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  1. violetchain

    I've never cared for Jin, but I've gotta say, the Jin x Ryo combo is producing quality YouTuber content. Ryo gives good answers. 😂
  2. Ginger ale and ginger beer >>> Sprite and 7 Up, IMO, but since neither is lemon-flavoured, transparent or colourless, I guess I'll take the sparkling water.
  3. violetchain

    Maybe something like JAM Project? I don't know anything about vocal technique, but they all seem to sound pretty good singing into their 50s, so I'm assuming they're doing something right. I'm not the biggest Galneryus fan, but I've always found YAMA-B's voice really striking as well. I think there's just something so charming about the way it pairs with the nerdy dad energy of his stage moves.
  4. violetchain

    Maybe they just saw this April Fool's day joke and didn't look too closely at it?
  5. violetchain

    Okita is very kawaii
  6. violetchain

    What do you mean? It's track #5, "Dokuzen". The "Where is your justice" part is even featured in the trailer.
  7. violetchain

    "Futari de hot yoga fire" 😂
  8. violetchain

    Does the world even need VK trap when it's already got Shaka Bose out there looking like a character from Legend of Basara without any makeup on and making stuff like this
  9. violetchain

    I don't know what this is referencing, but it's excellent.
  10. violetchain

    I've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links on Steam for the past few days. I'm pretty bad at it though, since I mainly pick cards that I think look cool or have funny names/descriptions instead of the most powerful ones. 😓 I really enjoy the fact that they let you make a bunch of different decks for each character though. The auto-fill and related card features are really handy. It's a lot easier to navigate through all the cards than on some of the older YGO games I used to play on GBC, GBA, etc. I've only unlocked up to Yusei so far, but I'm super excited to get to Mako Tsunami, since he was always my favourite and I always lean towards water/ice when I have to pick a monster element. I always used to play with a mainly water deck in the older games.
  11. violetchain

    I'm guessing paid live stream Yoshiki classical concert, or some sort of charity stream with a few really random American/European celebrities.
  12. violetchain

    Man, they're playing some mind games in Ryo's English placement test. 😂
  13. violetchain

    I mean, it's the exact opposite of "tasteful", but the MV for UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ's "Deadman's Rodeo Revolver" makes me uncomfortable for so many different reasons...
  14. Forgot one of my favourite examples. FABLED NUMBER's "YES" is such a fun song, despite the hilarious lyrics.
  15. Almost every NOA song fits this description, IMO, but "sandglass" is one of the better examples.
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