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  1. Happy birthday, allisapp! Have a good day. :rock:

    1. allisapp


      Thank you!! :D

  2. allisapp

    I am definitely going to see them in autumn. To Helsinki it is!
  3. allisapp

    I sent you a request! :D I am on my 5th day of playing (on JP server), so any support help is <3.
  4. allisapp

    Started playing on FGO's JP server as well. Can't.stop.playing. I feel like I am even having dreams of FGO. Is this what addiction feels like?
  5. allisapp

    I got a job~! Now I have to start practising swedish way more Even though it has gotten lot better in just two months. (I will work in a hotel, where I have to speak in three langauges. If I was brave enough, I would try to learn japanese hotel vocabularly but my boyfriend keeps telling me not to and refuses to teach some stuff because he would want me to speak keigo.)
  6. allisapp

    Hehee, I got Jack on my first summon! Let me tell you that my boyfriend was definitely not jealous... :"D Anyways, I added you!
  7. allisapp

    I wish the Christmas event had continued in the American version. At least Japanese version has it now :"D Current line-up:
  8. allisapp

    Effects can be completely different with everyone. As for me it has gotten my life a lot easier! :"D Pretty much no pain at all, shark week has lessened to (at most) three days, no mood swings etc. Plus nowaways I use pills so that shark week happens only six times/year. You will notice the lasting affects after about a year of using, the first three months at least might show stuff that may not stick with the rest of time. Like I said, it's different for everyone. All I can say that try using this specific pill for ~3 months or more before you try changing it to other one. Different pills might have different affects. Affect... Effect :x
  9. allisapp

    After just a couple of days I feel like I am a bit addicted to Fate/Grand Order. And to Castle Cats!!!
  10. allisapp

    I have been extremely anxious for two weeks now. I cut contact with mom 1,5 years ago and we are meeting tomorrow. But I really, really don't want to because I have this huge feeling that everything will be exactly the same as before.
  11. allisapp

    Three weeks and this LDR will become much, much shorter. As in same apartment. DD:
  12. allisapp

    Can't tell any names, of course, but two of the bands combined has over 600k listeners on Spotify! Would have expected a manager or someone to bring the applications, but looks like some people want to do it by themselves.
  13. allisapp

    I have interesting internship place... I make other people's Visas and apply for them! So far it's super fun, plus it's different kind of customer service that I am used to. I have worked in grocery stores for years where the main thing is RESULTS. It was funny how in this place they complained that it was really busy day - I felt like I could have naps between each customer. Also, in the past four days I have made visas for three different bands for their tours :DD
  14. allisapp

    Of course? Just noticed that the paper we usually get from work "proof that you have worked there" is called recommendation letter. Sounds awful... Here it's pretty clear that you get one from every job. But yeah, I got that and added JaME on my CV. Looks good in CV because working with languages and volunteering work. (+ for how long I have worked there)
  15. allisapp

    Oh school... I spent whole July wanting to go back to school. Three days of school and BAM, I was permitted to not go to communication marketing (??) class because of my work experience (JaME) and previous degree. So now I have month free from school. At the end of September I have one class left abd the only thing I have to do before graduating is internship. That was fast.