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  1. Bear

    Enzeru koppu aka Angel Cop was very good. The plot is awfully silly, but it does get more and more interesting and over the top as it goes, and that's something I can really enjoy. Starts off as a fairly traditional cyberpunk series, but as the series goes on it just gets crazier and crazier. Lots of violence, weirdness, good soundtrack and nice visual style and animation. I liked it a lot!
  2. Bear

    Party Bus to Hell - I didn't have very high expectations to this, but even with the low expectations this was a sad affair. Really cheap horror with elements of comedy that features a shitload of nudity and blood, but everything about it was godawful. Simple as that.
  3. Bear

    Yeah, some good stuff being posted here now. Let me add this artist too called Mystic Towers. Really good, medieval dungeon synth. Beautiful! And people need to check out Jim Kirkwood asap. The genres differs a bit from album to album, but he stays within the realm of dungeon synth, ambient, dark ambient, berlin-school and electronic fantasy. There's a shitload of albums on youtube, and I recommend every single one that I've heard. Truly excellent, and he evokes a lot of different feelings and create plenty different atmospheres on the different albums. Top notch!
  4. Bear

    Black Sunday is one the finest gothic horror films ever, and it features the breakthrough role of Barbara Steele, a woman who would go on to become one of the biggest icons within the realm of horror ever. And this is one of the finest performances. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it. Wrong Turn - Very good backwood horror with a familiar plot, even more familiar characters and nice gory deaths. And the latter is what makes this real fun. The special effects are good, the deaths are fun and it's all good. It's not original, it's not clever, it's not special in any way, shape or form. But fans of throwback slashers with lots of violence and blood should enjoy it. 7/10 Wrong Turn 2: Dead End - A slasher sequel that's better than the original? Yeah, that's what we've got here. Of all the films in the franchise, this is by far the best one. The characters, the plot, the deaths and ultimately that it's got Henry fucking Rollin in one of the biggest roles in the film. What a man he is! So good. But the entire film, with the exception of one small CGI arrow, is really good. Great shit! 8/10 Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead - The first film in the franchise for director Declan O'Brien, and by far his worst one. Which makes me wonder if he was thrown in towards the end of pre-production or if he played a role from the beginning, because there are elements here that you won't find in the two others he directed. And that main difference is the use of CGI, because there's a lot of CGI gore here and it all fucking sucks. Like...it looks like bad CGI from 2001. It's so bad. But the entire film is pretty bad tbh, even though there are a few entertaining deaths. 3/10 Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings - The second entry by Declan O'Brien and the first prequel, and frankly this is a huge step up. Not as good as the two first films, but pretty entertaining nonetheless. The massive opening deaths scene is a really fucking pleasure to the eye, and one of the main reasons I wonder if he didn't get to decide as much as he wanted with Wrong Turn 3. Reminds me hella lot of one of the Fritt Vilt movies, just miles better. Some truly great death scenes! 6/10 Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines - Not a good film by any means, but it's very entertaining nonetheless. The third film by Declan O'Brien and the second prequel. Some truly amazing and gory death scenes that really captured my attention. 6/10 If you want stupid, brainless slasher films with lots of gore, you can't really go wrong with these unless you got a problem with stupid characters, corny dialogue and weak plots. Don't Go in the Woods - One of the many infamous video nasties of the 70's. It's got some blood and gore, but by todays standards it's not all that. But if you, like me, can appreciate poor directing, godawful acting, even worse dialogue and a truly fucking awful score, then you might enjoy this. An early backwood horror movie. It's awful, but I really like it. Cool film! Mardi Gras Massacre - Another of the many infamous video nasties of the 70's. Mardi Gras Massacre is a loose remake of the classic Herschell Gordon Lewis movie Blood Feast, and it's a fun one. Not nearly as good, but it's entertaining enough for sure. Corny as fuck, but that's what I like.
  5. A catchy pop tune. Should be good live too.
  6. Bear

    You go to the posted nitroflate links. Slow download > free download > wait a minute and a half > enter the captcha > click here to download. The you wait an eternity for the first part to be finished, then you do the same for the other three parts. Four months later and your download is finished. Mario Bava was a master of both gothic horror and giallo, so you've got a lot to look forward to. But he's got some fun films within other genres as well, such as adventure, sword-and-sandal, western and fantasy films. But it's the horror films that really put in on the map as one of the best directors ever. Black Sunday, Black Sabbath, The Whip and the Body, Kill, Baby, Kill and Baron Blood are exceptional examples of gothic horror. The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Blood and Black Lace, Five Dolls for an August Moon, Hatchet for the Honeymoon and A Bay of Blood are all exceptional giallo films. On top of that he also has other good-to-amazing horror films like Lisa and the Devil, Planet of the Vampires, Shock and Caltiki – The Immortal Monster. And if you want something other than horror I will gladly recommend Danger: Diabolik, Rabid Dogs, Erik the Conqueror and Hercules in the Haunted World. And even those of these that are lacking in certain parts are very good because of Mario Bava's eye for unique touches and his visual style. His son, Lamberto Bava, also has a lot of fun films to his name. Not nearly as talented as his father, but he knew how to make entertaining films. That's for sure.
  7. And the first signs of the new Sodom line up just appeared, and I gotta admit that they're as good as they are surprising. It's a sample of a cover of a classic Sacrilege song. For those who doesn't know, Sacrilege is a killer British cult band that started off as a crust/thrash metal band and released the über classic cult album Behind the Realms of Madness in 1985, and then went on to release a straight forward thrash metal album in 87 and a doom metal album in 89. All three albums are superb, but the debut is just something of its own. Unique, and if you ask me, way ahead of its time. An absolute must for any fan of hardcore/d-beat/crust punk or thrash metal. So hearing Sodom covering this is pretty awesome. A bit polished, but it sounds good tbh. Looking forward to hearing the entire song. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/sodoms-new-lineup-covers-sacrileges-lifeline-for-germanys-rock-hard-magazine/
  8. Bear

    Frankenhooker - This is classic Frank Henenlotter, which means absurdities all over the fucking place. It's a hilarious, twisted, fun and over the top horror-comedy. It's trashy, it's slezy, it's wild and it's sexy with a ton of nudity, much of it of girls who's either been in Penthouse or Playboy. So you can't exactly complain about the nudity here. It's all sleazy fun for your entire family. It's not art, but it's damn fucking entertaining. A 90's horror classic for sure.
  9. Bear

    7 Days in Hell - I reviewed Tour de Pharmacy a few months ago, and 7 Days in Hell is basically the forerunner of that one. Silly, over the top sports mocumentary with Andy Samberg and Kit Harington. Like Tour de Pharmacy it's really absurd and over the top, but it's also hilarious throughout and just lots of fun. Totally recommended!
  10. Bear

    Sounds like you guys are talking about that German chick. If so, that's hilarious. I remember her getting upset about people wanting to hear Dir en grey do cover songs, as she just fucking KNEW that they would never ever do such a thing. I loved that girl to death. I wonder what she's doing now.
  11. Bear

    Will check out The Terror sooner or later. Every single time you post something in this thread you manage to make me interested. But with The Terror and Channel Zero, does this mean that people finally have found a way to make proper horror TV-series? Would be about damn time. Finished Dope season 2 and like the first season it's very interesting. Everything shown might not be real, the statistics they throw forward might not be 100% accurate, but the series is interesting anyway. I don't use drugs, I have never tried drugs, but TV-series/documentaries about drugs and drug cartels and all that is so interesting. Also finished the new Netflix true crime series Evil Genius: The True Story of America's Most Diabolical Bank Heist and this was exceptional. While the quality itself might not be better or higher than series like Making a Murderer and The Keepers, I was definitely a bit funner to watch for me. It's short (4x50min), don't waste any time and so on. But what makes this so fun is how fucking absurd and bizarre the entire case was. What the hell was that? Everything about the entire case was so weird, and it was so interesting. Top, top true crime documentary!
  12. This track, a modern norwegian stoner/doom metal track, is the track that brought Black Debbath back on the map for me, after two mediocre albums. Their best track ever, and probably hella lot better for anyone who speak the language. I'm not a political person, I fucking hate politics. But these guys manage to blend fantastic music, great politics and superb humour in a big, fat mix and make it awesome. There's some damn good riffing in this song, the album, and their three first album. Good, good shiet, guys! And just look past the lyrics, as you do with most Japanese bands. Because this band rules!
  13. Bear

    Has anyone seen Ayashiki bungô kaidan / Kaidan Horror Classics? A four-episode mini-series with episodes that range from 33 to 48 minutes. I've seen it be described as a slow-paced horror-drama, very much inspired by 60's Japanese horror films. Sounds so good and interesting. The four directors are Masayuki Ochiai (Saimin, Kansen), Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Hiruko The Goblin, Tokyo Fist), Lee Sang-il (Unforgiven, Akunin) and Hirokazu Koreeda (Still Walking, Like Father, Like Son).
  14. Bear

    Revenge - A very action-oriented rape and revenge exploitation film that is as bloody, gritty and brutal as it is visually stunning and stylish. It's very much a modern grindhouse film, but it's so well-directed, acted and beautifully shot that the majority of people who see it won't notice how trashy it actually is. It's got a cast of five, lead on by a stunning performance by Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz. Incredible film and my top pick for the best film of 2017 alongside Logan. Well fucking done!
  15. The new album is up on bandcamp. Great stuff as usual from Cosmic Curch. It's very finnish sounding, but sounds more spacey than before, much due to some of the synthwork. Very elegant and nice.