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  1. violetchain

    Yeah, Taro Kobayashi has a great voice. I've had a weak spot for him since this MV. There's something so charming about the fact that he plays flying Vs. I recommend the theme songs he sang for Kamen Rider Amazons too.
  2. violetchain

    I don't really show people songs/videos to try to get them into the same music anymore - I used to do it a lot in high school, and my friends were all very polite about it but clearly not very interested. I still kind of cringe looking back on that. These days, I write for a website and post on places like this forum to get all my nerdy J-rock energy out without subjecting my family and friends to it. However, I drag my friends to concerts all the time. (Well, concerts that are $25 or less, anyway. If it's an expensive concert I feel too guilty to ask.) They don't usually care for the music all that much, but they come along for kicks since we don't get to see each other that often now that everyone is working different schedules. It's something to do, and the artists I want to see tend to be a little ridiculous, so I think they always at least end up being entertained by the costumes and stage antics. Recently, I just say "Hey guys, are you up for seeing _ with me?" and they'll say yes without even checking to see what kind of band it is, so I feel super lucky. My two best friends are both casual anime fans, and they're familiar with some of the artists that do theme songs and stuff, so they don't really make fun of my taste in music all that much. Although they both have kind of strange taste in music as well, so I guess they're not really in a position to judge.
  3. violetchain

    I'm going to see Miyavi for the first time in like 9 years this August because a friend invited me to go with her, and I was thinking I should catch up with his newer releases to get ready. I haven't listened to anything he's put out since Samurai Sessions vol. 1 except for the collabs he did with KenKen and SKY-HI. Any recommendations for which releases to start with / which ones to avoid?
  4. violetchain

    God, THUNDER is such a good album. I think it's easily the release I listened to the most last year. I keep thinking that I should buy Millionaire too, but I wasn't that crazy about the video tracks and they were already like half the release...
  5. violetchain

    Every now and then I think back to how disappointed I was by the ending of the first season of the J-drama "The Quiz Show" and sigh heavily. I rewatched it not that long ago, and I still love it until the last episode. I really wish Japanese movies and TV shows would cut back on all the brother/sister incest.
  6. violetchain

    I kind of want to like it, but whenever I hear someone say "shuki shuki" all I can think of is that Hysteric Panic video with the cannibal guy eating the idol group, so it feels kind of unsettling and I keep waiting for it to take a dark turn that never comes.
  7. violetchain

    Wonder if they're going to add a new official bassist at some point. I forget Shiori was even in the band sometimes, he was gone so long.
  8. violetchain

    Since someone was mentioning this thread earlier, I have a new one to add. I don't have the files for THURSDAY'S YOUTH, so I made a Spotify playlist. Suck a Stew Dry & THURSDAY'S YOUTH Suck a Stew Dry (pic on the left) was a rock band active from roughly 2009-2016. The most distinctive thing about them was their singer Shinoyama Kosei's gentle voice and angsty lyrics. Shinoyama is super insecure about his looks, and he's generally just an awkward guy, and since he's their main songwriter I think his kind of clumsy, nervous energy really comes out in the music (in a charming way). What I like most about them is that while the tone of their lyrics is generally pretty negative, their music can be quite fun and quirky, and every now and then they'll drop something that comes totally out of left field. After one of their guitarists left in 2016, the four remaining members started up a new band called THURSDAY'S YOUTH. Their style is a bit less wacky, but it still has a lot of the same charm as SaSD, so I figured I might as well put them together. Tracklist: 1. Ishitsubutsu toriatsukaijo 2. Ni-ji ni-fun 3. Haurou 4. Kasa 5. Katakana Talk 6. Payment (live) 7. Tokyo 8. Nana-kai 9. Normalism 10. Bokura no jibun sensou 11. GOEMON 12. Ame, ame, ame, 13. Shitsuren, Shitsuren. 14. Sayonara PLAYLIST Videos:
  9. violetchain

    Finally getting around to Mob Psycho 100 at the moment. I love it so far. Kind of reminds me of the Excel Saga manga, which is a huge compliment coming from me.
  10. There are some parts of this that I'm not really sure about, so feel free to let me know if you have corrections. I'm really happy they did a live video for this song because I liked the way it sounded in the live preview more than the version that ended up on the mini-album. #ソングライター / #Songwriter Music and Lyrics: Shinoyama Kosei A heart with a low-level rebellious spirit A Japanese person that’s withering away to nothing Saying it’s filled with slander is my air raid shelter from SNS* My soul must be defective When I face any hardship, I think having none would be better The ones still left on the shelf must be available at a bargain, But the return period on mine has already expired Won’t you stay for me? Please! I still need your money Looking at it from the opposite side, thinking something like that just seems the lowest – the worst – doesn’t it?** Guys like that can just hurry up and disappear I’m being loved for telling nothing but lies, right?*** The truth is, I hate everyone But even so, I won’t flinch away from it I’ll accept this world Writing songs to play at festivals It’s alright if you get fired up I could hear voices from the area around me saying “It’s no good if you complain” Won’t you stay for me? Stay there Because I still need your money “Ah, that’s right, make sure to buy the CD after too!” That copyright is what's keeping me alive This kind of song is the result of my struggle This song is the type of song I can write right now Even so, it doesn’t matter I’ll accept this music I’m being loved for telling nothing but lies, right?*** The truth is, I hate everyone But even so, I won’t flinch away from it I’ll accept this world I’m being loved for telling nothing but lies, right?*** The truth is, I hate everyone But even so, I won’t flinch away from it I’ll accept this world I’m being loved for telling nothing but lies The truth is, I hate everyone But even so, I won’t flinch away from it I’ll accept this world What’s right, and What’s wrong An absurd songwriter Let’s sing along pointlessly Let’s lament this dying music scene For every suitably laughable songwriter**** Notes: *, ***, ****I’m not sure about these lines. **Meaning, looking at his own attitude from the perspective of a fan #ソングライター / #SONGURAITAA TeiREBE no hankotsu shin Yasehosori no nihonjin Afurekaeru hibouchuushou Iu wa SNS no boukuugou Boku wa kekkanhin no tamashii Konnan nara nai hou ga MASHI Urenokori no kaidokuhin Sude ni henpin no taishougai WON’T YOU STAY FOR ME onegai da yo Mada anata no okane ga hitsuyou desu Ura de sonna koto o omotte iru nante Saitei saiaku jan Mou hayaku kiete yo Uso bakari aisarete iru ne Daremo minna hontou ga kirai Soredemo itowanai Kono sekai o uketomeru yo FESU muki no SONG WRITE Moriagareba IT’S ALRIGHT Kaiwai no koe ga kikoete kita “Nakigoto nara NG de” WON’T YOU STAY FOR ME soko ni ite yo Mada anata no okane ga hitsuyou dakara “A, sou da, ato CD mo katte yo” Sono KOPIIRAITO ga ikiru-sube Tadoritsuita no ga konna uta Ima kakeru uta ga konna uta Soredemo kamawanai Kono ongaku o uketomeru yo Uso-bakari aisarete iru ne Daremo minna hontou ga kirai Soredemo itowanai Kono sekai o uketomeru yo Uso-bakari aisarete iru ne Daremo minna hontou ga kirai Soredemo itowanai Kono sekai o uketomeru yo Uso-bakari aisarete iru ze Daremo minna hontou ga kirai Soredemo itowanai Kono sekai o uketomeru yo Nani ga seikai de Nani ga machigai da Koutoumukei na SONGURAITAA Muda ni SHINGARONGU Sutaru MYUJIKKU SHIIN ni ureu Soutou kokkei na SONGURAITAA ni tsuite Kanji: In the video description
  11. violetchain

    It's also not about VK, but I don't think anyone has mentioned Sugizo starring in the movie "Soundtrack" yet? He also wrote the music. I think it's the only film starring a VK musician I've ever actually watched. Can't say I really understood the plot, but it has some really beautiful and strange scenes. Lol, I still remember that puppet show from the beginning pretty clearly, and I watched it over a decade ago.
  12. violetchain

    It's not about VK, but DAISUKE, YOU and Yuu from THE SOUND BEE HD are in a movie called "BUGS". I don't really know any details about it except that it's being produced by the singer from the band mil9 and it's described as a "non-stop action movie". https://bugsmovie.jp/ I remember someone mentioning that Kyan Yutaka from Golden Bomber acts, although I've never seen anything he was in. There's a list here: http://asianwiki.com/Yutaka_Kyan ^Looks like all of the members of Golden Bomber acted in a few of the High & Low movies starring members of EXILE. Didn't know that.
  13. violetchain

    I bought Fallout 3 on Steam ages ago, but I couldn't get it to work on my computer since it isn't compatible with newer versions of Windows . I'd given up for a while, but I got the urge to try again last night and finally found a fix that worked. It's running pretty smoothly now. Glad I didn't give up, because I'm enjoying it a lot. I think I liked the vibe and soundtrack of New Vegas better, but the intro part for this one is really nicely done, and I've only really completed a few partial quests so far, so maybe that'll change.
  14. violetchain

    Not my favourite set of costumes, but Hal looks nice with his hair up.
  15. violetchain

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