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  1. violetchain

    Lol thanks, I've actually never gotten around to checking out the Kaikan Phrase series in any form, so I'm kind of intrigued. Might have to check it out when I have more time.
  2. violetchain

    Hold up, what is this Tatsuhisa game, and where can I find a trailer for it? I don't follow seiyuu, but I like those two OLDCODEX songs I know...
  3. violetchain

    I'm not sure if this was a promo shot or just a release cover, but I liked this one of The Birthday from around the release of "Piano" a lot. I like the one from around the release of "The Answer" and the matching album cover as well:
  4. violetchain

    I tend to like promo pics that are a bit silly. This is from around when Hysteric Panic released "Cinderella Syndrome", I think. Takeshi Ueda around the release of AA='s "#5". I just realized the crown is made of copper wire, which makes it even better. MO'SOME TONEBENDER for "Baseball Bat Tenderness"
  5. violetchain

    Man, his voice just keeps getting cuter.
  6. violetchain

    I didn't get to the end yet - I just got to the part where he's wondering why he has a toilet in the facility, and then I got too busy with work to go any further. No spoilers please. I always meant to give the Netflix Castlevania a try too, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Was the first season good? Is it a good introduction for people like me that know literally nothing about the franchise?
  7. violetchain

    Still kind of amused that SKY-HI featured on a remix of literally the only w-inds. song I know and like recently. As if I needed more reasons to enjoy a song with that much high-pitched shrieking in it.
  8. This is a nice one. They're all looking good.
  9. violetchain

    God, that Netflix Dracula series really needs to cut it out with all the shots of people pulling their own loose fingernails off. One was more than enough. I almost tore off the top part of one of my nails by accident recently, so it's been extra unappealing to watch...
  10. violetchain

    God, this is even funnier than I remembered.
  11. violetchain

    It's too bad about LEZARD. I still haven't been able to commit myself to listening to a full album of theirs, but I liked some of their video tracks from both vocalist eras a lot. Especially LOVE + MUSIC and Manatsu no Junjou to Revolution.
  12. violetchain

    That's interesting, I didn't know that was the type of music she made. I'd only heard of her because of her parts in the movie "The Devil's Carnival".
  13. violetchain

    I just assumed it was the rabbit's name and a knock-off of Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill.
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