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  1. Bear

    Every single Ghibli movie is worth seeing, including the short movies, pre-Ghibli movies all the way back to the 60's, the series, the documentaries about Ghibli (or some of the directors), the video games, and hell, even commercials. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Castle in the Sky and Howl's Moving Castle are by far my favourites. Followed by Princess Mononoke.
  2. Bear

    I love obi's on vinyl releases, but I can't stand them on CD's.
  3. Was amazing. Loads and loads of energy, the band including him sounded good and he gave us a proper fucking concert. Amazing stuff!
  4. Bear

    Shaft - Shaft is a sequel to...Shaft. Yeah. That is right. It is a sequel to a remake from 2000. I'm a huge fan of the original Shaft and consider it to be the best blaxploitation movie ever and one of the greatest western action movies of the 70's. I also really like the two sequels and the series from the 70's. I didn't like the remake and sequel from 2000 (which was 15 years ago or so, so that might have changed), so I did not expect much from this. But I was pleasantly surprised. Not a masterpiece, but a fun, dumb, semi-offensive and charming action comedy. Recommended for sure. Looking forward to a sequel. Btw: This is the type of movie that'll do bad with the critics, but good with the audience. So don't mind the critics. Shazam! - All of a sudden DC moves out of the pseudo-dark and boring superhero universe they've created and gives us an uplifting, heartwarming, fun and charming superhero movie that's just different. Doesn't feel like a modern superhero movie at all, which is POSITIVE as hell! It was a bit too long and I wish they had put more effort into the feelings and struggles of Billy Batson (Shazam), because they've could've created a really, really deep superhero movie if they did. But they took the easy route which is understandable as they want their money. But yeah, recommended. On par with the second-tier Marvel movies for sure. So not as good as Captain America: The Winter Soldier or Thor: Ragnarok, but around as good as Captain Marvel, , Doctor Strange, Captain America: Civil War, Ant-Man. Fun thing about all these tho is that when they were released, they all took a different spin on the classic superhero tale. They just don't feel like proper superhero movies, which makes them really stand out among modern superhero movies. Glad more and more movies start to look at the genre in different ways, and how to make something new of it.
  5. Bear

    Yeah, like I said I watched both seasons. Season 2 makes the first season even better because it shine so much light on the story, the characters and so on. A perfect example on how to continue a series. Season 3 should be wicked as hell.
  6. Bear

    Watched both season of Dark recently. I've sene it compared to Stranger Things, but it's nothing like Stranger Things. Sci-fi noir with time travelling and a really, really, really complex story. If this was English-speaking it would've been on everyone's best of the decade lists, but because it's German-speaking it's not. And it's a shame, because it is a complete and utter masterpiece. So well-crafted and superbly put together. Mindblowing and heavy shit. So Stranger Things is mainly about nostalgia, Dark is about blowing minds and making you confused and make you go "OH HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL NAAAAAAAAAAAW!!!!!". Stranger Things are one of my all time favourite series btw, so it's not meant as a diss or anything. Just that the comparison is utterly stupid. Started Stranger Things season 3 today. First episode was GUUUUUD!
  7. I can give some thoughts on that. 15 minutes till ge's on. Missed Turbonegro and Hellacopters. They went on stage at 2 and 4 PM. WTF? That's awfully early. Did see Backyard Babies tho. Complete and utter trash. "Rock 'n' roll"' if someone Lemmy saw this he'd arm a fucking nuclear bomb and blow this entire fucking world away. Godfuckingawful!
  8. Like last years Trondheim Rocks where I went to see Iron Maiden just to see them and say that I've seen them, I just did the same at this years Trondheim Rocks. Bought a ticket just to see Kiss tonight (which means I will also get to see Iggy Pop, Turboneger, Hellacopters and more tomorrow), and while I am far from the biggest fan, that was one hell of a brilliant gig. The sound was good, the performance was incredibly energic and awesome and the crowd was very good and mature. The energy was at a 100. You'd think they were in their mid 20's or so. Amazing! Well worth the price alone.
  9. ALCEST's 6th album is called “Spiritual Instinct“ and will be released on the 25th of October on Nuclear Blast. The recording of “Spiritual Instinct“ has been a long and challenging process, but we feel really proud of it and can't wait to share our new music with all of you. The artwork has been made by the Parisian duo Førtifem and represents a sphinx, as a reference to the symbolism art movement. The sphinx is the ultimate figure of the enigma, which embodies both the spiritual and feral sides inside us. Alcest are one of my favourite bands with four of their five full lenghts being complete and utter masterpieces, which also counts for both versions of Le Secret. Shelter, which I consider to be their worst by a long shot, is still a very good album (7,5-8/10). Really can't wait to hear what this will sound like.
  10. Bear

    Nightmare Cinema - I downloaded this movie only because the poster where fucking awesome. Didn't read about it or anything like that. Download > watch straight away. What kind of a movie is it? It is an anthology horror movie with five different directors. Two whom I'd call legends and cult figures of horror, one I'd call excellent, one promising one and one I'd call...mostly useless. The wrap-around story is called The Projectionist and is directed by Mick Garris (Sleepwalkers, Critters 2) and starring none other than legend and cult actor Mickey Rourke. Sadly this is underdeveloped, but it does the job. The first proper segment is called The Thing in the Woods and are directed Alejandro Brugués (Juan of the Dead) and is by far the best segment. Hilarious, exciting, bloody and gory. 9/10 The second segment is called Mirari and are directed by legend Joe Dante (Gremlins, The Howling) and are underdeveloped. Poorly directed and edited. Could've been something good, but the editing really ruins it. Richard Chamberlain is a brilliant casting tho. 5/10 The third segment is called Mashit and are directed by cult hero Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus, Aragami, Azumi) but is a total waste. Awfully written, acted and directed. A huge meh! 4/10 The fourth segment is called This Way to Egress and are directed by David Slade (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night ) are are the second best of the movie. A slow-burning, weird and chilling tale in black and white. Gorgeous stuff! 9/10 The fifth segment is called Dead and are directed by Mick Garris. A total waste of time really. Poorly acted and written. 4/10. Overall I'd give this 7/10. Always enjoy the ride despite the quality of the short movies.
  11. Not a fan of brutal death metal myself so Sepsism ain't really my thing, but the cover art for Purulent Decomposition are gorgeous. Not a fan of the title font, but everything else, including the band's logo, are awesome!
  12. Bear

    Finished Good Girls season 2 today and really liked it. Without a doubt a huge step up from season one which I quite liked. But this season was proper good. Looking forward to a new season.
  13. Bear

    Watched Kite last night. Crazy stuff for sure. Ultra violent and dark. Deals with subject like revenge, pedophilia and loneliness. Explicit and disgusting in many way, but the action scenes are amazingly drawn, animated and directed. Two episodes around 55 minutes or so.
  14. Bear

    Isn't the series redubbed simply because it was the only way to actually get it released in English because of licensing issues and so forth? So they had to take a choice: 1) Not release it. 2) Release it without no (English) dub at all. 3) Redub it so they can have a (English) dub. Would it really have been better if they had gone with either of the two first options? PS: Anime dubs suck major fucking ass no matter what and are, unless you are a kid or have some kind of dyslexia, a retarded fucking way to watch anime. You're really gonna blame Netflix for what director Yoshiharu Ashino and writer Eugene Son?
  15. Bear

    Retro Puppet Master - The year is 1999 and the franchise is still going strong. Or, it's going at least. Greg Sestero, best known for his role in The Room and as a friend of Tommy Wiseau, stars in his first lead. James Franco also auditioned, but didn't get a role. Anyway, the story of what happened to Tommy Wiseau is a lot more interesting and better than the movie itself. Because this is by far the worst in the franchise so far. Not even enjoyable. Even the retro dolls are boring, both by look and how they're used. The story about Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau, really is. So both were trying to get a role in Hollywood at the moment when Greg Sestereo landed this, and as he had to spend time on set Tommy Wiseau got really sad and alone, and slowly went into some kind of a depression. And this is how he eventually went on to write The Room. Weird shit. Amazing!
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