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    I usually shower three times a day as I work with kids. Once in the morning so I can feel nice and fresh when going to work, one as soon as I get home just to feel clean after having spent the day around spit, snot and filthy hands, and one before going to bed. If I had to choose just one, I'd pick the morning shower. So good and important for me personally.
  2. A new metal label that focuses specifically on fantasy themed bands just posted this on their Facebook page today: It's been close to 20 years since we last heard anything from Nazgûl, which is 2002's full length De Expugnatione Elfmuth. Super epic black metal which takes the epic and bombastic elements of Summoning and blend them with more traditional black metal. Where Summoning for the most part captures the more epic and grand aspects of Tolkien, Nazgûl captures the more grimmer and darker elements of violent and destruction on Tolkien. The band is often criticized for its vocals, but I've come to love them. Super over the top, but absolutely fitting IMO. Can't wait for any new material here. Exciting stuff.
  3. Bear

    Yeah, Child's Play was a surprisingly good remake. Not quite as good as the original, which is a classic, but still a really fun and cool movie that took me and many others by surprise. We Summon the Darkness was also really cool. Shame on you, Jigsaw.
  4. Bear

    Another masterpiece by Old Tower. Not his best work, but pretty fucking amazing nonetheless. Perfect for dark fantasy reading, or as background music to dark table top games like Dungeons & Dragons or RPG video games like Diablo or Dark Souls. It really captures that vibe. Fantastic stuff.
  5. That sounds pretty good. Very, very Watain-esque tbh. Edit: On a second listen I feel like it's almost a bit too Watain-esque. Hmm. Still looking forward to the album tho.
  6. Bear

    Looking forward to this. Really liked his The Blackcoat's Daughter and I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, which both were also super slow and atmospheric. Seems to be his thing, which is really sweet.
  7. Bear

    Extraction - Extraction is the new, big Netflix movie starring none other than Thor himself - Chris Hemsworth, as well as Randeep Hooda, Golshifteh Farahani and David Harbour among others. The movie is 95% action and 5% plot and character development. So you gotta love action to be able to enjoy this. Chris Hemsworth plays a troubled mercenary, and to my big, big surprise he actually nails that role. Probably best I've seen him tbh. Just a really fine performance by him, and Randeep Hooda is also excellent. Loads of great action where actors are allowed to perform, which is always a plus. Also, that "long take" is gorgeous. Yes, I know it has several, several cuts, but it's really well made and pierced together. So far this movie has divided people quite a lot, with even huge action fans both praising and slaughtering the movie. I'm among those who ended up praising it. The 2 hours went incredibly fast. Superb!
  8. Bear

    Drive - Steve Wang directed movie starring Mark Dacascos, Kadeem Hardison, John Pyper-Ferguson and Brittany Murphy. First off, despite only Mark Dacascos having a semi-big name, the cast here is phenomenal, mostly due to the all-around chemistry between the lot of them and the fact that the characters are likable and fun. Mark Dacascos is Mark Dacascos, and he's always awesome. Kadeem Hardison adds som fun to the buddies. John Pyper-Ferguson is the corny-as-hell villain, who also adds some fun comedy. And Brittany Murphy is just hilarious. Shame her role isn't much bigger. The fight scenes are surprisingly well done, and the overall tone is nice. It's a buddy cop movie, without a cop. Basically Rush Hour before Rush Hour was a thing IMO. Steve Wang, the director, is the same who directed Guyver and Guyver: Dark Hero. Anyway, this film was just awesome!
  9. Bear

    Taken 3 - Taken is a modern classic and the second is alright, albeit really weak compared to the first one. Taken 3 is one big, fat mess, with some of the worst direction I've ever seen. Every action scene, be it hand to hand combat, "gunplay", chase scenes at foot or in a car. It's all cut to a billion small pieces where it's absolutely impossible to see what happens. It's absolutely awful. The story itself isn't worse than your run of the mill action-thriller, and both Liam Neeson and Forest Whitaker delivers. But the movie is cut to death. Jesus christ.
  10. Hellripper - The Affair of the Poisons This black speed metal bands just keeps getting better with each release, so this new album can't come fast enough. Should be awesome!
  11. First impression is that a some of the metal parts are much "weirder" and complex than previous records, but their signature mix of psychedelic rock and black metal is still very much present and it doesn't sound like anyone other than HSN. The synth sounds amazing, and that middle part with the synth intro and then lead guitar is outstanding. Great track!
  12. Bear

    Die Farbe - This is a German adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft's The Color From Out of Space, and it's a damn fucking good one. I've been looking for this film since around 2013 or so, but I have been unable to find it. However, browsing through tubitv I just happened to come across it and just had to watch it. Like I said, this is an adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft's The Color From Out of Space. It's black and white, for most part, and for most part it looks gorgeous as well. There's a couple of scene towards the end that should've been better, but we're talking small flaws that really doesn't cause any damage to the film as a whole. Fantastic atmosphere, beautiful cinematography and superbly acted. Very different from Richard Stanley's The Color From Out of Space btw, so it won't hurt anyone seeing both. Two very different type of movies. Both amazing tho. Luz - Luz is a horror movie made as a thesis project by Tilman Singer who wrote, directed, edited and produced the movie. This is the type of movie that'll bore most people to death, but those who get it will be put into something similar to a trance. Clocking in at 70 minutes it's a pretty short film and it is more about atmosphere than plot. The overall visual style of the movie is gorgeous and it's hard to not think of European directors like Dario Argento, Mario Bava etc., but even more impressive is the sound design. The sound design is absolutely NUTS throughout. A real fucking pleasure to the ears. But it's made as a homage to european horror cinema of the 80's, and I think it manages that really well. It felt like I was watching an 80's horror movie. Gorgeous stuff!
  13. Bear

    Oh dear god. Dolly Parton's original "Jolene" is absolutely magnificent, but this is just out of this world. Holy fuck!
  14. Bear

    Unknown Soldier - 3 hour long finnish war-drama. It's based on a book about WWII, and has already been filmatized two times. Not sure I've seen either of those, but I might have. Anyway, Unknown Soldier is a movie that is uneven. At it's best it's intense, brutal, dramatic and awesome, but despite its three hour long playtime it doesn't flesh out its characters nearly enough, and when the movie ends the only character you only feel like you know is Rokka, who feels a bit too much like a comic book character. But this is the type of movie a country like Norway would not even dream of producing in the 2000's, and if they did it wouldn't be 1/10th as good. So well done to Finland, yet again.
  15. Bear

    Uzumaki - Slow burning and weird Japanese horror based on Uzumaki by Junji Ito. It's weird as fuck, slow, and full of gorgeous details that'll keep you on the edge of your seat, despite not being scary, suspenseful or anything like that. It's just super atmospheric, weird and unique. Twisted, without being super violent or gross? Anyway, great movie with a really nice Lovecraftian atmosphere. Karuto / Cult - One of Kôji Shiraishi's (Noroi: The Curse) many low-budget horror movies, and this too is a found footage type of horror, like many of his movies. It's interesting, contains some really cool ideas, and I like the CGI. It's obviously low-budget, but it's used in a way that makes sense. It's weird and fake, but it feels like it has a place here. This too has a Lovecraftian feeling to it, but around halfway in or so we're introduced to a character that feels super corny and out of place. His looks, the way he's played/acted, the way he's written. It feels really off, and he just doesn't fit the mood at all. As soon as he steps in it feels more like a parody, and it's a shame, because everything else is pretty damn good. Ginger Snaps - Re-watched this. Superbly written and directed, fairly well acted as well. It's a really damn impressive film that's fun and all, but that isn't quite as good as people say. I thought it was way better 15 years ago. Now the flaws (such as the acting) comes through a bit too well. But it's good, and I really do understand why it's so highly rated, especially among proper feminists (aka the ones that fight for equality between the genres, and not just calm themseves feminists so that they can degrade all men "without feeling bad" aka sub-fuckin-humans). Just didn't work quite as well for me personally.
  16. Bear

    Black Dynamite - The series sequel to the modern classic that is Black Dynamite, starring martial artist and action actor Michael Jai White. This follows the movie very close in tone and subjects, with the main cast replacing their roles from the movie. This is fucking incredible! They make fun of black people and black culture, white people and white culture, asian people and asian culture etc. etc. etc. There's not limit . They fuck with everything and everyone, and it's a god damned pleasure. Both seasons are absolutely genius through. Hilarious as fuck! Narcos: Mexico, season 2 - Finally finished this. Took me a long time tbh. Not because it was bad, but because it wasn't nearly as good as the first season, and it felt a bit more complex, and much deeper rooted in drama than crime. It just lacked something. And it sucks that Pablo Acosta, the best, most interesting, funniest and most likable character in the season didn't get more screentime than he did. Fantastic character which was insanely well acted by Gerardo Taracena. That an Oscar worthy performance. Insanely good, guys! So season 1: 9/10 Season 2: 6,5/10
  17. Bear

    Slave to the Grind - Been wanting to see this for quite some time and when it just popped up on youtube I could not resist. The timing was good as well, as I've been listening to a shitload of grindcore lately. This goes through the history of grindcore and jumps from country to country, while also talking a bit about goregrind and stuff. It's pretty damn good, but an hour and a half long documentaries about genres of music, movies or whatever will always feel a bit short as you can only squeeze so much into 90 minutes. But it's good, loads of good anecdotes and shit. Fun stuff. I thought they maybe spent a bit too much time on grindcore's own version of G.G. Allin, Seth Putnam of Anal Cunt. But it's fun hearing the different views on him. From people having him and the band stay with their family while on tour, and only having good things to say about him, to people who celebrated his death, which such a low and disgusting thing to do no matter what you feel about him. Anyway, highly recommended. Midnight Family - Documentary about a family that runs a private ambulance, and their struggle to cope with things as they're not the only thing. So they have to race other private ambulances to get to pasients, to earn a bit of money. And then there's the cops as well. It's a pretty dark docu, but it's super interesting and intense. Liked it a lot. Afro Samurai: Resurrection - I loved the series when it came, but never got around to watch this shit. But I finally did it and it did not disappoint. It's basically one long action scene, but that is something I really don't mind. It's dark, kinda twisted and fun. Top notch soundtrack by the one and only RZA with friends as well. Code 8 - A different type of superhero movie. Really cool concept and it's well-made and all, but it felt just a bit short. Could probably have been 30 minutes longer. But it was cool, looked great, felt great etc. Good stuff. Flying Guillotine 2 - The first of two sequels to 1975's The Flying Guillotine. It's very much a rehash of the first one, but with a few updated elements. Not quite as good, but still damn fucking awesome. Some proper good fights throughout like, and some incredibly likable characters and traits. Super!
  18. Bear

    Watched Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: The End of the End which is an animated movie meant to end the whole saga of Todd and the Book of Pure evil as the show was cancelled after just two seasons. SO they took a lot of the ideas for season 3 and 4 and made it into a movie, and because of that this feels a lot like a four episode long feature...which is what it is. Thought this was really good, really funny and really absurd. Incredibly likable stuff. Thumbs up for a fine ending.
  19. Bear

    Kagrra - San X Japan - Vanishing Vision Rosenfeld - Pigs of the Empire Merry - Modern Garde Gazette - Disorder I guess it would look something like that. On another day I might include either of these albums, depending on how I feel: Heidi - Innocence Rentrer en Soi - The Bottom of Chaos Girugamesh - Girugamesh Mucc - Zeku Would've liked to include Dir en grey's "Uroboros" too, but we can't consider this a VK album can we? Wasn't it released years after they abandoned their VK roots?
  20. And if you're like me and don't mind clones I highly recommend these two bands as well: Neither as good as Black Magick SS, but both surely does a good job channeling the same atmosphere and feeling. Highly recommend both bands.
  21. The black psychedelic rocket in Black Magick SS is back, cleaner, more polished and softer than ever before, but still with incredibly catchy and awesome. This time around they sound a bit more early 80's than 60's, but that makes it fresh. This is still 100% Black Magick SS, and it's totally awesome. Top 10 contender for 2020 for sure.
  22. Bear

    82 is a respectable age, but having suffered from lung cancer shit must've been bad. A legend and a proper innovator. The shit he did with House, as his first film at the age of 34 or something, is insane and absolutely groundbreaking at the time. Not only as a director, but as special effects guy. Still some of the best and coolest special effects ever created. We Summon the Darkness - This movie follows in the steps of The Babysitter, Summer of 84 etc. in that it's a very 80's movie, although it never feels quite as authentic as the mentioned movies. But We Summon the Darkness is a nice homage to the 80's and the subject of satanic panic. It's predictable and all, but it's really fucking entertaining throughout. Also, it features a Mercyful Fate song, which in itself is beyond awesome. I also feel like it paint a really nice picture of pastors who takes a bit money here and there for themselves. Don't think that's unusual for pastors of christian belief. The amount of pastors walking around in $10k outfits nowadays is rather shocking. Preaching lies in $10k outfits? Ridiculous. Camp Cold Brook - Decent ghost story movie that is fun, but lacks something to make it stand out. Decent fun, but that's it. Sea Fever - Very cool horror/sci-fi movie that disappoints a bit, while still impressing a lot. It's fun, tense and suspenseful, but I wish it went a bit more over the top on the horror side of all. But it's fun.
  23. Bear

    That is shocking, mate. Easily one of the best series ever made, and it really does capture the feeling of the original movies (especially Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness). First season is fun, but feels a bit off. But it's basically just there to put the characters in place and to bring good old Ash back. From season two onward it's just horror-comedy perfection. And the special effects gets way, way better as the series progress as they use more and more practical effects from season 2. Season 1 - 8/10 Season 2 - 10/10 Season 3 - 10/10 This series is must watch for fans of Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell and horror-comedies. Todd and the Book of Pure Evil - This is basically Deathgasm meets Ash vs Evil Dead meets Superbad meets Cheech and Chong meets Buffy. That's a fair comparison IMO. This is easily one of the funniest TV-shows I've ever seen. Absurd and over the top, crude, kinda childish, loads and loads of creativity and plenty awesome special effects. It's just really fucking awesome, and exactly what a "mainstream" horror-comedy should look like. Amazing! Shame about the cancellation, and although it did get a finish with an animated movie it still sucks. I'm gonna watch the animated movie of course, but I'd rather have a live-action movie tbh. Lovely characters and actors.
  24. Bear

    Finished Stan Against Evil season 3 and thought it was pretty damn good. It's a different season than the two first, and gone are most of the Ash vs Evil Dead elements. Instead of goes into the land of parody and homage, and I'd say that X-Files and Kaiju (Mothra, King Kong etc) are the most obvious ones. But it's a shame that it got cancelled after this, because this is where it really found its own thing. But overall a really good series. Started on Todd and the Book of Pure Evil and loving it so far. Absolutely hilarious, and with some pretty cool special effects and shit. Looks like this might be something for fans of Deathgasm. Loads of similarities in both the tone of horror and comedy. Something for you @Jigsaw9 ?? I am laughing my ass off at this shit. Awesome!
  25. Bear

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters - I don't get it. Michael fucking Dougherty is making a Godzilla movie with Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan and motherfucking King Ghidorah, and it's fucking boring? How the fuck is that possible? One could say it's because they spend the entire movie focusing on the humans and their actions, but that kinda isn't it because Godzilla movies has done that since forever. However, they use something like 110 out of 130 minutes focusing on humans, which can be fine, but the human characters are so poorly written, the story around them is so fucking uninteresting, and the villain is like a poorly written, over the top character that's spoofing the worst James Bond villains out there. And top that with tons and tons and tons of boring, soulless CGI. Oh yeah, and don't forget poor monster designs. Final thought: I didn't enjoy a single thing in this movie. While there's technically worse Godzilla movies out there, they at least have something to laugh at. This was just incredibly boring and soulless. BTW. Why is it that most of the monster fights are cut to death? What's the fucking point? Not only are they poorly constructed to begin with, but they're cut to death as well. Sums up this film. A piece of embarrassingly bad kaiju cinema. Hard to Kill - Classic Steven Seagal action that's really stood the test of time. Not his best, but it's cool as hell. A bit over the top, a bit silly, and really damn cool. Marked for Death - Another classic Steven Seagal movie. Hard as balls, and I really love the over the top Jamaican bad guys. They're really nice. The movie is awesome. Out for Justice - Another Steven Seagal classic, and his third best movie following Above the Law and Under Siege. Really nice and violent, really cool and in its own way stylish. Damn awesome film! William Forsythe does a proper good performance as our main villain Richie Madano. Top performance!
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