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    I love Lida's Frontiers look so much. Aya has had a lot of interesting hats as well.
  2. violetchain

    Something about these pink and purple matching outfits Kuga and Wataru wore still makes me laugh.
  3. violetchain

    Lol, that thread for songs about sex reminded me that I had a half-finished translation of this on my computer from like 2013, so I filled in some missing lines and here it is. Suck Me! Lyrics: Kiyoharu Music: Hitoki Dance and dancing, lenient downer The upper dribbles spit While the downer is in anguish The blue’s mane, the pink’s corruption Orange-coloured aural Dance and dancing, forceful upper It hits the downer’s throat Let out your voice, upper An aural so intense it could stir up the blue’s mane* Suck me, suck me Suck you, suck you Suck me, suck me Suck you, suck you When you’ve got me soaking wet, piss off!** Dance and dancing, bent backward downer Use the tip of your tongue too, upper Get down on your knees, downer Even with just holding it in your mouth, my hips seem satisfied Give me more of your specialty, that aural Suck me, suck me Suck you, suck you Suck me, suck me Suck you, suck you When you’ve got me soaking wet, piss off!** Suck me, suck me Suck you, suck you Suck me, suck me Suck you, suck you If swallowing it bothers you, piss off! The blue’s mane, the pink’s body fluids Orange-coloured aural Suck me, suck me Suck you, suck you Suck me, suck me Suck you, suck you Rather than the worst type, the ones that feign ignorance,*** Suck me, suck me Suck you, suck you Suck me, suck me Suck you, suck you Inside the mouth of someone with loose morals, When you’ve got me soaking wet, piss off!** Notes: *, **, ***Not sure about these lines. If you have corrections, feel free to let me know. My Japanese is horrendous, so I'm happy for any help I can get. Suck Me! DANCE AND DANCING nuruku DOWNER Tsuba o tarasu UPPER Modae-nagara DOWNER BLUE no tategami PINK no haitoku ORANGE iro no AURAL DANCE AND DANCING kitsuku UPPER Nodo ni ataru DOWNER Koe o dashite UPPER BLUE no tategami kakimidasu kurai Kudo-sugiru you na AURAL SUCK ME SUCK ME SUCK YOU SUCK YOU SUCK ME SUCK ME SUCK YOU SUCK YOU Zubunure shite kuretara PISS OFF! DANCE AND DANCING sotte DOWNER Shita no saki mo UPPER Hiza o tsuite DOWNER Kuwaete dake de manzoku-ge na koshi Motto tokui na AURAL SUCK ME SUCK ME SUCK YOU SUCK YOU SUCK ME SUCK ME SUCK YOU SUCK YOU Zubunure shite kuretara SUCK ME SUCK ME SUCK YOU SUCK YOU SUCK ME SUCK ME SUCK YOU SUCK YOU Nomihosu no ga iya nara PISS OFF! BLUE no tategami PINK no taieki ORANGE iro no AURAL SUCK ME SUCK ME SUCK YOU SUCK YOU SUCK ME SUCK ME SUCK YOU SUCK YOU Saiaku no KAMATOTO yori mo SUCK ME SUCK ME SUCK YOU SUCK YOU SUCK ME SUCK ME SUCK YOU SUCK YOU Shirigaru no sono kuchi no naka Zubunure shite kuretara PISS OFF! Kanji: http://j-lyric.net/artist/a0025b5/l010e77.html
  4. violetchain

    BUCK-TICK - Sexual XXXXX! Kuroyume - Suck me! Also, slightly less direct, but GLAY - Lock on you
  5. violetchain

    Finally getting around to Frederic's second full album. Dunno why I put it off so long, because I really love the lead track LIGHT. Took me a weirdly long time to spin their first full-length release as well, even though I was super hyped for it.
  6. violetchain

    I have an iPhone 5s. Works fine for what I use it for - taking pictures, texting, checking email, transit planning, etc., and I got a good case so I can drop it all the time without any issues. Aside from occasional training calls, I don't really use my phone for work, so I don't see myself upgrading it until there's a major reason to like the battery stops working or something. This is only my second cell phone ever - the first one was a crappy Nokia flip phone I had all through high school - so I don't really have much to compare it to, I suppose. I tend to be very slow to upgrade to new technology. I still use a separate iPod for music because the battery lasts longer and I find it much easier to skip songs and adjust the volume on it from my pocket when I'm out walking.
  7. violetchain

    The last part of the main story of Fallout 3 felt way too easy. I finished it yesterday and I was like "Oh, that's it?" Most of the side quests I did felt way more challenging. Although maybe it's because I used Fawkes as my companion and he basically just killed everything on his own.
  8. violetchain

    There's something oddly refreshing about seeing a completely unironic keytar solo in 2019.
  9. violetchain

    I wasn't that wild about this track when it first came out - found it kind of hard to remember anything about it, but it's grown on me a lot recently after listening to it without the video. Guess sexy eyepatch Moga was just too distracting.
  10. violetchain

    Lol, I'd never seen one of his live performances before. Guy's adorable. So much spirit.
  11. violetchain

    I dunno why exactly, but I've always found the contrast between the two flashy blonde looks and the more subdued and feminine look with the red hair Kiyoharu has in the SADS video for "Porno Star" really sexy.
  12. violetchain

    It's too bad, I liked their sound. Kind of figured they wouldn't last too long, since it seemed like they didn't have a ton of fans, but I would have at least liked a mini-album... Oh well, I give them credit for keeping going after Nana skipped out on them.
  13. violetchain

    I know tons of people that like Kpop IRL and they're all perfectly normal, lovely people, but the Kpop fanbase on Twitter is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. I follow a blog about events, restaurant openings, etc. in my city on Twitter, and they posted an article about a Kpop show not selling well, and I saw a fan in the comments actually going down the list of people who had commented on it going "Unlike please. We don't want to give this terrible article more attention". There's this weird mindset some people into it have where they seem to think they can control how everyone thinks if they just sort of rig the numbers of views, retweets, shares, etc. on social media just right, and it creeps me out. Like there was a hashtag going around called "give us back our 10 million" or something where people were mad because the number of views on a Kpop video suddenly dropped by 10 million or something (out of a much bigger number) on YouTube and there were some fans going "This is disrespectful to fans who spent their valuable time staying up and replaying the video!" or something, and just wow...
  14. violetchain

    I've been trying to will myself to listen to a bunch of full releases from start to finish on Spotify for months and it's been such a struggle, but I put all the releases into a playlist today and started playing them on shuffle, and all of a sudden I'm having so much fun? It's the same music, but it everything sounds so much better. Weird.
  15. Not a band, but the reason I always loved KAT-TUN more than any other Johnny's group is you could always see how much they openly disliked each other. Always found that honesty refreshing. Plus I never really liked Jin, so the vaguely passive aggressive comments like this Kame dropped after he left always made me laugh.
  16. violetchain

    God, I love Koki.
  17. violetchain

    Oh really? Always thought you'd have better luck seeing him in Europe. I always wanted to see Hanoi Rocks, but I believe someone mentioned that the reason they could never come to Canada before is because Andy can't get into the country or something, so I don't think I ever really had a chance for that. I saw Michael and Sami Yaffa do Motorvatin' live though, so at least I got about as close as I possibly could have without traveling out of the country. Lol, I actually bought a ticket once to see Sebastian solo - I think it was around when he released Kicking & Screaming - but he cancelled last minute and I'm still kind of bitter about it so I haven't tried to see him again since. If the original Skid Row did a reunion, I'd go 100% though. It'd be worth seeing even if it was a trainwreck. I mean, it's not gonna happen unless something really dramatic spurs them to action, but I can dream... Was a little worried about Phil's age going into the L.A. Guns show, but it was really worth the wait! He still looks and sounds great, all things considered, and it was a surprisingly strong turnout for a weekday night. I had a thing for Baz too, but Phil Lewis was always my biggest 80s rock crush, so I'm really happy I got to see him with such a strong version of the band. Oh, I've never seen Cinderella or Tom Keifer either. Don't think they usually come up this way. That would be interesting as well. I didn't really get as deep into Cinderella as I did a lot of other bands from that era, but I liked Heartbreak Station a lot.
  18. violetchain

    Sometimes I really wish Lynch Mob could hold onto a stable line-up. I always think about going to see them when they come through my city, and I always get too scared to do it because the singer has suddenly changed right before the shows in the past. As much as I love George Lynch, if I'm seeing Lynch Mob for the first time I at least want it to be with someone I've heard of singing. I'd really love to see them with Oni Logan at least once in my life because I've listened to the Wicked Sensation album so much over the years. I've crossed Michael Monroe and L.A. Guns with Phil and Tracii off my list. Still vaguely hoping for Skid Row with Sebastian and the original Lynch Mob before they all get too old...
  19. violetchain

    Yeah, Taro Kobayashi has a great voice. I've had a weak spot for him since this MV. There's something so charming about the fact that he plays flying Vs. I recommend the theme songs he sang for Kamen Rider Amazons too.
  20. violetchain

    I don't really show people songs/videos to try to get them into the same music anymore - I used to do it a lot in high school, and my friends were all very polite about it but clearly not very interested. I still kind of cringe looking back on that. These days, I write for a website and post on places like this forum to get all my nerdy J-rock energy out without subjecting my family and friends to it. However, I drag my friends to concerts all the time. (Well, concerts that are $25 or less, anyway. If it's an expensive concert I feel too guilty to ask.) They don't usually care for the music all that much, but they come along for kicks since we don't get to see each other that often now that everyone is working different schedules. It's something to do, and the artists I want to see tend to be a little ridiculous, so I think they always at least end up being entertained by the costumes and stage antics. Recently, I just say "Hey guys, are you up for seeing _ with me?" and they'll say yes without even checking to see what kind of band it is, so I feel super lucky. My two best friends are both casual anime fans, and they're familiar with some of the artists that do theme songs and stuff, so they don't really make fun of my taste in music all that much. Although they both have kind of strange taste in music as well, so I guess they're not really in a position to judge.
  21. violetchain

    I'm going to see Miyavi for the first time in like 9 years this August because a friend invited me to go with her, and I was thinking I should catch up with his newer releases to get ready. I haven't listened to anything he's put out since Samurai Sessions vol. 1 except for the collabs he did with KenKen and SKY-HI. Any recommendations for which releases to start with / which ones to avoid?
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