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    ^Well, this is the only video of theirs I've ever watched all the way through, so I don't know if it holds true for their other stuff, but there's just something off about his face and how it looks next to the rest of his body. It's like the excitement just suddenly cuts off before reaching his eyes in some of the shots...
  4. violetchain

    The singer from DOG in the PWO creeps me out.
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    Is that last icon your result, or is it the same for everyone? Because mine says humanism. Ended up with a bit more in spiritualism than I would have expected, but I guess that's because it's weighed against all the questions about money, and I can't say being rich has ever been a big priority.
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    Danablu - Wensleydale Half time Old - Mayonaka no shissou ni soumei to ongaku I knew what the cover of the Danablu CD looked like before I ordered it, yet somehow I still thought the case was actually cracked for a second when I opened it...
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    ^It's not one of the big hit singles, but I think it's one of the quintessential "VK-sounding" GLAY songs. Gonna throw this in as well because, after looking at their revival thread, apparently no one knows who DuelJewel are anymore? I only know this song from them, but it's such a catchy track. Heard it when I was first getting into VK as part of a mix or something, and it still stands out so clearly in my memory.
  12. Honestly, hair aside, I'm kind of into Minpha's look. I always have a vague hint of respect for VK guys that are committed enough to wear skinny high heel shoes instead of just platforms and chunky heeled boots.
  13. violetchain

    Half time Old's new album is on Spotify! Wish I hadn't found this out after weeks of waiting for the CD to arrive, but oh well. I'm really happy to see them getting more promotion - Hakken to Gimon was such a great release, and this one is sounding really good too so far. ❤️
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    God, I love Masaharu's voice.