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  1. Bear

    Furious - Wild, weird and absurd martial arts fantasy with Simon Rhee and Phillip Rhee in the leads. Just, what the fuck all the way through. But I like "what the fuck" movies, so it was all good. Hah! Merantau - The second film of genius Gareth Evans (The Raid I & II, Apostle) and the first of modern action star Iko Uwais (The Raid I & II). Amazing martial arts movie with a great story and fantastic action, as expected from anything involving these two guys. It's not overly original, but it does what it sets out to do. This is such a great film! And one of the best movie debuts ever for an actor. Iko Uwais looked like a proper star already here. Maria - Decent, but ultimately very disappointing Filipino action movie. Main problem is that the action scenes are poorly put together with way too much cutting, which is a shame because they could've done so much better. It does have one action scene which is absolutely gorgeous tho, and it's such a simple one as well. But other than that scene the action was disappointing. See You Yesterday - I expected an uplifting sci-fi comedy, but what I got was a rather dark and serious sci-fi comedy about time travel, but it does ask some very serious questions about grief and how to handle the aftermath of losing someone, and the one big question: what if I did this, that, and that? Thought this was very good.
  2. Bear

    Watched season one of Easy this weekend. It's OK, but I ain't gonna continue with it. I like the mumblecore-feeling of it all, and it started out really well. But after a while it just lost all of its charm and comedy and turned into a sappy drama or something. Shame, but whatever.
  3. Bear

    Monster on the Campus - Late 50's sci-fi horror that's basically a Dr. Jekyll og Mr. Hyde-type of movie, made by none other than the legend that is Jack Arnold (It Came from Outer Space, The Incredible Shrinking Man), so it's made by a man who knows his stuff. Far from his best movie, but this wasn't bad at all. It focuses on the human side of things, instead of the monsterous side and that makes it feel kinda fresh. Nothing special, but fun. Nightbreed - Awfully underrated and overlooked Clive Barker fantasy-horror that's just fucking stunning from start to finish, with brilliant atmosphere, gorgeous special effects and a great, original story. The entire movie feels a bit like X-Men gone horror with strong The Lost Boys vibes all over the place. Brilliant stuff! Rondo - Not sure if I should post this here or in the other thread, but it balances perfectly between art horror and art thriller. It's a very dramatic pulp noir revenge movie which is slow as fuck, weird as fuck and just...fucking weird. Yeah, it's weird as fuck. It twists and turns from beginning to end, got a strong 60's and 70's exploitation vibe from it's oddball characters, weird and unique setting, corny but amazing dialogue and visual style. This is gonna become a cult movie for sure, and I hope a lot of people take their time to watch it. Ending spoiler:
  4. Bear

    Tinder aren't exactly used mainly for getting laid anymore, tho. That changed back when they fixed the algorithm, and it made it into a much more serious dating app as chances of getting matches became lower. Hence the reason why more and more people started using it as an app to get to know each other and actually look for something serious, rather than just to hook up. Yes, it sure does. And I am fine with that. Doesn't exactly mean anything anyway, nor does it affect me or my life in any negative way.
  5. Bear

    Yeah, I am mega hostile. Not because I accidentally hit on my sister tho. How the fuck do you accidentally hit on your sister anyway? Care to share your experiences on the subject? Yes, Gesu was just making an observation. And I just let her know how stupid that guy in her classes must be. If you match a relative on tinder you're a fucking freak. If you get embarrassed by seeing a relative on the app, then you're simply incredibly immature. What's the big deal here?
  6. Bear

    Fun album indeed. While I might not praise it as much as the media are doing atm (I see 10/10, 6/6 and 5/5 everywhere), I can actually understand it. Not quite on par with their earlier albums, but doesn't stand back to their previous three albums. Fun, enjoyable, catchy. I might have to go with Ausländer as the best track off the album. Sounds like a mix of Laibach and Rammstein gone EDM.
  7. Bear

    It sounds like Slipknot. Nothing new under the sun, but I can dig that. I really like the cover art too.
  8. Bear

    It really isn't embarrassing tbh. At least not for adults. What's your age, if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Bear

    And how is that a problem? Then just dislike her. What if he goes out to get laid or just find a girl to take to in a club or bar and suddenly sees her sister in the same club? Because that's basically the same shit, and unless you're a bit of a freak and perverts there should be no problems. You just don't hit on your sister. Problem solved. Same with tinder. You just dislike your sisters profile and continue looking for whatever you look for. The state of human beings in 2019, man.
  10. Bear

    How is that even possible, unless you actually want to fuck your own sister/brother? Like, you can see who the fuck you like and not. It's not even possible to match with someone you know unless you want to match with that person.
  11. I've really been getting into Mesarthim lately. Bubblegum atmospheric black metal/ambient/trance that's pretty soft, a bit similar to Lustre and Elderwind, but with a different type of atmosphere. This new EP however is a lot darker and harder than their previous releases. Not sure if I like it better, but it's a great release. Two tracks at 20 minutes each. There's a new Astral Silence out and it's very good. Dark and spacey shit. The album's got guest appearances from Zhaaral (Darkspace, Sun of the Blind) and Christoph Ziegler (Vinterriket, Battle Dagorath). Completely different style than Mesarthim. Less bubblegummy and a lot darker and more twisted.
  12. Bear

    Hm, this wasn't too easy tbh, but I'll stick to 10. Raison Detre Audrey Hotarubi Kodou Vinushka Macabre Rinkaku S Merciless Cult Toguro
  13. Bear

    I don't like the whope business behind ut, but I don't mind the music. It's no different from pop from other countries, language aside. I rarely find albums I listen to from A to Z tho. There's usually way too many fillers, just like on pop albums from other countries. Awful fan base, just like the jrock ajd visual kei fandom, jpop fandom and so on. No difference whatsoever.
  14. Bear

    Slime City - Another melt movie, this one a cult classic from 1988. Absolutely awesome movie, similar to Street Trash. Got that same cheap vibe, but also at the same time it shares the crazy weirdness and awesome special effects. Amazing movie! Highly recommended if you like stuff like Street Trash. I need to find the sequel. Not seen it yet. Released something like 25 years later. Society - Film debut of Brian Yuzna (Bride of Re-Animator, Return of the Living Dead III , Necronomicon) and probably his best movie, at least on par with Necronomicon which is an anthology shared with two other directors. This is a satire and a very well-made one, but the highlight is with no doubt the ending. Special effect-o-rama. Fucking hell, that's some gorgeous special effects. Holds up today. Nutty shit. Recommend! Mold! - This was a bit of a disappointment. It's got that awful modern look to it, and it doesn't always work for me in low-budget movies. It needs to look and feel a little less digital. Had some highlight, but it's a bit too long too. Should've been trimmed 25-35 minutes tbh.
  15. Gargoyle's awesome indeed. Especially their older albums. I highly recommend Doom for fans of Gargoyle. Another progressive thrash band, albeit they lean a bit more towards avant-garde and weirdness than Gargoyle. The band have had members and ex-members from bands such as Gastunk, Shellshock, Casbah, Terror Squad and motherfucking Zadkiel. In 85 they even had Yoshiki playing some drums for them live. If you're into "weird" and different thrash like Voivod, Vektor, Gargoyle, Lob of Lemmings or even Celtic Frost's "Into the Pandemonium" this is a must-hear band.
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