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  1. blackdoll

    he is growling like Crimson shiva / Shiva and that intrumental. Not even going to check out the album. #VKdeathcoreFraudulism . Brutal my ass
  2. blackdoll

    scratch that, they had this soundish in Duality.
  3. blackdoll

    Didn't you make a whole alternative fact thread attempting to drag Mejibray? Anyway one of their best songs, I love the heavy drop.
  4. blackdoll

    I have them Substituting for mejibray/Tsuzuku but OMG the Lycaon/Yuuki-sama influence is everything 🍆🍆💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦They know who the kings are! Not Eve and Mio
  5. blackdoll

    these new soft songs are much better, FUCK EMS!
  6. blackdoll

    Razor isn't any better than Born; felony alone nullifies that thinking Razor is only popular because of the band wagon hate on Born for not being renny amy (or w/e their name was) just like Mejibray not being vanessa, Diaura not being valluna, ect. bacially people can't except change. Also Djent and autotune is more appealing than rock and alt-metal Razor is whack version アルルカン. アルルカン recent relaeses beat their disco; Stella (song) solos the disco, Grimoire washes them, Dadaroma Nukes them (oboreru sakana solos). They're better than Fixer, Black Swan, and "evil mad science" The thirteen. That isnt anything though cause Neo Destruction and Flavor of blood solo. not going to get into the none core/djent bands Razor's best song is a SE or sounds like one the only great thing Razor has is the "manly member" (but he doesnt keep that BDE at the lives), Yuuki-Sama(Initail'Lyacon) homage by Ryouga. I would say the drummer but the double bassing isnt loud enough. Don't get me wrong i like them, listen to them often but i know their place
  7. blackdoll

    pussy popping anthem (you can slow whine too) if you know you know . 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  8. blackdoll

    I actually like i think 11 of their songs now. Fireworks fucking slaps though. And OMG one of them has caribbean vibes i think which is alway a yessss like NANANA from Initial'L. Other VKer can't not switch up their sound drastically like these legends can. haters will hate Kaya is techniqually better than Tsusuku but id say Salome is his only good song including his duo thing sov technique is irreverent. Passion is there now and then. I'm glad he isn't flexing anymore cause his voice is somewhat resting, plus it would make Koi sound even worse. on another note Genki doesnt need makeup to look good which is dope.
  9. blackdoll

    T.M.Revolution, kaya solo, dezert, 99 % of megaromania, Fixer, babymetal, decola hopping, sug, an cafe, yeti, grieva
  10. blackdoll

    Actually it sounds like Major label Screw but go off. byo may off got part of the chorus' flow from this anime opening. Just like they ripped of No buts for Blood sucking in the Tear drop single. yessssssssssss thank you, so good from track 1 to 3. If you love all of Screw your fine, but if your one of them....... you probably should stop following Khryst now since it's just a continuation off screw. Though personlly i like to think of sacred as Initial'L and the heavy one as Gossip era Lycaon 🤣🤣🤣. Everyone is L's son period!!!!
  11. blackdoll

    You say "properly" as if he isn't a poser. Brutal isnt about Technique it's about intention. This dude obviously wants to be brutal but isnt there. Mejibray, the piass and Aikaryu on the other hand are not and are just making music; so they dont have to be as good Alex terrible, Phil Bozeman, Dickie Allen, ect. they just have to not ruin the heavy/ish instrumental. Are you saying you prefer new BMTH 🤣🤣🤣🤣 and they're more brutal cause oli wasnt doing unclean properly and had no technique back then? Tsuzuku definitely has a great filthy Piggy lows (body), powerful raw mid screams (body,rare), sinister highs as welll as nices frys(body), and powerful shrieks and Aikaryu has better fry/highs too. Brutal is basically like fashion, you have the ITs, the people wanna be not ITs (Deviloof, Diru), and the different swag that still serves (mejibray, Aikaryu, the piass). EDIT: Also i know this is a mejibray website so i wont so i wont be taking your "opinions" seriously. "they are a band that got worse over time" being spammed. the only songs that support that were statement was "hakuraku" and Yokusou (欲槽) ended that.
  12. blackdoll

    no, his unclean is complete ass. deviloof bodies them with this song alone. no need to reach in their pockets for EGOIST, Natura Born Killer, and Return of the Curse. And what bands? Mejibray, Aikaryu, and The Piass? 欲槽/ gaichuu/Servant/RenYuS/apocalypse , Dragon?/Remember my brave/falf/太陽が痛いよう/Bakushou Tsuukai Manyuuki Nanbei Hen/Mind...F , Kiseichuu/Seiteki Virus ~StoM109~/Futaibana/If...[Reset]/Nijuuyon Koku no Naki 🤧🙄 dimlim's peers are like Unsraw, fixer, and the black swan 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 . the solo songs i listed above body them too. I was never talking about his clean. But i disagree he's fine at it when it's placed right.
  13. blackdoll

    The instrumental slaps, but the vocals are weak af and muddy. Therefore Mejibray, Aikaryu, and The Piass will remain the brutal kings of VK. David's Blood-Resonance for Existence-, Femme Fatale's GRIM REAPER and 劇情テノール (gekijotenor_)'s beast slap harder imo. They should learn how to do deathcore properly or drop it. better than Quinstet though.
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