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    Definitely night for me, because my hair takes ages to dry and I like to have really long showers, so being rushed in the morning is no good. Also, you don't want to get all the dirt, germs and sweat from being out in the sun, commuting, etc. on your sheets and pajamas, so I think it makes the most sense to shower before bed. I mean, that's not to say that I don't shower in the morning or afternoon sometimes if I feel like it, but generally I think the evening is the best way to go.
  2. violetchain

    Eijun from THE BACK HORN apparently made a separate Twitter account to practice speaking English. But he keeps accidentally mixing them up, which is pretty cute. 😅
  3. violetchain

    CHEMISTRY's first show after returning from hiatus in 2017 is going to be up on YouTube until May 31st. Set list: M0 Intro-lude~The Way We Are~ M1 PIECES OF A DREAM M2 FLOATIN’ M3 Point of No Return M4 It Takes Two M5 愛しすぎて <MC> M6 BACK TOGETHER AGAIN M7 deep inside of you M8 キスからはじめよう M9 YOUR NAME NEVER GONE M10 合鍵 M11 Naturally Ours M12 アシタヘカエル M13 almost in love M14 Wings of Words M15 伝説の草原 M16 キミがいる M17 Independence M18 SOLID DREAM <MC> M19 You Go Your Way En1 TWO En2 君をさがしてた~The Wedding Song~ En3 My Gift to You <MC> En4 ユメノツヅキ
  4. violetchain

    "vanilla midgets" is a well known term among wrestling fans - it comes from a rather infamous quote. It refers to a very specific type of wrestler, not just a person who is short.
  5. violetchain

    God, I love Kj. 🤣
  6. violetchain

    That's too bad. The singer has a really cute voice, and I liked REBELLION and SEVENTH a lot, so I was hoping they'd eventually start building some momentum. Well, three years is a decent run for a VK band these days, I guess.
  7. violetchain

    Yamada Masashi from THE BACK HORN putting his extra free time to good use 🤣
  8. violetchain

    Lol, I was coming here to post about the guy from Hypnosis Mic. I dunno, I think his song sounds VK enough, because Leetspeak monsters wrote it, and it basically just sounds like Leetspeak monsters with some other dude singing. I like that they made the rose petals blow across the screen only for his preview in the trailer. That's 100% VK. 🤣
  9. violetchain

    God, Gen's cat Chikuwa is so cute. Sometimes I really wish I could have a cat again, but I don't have anywhere practical to put a litter box in my condo, and I also happen to have a budgie, so I'd have to worry about the cat eating her/scaring her to death every day.
  10. violetchain

    Over Music and Lyrics: Yuuki Okita Arrangement: été Hibi wa katachi o kaete wa, tomadou Dounimo naranai, nante uso da. Orinai eki no namae tsumaru kotoba Sonna fuu da, bokura. Sonna fuu da. Arukidashite minai ka koko kara Bokura ni wa sugita kinou datta Mou kirei ja nakutemo ii yo, nee Sonna fuu da. Ikutsu ikutsu kisetsu o nakushite Ima wa hidoku futashika na yoake no, Subete atta n datte sa, wasurete ii yo Haru wa tokete matsuge o nurashita Bokura, itsuka itsuka no hanashi wa yameyou Uso ni shinaide Tsumetai mizu o nomihoshite AM Sasayaku you ni hisoyaka na nemuri Nee, kirei ja nakutemo utsukushikatta Sou daro? Kanashii dake ja, nakatta Koe ni hada ni teashi ga shibireru you na you na Hageshisa wa kakushita mama de iyou ze Datte sa, sore ga ii yo Ato ikutsu ikutsu nanika o wasurete Aruki-kata o omoidaseru nara sore de ii yo Omoishitte, wakaranakute, Bokura, sonna fuu da. Ikutsu ikutsu kisetsu o nakushite Ima wa hidoku futashika na yoake no, Subete atta n datte sa, Oboeteru? Nee, Haru wa tokete matsuge o nurashita Bokura, itsuka itsuka no hanashi wa yameyou Mou, yameyou Ato ikutsu, ikutsu hari ga kasanareba Bokura bokura no yoake wa, Kanji: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GEffAz11WE ^In the description
  11. violetchain

    Really enjoying the new LIPHLICH single. https://open.spotify.com/track/7kTnqj2Yz9nWlGxTdxqkae
  12. violetchain

    Yeah, I just figured that out from the covers 🤣 I've just been reading it as "lerr" in my head until now
  13. violetchain

    Lol, so that's what LRRH means. I kept thinking of Futurama.
  14. violetchain

    Sohei doing andymori's "Kakumei" for his relay video was such a lovely surprise.
  15. violetchain

    DE DE MOUSE's set from the "streaming music festival" Music Unity 2020. He does a lot of streams like this, but this one has a nice set list. 1. baby’s star jam (unreleased edit) 2. Growing Up (Mixed) from Nulife 3. my favorite swing (Edit 003) 4. Heartbeat (Mixed) from Nulife 5. like your magic (unreleased edit) 6. scat n’ shout (unreleased edit) from be yourself 7. Free (unreleased edit) from Nulife 8. Stay (with me) (unreleased edit) from Nulife 9. Do You Feel Me 10. Silly Love (Original Mix) 11. Regret (unreleased edit) from Nulife 12. sweet gravity (unreleased edit) 13. Breath (unreleased edit) 14. Getup (unreleased original track) 15. Muddy Water Waltz from Hello My Friend 16. be yourself (unreleased edit) from be yourself 17. Nulife (unreleased edit) from Nulife 18. Hello My Friend from Helo My Friend
  16. violetchain

    A big part of it is that I'm half Chinese and I grew up in two cities where there weren't really a lot of Asian people around, I suppose. Growing up, there were almost no Asian bands or artists on TV. There was like LOUDNESS on VH1 sometimes and the guy from Linkin Park, and that was it. I mean, I'm exaggerating a bit, but those are literally the only two examples I remember. I was really into hair metal/glam rock, etc. as a teenager, and I was so excited when I saw that there was a whole genre that Asian people made that took influence from that style of music. That's a big part of it. I'm also just kind of an introverted weirdo and an emo kid at heart, so the really over the top emotional side and quirkiness of it is also appealing. 🤣
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