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  1. Bear

    GLOW season 2 was even better than the already amazing first season. Feelgood comedy-drama that balances perfectly between comedy and drama. Fantastic! Strange Aeons - Short mini-series clocking in at only 30 minutes combined. Four short episodes. Lovecraft adaption that's pretty alright. Not amazingly good, but it's alright for what it is. Some nice atmosphere, but they haven't managed to fully create an atmospheric piece.
  2. Bear

    While mot VK og Japanese at all, there's already bands named both Yersinia Pestid and E.Coli. Heh. Really like Yersinia Pestis as a name. Awesome bandname!
  3. Bear

    Can't get enough of Lovecraft at the moment, so I am just watching whatever I can find. Masters of Horror season 1, Dreams in the Witch-House - Not Stuart Gordon's best Lovecraft adaption, but a very cool adaption nonetheless. Great and freaky atmosphere and some really nice Dario Argento-esque visuals. Very cool. Click - Eh. Didn't get any Lovecraftian feeling fromt his at all, and I don't think it was very good either. The kids does a good job, tho. Glad it lasted for only 15 minutes. Haselwurm - Another 15 minute long short, and again I'm not feeling it. Got one absolutely BRILLIANT scene, but other than that it didn't give me much. Not bad tho. The Shadow Out of Time - Pretty cool film, but it suffers from an incredibly low budget. And that's easy to see. The green-screen work isn't too good, and seeing our main guy in front of different pictures doesn't work too well. But it's still got a cool and very Lovecraftian atmosphere. Brico Killer - Another short by Adrián Cardona, one of the guys behind Brutal Relax. Not nearly as good, but still a fun way to spend 20 minutes. Violent and brutal. Fun.
  4. Bear

    Brutal Relax - Another short movie by the people behind the great short film Fist of Jesus. Like Fist of Jesus this is only 15 minutes long, but it does manage a lot in those 15 minutes. It's 15 minutes of laugh out loud moments, silliness and brutal trash. It's not deep or complex, it's super simple and straight-forward action-horror-comedy. And I did laugh out loud, with the absolute best part a part you'd never see in a big Hollywood production. That was a perfect moment! If you like Army of Darkness, Bad Taste, Brain Dead and similar films, then this is highly recommended. Gonna watch a few of their other shorts when I get home. They've truly got a big potential. The Earth Rejects Him - Dark and twisted 20 minutes Lovecraftian tale that's actually pretty good, but I wasn't too fond of the super digital look of this one. It just didn't look gritty enough. But I did like it and the concept is really cool. The Window Into Time - Another 15 minutes Lovecraftian tale of twisted darkness and weirdness. Again, not too fond of the super digital look, but the story and execution is really good and cool. Totally recommended!
  5. Bear

    Shadow Bound - I was browsing through lists of Lovecraft adaption and Lovecraftian works yesterday, and one of the things I stumbled onto was this 5x20 min series that is, as far as I know not an actual adaption of Lovecraft, but heavily inspired by and drawing a lot upon his mythos with our main guy having the Pickman name and clear and direct references to The Great Old Ones. Shadow Bound are very similar to the brilliant movies made by H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society like The Call of Cthulhu and The Whisperer in Darkness that it tries to capture a feeling of a era long "forgotten". This is a black and white silent series made in the vein of horror and dark crime/mystery movies of the 20's, and it's no less than exceptional. It's dark, suspenseful and the tension is so great you can't help to get drawn into the twisted atmosphere and mysteries presented. The cinematography is excellent, the score is haunting and beautiful and it's superbly acted with the actors, most of which probably isn't super talented, pulling off some great stuff with both facial expressions and body language. One of the more Lovecraftian films and series I've watched so far, and I've seen quite a lot by now. It's also one of the best series I've ever seen. Top 3 for sure. Highly recommended if you're into H.P. Lovecraft, Lovecraft adaptions for the screen or 20's horror movies.
  6. It's been no less than 14 years since their last album, but judging from this track this upcoming album should be good. Celtic Frost and Hellhammer inspired black/thrash. Cool and groovy.
  7. I just got home after seeing none other than Omar Souleyman live. Who is Omar Souleyman, you wonder? Omar Souleyman is a Syrian musician that started out as a part-time wedding singer, turned into cult hero in the underground club/house scene. Middle-eastern dabke mixed with acid house. What an absolutely mind-blowing performance. The man owns the stage like he's Steven motherfucking Seagal. Walsk about an forth, clapping, smiles, and then sings, and repeat. But they way he he moves, sings and act just put the entire audience into a trance. Everyone's into the music. Impressive! Not only did Omar own the stage and scene, he owned the audience and already in the first song you could see plenty people dancing dabke. Arabic-speaking audience, as well as Norwegians of all gender. Everyone was welcome. Just brilliant by the middle-eastern part of the audience. Hands down the best, nicest and coolest crowd I've ever seen at a gig.
  8. Cool! If you're interested in exploitation movies I'd also recommend checking out a lot of her filmes. Starred in some of my all time favourite movies and movie-franchises. Female perfection!
  9. One of my all-time favorite actresses and she just happens to be one of ny favorite singers ad well. She's just amazing.
  10. Bear

    Dynamite Brothers - Universally hated film, but I really digged this. A combination of 70's kung fu and blaxploitation, teaming up Hong Kong star Alan Tang with Timothy Brown. This isn't a good film in any way possible, but it got attitude, awful and surprisingly stiff acting and lots of charm. I liked it. Lukas - I've always been a huge fan of Jean-Claude van Damme, and while not known as a good actor, he has in later years appeared in a couple of films where he truly shines as an actor. 2008's masterpiece JCVD was the first film to truly show what the man is capable of, and the recent dark and gloomy noir-inspired crime-drama Lukas (also known as The Bouncer) is another one where he gives a deep, emotional and impressive performance. The highlight of the film is van Damme, who's absolutely brilliant here. But the story is good and the movie reeks of lonliness, darkness and gloom. The film also contains some of 2018's most impressive scene. One being an action scene, and another a five minute long stealth scene which is done in one take. Stunning stuff! Highly recommended! Crows Zero - I've always liked Takashi Miike a lot, but this used to be one of the films I didn't really enjoy too much. I did enjoy it a lot more this time around, but it's still a really flawed film. The first thing is all these boyband-looking motherfuckers who try to act tough. I don't really buy it. These prettyboys does a decent job and all with their acting, but I don't buy their tough guy attitude. Another problem is that there's no good or bad guy. There's no one to like more than the other. So after two hours, when things comes to an end, you don't really give a fuck about who wins and stuff. It's a problem for me. But I did enjoy it nonetheless. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - The second film in Universal's long-running film series about Sherlock Holmes. The first two films (this is the second) was 20th Century Fox productions, but after this Universal bought the rights to the books and produced twelve more movies in the series. This isn't quite as good as the brilliant, more horror-themed The Hound of the Baskervilles, but it's a fantastic adaption nonetheless and Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Watson are just as good and impressive as in the first film. Lots of atmosphere and a very interesting plot. Awesome movie! Commando Ninja - A big, fat homage to 80's action movies with clear nods towards movies like Commando, The Terminator, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Predator, American Ninja and more. The film can easily be compared to movies like Manborg, Turbo Kid and Kung Fury, but this is a lot better than Kung Fury, which I loved btw. Not quite as good as Manborg and Turbo Kid tho. And the reason is that the majority of special effects are practical, so are the sets. No cheap-looking CGI to take you out of the mood. This was as cool as it was hilarious, and it was really fucking hilarious. Hoping for a sequel! Top notch soundtrack too, with a lot of it being composed by Thomas Cappeau. But it also features tracks from Cobra Copter, Flash Arnold, Ogre and Volt Age. Deserves a proper vinyl release.
  11. Bear

    The Day of the Triffids - Classic 60's sci-fi horror which contains much of the same atmosphere and suspense as other 50's and 60's sci-fi horror movies like The Last Man on Earth, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, War of the Worlds, Invaders from Mars and so on. I've never read the book it is adapted from, but apparently it's not a very faithful adaption. But that's fine, because this is an awesome movie filled with a superb cast, cool story, great monsters and special effects and a great atmosphere with lots of tension and suspense. Superb film!
  12. After a demo, single, EP and a recent compilation black metal punks Devil Master are finally getting their debut album out. Features t least member of the super overlooked black metal punk band Cape of Bats, and musically this is somewhat similar. The new track is awesome, so I am really looking forward to this.
  13. This is some good shit. Nasty death metal. Heavy speed metal punk. Think Midnight, Motorhead and Venom. Good release. This is a cool split release. A mix of different types of punky metal. Nightrider plays speed metal/punk band, Hellripper, Wastëland Riders and Dulvel plays black/speed metal. Motorcharged Venom worship.
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    I see. Then they probably did the right thing.
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