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  1. Bear

    He surely did not describe Dir en grey's current sound as psychobilly? That's just fucking dumb. What a moron.
  2. Bear

    Creepshow - Six-episode long anthology series with two stories in each episode. This isn't brilliant by any means, nor is it flawless, but god damn is it fun. The quality is, as you'd expect from an anthology, a bit up and down, but that's part of the charm imo. Thought this was really fun. Bring on season 2! The Enfield Haunting - Three-part mini series based on The Enfield Haunting, same as The Conjuring 2. It's pretty good, but too rooted in drama for my taste. I wish there was more scares, more atmosphere, and less family drama. Timothy Spall is really good tho. Fantastic performance! Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer - True crime series about a kitty-killer, and how he went from posting videos of killing kittens to something even worse. Dark, grim, and very interesting. Asks some pretty good "what ifs" too.
  3. Bear

    Netflix' Castlevania is excellent in every single aspect possible. Just gorgeously made and put together. Both seasons are excellent, and I can't wait for the third season which is right around the corner. Not seen Dracula yet, but looking forward to it. Will watch it as soon as I finish the new Creepshow series. Should be fun.
  4. Bear

  5. Bear

    Yeah, but he's done a very good job tho. Superb release imo. Something quite different, but speaking of Japanese synth got me thinking of this. Was Mirai (Sigh) and Killjoy's (Necrophagia) synth band from back in the days. Not dungeon synth, but their own horror synth tribute to Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, and John Carpenter.
  6. Bear

    The Mandalorian - Well, this surely caught me by surprise. Disney have gotten quite a lot of shit for picking up Star Wars and "ruined the franchise", as if it wasn't already fucked up by the man himself George Lucas 20 years ago with his shitty prequel (as well as the "remastered" versions of the originals which is nowhere as good as the actual original movies). So yeah, don't blame Disney if you think this franchise has gone to shit. Blame George Lucas. I personally liked The Force Awakens a lot, Rogue One even more, and I found pleasure in both Solo: A Star Wars Story and The Last Jedi even tho both where flawed. But that's not entirely Disney's fault. They're at fault for choosing the wrong people to work on the franchise, but they have also done a lot right so far. And guess what, The Mandalorian might be their best work so far. It's at least on par with Rogue One. The Mandalorian sees creator Jon Favreau continue a lot of what George Lucas started in the 70's, namely steal/pay homage/whatever you want to call it from Japanese movies. This time they've taken from the cult classic, super violent exploitation chambara series Lone Wolf & Cub, which I am more than fine with as it's one of my favourite film franchises ever. It's got that same premise of a man with a child roaming around and being hired for different duties to earn a paying. They have, like in the original trilogy, not even tried to hide it, and I fucking love it. Like, it's so clear and obvious. Fantastic! While Solo: A Star Wars story had a major space western feeling, this taken it even further. This almost cuts out the space feeling and rely more on a Sergio Leone-esque western feeling, than a space opera, even with a soundtrack very, very, very similar to those of Ennio Morricone. I thought this was amazing. Can't fucking wait for a new season! Go Disney, GO!!!
  7. Bear

    Pray for Death - Action movie with ninjas and shit, directed by Gordon Hessler who a decade and some earlier made classic horror movies like The Oblong Box, Cry of the Banshee, Scream and Scream Again and Murders in the Rue Morgue, as well as The Golden Voyage of Sinbad among other things. Pray for Death stars none other than legendary ninja actor Sho Kosugi. This isn't a smart movie or a masterpiece by any means, but it's so much fun. Just fun throughout! Love it. Foolproof - Decent enough mid 2000's heist movie. It features Ryan Reynolds before he became a great actor, and while I was entertained, this isn't all that. It's ok, but that's it. Tower Heist - Another heist movie, this time starring Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Casey Affleck and more. It's ok. Slightly better than Foolproof, but it's too long and not funny enough. It just lacks those laugh out loud moments. But I was entertained nonetheless. Martial Law - Early 1990's martial arts action movie starring Chad McQueen, Cynthia Rothrock and David Carradine. A very cool movie, but neither Cynthia Rothrock or David Carradine is given enough screentime, and the plot is a bit too basic for its own good. But it's good alright. Martial Law II: Undercover - The sequel is way better and gives Cynthia Rothrock a bit more to do. Chad McQueen is replaced by a much better and cooler Jeff Wincott. No David Carradine which is a loss, but the movie is just so much betteron all levels. Really cool film. Tiger Claws - Another Cynthia Rothrock movie, this time from 1992. This is probably her best film. Cynthia Rothrock is just fucking cool, Jalal Merhi is not a good actor a damn cool guy anyway, and Bolo Yeung is just a total legend. Fantastic film!
  8. Oh hell yeah! It's been no less than 12 years since Hornets of the Pogrom, so this is great news. Looking forward to this.
  9. Joel Grind - Echoes in a Crystal Tomb Joel Grind, the brain behind Toxic Holocaust, returns with a new Joel Grind album. It's more in the same vein as Equinox, so it's not metal. But it's damn fucking good. Where Equinox felt like a John Carpenter and Fabio Frizzi-esque horror score, Echoes in a Crystal Tomb feels more like a slow-burning, highly stylized noir/crime movie score. Think Tangerine Dream's score for Thief or something. Fantastic album! Venomwolf - Bring Down the Axe https://venomwolf.bandcamp.com/ Dirty, black speed metal punk in the vein of Midnight, Syphilitic Vaginas, Abigail and more. Old school and awesome! Tristengrav - II - Nychavgé Deathrocky black metal for fans of Devil Master and Cape of Bats. Really good, atmospheric black metal. Like a soundtrack to an old vampire movie.
  10. Bear

    Knives Out - Rian Johnson has received a lot of hate for The Last Jedi, rightly so even tho I personally found it entertaining, but with Knives Out he's made one of the best movies of the year. The movie features an ensemble cast including Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette and more, and is a modern take on the whodunit that we all know and love. It's familiar, but still a very unique approach to the genre which makes it unique. Exciting, suspenseful, hilarious. Amazing movie! Daniel Craig completely killed it! His best performance so far? Most likely.
  11. Bear

    I think the poster tells you everything you need to know about this beautiful documentary. This is a 4 hours and 20 minutes long dive into the world of 80's horror. It goes through bigger and more well-known movies and franchises like the Halloween, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street, The Shining, Poltergeist, Gremlins and so on, but it also finds time to mention stuff like The Changeling, Maniac, Dressed to Kill, My Bloody Valentine, Christine, Night of the Comet, Fright Night, Chopping Mall, Killer Klowns From Outer Space and more. It goes through these films, they discuss the special effects, soundtracks, the art, the creation of the movies and the lasting impacts of them. Features interviews with many, many directors and producers (John Carpenter, Joe Dante, Larry Cohen, Mick Garris, Stuart Gordon, Brian Yuzna and many more), it features actors and actresses (Jeffery Combs, Barbara Crampton, Tom Atkins, Doug Bradley etc), they talk to Michael Gingold (Editor-in-Chief of Fangoria Magazine), Graham Humphreys (illustrator who made posters for Evil Dead, Nightmare on Elmstreet etc) musicians like Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Spencer Hickman of Death Waltz records who specializes in releasing horror soundtracks on vinyl. This is a must see for people who are already deep down into 80's horror, but also people who are only slightly interested or is just beginning to appreciate 80's horror. 10/10 The creator of this, David A. Weiner, is also working on a documentary called In Search of Tomorrow which will be all about 80's sci-fi. I expect it to be the same as this, just with sci-fi instead of horror. Can't wait!!!
  12. Minenwerfer - Alpenpässe WW I-themed atmospheric and semi-melodic black metal. Very different from the more brutal Marduk/Truppensturm/Endstille approach of their earlier albums. By far the best they've done so far. Really, really good album. Strigoi - Strigoi This EP was released last year, but it's fantastic throughout. Very old school sounding black/death/thrash that somewhat reminds me a lot of Vampire's 2012 demo "Vampire", as well as stuff like Necrovore, Slaughter Lord, Incubus, Treblinka, Poison, Celtic Frost and the likes. Superb EP! Hallux Valgus - Demo MMVI This demo is from 2016, but they released an EP last year as well. Two members from Strigoi among others, and they play somewhat similar music as in old school sounding, but Swedish-sounding and way more death metally. Death Breath, first Morbus Chron, Bastard Priest and so on comes to mind. https://phantasmagore.bandcamp.com/album/abominations Phantasmagore - Abominations... This death metal demo was just released and is great. Think Autopsy, Necrophagia, Nunslaughter, Abscess and the likes. Good shit!
  13. Bear

    Been diving into the Tremors franchise these last few days and watched all of the five sequels. I can't believe I have not done that before, because there's loads and loads of fun here. Despite being a direct-to-video franchise this has been very positively received by fans. Tremors II: Aftershocks - The first movie was all about Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward's characters, but despite having Fred Ward reprise his role in this, it's all about Michael Gross and his character Burt Gummer. If you enjoy the first movie, you should absolutely enjoy this and I thought this was really good. Not quite as good, but not too far off either. Hilarious and with great special effects. Tremors 3: Back to Perfection - Michael Gross as Burt Gummer is hilarious as always, but the movie as a whole is a bit disappointing. The thing that is a bit disappointing is the use of CGI monsters, whereas all the effects in the two previous movies was mainly practical. Some CGI in the second, but more subtle than in this, much due to the graboids having mutated quite a bit. Than, and the fact that it is a much more light-hearted movie overall. Not as dark. But it's fun, and it's good. Tremors 4: The Legend Begins - This is a prequel where we see Michael Gross playing Burt Gummer's great gandfather, Hiram Gummer. This was a massive step up and more or less as good as Tremors II: Aftershock. So while the first Tremors movie especially is a neo-western horror movie, this is more straight up a western horror movie without the neo in front of it. Great movie with a different type of atmosphere. Awesome as hell! Tremors 5: Bloodlines - While Michael Gross as Burt Gummer rules supreme, this film is overall very disappointing. They go to South-Africa, which in itself is pretty cool. But they don't make the most of it and there's too many characters, they lost the neo-western feeling of it and the claustrophobic feeling of the past movies are gone. Mediocre at best tbh. Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell - This time Burt Gummer travels to Canada and it kinda works? The CGI's surprisingly well done. Like...fuck. Despite being a low-budget movie (I would say the budget was between 2-5m somewhere) the CGI is no worse than what you'll see in 200m+ budget blockbuster movies. Fuck it, it's actually better than tons and tons and tons of the CGI found in these monster budget movies. That in itself is remarkable. But it's big, dumb and fun. I liked it a lot. Looking forward to Tremors 7 next year. Will also dig into the 2003 TV-series. Btw, there was supposed to be a new Tremors TV-series starring both Kevin Bacon reprising his role from the original movie, but somehow they stopped production after or before the pilot. That fucking sucks! Would kill for someone to pick that up and make it.
  14. Bear

    Death Race 2, Death Race: Inferno, Death Race: Beyond Anarchy Yeah, I watched the three installments in the new Death Race series. The first one, a remake starring Jason Statham, was fun and all. Death Race 2 is a prequel to the 2008 remake, with Inferno being a sequel to the prequel and Beyond Anarchy a sequel to the 2008 remake. They're dumb, stupid and brainless fun. Nothing more, nothing less. Decent entertainment if you turn your brain off for 110 minutes each movie. Death Race 2050 - You can call this a remake, sequel to the original, classic 1975 movie or a soft reboot of the franchise. Doesn't matter, they all fit. This has nothing to do with the Death Race series I talked about above. This isn't as good as the original, but this is still pretty damn good. Did not see that coming. This is super silly, over the top and campy, but it does feature much of the charm of the original. It's obvious they've found their inspiration in the original here, and not the reboot of the franchise. Would love to see a sequel to this as this was a lot of fun. Highly recommended if you like the 1975 movie. Damn son!
  15. Bear

    The Last Stand - Rewatched this today. This was Kim Jee-woon's first American movie after having impressed with one amazing movie after another in South-Korea, and it marked Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to action movies. The Last Stand is an over the top, silly and stupid action movie in the vein of the 80's, and it's amazing. Liked it even more now than when it was released. Great film! Ocean's Eight - A spin off, or just a sequel if you want, to the Ocean's movies starring a female cast. Not nearly as bad as the Ghostbusters remake which also featured a female cast, but not very good either. It lacks the wit, intelligence and style and is just boring. Awkwafina is fun, but Rihanna is just beyond fucking awful and James Corden should just put a shotgun to his temple and pull the trigger already. He's just annoying as hell. VHS Massacre - Documentary about the rise, but more than all fall, of the VHS. It's fun and entertaining, but not close to being the best documentary about VHS. Lost Holiday - Disappointing crime comedy that's neither funny nor smart or interesting. Calls inbetween everything. Boring. 12 Strong - Oscar bait. Decent entertainment, but not a very good film. Takes an interesting plot and makes it into a standard war film by Americans, for Americans. Losers. Midnight Run - Classic buddy cop film. Not nearly as funny as some of the other 80's buddy cop movies, but the plot and characters is really good. Very good movie! Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator - Interesting story about yet another charismatic figure who were able to get plenty people to his side, then abuse them and act like a good. Sad stuff tbh, but it's interesting how we see this shit over and over and over again. People, both like this guy and his followers, are fucking pathetic.
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