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  1. blackdoll

    Did he sing like this before? because he is a Lycaon fan boy and he's doing his notes like Yuuki (whining) and Eros is Lycaon's iconic song/pv. The instrumental has their touch too if your really familiar with Lycaon. I'll start following them now since they know what good music is now. Though most of the album is ass or mehh. Lycaon upgraded Rose from them so it's only fair
  2. blackdoll

    and Bathory invented the socalled dark viual kei (Aliene Ma'riage) and black metal 零[Hz] DISTURBO single is Inspired by Lycaon's Royal order album They also rimind me of their past label mates Avidit.
  3. blackdoll

    Imagine hating and taking jabs for them to only put on a show that so great people who don't even know them were jamming. They are so above the basic dimensions the haters. Definitely the greatest music of all time (2008 - present). And they proved it! When will the other bands and artist?
  4. blackdoll

    it's like they were listening since the BMTH part sounds like voice of pain remastered and that chirldren of despair part in the middle. But the break down parts are very EMS, so it's a flop for me. It's almost like they are tryna be DADA but Dada's metalcore doesnt sound so shitty nether does a lot of other VK bands doing metalcore. This is so pathetic rather than disappointing. While sadie had a lot of basic riffage, they had character in their music. i guessn it's only the Big 2 rather than 3. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
  5. blackdoll

    Who cant sing anymore? Like imaginine hating on Legends, the most influential ppl in modern VK only for Tsuzuku and Yuuki (initial'L), for them to only shine, smile on stage and come back and shit on you haters with their new music. Every band sounds like MAMIRETA, grimore, or whack deathcore while 8p-Sp and initail'L don't. And since Tsusuku isnt doing slam why not pick up where Mami Kawada left of. They are literally dragging Kpop by the sugar free bum ass lace fronts. I hope they dont get sued though. And i love that their is modern hiphop elements but they arent culture appropriating. BTW did Tsu stop working out? shouldn't he be selling sex? i guess he making music for music
  6. blackdoll

    So i actually went through kuroyuri to kage's stuff on a YT playlist provided to me. At their base they are a rip off of all of Depain/Savage. They sound like Dezert/Mucc/MAMIRETA, Late Screw, Unsraw, Balalaika, Sick., and even Blitz/2dyz riffage at some point . I would like to call them a modern unsraw but they dont have that darkness in em. They definitely arent better than Memento Mori seeing how the skill is the same in riffage except MM had no filler, out of place, sections while KTK has a lot of them. The big bass it's mehh compared to the extra layer the traditional sounds provided plus the quality vocals. Love the Melodic Deathcore-ish riffage though. Better than Giru but not MM or -OZ-. Gulu Gulu is cute.
  7. blackdoll

    1 ) Gazette was only good for the first like 2 singles. DIM was asss with Ruki's vocals. DE Incubus > Headache Man 2) There is nothing to support Mejibray getting worse, let me debunk this Ctrl C Ctrl V culture Mejibray in the beginning Mejibray late Like there is nothing INSIDE THE MUSIC that suggest that they got worse over time. the Only OMG work was the Killing ME single but for killing me Uka or for Hakuraku (剥落) for Apocalypse They have always slacked and flexed every year. Maybe you just have a Genre issue. If the argument was that they are repetitive then yeah your right. But then, you gotta hate on Grieva and them too. Edit: and how are they generic when nobody had/has their sound? Riffs yess but sound no
  8. blackdoll

    Low key the kings of the 90's
  9. blackdoll

    ^if your are replying to me, "powerful sound" would be Sadie's #1 Chaotic world , #2Graceful angel / Deathtopia / Mousou Higyaku Seiheki (undead ver) / Flavor of blood / Kimi no mitai mono / GESSHOKU/ kind of songs. Evil Mad Science metalcore is weak, and generic. Now if they were playing Deathcore, that would be powerful. But with Mao's growls melodic would be best like Early The Black Dahlia Murder or Count your blessings BMTH. Anyway The preview doesnt scream 100% metalcore but its not 0% either so ✌️. Like they couldn't do the good metalcore like breakdown of sanity, Caliban (minus that one album) or the Korea? Oh and the album art slaps, they atleast nailed that.
  10. blackdoll

    I'm going to go ahead and call it, Initial'Lycaon is the most influential band of this Decade. Yoka ripping Yuuki off and now a vet like Mao. Like yes pay your fucking homage fucking noble mortals. but at the same time OMG one of the Big Three (vocalist) is paying homage or looking similar. As for the music i can't tell if their using that disgusting Evil Mad Science metalcore tuning/mixing/production so for now im going to say it's trash. Why can't they go back to "Bleach" or that was perfect for Mao's voice. "Cold Blood" "Black Diamonds" and "Gangster" tuning/mixing/production would be fine too though their slightly more basic. Ughh and Fantic Emiry was doing so good too at keeping Sadie alive, Grimore (plus that Mejibray "killing me" guitar work ) sound or not.
  11. blackdoll

    *We stan Initial'Lycaon for setting trends for over 10 years! And knockoff Nega, i mean Deathgaze, i mean old Dezert was good?
  12. blackdoll

    i would like to retract this. The new mini, #5 i believe, is just Recycled riffs. Like Mejibray reused riffs but the songs never sounded so uninspired and dry. Like Mejibray, -OZ-, Screw, L always had like new season on it. WTF kind of crack DADA on?. Even Grieva was never this bad at this music habit.
  13. blackdoll

    if you combine MEJIBRAY - サバト (Sabato) and Unsraw - sliva of god you get KILLANETH - 孤独-Einsamkeit- both MORRIGAN's Xiss in the Dark and PARADIGM XISS Use Mejibray's NEPENTHES main riff but PARADIGM XISS 's opening is also from Wrath of God which is from -OZ-'s bitter sweet and also used by Ghose for Haku "MEjibAy is OerRateD"
  14. blackdoll

    Not to this again but im bored. a while back someone said Satsuki is a great vocalist and he is better than Yuuki (Lycaon, Initial'L) and this event popped up back in my mind and i just feel like Dragging Satsuki as well as RES a little though at least they have a bit of actually talent. The band has a cult following probably Diru garbage and those with taste that miss Baiser and maybe other 90s La'mule cause that's were they got their sounds from. Lycaon got stuff from 90's as well but it was upgraded and never clone shit. Then when they disbanded they got the Elvis and Amy Winehouse treatment. But Satsuki's mid and Low range voice is straight ass to point it's annoying. Then we have these high notes and falsettos that have no depth and are just him crying or whining past that Kon range (you try to do it). Satsuki is just weak. and i wont bother with his poor imitation Kon and Baiser screams and i need a inhaler growls -- though he did have some nice wet one in a track or to. The only thing he really has is the "is that a female voice" he did back in the day on track like vision of you, sincerely. this is how you do a low voice this is how you do high note and falsetto Now theirs been an update on Yuuki since that thread and Yuuki's still Bodies but harder Now that's raw natural, fucking actual, talent, body your fav at metal or a ballad. As for RES Jesus, Alejandro, MELANCHOLIC, or Dahlia ect. solos. Thank U next. 毒女, can you feel it, ect solos to for Initial'L Now if Yuuki isnt your cup of Tea, here are are other bands smoking Satsuki/RES I know the VK like to come as a whole and protect and shower a few bands (diru, Gazette, RES, ect.) with love through delusion and peer pressure and shit on the rest but you can always do some research and form your own thoughts.
  15. blackdoll

    コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon)'s アノニマス totally ripped of -OZ-'s Breathe trees Also コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon)'s naked Sounds possibly inspired by Lycaon's Hi ame Codomo Dragon chair but make it electric Also Old School VK fans fail for not pointing out La'mule started this riff that every VK band has used at some point in one way or another, in different variations, ect,. Or did some other band do it first (btw the song itself is very Lycaon)
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