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  1. I still like D'epsairsRay. I think everything before Mirror is great, and about half of Mirror is amazing as well. The rest is boring as fuck. However, after Mirror they only have one song I like and that is Love is Dead, a long I disliked, loathed, hated and so fucking on to begin with. But in time it's grown on me a lot.
  2. In my younger days I often wore a backpack to concerts in Oslo, because I went to records shops before the gigs and always bought something at the gig. I've never had a single problem with it, nor my brother or any of my friends. When going to outdoors festivals I've always used to wear a backpack with clothes and such too. Never been a problem. For most gigs in Norway there's also a possiblity of buying merch before the gigs, unless the band stands in the merch stand themself. THen it's after the gig.
  3. In what way? In many ways a typical Oscar-bait movie, but this really got me. Thought it was absolutely beautiful, and the way it was shot is a real pleasure to the eye. I would say it didn't live up the the hype, but fantastic nonetheless.
  4. Episode 5, From Barcelona... to Tunbridge Wells From Barcelona... takes a look at Spanish director José Ramón Larraz, a man known best for his erotic horror films. It's a nice look at him and his work, and the interviews are very interesting. Some very funny moments too, where he and a friend and co-director can't seem to decide on who wanted the films to be bloody and who wanted them to be erotic. Kinda blame eachother. Check out the masterpiece that is Vampyres, and also Symptoms, Black Candles/Hot Fantasies and Edge of the Axe. Four very different type of films, all great of course.
  5. Started watching the documentary series Eurotika! yesterday. Eurotika! is a 12 episode long documentary series about European exploitation cinema, with focus on horror, cult, sleaze, sex and trash. 3 episodes in, and this is no less than phenomenal. The episodes are less than 30 minutes long, but they di well in covering certain subject within the limited time they get, even though ever single episode so far could've been 1-2 hours longer. But so far it's been superb! Episode 1, Vampires and Virgins The first episode is dedicated to Jean Rollin, a French director known for his love for beautiful females, naked bodies and vampires. His films are often off-beat, poetic, slow-burning, erotic, dream-like and surreal, and more about imagery and atmosphere rather than anything the resembles a plot. It features interviews with Jean Rollin himself, Brigitte Lahaie, Catherine Castel and more. Jean Rollin comes off as really honest and down to earth. Check out Requiem For a Vampire, The Nude Vampire and Fascination to get a taste of his work. This stuff will bore most of you to tears, but it's an unique experience for sure and it should be experienced. Can't think of anything like these films at all. Episode 2, The Diabolical Mr. Franco The second episode is all about Spanish cult director Jesús Franco and some of his work. Features interviews with Jesús Franco himself, as well as Brigitte Lahaie, Michel Lemoine, Caroline Munro and more. You don't get to cover much about his films in less than 30 minutes as he's got more than 200 films to his name, and that is only as a director. He's also credited as an writer for over 170 films and composer of soundtrack for over 70 films. A busy man, in other words. But you'll find lots of nice info and stuff here. I recommend checking out Vampyros Lesbos, The Diabolical Dr. Z and The Awful Dr. Orloff to get a taste of his works. Low-budget, cheap films, but I love 'em. Especially Vampyros Lesbos is a complete cult classic with it's atmosphere and brilliant soundtrack. Episode 3, Blood and Black Lace: A Short History of the Italian Horror Film This one isn't about one specific director, but about the Italian horror films of the 60's through 80's, with its focus being mainly on Mario Bava, Dario Argento, and Lucio Fulci for obvious reasons. I think ther miss big time in the way they talk about Lucio Fulci as nothing but a shock director, but other than that it's a real nice one.
  6. If you plan on checking out dungeon synth I would really recommend you checking out the classics first. It's a genre that's incredibly uneven and hit & miss. It's usually totally amazing or total dogshit. You rarely find something inbetween. But if you're into medieval atmospheres you'll do wise in checking out the genre. Early Mortiis, Thangorodrim, Lord Wolf, Erevos, *Silentium, Cedamus, Jim Kirkwood and so on are the perfect soundstacks for an evening with hours and hours of Dungeons and Dragons with your friends. The music actually sounds nerdy as fuck. Dark, medieval fantasy music. A lot of it is like Summoning without the metallic part. Silentium is a must for sure. At one point point in the middle of the medieval atmospheres of the demo The Ancients' Wisdom it breaks out in something closer to traditional SNES music like the osts of old Castlevania games. It's just absurd, but it works and it's a really nice tune. My favourite on the album. This was the side project of Munruthel,the drummer of Nokturnal Mortum from 1994-2003.
  7. About Elffor, it depends on what you prefer: dungeon synth/ambient or black metal? But From the Throne of Hate (alternate version) and Frostbitten Pain are probably fine introductions to Elffor as they are heavy on both the dungeon synth and black metal, especially From the Throne of Hate.
  8. Nice thread! Recently started checking for VK bands on Spotify, so this thread is helpful.
  9. Eh, I don't know. It's not that I don't like any VK bands anymore and I still listen to much of what I was into 5-10 years ago (the "classics"), but with the huge flow of band's and releases it just gets harder and harder to find new bands I enjoy. Back in the day when I first got into VK I started with all the classic bands and big bands, making it easy to find quality bands. Nowadays it feels like everyone is releasing something and I have to go through 50 bands to find one I like. Not worth the time IMO. And the "recent" metalcore-esque tend really didn't do me any favors as I despise the sound of modern, 2000's metalcore. But this goes for every genre and scene. Like the depressive black metal boom, thrash metal boom, othrodox black metal boom and so on. I like all these subgenres a lot, but suddenly you had to listen to 50+ albums to find one decent within these styles because "everyone" did them. It was just too much shit getting released which made it hard to find something good, which again made me look for something else. Basically same with VK for me.
  10. Didn't realise that Necrophobic released a new EP this year. One new song and a re-recorded version of a classic song off their classic Slow Asphyxiation demo. The new track, Pesta, sounds very Necrophobic-ish. They continue their very melodic style of black/death metal, and it's very catchy. Sounds like a track off Death to All. The re-recorded version of Slow Asphyxiation isn't bad, but comes off as pointless. Lacks the energy and atmosphere of the original track, which got a proper release in 2009 on the compilation Satanic Blasphemies which includes the two demos Slow Asphyxiation and Unholy Prophecies and the demo The Call. Superb release! If you're not familiar with the band but like bands such as Unanimated, Dissection, Sacramentum, Dismember, Grotesque, Dawn, Cardinal Sin and such it's totally recommended. Imagine a mix of Unanimated's In the Forest of the Dreaming Dead, Dissections Storm of the Light's bane, Dismember's Like an Everflowing Stream and Grotesque's In the Embrace of Evil. Not quite as melodic as Dissection, but more melodic than Dismember and Grotesque. The entire discography is good, but The Nocturnal Silence, Darkside and Satanic Blasphemies are must-haves. Classics!
  11. You could say so, but it's actually been 4 years since their last album. 5 years when the new one comes out. But it doesn't feel that long at all. Time's running fast atm. But bands like Emyn Muil, Moongates Guardian, Elffor, Druadan Forest, and Ered Wethrin have made the wait a bit shorter with some Summoning-esque albums, especially Emyn Muil and the best of Moongates Guardian helped on the wait. The new Elffor is superb btw. It's not metal, but dungeon synth and medieval ambient. Probably the best I've ehard from Elffor till now. It's got a huge Summoning-vibe going on throughout the entire album too. Very The Lord of the Rings-esque. Could listen to this while reading the books for sure.
  12. Best news since forever. One of the best and most consistent black metal bands out there if you ask me. I always know that when Summoning releases something I'll be more than pleased. And the teaser sounds super promising. Lugburz 7/10 Minas Morgul 9/10 Dol Guldur 10/10 Nightshade Forests 10/10 Stronghold 10/10 Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame 8/10 Lost Tales 7/10 Oath Bound 10/10 Old Mornings Dawn 10/10 Fun fact: the two members of Summoning does not rehears anything before recording, and their guitarist, Protector, does not own a guitar. He just borrows one for each recording process.
  13. As far as Enslaved goes, I'd actually go as far as to say that their debut EP and four fitst albums are timeless classics, and Mardraum: Beyond the Within, Monumension and Below the Lights being great too. Every release is so different from the previous, yet so familiar in many ways. Then they decided they wanted to be the Pink Floyd of black metal and went to shit. And as far as Cradle of Filth goes, you should most certain give The Principle of Evil Made Flesh, V Empire or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein, Dusk and Her Embrace, Dusk... and Her Embrace - The Original Sin, Cruelty and the Beast, Midian, Damnation and a Day and Hammer of the Witches a fair chance. These are all fantastic, with the 5 first being proper black metal classics. Original, unique and fantastic! And not to sound negative, but I don't get what's so great about newer Septicflesh. Nowadays the band sounds like a pseudo-death metal band who think their sound is flat and boring and add some symphonic parts to it all to add some depth, bot the problem is the riffs are godfuckingawful and the symphonic parts adds nothing to the music. Doesn't fit in at all and doesn't add anything to the music. Of all the classic Hellenic black/death metal bands out there, this is that one who's fucked up the worst. I'm not a big fan of Revolution DNA or Sumerian Daemons, in fact I despise both albums. But I respect them. They're unique, they're fresh and tey're original and they got plenty soul. Their newer stuff are among the most soulless metal albums I've ever heard. Also had the displeasure to see them live back in 2015 or something. One of the worst gigs ever. Even a 1/10 would sound positive comared to what it was like. Worst shit ever.
  14. Just heard a track off the new Enslaved album and it's probably the worst I've ever heard them. It's like they wrote the song after listening to Lunar Force or Havenless on repeat for 24 hours straight. By far the worst song I've heard from them, and Grutle now sounds like a complete parody of himself. But on the brighter side, the new Cradle of Filth album sounds promising. Aside from the phenomenal idea of releasing the original Dusk... and her Embrace, getting rid of Paul Allender, James McIlroy Dave Pybus and Charles Hedger and getting Ashok (ex-Root), Rich Shaw, Daniel Firth and Lindsay Schoolcraft have done this band wonders. More varied and unpredictable riffing, longer songs with more unorthodox song structures and a different approach with the keyboard and choirs have really done the difference. It doesn't sound like it'll match Hammer of the Witches, but it soudns very good nonetheless.
  15. Well, this sure was surprising. Well, it's more black 'n' roll, but I'm surprised by how melodic it sounds. By far their best track since Now, Diabolical, and I like th emore epic, hymn-esque moments of the track. I really, really dislike The Age of Nero and Satyricon, and ain't too big of a fan of Now, Diabolical. But this was interesting. Like it. Catchy tune. But ever since the release of Now, Diabolical I feel like Frost has been kept a fucking hostage in Satyricon. He's just doodling along to the guitars. While he didn't do much fancy work on Volcano, it still sounds like he let loose and just did whatever the fuck he wanted on the album. There was some power behind the drumming. But ever since he's seemed bored tbh. But I can still listen to Beyond the Apocalypse, Hellfire, Rebel Extravaganza, Antichrist, Reclaim, Blood Must Be Shed and WW and enjoy his mad skills there. Holy cow this man is a beast behind the kit whenever he's actually free to let the beast loose. Oooooh hell yeah! Last good Keep of Kalessin release too, and it's a fucking masterpiece. Best thing they ever did!