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    People hate GalapagosS? Why? I really like most of their releases.
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    The second Toronto show is tonight, in case anyone was considering going. This was a really great line-up - one of the best in a while. They were all good, but the winners for me this year were definitely KO-GO-NO GORAIKO-Z and imai. KO-GO-NO GORAIKO-Z were really playful - plus they have a drummer-vocalist, which I didn't notice from the video preview. Super entertaining set, and I think their music lined up the best with my taste. If I remembered to buy a CD this year, it would have been theirs for sure. Was so dead at the end that I totally forgot. imai was insanely intense. We were like directly in the middle of the audience, and he was making some serious eye contact with the crowd, so my friends and I all felt like he was like staring directly into our souls for his whole set. He didn't need any time to warm up at all either - he was dancing like a beast from the very first track. Can't help but dance when someone is giving you that much energy. This was from the end of his set after he'd been dancing and headbanging like this for about 40 minutes straight: Someone posted video of KO-GO-NO GORAIKO-Z as well, although it doesn't really capture what made them so much fun: Koutei Camera Girl Drei were good too, but they went last at like 12:30~1:00 am, so my legs were basically giving out at that point and it was a bit hard to get too into their set. They were much more aggressive than I was expecting from the preview, which is a big plus for me. Thought they had a more laidback sound.
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    The live videos from this SALU era are seriously the cutest.
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    Lol, point taken. I guess I always remember him as having a big chin because of pics like this: The song sounds good to me. Pretty much what I was imagining when I read LUNA SEA and Gundam theme.
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    ^Manga J and Sugizo actually look pretty, if you put your hand over the first row. XD
  6. violetchain

    ANGEL-TAKA gives me such intense Michael Monroe vibes. Was really happy to hear MM is an influence of his and that he's actually modeled some of his looks off him because I get such a feeling of deja vu watching him sometimes. It's also kind of a funny coincidence that the one line someone used to describe MM's shows back around when I finally got to see him live that really stuck with me is "he's like a rock 'n' roll angel".
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    I translated this myself, and my Japanese isn't very good, but there's a part from the xTRiPx song "10+1" I really like. "Somehow, we managed to raise up a big revolution What’s left after that storm of passion? Even if the answer is “zero”, that’s fine Because life is addition" ‘なんかデカい革命起こしてやんだ’ 息巻いて結果何が残った? 答えがゼロでもいい 人生は足し算だから
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    Breathing is the first song of theirs since Remember the Name that I actually like. I'm really interested to hear what the collab with Taro is going to sound like. He has such a strong rock voice, and I've always kind of wondered if AIOLIN would sound better to my ears with someone else singing.
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    I'm not really surprised. I thought they were promising as Hakubishin, but they seemed a bit lost after the name change.
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    響 / Hibiki Music and Lyrics: Kobayashi Taro Kyou kara boku wa betsujin ni naru REBERU de Aruki-hajimeru ARUKI-HAJIMERU Hibi o hajimeru YEAH Youkai mitai na negao de Asa o mukaeta kimi o tsurete Aruki-hajimeru aruki-hajimete iku Hibike ima Hibiware ni hibiite ike Iya ni nattemo kanjouron wa ronpa Joushiki no mukou e Hibike yo utae yo Kizu o kakusuna yo Daremo kimi o shibare yashinai daro Yotta ikioi de kokuhaku shita Donna hazukashii koto mo Iya na koto mo natsukashii koto mo “Ijiken na” hibi Ware ni hibiite ita Iya ni nattara Angouka shite futari no aikotoba tsukatte Nigeyou ze ii daro Sugata o kakushite Daremo shiranai basho de Fuzake atte iyou Issun saki wa yami Kimi no kami yuraide nami Issun saki wa yami Boku no kami yuraide kimi Hibike ima Hibiware ni hibiite ike Iya ni nattemo kanjouron wa ronpa Joushiki no mukou e Hibike yo utae yo Kizu o kakusuna yo Daremo kimi o shibare yashinai “Ijiken na” hibi Ware ni hibiite ita Kimi no kotoba ga Angouka shita futari no aikotoba ni natta Ikiyou ze ii daro Waraou ze ii daro Daremo shiranai basho de Fuzake atte iyou Kanji: https://petitlyrics.com/lyrics/2744489
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    CDJapan for me as well, although I have to want it really bad to buy a physical copy since the exchange rate is not very good recently. I've bought some Jrock CDs at my local anime convention as well (some new in the dealer's room and some used at the flea market event), but not many people are selling VK or music merch there in recent years.
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    It depends on the scale of the venue, I suppose, but personally, I just feel like it's a bit sad for the artist because they can actually see you doing it right in front of them. I felt super bad for Miyavi the one time I saw him live. The venue staff actually went to the trouble of checking everyone for cameras and putting them in little bags to make sure no one took any pictures, but people still had phones or cameras they sneaked in up in the air throughout the whole show. (this was a long time ago, so cellphones weren't used for photos and videos as much as they are now) I remember Miyavi even personally asked if people could cut it out while he was onstage, but they still didn't stop. I mean, sure, it's just some pictures and it's a silly, outdated policy, but it just felt kind of rude that they ignored his request right to his face like that. Then again, the crowd at that concert was pretty rude in general. My friend actually left where we were standing and went to sit at the bar halfway through, it was so unpleasant.
  15. violetchain

    Is anyone going to NMFT this year? I skipped the last few for various reasons, but I'm going to the Friday show in Toronto. It's always worth seeing, but the organizer promised a more upbeat party vibe this time around, so I'm hoping it will be a bit more my speed than the last one I saw. It's only $15 if you buy tickets in advance, and you get like 5 solid hours of entertainment, so I highly recommend it even if you're just mildly curious. Line-up: imai (from group_inou), STEREOGIRL, Koutei Camera Girl Drei, TAMTAM and KO-GO-NO GORAIKO-Z Shows: https://www.nextmusicfromtokyo.com/shows ETA: Actually, I just realized I skipped more than a few - looks like the last one I saw was vol. 9. Really liked THIS IS JAPAN from that one, but I can't remember much about the rest of the bands besides jizue playing a cover of When You Wish Upon a Star when we walked into the venue.
  16. Kyonosuke (Kizu) photoshoot for Cure.
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    Really excited to hear that they're doing another album together. SALU is a good influence on him.
  18. I'm really surprised it was him that decided to leave as well. Seems like the other two members are still determined to keep going though, so I'm curious to see what ends up happening.
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    Yu-Gi-Oh GX is still one of the most ridiculous things to ever air on television.
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    I don't think NOAH was actually in a group - wasn't he just like a random Kansai Johnny's Jr.? I don't think he stuck with it very long either. Question? were around for much longer and they were much better known. I've never really followed the Jrs, but I've seen them perform on various Johnny's shows before. https://www.generasia.com/wiki/Question%3F
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    Glad to see that JOY is still at it - I liked BABOO, and I always feel a bit obligated to root for artists with a Canadian connection
  22. violetchain

    Koki Tanaka (ex-KAT-TUN, ex-INKT, now a solo rock singer) - https://www.instagram.com/knock_out_kashiwa_idiot/ Tomo (Hysteric Panic ) - https://www.instagram.com/tomopanic/ Okacchi (Hysteric Panic) - https://www.instagram.com/okatti_hyspani/ KENTA (WANIMA) - https://www.instagram.com/wanimakenta/ Takeru (Asty) - https://www.instagram.com/asty_takeru/ Yuki (ex-Kagekui, ex-DAYDALA, now a photographer) - https://www.instagram.com/Auxbry/ Hikaru Kishine (Justy-Nasty, krishnablue) - https://www.instagram.com/hikarukishine/
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    Trying to give the new ATOM ON SPHERE album a listen at the moment. I really liked their first one, and I'm liking both of the video tracks from this one - especially Doves, so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna enjoy it. So happy they actually brought this project back. It's so nice to see Shigeo in a rock band again.
  24. Really pleasantly surprised so far. The last two video tracks felt a little flat, but this one seems like it's going to be a lot of fun.
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