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  1. Three weeks and this LDR will become much, much shorter. As in same apartment. DD:
  2. Can't tell any names, of course, but two of the bands combined has over 600k listeners on Spotify! Would have expected a manager or someone to bring the applications, but looks like some people want to do it by themselves.
  3. I have interesting internship place... I make other people's Visas and apply for them! So far it's super fun, plus it's different kind of customer service that I am used to. I have worked in grocery stores for years where the main thing is RESULTS. It was funny how in this place they complained that it was really busy day - I felt like I could have naps between each customer. Also, in the past four days I have made visas for three different bands for their tours :DD
  4. Of course? Just noticed that the paper we usually get from work "proof that you have worked there" is called recommendation letter. Sounds awful... Here it's pretty clear that you get one from every job. But yeah, I got that and added JaME on my CV. Looks good in CV because working with languages and volunteering work. (+ for how long I have worked there)
  5. Oh school... I spent whole July wanting to go back to school. Three days of school and BAM, I was permitted to not go to communication marketing (??) class because of my work experience (JaME) and previous degree. So now I have month free from school. At the end of September I have one class left abd the only thing I have to do before graduating is internship. That was fast.
  6. Did anyone check the leaked episode?
  7. Happy b-day allisapp! <3

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      Thanks! :3 <3

  8. Happy birthday, @allisapp:tw_kiss_wink:

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      Thank you! <3

  9. Kaverin kanssa oli puhetta että mekin taidetaan mennä aluksi terassille, suunnitelmat on kuitenkin vielä täysin auki. +16 astetta... en mä uskalla vielä innostua, kumminkin perjantaina herätessä sataa lunta vaakatasossa.
  10. Hyvää joulua!
  11. ^Hhhhä, et oo tulossa? D: Tyhmä!
  12. I took my boyfriend with type I diabetes to a hospital today because he had been throwing up all morning. Apparently now he has a high fever. While I know he is in a good care there, I am stressing so much. I can already tell that as he's staying there overnight, there will be no sleeping for me... And all of this happened before 11am, waiting for more stuff to happen.
  13. Thank fuck my classes were cancelled for tomorrow. I have had the worst month ever and because of hormones, I have been crying for a whole time couple times per day. Time to go to bed, open a bottle and get fucked up
  14. What the hell, I had no idea SEKHMET is Chianti... your sig was legendary I have been allisapp for 15 years now. Changes are wrong.