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  1. What a song and what a video. The song, the sexy-af-saxophone by none other than sax-god himself, Tim Cappello, the video. 6/6/6/ That ending has to be among the best parts I've ever seen in a music video. Been watching this on repeat all morning.
  2. Do you think I'd mention a visual kei band in a thread about non-visual kei bands? Evil is a black/thrash band. Released one of the best albums in 2017. Gnome is a mid 90's black metal who only released a couple of demos and a split. Under the Black Moon features some of the best black metal ever written tbh. One man band with Masanori "Wood"of Hurusoma. Ghost was a psychedelic/acid/folk/experimental rock band which release a shitload of albums in the 90's and up until mid 2000's.
  3. Bear

    Tokyo Gore Police - In 2008 special effects wizard Yoshihiro Nishimura went on to make the weirdest, goriest, craziest, most fucked up, insane and over the top splatter film ever made, and he came pretty close, unless he actually did it. TGP are filled to the extreme with blood, weird shit and even weirder shit, and just when you think it's reached the top of craziness, it gets even more crazy. I ain't gonna lie, this is easily the best film out of all the new wave of Japanese splatter films, and that is by a long shot. I'm a huge fan of this "wave" of films, and I like close to all of them, but this is just head and shoulders above the rest. It's shot and finished in just two weeks, and sure this isn't a smart film made to make you think and understand the world, universe and whatnot. But two weeks, with all the shit going on, is pretty impressive. Absolute brilliance from a man who's nothing short of a wizard. Gothic & Lolita Psycho - Another new wave of Japanese splatter film, but not nearly as good as TGP or the second or third best films of the kind. It's over the top and nutty, and the martial arts scenes are actually really well made. But it's not crazy enough and it simply lacks blood and gore. More blood and gore would've been a huge improvement. But it's fun. Very fun! And over to a few new films I've been looking forward to: Dead Shack - I saw the poster of this film ages ago and I was immediately draw towards it and since then I have looked for it several times weekly. Anyway, this film takes a familiar concept and makes something unique and original from it. It's not deep and well-scripted, but it's insanely fun and filled with blood, gore, cheap dick jokes and what not. And it works! An absolute masterpiece within the realm of horror-comedies. Constantly funny, but never over the top or "light". It remains dark and atmospheric throughout. Highly fucking recommend! I need the poster on my wall. Terrifier - Released in 2017 and most likely made to cash in on the success of the new It. But guess what, this is just light years ahead of It. In Terrifier we meet Art the Clown, the sickest, scariest and most fucked up clown I've ever seen. It's dark and violent throughout, and it's incredibly atmospheric. It doesn't have any deep ad important themes like It does, but it's a billion times more fun. Terrifier > It Art the Clown > Pennywise Tragedy Girls - Another film I've been looking forward to for ages, simply because the poster caught my interest. And the film does live up to its poster. I'll actually go as far as to call this a rather intelligent and relevant take on the slasher genre. Flawed? Sure, but it's rather original for a slasher in 2018 and it really does the job. I really liked it! Mom and Dad - Mom and Dad, a new film starring Nicolas Cage. Nicolas Cage is the God over over-acting, often so much that it becomes hilarious. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of his despite all the shit he's been in. But he has some charisma surrounding him that makes me like him. But in Mom and Dad, which he said was his favourite from the last 10 years of his career, his incredible overacting actually helps him. It works really well. He's over the top, but he manages to keep it just on line because it could easily have been a bit too much. But yeah, fun film. Crazy shit. I liked it.
  4. Bear

    This is amazing. More of this pls.
  5. Yeah, it really is. 5000 is amazing and the chorus is just out of this world. Dear god!
  6. Some deathrock stuff I (re-)discovered today: Fearing https://fearing.bandcamp.com/album/black-sand Horror Vacui https://horrorvacuilegion.bandcamp.com/album/return-of-the-empire Fearing is of the darker and more sinister type, while Horror Vacui is the catchier type. I'm really impressed by both these.
  7. Did you see my PM @Jigsaw9

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      Nope, haven't received anything...?

  8. Bear

    Italian Spiderman - Best superhero film ever. Simple as that! Until Death - 2007 remake of a mid-90's Hong Kong film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. It's not your regular Van Damme film. Dark crime-thriller with a really impressive Van Damme in the lead as a broken cop. Van Damme acts really well. Not a masterpiece, but it's was good. Neon City - I expected a playful film with neon lights and shit, but it was a mediocre Mad Max clone. Meh. Disappointed! Cherry 2000 - This is basically what I thought Neon City would be like. It's all over the fucking place, but so nice throughout. Well-written, directed and acted. Thought this was superb!
  9. Bear

    Another WolfCop - The first Wolfcop film was fun, and this is a slight step up. Silly, weird and over the top homage to the great 80's midnight cinema. Trashy and fun with bad jokes, lots of blood, some nudity and weird shit. Thumbs up for a badass poster too. Snow White: A Tale of Terror - Proper fairy-tale horror. A dark and twisted Snow White which comes a bit closer to the original story, than the Disney film does. This come very close to being a proper masterpiece tbh. Made for TV with Sigourney Weaver and Sam Neill. Similar in tone to Tale of Tales, The Company of Wolves and Panna a netvor. Fantastic!
  10. Also: This documentary is supposed to be really damn good too. Really looking forward to it.
  11. No reactions on Immortal's new album? Dear god, it's so fucking awesome. The reviews of the albums are incredibly positive too, for those that give a damn about that shit. Lots of 6/6 and 9/10's, and it's very deserved. Massive!
  12. Bear

    I personally consider The Last of Us the most overrated game in the history of video games. Good story that should've been made into a film, because it would've worked really well. The gameplay is embarrassingly boring.
  13. I'm sure this band/album will get something like 0 new fans, but I'll throw in a recommendation nonetheless. Warfare formed in 1982 and played a filthy mix of speed metal, punk and heavy metal. They started with three albums that's gained cult status over the year. Pure Filth, Metal Anarchy and Mayhem, Fuckin' Mayhem, three filthy speed/heavy/punk metal albums whose titles really sums up the sound of the band. Three superb albums with Metal Anarchy and Mayhem, Fuckin' Mayhem being close to proper classics as far as I am concerned. However, after one more speed metal album they released Hammer Horror, their own homage to Hammer Horror, their many brilliant actors and fantastic films. They also changed their style up a bit. From filthy speed/heavy/punk metal to gothic heavy metal. A really unique album which stands out from the crowd. Atmospheric, catchy and with a very dark and sinister atmosphere. I really like it. Not quite as good as their three first, but amazing nonetheless.
  14. Sigh Sabbat Abigail Evil Gnome Framtid Envy Boris Acid Mothers Temple Flower Travellin' Band Ghost S.O.B. That's 12. Can think of 10-15 punk bands I'd love to have on this list, as well as psychedelic rock bands from the 60's to the early 90's. Most of them are fairly obscure outside of Japan too, even among psychedelic rock fans which is a shame because Japan really nailed this type of the music back in the days.