandcamp.com/
  4. Can't wait, I'm so stoked for this new one!
  5. It comes as no surprise that there's tons of similarities with Nile, but that track sure as hell sounds terrific. Anyone's listened to the new Blut aus Nord album? It leaked already. I was a bit tired when I checked it out but it sounded as I expected it would and I liked it, need to give it more spins though.
  6. To be fair death metal covers should ALWAYS look like that (and btw couldn't get into that Cryptic Brood album, need to spin it more and see how it goes next time). Arkhon Infaustus are finally back after 10 years of silence with a sensational EP and I totally love it, the Frenchmen are only getting better with time. Can't wait to get a full album of this.
  7. Yeah, although I haven't yet listened to the new song I gotta say that it's not that album cover that is responsible for my excitement concerning the new album. I can't wait to check out the whole thing!
  8. Watched What Happened To Monday? with a friend yesterday, and I really didn't expect it to be so good and so poignant at the same time. A film that realistically puts in prospective the issue of overpopulation and the lie behind some utopias that politicians talk about in order to achieve their ideals. Noomi Rapace was really great in the role of seven different characters, and managed to make all of them feel so unique. Not disappointed.
  9. People who complain about their lack of freedom and at the same time, without realizing it, agree with those restrictions on their freedom; well, these people are cringe inducing. (yes, there are people like that)
  10. Whether you're a fan of the 1990 series or a fan of the book (or none of both) I think you're still gonna like it, but then again the best way to find out is by actually watching it. But I'd understand if you've had bad experiences with movies that got too much positive feedback and ended up being utter shite.
  11. ^ Fair enough man. Wondering if someone has already checked out the new Satyricon album? It leaked a few weeks ago but the negative criticism around it are a turn off, still gonna end up checking it out soon anyway. I've been spinning Hall of the Mountain King from Savatage recently and what an album that is. Jon Oliva is definitely one of my all-time favorite heavy metal vocalists. What a man, what a voice.
  12. I was planning to check it out very soon and saw on lastfm that you were listening to it, so it's a good timing from you because I was gonna ask your opinion on it! It's funny how you say that you don't hate her with passion yet you take it 100% personal in the next sentence. You're a legend, man. Couldn't fall in love with Myrkur when I checked out M although it was a decent album IMO, had very good moments too. Not my cup of tea.
  13. Same here, need to go back there and do my deep analysis of the thing now that I'm recovering from it (no puns intended at all).
  14. Watched IT (2017) today and it was so good. Definitely has a darker vibe than the first adaptation and also has a good humorous tone which I totally loved. It is also differently built up and there are some small details that differ from the old version. Pennywise is absolutely amazing and seems even crazier than the one from 1990. Bill Skarsgård is the man, he killed it. I have only good things to say about this movie. One of my favorites of the year.
  15. I had no doubt about this to be honest, especially knowing how the story goes further and deeper than revolving around only one person. I'm three episodes in and it's brilliant so far, and as you say, a huge step up compared to previous season. I was eager to see the Cali Cartel being portrayed and its characters being developed by the writers and actors and so far I'm really getting what I wanted. Top stuff for sure.