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  1. I have been able to vote for 10 years, yet I have never placed a vote. Fuck politicians, fuck pilitics and fuck anyone involved in politics, both from the outside and inside. They're all awful liars. Fuck 'em all.
  2. Was the same with me. Bought it 4-5 months ago or something, but I've only played Rocket League since then and haven't found the time to play this. But I've found out that playing an online, competetive game like Rocket League while drinking isn't a good idea, so today I decided to start on this while getting drunk. So far, so fucking good. Excellent so far! Also have a lot of other games I'll have to play which I bought right before christmas or so. But Rocket League have prevented me from doing so
  3. Started playing Odallus: The Dark Call today. 40 minutes in and it's totally neat. Like a mix of Castlevania og Metroid, with a brilliant soundtrack on top. It's nothing revolutionary, but so far it's a real fun action-adventure platformer.
  4. Sounds neat! After hearing two tracks this album is already better than their debut album and EP. Way ahead of both! I'm surprised by how epic this song sounds, but it still sounds like it's from the same album as the first, more Nifelheim'esque track. Diggin' this, and the cover art is just beyond rad.
  5. Seeing Ram-Zet live today. Ram-Zet isn't a band I listen to anymore, but back in the day I was a massive fan. They're from the same area as me, one of the first band I saw live and I sitll have my old Ram-Zet tshirt, bought at a hippiestore with tons of posters with Bob Marley and cannabis and whatnot. I think the tshirt must be something like 12-13 years old not. I haven't really tried to get into their last two albums, but I've heard them a few times. Much more avant-garde and playful than their earlier, schizophrenic stuff. But I am excited anyway. It's a small scene with the capacity of 150 people, and even 150 is pushing it a lot. 50-80 of those will have a terrible view of the scene. So yeah, we're talking a real intimate concert here. Hopefully they'll just go full retard with the theatrics, because I am expecting something theatrical and over the top here. Also, I am sure I would still enjoy at least their three first albums if I play them again. A mixture of avant-garde black and goth metal with focus on atmosphere rather than riffs. I always liked the schizophrenic feeling of their music. It's weird.
  6. I am so fucking jealous of this. I don't even have the vocabulary to tell you exactly how jealous I am. Carpenter Brut are the masters of retrosynth and Magic Sword is brilliant as well. So.Fucking.Jealous!
  7. Under-World is great and I don't get the hate for Fuyu no Castanet at all. I've said it many times and I'll gladly say it again: fantastic song!
  8. Some good and bad news. We'll start with the bad, sad and awful ones: Heart attack at the age of only 42 years old. Damn. Negura Bunget in their prime years (02-06) were amazing. Some of the most honest and spritual black metal you'll find, with Om as the absolute highlight. But their early, more straight-forward black metal stuff and the symphonic black metal of Wiccan Rede are great as well, and some of their later stuff, like Măiestrit and Vîrstele pămîntului are good. But with Vîrstele pămîntului, the first one without Hupogrammos and Sol Faur, you could already sense that a huge part of the band was gone. A huge step down in quality. So the loss of Hupogrammos and Sol Faur just didn't do this band good at all as they manage to continue the sound of Negura Bunget much better in Dordeduh than what Negru did with Negura Bunget. Anyway, fantastic, creative drummer. This song, this album. Holy shit! Perfection. But the good news are that Peste Noire are on their way to record the new album. Fuck yes!
  9. No idea how long I've been around under different usernames, shared accounts and whatnot, but it's been a while. Not sure why I've been here for so long as I've never been big on actually discussing (Japanese) music. But I did. And it's not because of downloads either, because I have not grabbed much from here. Probably the drama and the bans. And the film threads back when they were super active. Yeah, good job keeping it this active for so many years, though. Very impressive by both admins/mods and mortal users.
  10. But I haven't made a single comment on your taste though, have I? Like I said, I like their debut and thought this might be cool. But I was really disappointed and thought it was shit, and I don't get why I shouldn't be allowed to say that or why you feel offended by that?
  11. The fuck happened to these guys? Their debut album is a decent Mourning Beloveth-esque death/doom album, but this new song was godawful. Will not check out any further.
  12. How bad editing ruined Iron Fist’s fight scenes Both scene included in that link are nothing short of shocking. Garbage!
  13. Under the Shadow - How frightening and terrifying can a PG-13 film be, you ask? Well, this films shows us that it can scare even the toughest shitless. This Iranian horror film blends drama and horror into a terrifying experience. It's rather slow-burning, it's simple and it's low-budget, but it's so very effective in its simplicity. It's as intelligent as it is scary, and I can appreciate that. That's a plus. The atmosphere, the cinematography, the way the film changes throughout. Brilliant! Top this with a breathtaking performance by Narges Rashidi and you've got yourself a real treat. In some ways it reminds me of The Babadook, but it's got as much in common with both Repulsion and Pan's Labyrinth. There is also plenty of symbolism and social commentary going on throughout the film, and some of it might feel like it's forced upon you, but it's well-done and doesn't get in the way of anything. Say what you want about films like It Follows, You’re Next, Berberian Sound Studio, The House Of The Devil, The Babadook, Kill List, The Witch, A Field in England, Martyrs, Amer, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears and so on, but all these films, even The House Of The Devil which feels like an authentic late 70's-early 80's horror films, has brought something new and fresh to the horror genre in the 21's century. You don't have to like them, but that's the truth. And Under the Shadow is one more of those. Fresh, unique and amazing. Hands down!
  14. I think The Young Offenders might be the best comedy since Superbad, and debutants Alex Murphy and Chris Walley are really impressive in their roles. Hilarious from start to end. Fantastic!
  15. New Dread Sovereign is very welcome, and this sounds good as expected. For those who doesn't know, Dread Sovereign is a doom metal band consisting of A.A. Nemtheanga of Primordial, Johnny King of Altars of Plauge and some guy I'm not familiar with. Sol Dubh of Primordial used to be in the band as well. Fairly traditional doom with yet another strong performance by A.A. Nemtheanga who don't know how to do anything but sing amazing.