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  1. The Dungeonmaster - An early Charles Brand production from his Empire International Pictures (Re-Animator, From Beyond etc). The Dungeonmaster tells the story of a nerd who have to fight an ancient, demonic sorcerer and participate in his "hellish games". Each of the fights, or segments if you want, are directed by a different director and these include Dave Allen, Charles Band, John Carl Buechler, Steven Ford, Peter Manoogian, Ted Nicolaou, and Rosemarie Turko. The film is, in many ways, heavily inspired by Tron, but it not nearly as visually stunning, nerdy or videogame-esque. But it feels almost like a mix of Tron and Dungeons & Dragons, and is a fine, fine mix of fantasy, horror and action. It's lowly rated on IMDB and other sites such as it, but if you ask me I'll say that this is a complete and utter masterpiece. Brilliant film! I reject your reality and substitute my own! This fine track is inspired by The Dungeonmaster. Says it all, doesn't it?
  2. Just finished Ash vs Evil Dead season 2, and what a season. I thought the first season was very good (8/10), but I was quite often taken out of it by horrible special effects. It wasn't only poor CGI, but it felt like it was a lot of it. But with the second season it seems the creators got more money and time to do their thing. There's some poor CGI every now and then (jumping car and titty milk wtf!), but for most part the special effects are practical and they are awesome as fuck. Beautiful, old school special effects. But aside from that it can offer a more Evil Dead-esque story as it used most of the first season to establish our main characters, and now it digs deeper into both the story and the characters. Episode 2 (I think), offers what's probably the most childish and funny scene ever shown in a TV-series. I was in tears. Hilarious as fuck! Huge step up from season 1. 9/10
  3. Subspecies: The Awakening - With his fourth entry to the Subspieces series, and the fifth overall, Ted Nicolaou incorporates his spin-off, Vampire Journals, nicely into the world of Radu Vladislas, Michelle Morgan and the few others who remained throughout most of the series. It's not the best in the series, and at times it feels a bit messy, but it's a well-directed effort with lots of atmosphere, some stunning special effects and an Anders Hove who's nothing short of amazing as Radu once more. But this film doesn't have enough Radu and it's a real shame as he's the real start of the films. But it's very, very enjoyable and once more take a slightly different approach to the genre than previous entry's to the series.
  4. Fans, like, eh, me, you mean? But nah, I don't think this will have a lot to say unless they decide to disband because of it. If they decide they'll find a new drummer the show will go on and no one will care about the change. Or it's compareable to when Shinichi left Sigh after 22 years in the band or when Temis Osmond left Sabbat after 15 years. Don't quote me on this, but as far as I've gathered from interviews with all the bands both Shinichi and Temis Osmond had a lot more to say about their band's sound than Yasunori Takada ever has had. So yeah, I don't believe this will change anything at all, unless they of course decides to disband or continue without a drummer. The latter I don't think will happen. And if they continue they'll sounds like the same Mono we all love.
  5. We're getting close to the end of 2017 so I thought I'd post a small list of Japanese metal releases I've liked a lot this year. Evil - 邪悪を讃えよ (Rites of Evil) By far my Japanese favourite of the year. Take the debuts from bands such as Bathory, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Sabbat, Bulldozer, Venom, Sarcofago, Vulcano, Sodom and Sepultura and mix it up and you've got this. Simple, straight-forward and fantastic black metal that sounds like something from the 80's. Bafomet - Poison of Darkness Japanese/Chilean black/speed metal. It's simple and straight-forward, but it's lots of fun. Coven - The Advent Traditional heavy metal with ex-Fastkill guitarist Akihiro Ito. The cover is the least metal thing I've even seen on a heavy metal release, but music-wise it's really cool. The vocalist is a bit hit and miss, but it's catchy as fuck. Kanashimi - Inoni More depressive black/doom metal from this Japanese one man band. It's a bit more uplifting and airy than the debut, and with a more post-black metal-vibe than funeral doom. But it's beautiful and haunting, and I really, really like this album. Anatomia - Cranial Obsession This Japanese horde delivers mean and dirty death/doom metal in the vein of Autopsy and Coffins. They stick to what they know, and that's OK because they do it so good every time. Great album! Witchslaught released their debut (recorded in 2013) this year too. I've only heard a few songs, but this shit is great and the demo rules too. Furious metal punk that makes me want to smash a head or two. Necrophile released their debut album Awakening Those Oppressed this year. They formed all the way back in 87 and released some fantastic demos and EPs before they split up. Reformed in 2013 and released their debut now. Not heard the whole thing, but the tracks I've heard have been good. Death metal. Also really looking forward to hearing the new G.A.T.E.S. album. It took no less than 18 years before these Japanese metal punks with members and ex-members from Sabbat, Magnesium, Metalucifer, Sacrifice, Church of Misery and Sonic Flower manage to release their debut, but I bet their spent their time well.Can't wait to get a hold on it.
  6. Bloodlust: Subspecies III - This film was shot back-on-back with Bloodstone: Subspecies II with much of the same cast, crew and shit, and simply picks up where Bloodstone ended. But the end product is once again a film that is very different from its predecessor. This has more of a romantic vibe to it, and unlike the two previous films it shows a lonely Radu who showcases a lot of emotions. And we get to see him as more of a tragic monster in the classic sense. It's also a slower film than the two first and with less blood & gore. But the locations in Romania, Ted Nicolaou's beutiful direction and his glorious eye for details and Anders Hove as Radu makes this film what it is. It's very good, but the weakest of the three. We get some top notch shadow play again and it's amazing. It looks so good! There's also a very out of place character named Bob who should've been left out. He adds nothing to the story and isn't funny at all. But it's just a small role, so it doesn't ruin the entire film or anything. Anders Hove is once again beyond amazing as Radu and Pamela Gordon is to awesome as his Mummy. The looks of both these are top notch! Vampire Journals - Vampire is the fourth entry to the Subspieces series, but it's a spin-off that has nothing to do with the main series. Although I believe some of the characters are a part of the last Subspieces film. Anyway, with Vampire Journals we see Ted Nicolaou move in a whole different direction. We still gets his beautiful direction and lots of lovely details, but the film is much, much slower and ends up more in the land of romantic vampire films, sharing a good deal with Interview With a Vampire. It's a good film, but by far the weakest in the series. So where the Subspieces series are more on the black metal side of things, this is more on the goth rock side of things.
  7. Why is that shocking? Band members comes and band members goes. Normal. Don't think this will cause any problems at all. They'll probably get a new drummer and continue on as if nothing happened, and no one will notice a single difference. Good luck to him. Hope it's nothing bad that makes him leave.
  8. And I did not lie. Subspecies - Haven't watched this in ages, but this was a lot better than I remembered. The first thing you'll notice is how this film is shot on location in Romania which gives it an awfully authentic vibe and it truly adds to the atmosphere. It's not very original, and while it is a low-budget film, it doesn't feel like one. One of Charles Brand's goals with Full Moon Entertainment was to make cheap films which felt expensive, and they've done it here. Superb gothic atmosphere, great special effects, and a good and intelligent storyline. The vampire, Radu, is really fucking awesome too. One of the better vampires to be caught on film if you ask me. By the way, Marduk's "NIghtwing" is a cover of the main theme from this film, and the song itself is about our main antagonist Radu Vladislas. That's cool! Bloodstone: Subspecies II - This sequel picks up where the first Subspieces film ended and ups the bar quite a bit. First thing you'll notice is how it's a bit heavier on the special effects, violence and blood & gore, but they all look fucking gorgeous. It's from 93, but it's total practical 80's effects that we all know and love. Again it's shot on location in Romania and we get that authentic feeling, and we get genuine, extravagant castles. It's really awesome. Highlight of the film is whenever director Ted Nicolaou decides he wants to play around with shadows, because the shadow play is nothing short of outstanding and both the special effects and especially the shadow play let's us see that director Ted Nicolaou is quite a talented lad, and that he probably should've gone on to direct bigger films. A lot better than most other directors directing horror films in the 90's. Outstanding! Anyway, this sequel is better than the first film. It's magnificent! Best Full Moon Entertainment film together with Castle Freak. Superb! There's a lot of nods toward the original Nosferatu throughout the films. Both in Radu's appearance and a lot of scenes. It's awesome!
  9. Shin Godzilla was amazing. Best Godzilla film in ages.
  10. Trancers II - The original is a low-budget gem from the 80's. Original and unique in many ways. This sequel however feels cheaper, looks cheaper and generally plays cheaper. It's basically got nothing for itself, and even the one-lines are pretty awful. Not even the legendary Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton can help this film. A poor sequel to a great original. Disappointed!
  11. Trancers: City of Lost Angels - This short was intended to be a part of Charles Band's anthology Pulse Pounders which would include this, a sequel to the original Trancers, a Dungeonmaster sequel and a brand new H.P. Lovecraft film based on The Evil Clergyman (with Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, David Gale and David Warner. This was meant to be released in the late 80's, but due to the fall of Empire Pictures it was shelved. However, 20+ years later they found a copy of the film and released The Evil Clergyman in 2012 and Trancers: City of Lost Angels saw its release in 2013. Now we're only waiting for The Dungeonmaster sequel and a full release. Anyway, Trancers: City of Lost Angels is a 20 minute short which kicks off not too long after the first film ended. It's a fun one, but lacks the real sci-fi elements of the first one and feels a bit more standard than the first film. But it ain't a bad film. Good for what it is!
  12. Ak-Nyeo aka The Villainess - Byung-gil Jung impressed me moderately with his 2011 debut feature Confession of Murder. But it's been 6 years since he did anything and he's used his time well, because with The Villainess he doesn't only released the film of the year, but he takes action to a whole new level. The techniques he used for the action scenes have been used before, but they have never been utilized this well and effective. Byung-gil Jung delivers a film where the action scenes are superbly choreographed and extremely well-shot with cinematography by Jung-hun Park which is nothing less than perfect as far as action goes. It's ultraviolent and it's innovative. The Villainess is so brutal, violent and bloody that it makes recent action flicks like John Wick I & II and Taken look like children's films. But it also has a fairly complex story and well-carved out characters with plenty depth. Some won't find much enjoyment in this, but I like both the story and the characters a lot. Opening scene are probably the best action sequence ever filmed. In many ways similar to certain scenes from Oldboy and Daredevil, however most likely not as impressive as I can't imagine it being a 7 minute long take, rather I imagine it being cut and stitched with some incredible CGI and film techniques. But I can't see it, and I spent the first hour after finishing this film watching this scene on repeat. Complete and utter madness! There is also a motorcycle scene that is out of this world. Trancers - The first few minutes of this sci-fi actioner looks and feels like a b-grade Blade Runner. Both the way the story starts and how it looks makes me wonder if I'm served a Blade Runner rip-off, but sadly things changes quickly. The futuristic begining, with a car modified by none other than Gene Winfield who worked on the visuals for Blade Runner, is the best part of the film. But as soon as our main man are sent back to 1985 everything is back to standard, no visual treat. But that doesn't really matter. Trancers offers a b-grade sci-fi actioner that's only 75 minutes long and is fast-paced throughout. It's not amazing, but I thought it was really, really entertaining. I suddenly decided I had to dig even more into the catalogs of Charles Band's Empire International Pictures, Full Moon Features and it's sub companies. Lots of hidden gems made and released by these studios.
  13. Yeah baby. I agree to most of that. Only like the two first, but they are both fantastic. Classic b-rated band.
  14. Swamp Thing - An early Wes Craven film based on one of the best and coolest superheroes of all time, DC's (and now Vertigo as far as I know) own Swap Thing. It's a superhero sci-fi/horror film, with lots of action thrown in of course. It's not perfect, but it is incredibly fun and the campy elements just takes it to a whole other level. Full of cheese, and I love it! Like I said, among the best and coolest superhero films ever made. It's not quite The Toxic Avenger, but it's not too far behind. Swamp Thing probably had a massive influence on the creation of The Toxic Avenger. Gods, the both of them! Street Trash - For some weird reason director James M. Muro only directed one film (before he 26 years later started directing TV-series), and what a film it is. It is one of a very small amount of films known as "melt movies", and it is a beautiful one. It is as outrageous, gross and disgusting as it is hilarious. Pitch black comedy and horror in the vein of The Stuff, Body Melt, The Blob, The Incredible Melting Man, Society and probably more. This film is pure fucking entertainment and the special effects are as beautiful as they come. Top notch film! Cult as fuck and so on.
  15. https://www.discogs.com/label/78076-Crust-War Crust War is a label that focused on crust punk and d-beat, and they got everything from old classics to newers gems. They release on either vinyl (mostly 7") and cassettes. They got stuff like Gloom, Zouo, Zoe, Effigy, Framtid, Abraham Cross and Corrupted. And since in on the subject of Japanese punk, XXX Records are finally re-releasing the 5 Gauze albums on LP. These will be official releases of several of the best and most important Japanese hardcore albums of all time, namely Fuck Heads and Equalizing Distort. Nuclear War Now! Productions has a lot of Japanese metal to their name. Classic albums from both Abigail and Sabbat, as well as stuff from Anatomia, Metalucifer, Barbatos and Evil. The man behind the label are one of the most dedicated fan of metal around the world and it shows very well on the quality of his releases. As far as metal goes finding black, death, thrash, grind and classic heavy metal is fairly easy. They get re-released all the time and stuff.