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  1. Bear

    The Curse of Frankenstein - One of Hammer Horror, Terence Fisher, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Hazel Court's many, many masterpieces of horror cinema. Probably my favourite adaption of Frankenstein. It's mean, dark and raw for its time, it's beautifully acted by all the involved, it looks gorgeous, it's beautifully shot and the sets are stunning. Fantastic from start to end, and the atmosphere is top notch! The Revenge of Frankenstein - Hammer Horror's sequel to The Curse of Frankenstein is, believe it or not, close to as good, if not as good, as the original. Christopher Lee and Hazel Court is gone, so is much of the rawness, but it's a really classy movie and director Terence Fisher is on top of the game as usual, as is Peter Cushing. This does tell a better story than the first one tho, and it looks as gorgeous. Amazing sequel with amazing atmosphere! The Evil of Frankenstein - For the third entry in the series Terence Fisher is gone and Freddie Francis has taken over the direction. Which weakens the film a bit, but not much as he's also really talented. Peter Cushing is, as always, beyond amazing, the movie looks fantastic, atmosphere is spot on and so on. It's just amazing! Frankenstein Created Woman - Terence Fisher is back, Peter Cushing continues his spree as Frankenstein and so on. On the fourth movie they start to try something different. Whereas the other movies are about the physical aspect of the body, this movie is all about the metaphysical dimensions of life. The weakest of the four first, but still an amazing movie and very interesting.
  2. Bear

    The Terror season 1 was truly magnificent. Slow-burning, atmospheric horror drama that's a big fat adventure with twists, turns, mostly amazing CGI, great characters and plot and so on. Truly stunning. Very much recommended!
  3. 'Dungeon synth reimaginations of five Dwarrowdelf songs, inspired by the likes of Thangorodrim, Mortiis, Old Sorcery, and Mists of Antiquity.' https://dwarrowdelfuk.bandcamp.com/album/from-beneath-the-fells Sounds like we're getting the best Dwarrowdelf release thus far. But truth be told I haven't been too fond of his previous stuff. It's not bad, but it's Summoning, Caladan Brood, Emyn Muil and so on, but incredibly sugarcoated just like Eldemar is. Good stuff when relaxing, trying to sleep etc. but not for pure listening. But this sounds pretty sweet. Sugarcoated dungeon synth > sugarcoated black metal. https://coffins.bandcamp.com/album/beyond-the-circular-demise A new Coffins album is always appreciated and this sounds awesome as always. Crushing death/doom.
  4. Bear

    Blood of the Tribades - A slow-burning homage to sleazy and trashy 70s euro lesbian vampire movies like those made by Jesus Franco and Jean Rollin, and also with a bit of influences from Hammer's own The Karnstein Trilogy (The Vampire Lovers, Lust for a Vampire, Twins of Evil). But the way it's written and filmed is clearly inspired by Jean Rollin, whom I personally love. The main difference here is that it's a very pro-feminist, is about self-identity and stuff like that. But unlike movies from Jean Rollin where the vampires were evil and very, very erotic, this changes that and make the vamps sympathetic and nice, and the males evil basically. And it really works. My main problem with this movie is its modern and digital look, and some of its effects. But the modern look really killed a lot of the fun for me. But recommended for fans of Jean Rollin's surrealistic, dreamy, slow and offbeat lesbian vampire movies. Haunt - A Saw-type of movie set in a haunted house that was surprisingly cool. Could've been a bit more graphic and violent, but it was really fun nonetheless. Recommended if you like Saw and shit like that. The Phantom of the Opera - Hammer Horror's Phantom of the Opera from 1962. Not as good as the Universal Monster PotO, and it's far from Terence Fisher's best movie, but it's really good nonetheless. I'd say it's on par with the 1942 version. But it feels a bit darker and more horror-esque than that version, but both are equally good. The music scenes however are superior in this film, and the overall visual style and choices of colours are gorgeous!
  5. Bear

    Project Gutenberg - Hong Kong movie starring an excellent Yun-Fat Chow and a really impressive Aaron Kwok. It tells a familiar story and despite loads and loads of twists and turns I found it to be fairly predictable, tho I seem to be the only one who thinks so. It's well-written and well-directed, but I thought it was a tad too long for its own good, and it tried to be smarter than it had to. But it wasn't bad.
  6. Diabolic Night - Beyond the Realm https://diabolicnight.bandcamp.com/ New track is RIPPING! Old school black/speed/thrash in the vein of Sodom's "In the Sign of Evil", Destruction's "Sentence of Death" and Bathory's "Bathory" with hints of Running Wild's "Gates to Purgatory" and Venom's "Welcome to Hell". Demo, EP and single released in 2014 and 2015 were all amazing, and this is gonna be the same. I also saw it announced that German black/thrashers Nocturnal and black speed metallers Nuctemeron (who released one hell of an EP back in 2016) are releasing a split together. This is some older stuff, but both bands rule so this should be awesome. Some proper black/thrash and black/speed metal.
  7. Another album by the new Batyushka. Quotes from the first album: A true БАТЮШКА album by a band formed by the real orthodox priests from Russia. We are not some bunch of larping posers, but true christians. Quotes from the second album: New Album (The previous was in fact a compilation of unreleased songs made back in 2005). Yes we are very old band. lol. Kinda enjoyable trolling this.
  8. Oh yes! This new 7" is gonna be so fucking good.
  9. Batyushka - Батюшка Fucking hell, this shit is hilarious. We now got Batushka with Derph, Batushka with Bart and the new Batyushka. L O L!
  10. Bear

    Child's Play - I love the original and didn't really expect much from this reboot/remake, but I actually liked it quite a lot. Didn't like how Chucky looked in the movie, but everything else was mostly well done and cool. A bit more comedic than the original, but not so much that it goes into horror comedy territory. Thumbs up! And Aubrey Plaza is amazing. Satanic Panic - Low-budget horror comedy that really worked well throughout. Not too keen on the ending, but everything else was really awesome. Fun shit. Felt very silly and 80's.
  11. Yep, that Hagzissa album is highly recommended. It's got some of that mid 90's Eastern European black metal feeling to it.
  12. Yes! That sounds catchy as hell. More 60's than before, and I love it.
  13. Bear

    Finished Swamp Thing and thought it was awesome. A very late 80's-early 90's adventure/action/horror with one hell of a design for the Swamp Thing himself. He just looks stunning as hell! Some dogy CGI and shit, but it only felt very out of place a few times. But it was really fun, and it's a real shame it got cancelled. But hey, at least we got one great season. Recommended for sure.
  14. Bear

    The Losers - This came right before A-Team back in 2010 and is a very similar movie in so many ways. It's based on the graphic novel by the same, which I have not read, but I think I will have to check it out. Because this was fun. Dumb and silly, but very, very fun action movie with comedic overtones. Yup!
  15. How anyone can find something like this boring live is beyond me. Darkside alone is reason good enough to stay for the entire gig, and as long as the drums are clear in the mix everything else can be pretty muddy without it taking away all the enjoyment of the gig. The cymbal work is just beyond everything and anything.
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