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    Can finally cross Tiger Army off the list of bands I've wanted to see since I was 15. It was kind of shocking to see just how little Nick 13 has changed physically since I first watched one of their YouTube videos back in like 2005. He looks and sounds almost exactly the same, and I can't tell if it's just that he always used to look much older than his actual age in his 20s or if he looks incredible for 40-something. Probably a bit of both. I'm a sucker for retro rock, so the sound of the new album is right up my alley too. Didn't even recognize Mike Fasano drumming for them until he introduced the band members. Hearing that name totally brought me back to my Metal Sludge reading days too. Was like warping 13 years back in time.
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    Maybe JPU Records, but I think the only VK band they release stuff from is the GazettE and, well, there's a pretty big difference in popularity between them and DIMLIM.
  4. Since Jack Caper have been kind enough to add big, colourful subtitles (and even pictures!) for most of the dialogue in their new YouTube videos like variety shows, I decided to try to translate this video. It's from a series of interviews where the members all answer the same 20 or so questions to introduce themselves to the fans. For whatever reason, Riku added some extra questions in at the beginning for Hiro that none of the others answered, so those aren't numbered. My Japanese is atrocious, so even with the subtitles there are some bits I didn't understand, which I've highlighted in red and marked with "**". If anyone wants to help fill those in, please feel free. Any corrections are very welcome. Riku: Question time! Hiro: YAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!! Riku: The reverberation (“yoin”) is really long (laughs) Hiro: Isn’t the reverberation still good?** ^(This is some sort of bad joke - he says “Yoin wa mou yoi n?”) What would you want to be if you were reborn? Hiro: I think I’d like to be myself again. What do you think of when someone says ‘summer’? Hiro: If it’s summer…TUBE! And Kuwata Keisuke. Riku: And if we’re talking about songs representative of TUBE? Hiro: Ah~ natsu yasumi~! Riku: As expected, that’s correct! 1. What is your part (his role in the band)? Hiro: The cash register at the supermarket! 2. What made you want to do that part? Hiro: I wanted money! 3. What is your blood type? Hiro: Sakuran joutai Type-A…B (AB) Riku: What’s that supposed to mean? Hiro: It’s from a DIR EN GREY song! There’s one where the lyrics go “Sakuran joutai TYPE-A” ^(he means “myaku”) Riku: (part I didn’t catch) Hiro: Kuwagata (Stag beetle). (More stuff I didn’t catch) 4. Where are you from? Hiro: Adachi City, Tokyo! 5. What are your hobbies? Hiro: Spearfishing. 6. What are your special skills? Hiro: Finding peoples’ faults. It’s the worst, isn’t it? Riku: The worst. 7. Favourite food? Hiro: Sweet things. 8. Things you hate?* (*When he reads the question, Riku omits the “tabe” part of “tabemono” that specifies it’s about food) Hiro: Riku. Riku: That’s wrong! Foods you hate! Even so, that was a shock. (laughs) Hiro: Liver. Riku: Do you have to do that for each one? Hiro: Ireba! (Dentures!) Riku: Do you need to move like that though? Hiro: (laughs) My body’s just moving on its own. I can’t just be quiet and answer! Riku: Well, I wish you’d calm down a bit (laughs) 9. Favourite artists? Hiro: Southern All Stars, Nakajima Miyuki and Sada Masashi Riku: What do you like about them? Hiro: -- (didn’t get this part)** 12. Type of girl you like? Hiro: A slave. Someone that will faithfully listen to what I say. Someone who will go “Yes!” even if I say “I’m good, but you’re not.” Riku: Which kind of slave is that? Hiro: (laughs) 10. What do you like about yourself? Hiro: Generally, I’m pretty smart. 11. Things you hate about yourself? Hiro: I’m too good of a person. I’m always sacrificing myself because I want to make the people around me happy. Riku: (snort of disbelief) Hiro: What? Is something weird about that? Riku: I’m just thinking “He’s saying that with a straight face” Hiro: (laughs) It’s true! Riku: Quit acting.** (laughs) 13. How you spend your days off? Hiro: Messing around with my bike. 14. If you had to share a room with a member of the band for a month, who would be good and who would be bad? Hiro: I’d like to try sharing a room with all of the members. All: Ohh Hiro: But Riku would be bad. (laughs) Riku: Everyone has been saying I’d be bad! (laughs) Hiro: Because you’re messy! Riku: What’s so bad about that~?** 15. What do you want to do with Jack Caper? Hiro: I’d like to live together on a deserted island for a month! Choco: I can’t deal with bugs~! Hiro: You can eat the bugs! 16. Prefecture in Japan you want to go to? Hiro: Oita Prefecture! Riku: Why? Hiro: Because I’ve always wanted to try being a fisherman in Oita. Riku: Oh, to scope it out** Hiro: Recently I’m also interested in the Ogasawara Islands. I was researching some of the world’s picturesque views yesterday as well, and since the Ogasawara Islands were mentioned— Choco: Which prefecture are the islands in? Hiro: Tokyo. If you put the boat and accommodation together, the cheapest trip there is around 70 000 yen. (About $700)** All: So expensive! Hiro: If you go on the fastest boat, it’s 24 hours. The second fastest is 25.5 hours. One-way trip. Riku: (didn’t get this line - some joke about giants?)** 17. Most recent YouTube video you watched? Hiro: Probably something like Game Center Mikado’s KOF (King of Fighters) tournament. 18. If you weren’t in a band, what would you be doing? Hiro: Fisherman. 19. What’s something that you’re glad you bought recently? Hiro: A bicycle! Well, I didn’t buy it, it was bought for me. I haven’t really bought much myself recently, but water – I bought water recently. I thought I’d try drinking mineral water. The water in Tokyo always tastes so chlorinated.** Riku: It’s not that water that’s supposed to boost your power, is it? Hiro: Chikara mizu! (laughs) Recently, I buy water at regular intervals.** ^"Chikara Mizu", or "Power Water", is the name of the product Riku: Like some sort of secret agent. (laughs) Hiro: I won’t say the name of the product. 20. A message to yourself after one year. Hiro: Are you still a genius? 21. A message to yourself after ten years. Hiro: Is Riku still alive? (laughs) Riku: Don’t kill me~ Seriously. Hiro: Are bikes flying in the sky? Riku: A message to yourself! (laughs) Hiro: To myself in ten years? Shuma: It became a message to the time period (laughs) Hiro: When you felt you had to persist, it wasn't a mistake!** Riku: I feel like I’ve heard that before… Hiro: Myself in ten years, huh… Are you getting married? (laughs) Riku: You’re doing It seriously, huh? (laughs) Hiro: Are you a fisherman now? Are you a bandman? Or have you even become a man that relies on women for money like Riku? Riku: Hey! Shut up (#^w^) (laughs) Don’t say that. Hiro: No matter which path you walk, all you can think is that you’re a success. In this life, can you still think that way about yourself? (blows kiss) Riku: You kissed yourself? Hiro: In my life, I don’t think I’ve failed much. No matter what kind of life I live, I think it’ll be a success. Riku: That’s all the questions. Hiro: Well, we’re going out like this. Finally, this shitty guy (Riku) is going to answer some questions, so- ^Riku's video is going to be the last one in the series Riku: Cut it out! (laughs) Hiro: Enjoy! See you!
  5. violetchain

    I kind of wish they'd filmed some scenes outdoors, since that's more the image I had in my head when I read the lyrics, but it's a pretty MV. Great colours. They all look good, but man, Zuu looks surprisingly cool with the dark hair and more subdued styling.
  6. I think 01 might be "Covert Aggression"
  7. violetchain

  8. violetchain

    I’ve only watched the Pokémon anime up to the orange islands, and I’m several generations behind with the games. Didn’t realize they modeled one after VK singers.
  9. violetchain

    God, he's so cute.
  10. violetchain

    I saw this on the Twitter feed of a band I follow, and now I feel like I'm missing out on some quality laughs by not listening to NAZARE. Gotta get around to checking them out.
  11. violetchain

    Do they save all the chic looks for the cheki or something? Would be a totally plausible business model for a VK band, tbh.
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