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  1. violetchain

    God, their new collab video has both emo SALU waving his arms around and Hidaka looking the hottest I've ever seen him, and the story almost feels a little BL... Lol, whoever directed this definitely knows how to play to their strengths. The track sounds really fresh for both of them as well. So excited for the new album now.
  2. violetchain

    "He doesn't have an Oscar though" 🤣
  3. violetchain

    Yeah, I think the connection to NANA is a big part of the appeal. I know that SHIN covered it because he said he used to read the NANA manga and the character Shin from that series was where he got his stage name from. Plus most of the people who cover it also tend to be big Hyde fans...
  4. violetchain

  5. violetchain

  6. violetchain

    This is truly blasphemy.
  7. violetchain

    Disappointed in myself for sleeping on ZIGGY all these years. The singer is channeling 80s Michael Monroe so hard in this MV, and I can't say no to that.
  8. violetchain

    I like almost all the singers he's used, but Yuuma is still #1 for me. ...especially shirtless Yuuma.
  9. So the backstory is that they're animals that wished to become human so they'd be able to play music better? I mean, I'm kind of into it...? Also sorry Gesu, but the green dinosaur is clearly the best one. It's all about that incoherent grunting bad boy energy.
  10. violetchain

    GLAY. They have a song for basically every occasion at this point, and there are so many different sounds to explore. Every time I put all my GLAY songs on shuffle I end up with a new appreciation for a different track.
  11. violetchain

    I've been playing through Fallout 3 and New Vegas for the first time this year, and I also found out about a month ago that Tiger Army released an album that I completely missed a few years back. It's kind of hilarious how similar the aesthetic of the video for the lead track is.
  12. violetchain

    If they did a challenge where they bought a bunch of stuff from the dollar store, had all the members decorate the shirts with it and then wore them onstage for a special show or something, I'd back it 100%, tbh.
  13. violetchain

    Hold up, someone doesn't like ice cream? I just started skim-reading this thread backwards from the last page, and now I'm truly worried about what awaits. 😟
  14. I'm not really a fan, but wow, the timing of this really couldn't have been worse for them.
  15. violetchain

    Getting sent to "the wall" in school. It was for a dumb reason too. I kicked a pinecone, and for some reason the teacher thought that was dangerous or something? It mostly just rolled across the ground and didn't even hit anyone, so I don't really know what she was thinking. Also, getting thrown off a horse. Happened once when I was a little kid. I barely remember it, and I wasn't injured or anything, but it definitely took a bit of the glamour out of horseback riding for me.
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