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  1. violetchain

    I'm not really a big fan of consoles that you have to plug in since I feel bad playing when someone in my family wants to use the TV, and someone always seems to want to use it when I'm in the mood to play something. I play old SNES games using emulators, I play some more recent stuff on Steam, and I have a DS and a GBA I use sometimes when I'm commuting.
  2. I love the new MV. On a side note, wow, the new bassist really trusts them. They filmed a YouTube video where they show up at his apartment and started cutting his hair, and instead of telling them to stop the guy handed one of them a razor.
  3. violetchain

    It's adorable.
  4. violetchain

    ^Just FYI, JESSE's band is called The BONEZ - "BONERS" is what they call their fans. KenKen is also in public apology mode, as is the custom. I don't think DA have really said much about the situation outside of their official statements - they're a lot luckier because KenKen is not the face of the band like JESSE is with The BONEZ and RIZE, and he's not even an official member, so they can replace him and carry on pretty much as usual. I'm sure they're pissed, but I don't think they would say something publicly about it. Especially since Saku is basically the only member other than KenKen that is particularly active on social media.
  5. violetchain

    God, their new collab video has both emo SALU waving his arms around and Hidaka looking the hottest I've ever seen him, and the story almost feels a little BL... Lol, whoever directed this definitely knows how to play to their strengths. The track sounds really fresh for both of them as well. So excited for the new album now.
  6. violetchain

    "He doesn't have an Oscar though" 🤣
  7. violetchain

    Yeah, I think the connection to NANA is a big part of the appeal. I know that SHIN covered it because he said he used to read the NANA manga and the character Shin from that series was where he got his stage name from. Plus most of the people who cover it also tend to be big Hyde fans...
  8. violetchain

  9. violetchain

  10. violetchain

    This is truly blasphemy.
  11. violetchain

    Disappointed in myself for sleeping on ZIGGY all these years. The singer is channeling 80s Michael Monroe so hard in this MV, and I can't say no to that.
  12. violetchain

    I like almost all the singers he's used, but Yuuma is still #1 for me. ...especially shirtless Yuuma.
  13. So the backstory is that they're animals that wished to become human so they'd be able to play music better? I mean, I'm kind of into it...? Also sorry Gesu, but the green dinosaur is clearly the best one. It's all about that incoherent grunting bad boy energy.
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