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  1. The Funeral Orchestra - Negative Evocation Rites Finally a new album from TFO. Released their debut in 2003, and since then they've only released an EP and two splits/singles (the singles are just the tracks off the splits). Funeral doom featuring Nicklas "Terror" Rudolfsson of Runemagick, Rapid Terrör, Sacramentum, Necrocurse etc. Got high expectations for this.
  2. Bear

    The Last Days on Mars - Cool, claustrophobic sci-fi horror in the vein of Alien, Europa Report, Event Horizon etc. It's cool and all, but was lacking just something. Not atmospheric enough maybe? ANyway, not nearly as bad as most seem to think. Life - Another, Alien-esque movie with claustrophobic elements. This too was cool, but it lacked just something extra. The alien did not get to me at all. It simply wasn't cool enough looking. But aside from that it was cool. he Mummy - The 1959 Terence Fisher classic. It carries all the traits of a Terence Fisher, and as one of the greatest directors ever that's just awesome. Beautiful sets, beautifully shot, gorgeous colours, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee etc. It's pretty much perfect. Fantastic movie!
  3. Bear

    Funniest thing I've seen all week. Holy shit!
  4. Bear

    Safe House - I skipped this when it was released because it looked mediocre, but I decided to watch it last night and god damn it was cool. It's a typical, high octane action-thriller, but a good Ryan Reynolds and a phenomenal Denzel Washington makes it something else. Denzel Washington just carries the movie so well. He's tough, he's badass and cool as hell, but he's also really sympathetic. Few actors are capable of acting the way he did in this, The Equalizer I & II, Training Day and so on. The way he's unlikable, but still to likable. But anyway, really cool film. Outland - This loose remake of High Noon stars a phenomenal Sean Connery plays out like High Noon meets Alien, but without the horror of the latter. A dark, bleak space western mystery. I really liked this. Highly recommended. Long Live the King - Documentary about King Kong, and it also uses some time on its sequels/spin-offs and knock-off. Really nice, charming and fun stuff. Chris Walas: Stop-motion looks fake but feels real; CGI looks real but feels fake. Chris Walas (aka special effects magician) 4 prez!
  5. Bear

    30 Years of Garbage: The Garbage Pail Kids Story - I don't grow up with The Garbage Pail Kids so I don't have any nostalgic memories to it or anything, but ever since I learnt about GPK I've been loving it. So silly, so fun and so over the top, so when I saw this documentary I just had to watch it and it sure as hell did deliver. Super fun, interesting and informative. Really good documentary which led me to... The Garbage Pail Kids Movie - Yup, I had to watch this. This is an atrocity of a movie, but dear god was it entertaining. Super silly, stupid, over the top and cringe in lack of a better word. It's dreadful in a really good way. The maybe most fascinating thing about this entire movie is Mackenzie Astin and Katie Barberi. Katie looks about 10 years older than Astin, but is in fact only one year older. Which is really odd. It's like seeing a young teenager and a young adult. So fucking weird. It's a shame John Carl Buechler didn't get to direct the movie tho, as he considered to make it into a horror movie with the GPK to be serial killers. That sounds so awesome! Anyway, a must watch if you're a fan of so bad it's good. This isn't Troll 2 or The Room so bad it's good, it's Batman & Robin so bad it's good. Aside from the fact that the GPK masks wasn't fully done when they started making this movie and looks a bit undone and odd, it's actually a well-looking movie. The cinematography, the way it's shot, edited and so forth is actually very good. But so bad it's good nonetheless.
  6. Oh yes, awesome! From the intro I totally get the "We were no longer in the 60s-70s zone but more in the 70s-80s. The songs sounded retro-futuristic and surreal" that they said. This should be damn good.
  7. Hail Spirit Noir - Eden in Reverse Finally! It's been four years since the excellent Mayhem in Blue, so I am looking forward to this. Since Mayhem in Blue they've added three new members who've performed with them live from 2016. A keyboardist, drummer and new vocalist. So they have two keyboardists now, and I wonder if the addition of a new vocalist means Theoharis won't do vocals anymore. Or is the new one just a singer, while Theoharis will continue with the harsh vocals? Looking forward to this for sure!
  8. Bear

    What the hell? Only 72 years old too. Absolute legend indeed!
  9. Bear

    That's awesome. Both deliveries are as good as you'd expect them to be, and the beat sounds like something EL-P would've made a few years before he started working with Killer Mike. Neat!
  10. Bear

    Kill Ben Lyk - This is basically a less sophisticated, cheaper and bloodier Knives Out. Kinda. Not as good, but really, really fun and there's something about that one running gag that goes through half the movie which got me every single time. Really cool mystery comedy. Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn - First Shazam and now Birds of Prey? Have DCEU finally understood how to make good movies? Shazam was a light-hearted, funny film, and Birds of Prey was just really fucking cool. It's a straight-forward, braindead and stylish action-comedy where it's all style over substance. Really, really fucking cool film. I did not expect this at all. Margot Robbie's truly brilliant here, and she nails the character and makes he really Looney Tunes-esque. As good as the best MCU movies imo. Uncharted: Live Action Fan Film - Re-watched this for the n'th time. It's just unbelievably good, and it raises some questions: 1. Why the fuck ain't Allan Ungar hired as the director of the upcoming Uncharted movie? 2. Why the fuck isn't Allan Ungar and Jesse Wheeler hired as writers for the movie? 3. Why the fuck isn't Nathan Fillion given the role as Nathan Drake? He fucking _IS_ Nathan Drake!!! 4. Why the fuck isn't Stephen Lang given the role as Sully? He fucking _IS_ Sully!!! 5. Why the fuck isn't Mircea Monroe given the role as Elena? She fucking _IS_ Elena!!! As much as I dream of a good Uncharted movie, I kinda hope it goes to hell. Not giving these guys the job is a huge, huge, huge mistake. They could've made a movie that would be the Indiana Jones of the new century. A movie that would be considered a classic, and which new actors would look at and think "during my lifetime I want to play that type of hero. The one Nathan Fillion played in Uncharted and Harrison Ford played in Indiana Jones.". No kidding. This is true!
  11. Bear

    A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio - A fun little anthology movie with 8 short films where creators Nicolás and Luciano Onetti and picked 8 already existing short films and made a wrap-around story about a radio DJ who tells scary stories. It's a bit up and down of course, but a fun ride where the best shorts were superb. In the Dark Dark Woods... only clocks in at about four minutes, but was by far my favourite out of the eight. Really cool, stylish and atmospheric. The Smiling Man and Into the Mud were second best. Both really awesome. The Smiling Man was pretty creepy to be honest. The most disappointing one was The Disappearance of Willie Bingham, and the fact that the non-english speaking shorts were not subbed. Which sucked. It really is about time I check out Luciano Onetti's movies. Sonno Profondo, Francesca and Abrakadabra have been pretty high up on my watchlist since they were released, simply because I am a sucker for giallos. Will hunt them down for sure now. Btw, check out the posters for Francesca, Abrakadabra and his upcoming film El pulpo negro. Looks NEAT as hell. One Must Fall - Cool and fun slasher-comedy. It's bloody and violent, it's funny, it's sleazy and it's both suspenseful and charming. What the hell more do you need? Nothing really. I thought this was really awesome. I hope people check it out cuz it deserves some attention for sure. The Hunt - Horror? Thriller? Action? Well, who knows. I'll satirical action-horror-comedy. It's caused a bit of a fuzz because of its portrayal of American left vs right, but as I see it it doesn't really take a stand. It's kinda criticizing both sides and how both sides reacts to things and takes much out of context to cause a fuzz. Anyway, as an apolitical I really appreciated its super cheesy characters, cool, stylish and bloody violence and humour. Turn your brain off and just appreciate this awesome action-horror-comedy. Fuck politics!
  12. Bear

    Yeah, I love Kenny Beats. His overall production style is just fire and incredibly versatile, but without loosing his Kenny touch. Best thing he did is the Netflix and Deal album with 03 Greedo, followed by Anger Management with Rico Nasty. Took me a while to get into the album, but when I first did I just couldn't get enough of it. This one off Freddie Gibbs' Freddie is fire. Both rappers spits fire over a beat that's just beyond everything. When you sample something as legendary as Boyz-n-the Hood you better do it justice, and they sure as hell did. Also check out Kenny Beats' The Cave. Both seasons are FIRE and among the better youtube shows out there. A new guest every week with people like Denzel Curry, Rico Nasty, Danny Brown, Slowthai, 6lack, Sada Baby, Joji, The Alchemist & Boldy James, Jpegmagia, Freddie Gibbs, Earthgang etc. It's awesome!
  13. Bear

    The Invisible Man - Fucking Leigh Whannell, man. Made his directorial debut in 2015 with Insidious: Chapter 3, a movie that just didn't hold up at all. Despite having a budget that was higher than both Insidious and Insidious 2 combined, it looked a lot cheaper than both of them, it felt cheaper and it just wasn't a very good movie at all. At that point I kinda gave up on him as a director. Then three years later he comes back with his second movie, Upgrade, a movie made on half the budget of Insidious: Chapter 3 and which I only checked out because of the awesome poster, but which looks like a billion motherfucking bucks with one incredibly memorable scene after another. It's a movie that managed to bring a lot of originality to how we can film and create action scenes. An absolute masterpiece of a movie, and close to perfect. Two years later and he's back, this time with a new adaption of H.G. Wells classic novel The Invisible Man. This was adapted already back in 1933, a movie which is a masterpiece, so I was a bit sceptical to this, but he nails it. Superbly written, shot, acted and played out, despite a somewhat cheap look to it. There's something about the colour palette that just feels a bit off. But other than that I thought it was really cool. Intense, suspenseful, atmospheric and just really cool. Recommended for sure. Papá Wrestling - As I am eagerly awaiting Fernando Alle's new movie Mutant Blast I just felt like re-watching some of his earlier work and ended up on Papá Wrestling. 9 minutes of proper absurdity and LOL-moments. It's as hilarious as it's over the top and bananas. Fantastic short film.
  14. Bear

    Yes! It's amazing. Next year he'll release In Search of Tomorrow, which will be the same but about sci-fi movies. I can't wait! Look out for In Search of the Last Action Heroes as well. Not as good, and much of that due to only being half as long, but totally recommended if you like 80 and 90's action. There's popped up a lot of cool documentaries about horror, action and exploitation film these last 10 years. Really looking forward to seeing Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini and Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror too. Looks neat!
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