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  1. New digest trailer:
  2. FABLED NUMBER's 2nd Major Album "THUNDER" will be out November 8th. Tracklist: 1. Like a Thunder 2. Good-Bye 3. Keep on Killing me 4. RED 5. ザ・クロスレインボー 6. Ride the Sound 7. Encounter 8. Rolling Still kind of surprised that they're releasing another album this year. It feels really fast. The new video is glorious though.
  3. Oh cool, I'm on the other side of the country in Toronto. I've only been to the West coast once to visit family, but it was beautiful over there. The plants all seemed like twice as tall and thick as the ones here.
  4. The best joke would be if this is actually the gag look and the next one has him back on the tricycle with the pacifier in his mouth.
  5. Oh nice, it's cool to see so many Canadians joining recently. What part of the country are you from? I like a bit of rap as well, but I only know the super mainstream stuff, so I doubt I can recommend anything you don't already know. For an image signature, I think you just need to use the basic [ img ][ /img ] tags around a url (without the spaces, of course).
  6. The song is not as catchy as Oshimai, but I think it will grow on me with time. I liked it more after a few listens, and it seems like it would be fun live. They look great in the video, and I think it's kind of nice that they've been keeping the MVs and promo spots to a minimum. Everything looks very polished and deliberate so far, and I'm curious to see if they can keep that up.
  7. It's kind of hilarious that they just show Chii awkwardly sitting outside while the five male members are in the bath together.
  8. It already happened, he was just a featuring on some songs: https://www.jrocknews.com/2016/02/avanchicks-vocalist-noah-features-lightning-strikes-album.html
  9. Lol at Sho saying that Malice Mizer inspired him to become a musician because they performed by dancing without playing instruments. Too bad Subaru wasn't there. Would have been interested to see him join in for I for You. Well, at least Murakami didn't sing.
  10. Aw, the matching streaks are cute.
  11. I kind of sensed this was going to happen, but it's too bad. I really liked what I heard from them.
  12. The latest video is so much fun. Might need to check out that new RIZE album.
  13. True, PLC have always had a certain percentage of filler on their releases, so I guess they've been fairly consistent in that area. Oh no, the video for "Mirai Shounen x Mirai Shoujo" is quite cute, I just hate the song. Something about it doesn't feel right to me, and I have trouble even listening to the whole thing.
  14. Knew there was no way MORRIE wasn't going to be on this. Was wondering where TAKURO was as well, even though he's not a vocalist, and he covered that with this batch too XD He performed at the Solar Budokan, so I was hoping for Taiji Sato and Tetsu Takano, but I guess you can't have everything.
  15. Today has been weird. Suddenly really wanted to listen to Tigertailz's "Young and Crazy" album, which led me to look up what some of the hair metal/sleaze rock bands I used to follow are doing now, and somehow that led to finding out that Tripp Eisen from Dope/Static-X randomly started performing again last year. Apparently he's playing reunion shows with Roughhouse, the hair metal band he was in back in the 80s. It's a really weird sight. The rest of the members look like they could be in Dokken, but he looks just like he did in Dope - almost like a hologram from 1998. It's kind of unnerving. Can't deny that I'm impressed he can still move like that in his 50s though.