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  1. It's not been a brilliant year for thrash metal, but there's been some good releases if you ask me. Not all these are pure thrash, but I'd recommend checking 'em out anyway: Obscure Evil - Void Fumes Black/thrash metal in the vein of the 80's. Heavily inspired by the likes of Bathory, Venom, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer Bulldozer, Sarcofago and so on. Vulture - The Guillotine A speed/thrash metal assault out of the ordinary. Think old Razor, Exciter, Whiplash, Ranger and more. Superb stuff! Couldn't find a track from the new album, but the demo is amazing too. Craven Idol - The Shackles of Mammon Semi-epic black thrash with a lot of Deströyer 666, Scythian and Desaster influences. Very good stuff! Droid - Terrestrial Mutations Progressive speed/thrash heavily influenced by Voivod, Coroner, Vektor,Megadeth and stuff. Imagine if Megadeth anno 1985 were inspired by Voivod and Coroner instead of Metallica. Vampire - With Primeval Force The new Vampire album is a semi-epic death/thrash album with a heavy Castlevanian atmosphere. Castlevanian death/thrash! Inspired by the Castlevania games and soundtracks, as well as 60's gothic horror films, because this is death/thrash with a heavy gothic atmosphere. Condor - Unstoppable Power More black/thrash, but this time from a young bunch of norwegians. Think Deathhammer and Aura Noir. Insane - Evil A pure 80's inspired thrash metal assault, but with their own twist. They got something of their own going on. Destructor - Decibel Casualties It's been 32 years since their debut album, but these crazy power thrashing maniacs still know how to riff and write music. Antichrist - Sinful Birth I was never too impressed by their debut album, but this assault of an album is amazing. Just think the 80's. Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, Exodus and you'll get the basic idea. Good shit! Municipal Waste - Slime and Punishment Far from their best, but this is probably their best album since Hazardous Mutation. Fairly typical party crossover/thrash, but it works. Funeral Nation - Funeral Nation I did not have high expectations for this death thrashing release, but this sounds awesome and old school. Think Master, Funeral Bitch, , Abomination, Death Strike, Possessed and son on. This caught me by surprise! And an album I've only heard some songs off, but which sounds great: Evil - Rites of Evil I haven't heard this entire album, but their demos and splits, as well as the three songs released from this album is great. Think Sabbat, Bathory, Sarcofago, Vulcano, Bulldozer, Tormentor, Kreator, Sodom, Destruction and so on. 80's black/thrash all the way.
  2. These crazy japanese guys are finally releasing their debut album. Motorhead +Inepsy + GISM + Sabbat + Syphilitic Vaginas + Black Uniforms kinda gives away how they sound.
  3. Skam has some of the worst acting I've ever seen. The acting is more or less on par with the worst acting I've seen in shitty soap operas. The dialogue is also so unatural and fake that it gives me cancer, AIDS and everything bad in form of diseases. I wonder what type of person who actually manages to write this shit.
  4. Why Don't You Play in Hell? has some of the worst special effects I've ever seen. The overall film is over the top and violent as fuck, but the special effects are like something from a SyFy flick. It's lazy as fuck and an absolute disgrace. I can tolerate that kind of special effects if your film is called Sharknado or some shit like that, because these are godawful in every way and the CGI fits right in. But Why Don't You Play in Hell? is actually a well-directed film full of quality in all departments throughout the entire film, with the exception of the special effects. And therefore it makes no sense to me whatsoever why he'd do that. It just seems lazy as fuck IMO. It was a huge dealbreaker for me.
  5. And The Keepers, it's about a lot more than just a murder though. But if Making a Murderer is your thing, this should be too.
  6. You could also try films like Children of Hiroshima, Hiroshima (1995) and The Human Condition trilogy, even though it might not be exactly what you're looking for. Children of Hiroshima is a so-called docufiction film, being something like half-and-half fiction and documentary. Hiroshima (1995) is a film about the decision-making processes that led to the dropping of the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Human Condition trilogy is based on a autobiographical novel by Junpei Gomikawa. Again, maybe not exactly what you're looking for, especially The Human Condition trilogy, but it's well worth your time.
  7. Men Behind the Sun Hong Kong film about the Unit 731 during World War II. It's flawed, but it's brutal as fuck. Exploitation horror. The 47 Ronin Based on the story about the 47 ronin who avenged the death of their master. But there's a billion jidaigeki films based on true events
  8. You could try Hotel Beau Séjour, which is available on Netflix. Not a masterpiece, but it's a nice noir-series. I liked it.
  9. XX - A brand new anthology horror film featuring 4 short films directed by four female directors, as well as the main frame. Which was pointless IMO: Main frame (Sofia Carrillo) A stop-motion film that's beautifully animated, but that's it. Thought it was awful. The Box (Jovanka Vuckovic) Wile not perfect, this was a nice one. It's more drama/mystery oriented tho, and not much of a horror film. 6/10 The Birthday Party (Annie Clark aka St. Vincent) This looks excellent and it's hard to believe that St. Vincent is new to the game of directing. Visually stunning and beautifully shot, but the story doesn't quite do it for me. 5/10 Don't Fall (Roxanne Benjamin) Roxanne Benjamin has already directed a short film for the anthology Southbound, and this time she really let us know she's one to look out for. Don't Fall are easily the best short of XX. It's a familiar story and all that, but it's lots of fun and it's horror as fuck. 8/10 Her Only Living Son (Karyn Kusama) Karyn Kuasa might be best known for directing the abysmal Æon Flux, but ten years later she actually directed the masterpiece that is The Invitation. And while this is no new The Invitation, this one's very good and interesting. 7/10 This is another example of how shitty the IMDB rating system is. 4 point fuckin' 6. Ridiculous!
  10. The Trust - Once upon a time, when I was no more than a kid/teenager, Nicolas Cage was a huge favourite of mine. He was never the greatest actor, but he had a certain form of charm and charisma that I really liked. The Rock, Con Air, Face/Off and Bringing Out the Dead were all a huge part of my childhood/teenage. But as time went on he got involved in more and more shit, and his reputation has been poor since forever now. But despite this he does manage to get into a good film every now and then. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Joe, Kick-Ass, Lord of War, National Treasure, National Treasure: Book of Secrets and of course Werewolf Women of the SS and, in my humble opinion, examples of this. The Trust is another one, co-starring the underrated Elijah Wood. It's a dark and gritty crime-thriller that offers nothing new to the table, but it's fun for what it is and another example of a good Nicolas Cage film in the 00's. I thought it was surprisingly clever tbh. Far from a masterpiece, but another film to show that Nicolas Cage still has some of that charisma left inside of him, even tho he rarely let us see it. Sky Ferreira is too hot btw. Yumm!
  11. Finished two new seasons: Fargo, season 3. Might be my favourite of the three so far. Just totally fucking fantastic from begining to end, and as with the previous two seasons, what a great cast and what a brilliant character gallery. I also love the way they connected this to earlier seasons. Better Call Saul, season 3. Again, another great season. Them characters are everything in this series, and this time around the roster was even better. That ending!
  12. Road Games - This was not at all what I was expecting, but it was a nice surprise to say the least. It starts really slow and atmospheric and while you can sense something is going on, the pace is slow and it just takes ages before things starts happening. The first half of the film plays out like a very dramatic thriller, filled with a Hitchcockian turn of suspense and an incredible amount of tension. But as it goes on, it turns more into a horror film, but it never gives anything away. It's well-written, directed and acted, but there's especially two elements that takes this above your entertaining horror/thriller: it is visually striking. The fields, the forests and the roads set for an amazing setting, and the atmosphere it creates is amazing. It looks and feels very rural, and that is something that I have come to love over the years. The second thing is the soundtrack by Daniel Elms which is really atmospheric and nice. The end credits are among the best I've seen. There's not much going on, but as the credits roll we see pictures of the rural countryside, with Carpenter fuckin' Brut's Hang 'em High playing. That is as simple as it gets, but it's absolutely magnificent. Holy shit, talk about a clever move! So simple, yet so effective.
  13. Headshot - The indonesian directors Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel, better known as the Mo Brothers, once again teams up for a film, and once again they deliver the shit out of it. Headshot delivers a simple plot with simple, familiar characters,and in that sense two hours is way too long. The could easily have made this into a 80-90 minutes film. However, they don't give a fuck and dragges it out to a 120 minutes long bloodbath. This is ultra-fucking-violence from begining to end. There is no end to the brutality. It's a martial arts actioner starring Iko Uwais, and when a film stars Iko Uwais you know what to expect. While not as good as some of his previous films, this is probably the most violent I've ever seen him. In fact, it's one of the more violent films I've ever seen. Also, don't miss out on Very Tri Yulisman and Julie Estelle, also knows as Baseball Bat Man and Hammer Girl from The Raid 2. While obviously inspired by The Raid I & II, and probably also a film like Merantau, there's a strong 80's and 90's Hong Kong feeling laying over the film. Which is something I really enjoy. Anyway, if you'e into films like those, just watch it. You'll be entertained, unless you are a weak ass pussy.
  14. I thought Cuba was phenomenal as O.J. Simpson. Really fucking good. Loved the entire show, to my big surprise.