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  1. Bear

    Angel Has Fallen - If you have seen Olympus and London Has Fallen and thought they were entertaining you'll probably find this amusing. It's more of the same, and Gerard Butler is playing his usual self. But I don't really tire from these movies, same as with Liam Neeson. He can just do the same over and over again and I'm happy about it. Dumb entertainment. Fun!
  2. Bear

    Indeed! Very overlooked, but incredibly cool film. The Field Guide to Evil - An eight-part anthology movie with directors from different countries, with each telling one traditional tale of urban legend, myths, and folklore from their own country. One was rather bad, but the rest ranged between good and incredible. A quick run through with scores: The Sinful Women of Höllfall (Austria) - 7/10 Haunted by Al Karisi, the Childbirth Djinn (Turkey) - 6/10 The Kindler and the Virgin (Poland) - 8/10 Beware the Melonheads (USA) - 3/10 What Ever Happened to Panagas the Pagan? (Greece) - 8/10 The Palace of Horrors (India) - 9/10 A Nocturnal Breath (Germany) - 6/10 Cobblers' Lot (Hungary) - 9/10 Cobblers lot was actually made by Peter Strickland, but it based on a folk tale from Hungary. Highly recommended from me, but it seems like this is more miss than hit among the audience.
  3. Bear

    Bad Day for the Cut - Fantastic Irish crime thriller by Chris Baugh in his feature film debut. It's intense and suspenseful, but witty as hell without crossing into comedy territory. Thought this was really damn good, and Nigel O'Neill is really amazing throughout. Great stuff!
  4. Bear

    The Descent: Part 2 - A pretty fun, but ultimately disappointing sequel to Neil Marshall intense original. It's got great atmosphere, loads of killings, blood and gore, but it lacks the intensity and claustrophobic feeling of the original. One thing first-time director Jon Harris gets wrong is he's making it too close to the original. The setting is good and all, but it feels like a weaker version of the original. Too similar. The other thing, which is very, very disappointing, is he's showing too much of the monsters. That's one thing Neil Marshall really good right. More often than not, what you can not see is more scary than what you see. But all in all it was a fun ride. Here Comes Hell - A silly, over the top horror comedy made much in the vein of 1930's whodunit set to a house, just with a supernatural side to it all instead of a whodunit theme. But the setting and feeling is the same. Think 1930's whodunit in the form of a supernatural movie mixed with classic William Castle movies, Evil Dead 2 and Clue. It's a black and white movie with the 1.37:1 ratio, and despite being shot digital it both looks and feels very 1930's, with the exception of the over the top gore and silliness of course. Ye, excellent! Really fucking impressive piece of filmmaking. There was one scene I didn't like tho, but I didn't hate it either because it felt very Army of Darkness-ish. But all in all great, great fun! Highly recommended! The Mildew from Planet Xonader - I started watching this last night, and it didn't take long until these thoughts popped up in my head: "what the fuck, haven't I seen this before? Isn't this the disappointing Troma-esque Mold! that I saw a few months ago?" Well, not quite, but I wasn't too off. That means, director Giulio De Santi (founder and president of Necrostorm who produced(?) and released Mold!) takes 25% of the original movie, 25% of unreleased footage from Mold! and shots 50% new scenes to make a whole new movie. It's in the same vein tho. Melt movie that feels Troma-esque, but isn't quite as good as a regular Troma movie. It's fun, got some great practical effects and stuff, but it looks way too clean, polished and digital, and there is something lacking. Disappointing.
  5. Bear

    Man, I can't wait for this. Richard Stanley debuted with the classic Hardware, and followed it up by the amazing Dust Devil. But he's probably most known for working on The Island of Dr. Moreau back in the mid-90's, a film which turned into a failure of a project with Richard Stanley losing his job and getting replaced by John Frankenheimer, who failed to make it any justice at all. I highly recommend the fabulous documentary Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau which takes a look at this entire project. Anyway, since 1996's The Island of Dr. Moreau the incredibly talented Richard Stanley have only made a few documentaries, as well as a handful of short movies, so this is his first feature length since that. And it looks amazing, and Lovecraft fans are highly positive towards this movie. It's supposed to be really good as well as actually nailing the Lovecraftian feeling. It looks so good!
  6. Bear

    The Mule - Clint Eastwood is getting old, but the man has learnt from the best and you are still able to see that. Superbly directed and well-acted, especially from the man himself. The story is cool, and the fact that it's based on a true story is nothing short of insane. What a story! Anyway, good move from Mr. Eastwood and hopefully not his last movie yet.
  7. Bear

    The Ruins - I hadn't rated this, but it didn't take many minutes before I realized I had seen it once upon a time and I remembered liking it. And I liked it a lot now too. Great atmosphere throughout, and while it is somewhat predictable it kinda keeps you guessing exactly what are gonna happen next. Good shit. Backcountry - Survival horror based on a true story. It's pretty good, but thought it took too long to get going and when it finally got going it was more or less finished. A couple of really stupid choices from the director too, choosing to have the most shaky cam I've ever seen in that one scene where the girl is running away from the bear. Almost got dizzy and sick from it. Frozen - Adam Green's survival horror/thriller set to a ski resort. The premise is really simply and really straight forward, but it's superbly executed with great atmosphere and suspense. Well-acted throughout as well. Well done! Rogue - Amazing killer croc movie that does more or less everything right. Great atmosphere, full og suspense, great effects for most part and great performances. Directed by the same guy who did Wolf Creek I & II. 47 Meters Down - Decent survival horror, but it lacks both the suspense and cast of a film like Rogue, or even Frozen. The actors are all-around pretty bad, and it never gets suspenseful enough. It never gets you to the edge of the seat. Shame, cuz there's great potential here. Will watch the sequel tho. Witches in the Woods - At one and a half hour it feels fifty minutes too long, and it just never really gets going. Wasn't impressed by anything in this. Poor movie.
  8. This was a surprisingly cool track. Easily their best track since Roots Bloody Roots, and one of very few track post-Arise that's actually good. Midnight doesn't disappoint, so this is pretty cool. Sleazy and filthy black speed metal. First new King Diamond track in 12 years, and it rules! Sounds like The Eye part 2, and this is just way, way, way better than every single song on Give Me Your Soul...Please. Which happens to be the only King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Black Rose, Brats and Danger Zone release I don't like. This is amazing and I can't wait for the return of the King!
  9. Bear

    Is it dungeon synth Mortiis or industrial rock Mortiis? If it's dungeon synth Mortiis it's highly recommended if you like gigs without much happening. He's for most part standing still, barely looking up from the laptop and his synth, but well worth it imo. I had a blast seeing him a couple of years ago. Was superb and I'd wish for. 9/10 But again, I love ambient and ritualistic gigs where not much happens in general. It's not for everyone, but if into that stuff it's fantastic.
  10. Bear

    The Commuter - It is 2018 and people still haven't learnt to leave Liam Neeson's family alone. The Commuter is Jaume Collet-Serra's n'th movie with Liam Neeson, and he's made this movie before. Just with another setting. This isn't super amazing, but it's really fun and Liam Neeson is cool as hell as usual. So it's a very enjoyable film.
  11. Bear

    The Wailing - South-Korean horror movie by Hong-jin Na (The Chaser, The Yellow Sea), who just keeps getting better with each film. The Wailing is basically a South-Korean folk-horror-ish movie, and it's a damn fine one. Atmospheric, exciting, intense and incredibly suspenseful. Full of stunning details, beautiful cinematography and photo throughout. 2,5 hours well spent! Felt more like a 70 minutes movie tbh. Midsommar - This new folk-horror movie by Ari Aster (Hereditary) is nothing short of breathtaking, and one of the year's best movies for sure. It really nails that 60's and 70's folk-horror feeling, and you can't really talk about this without mentioning The Wicker Man. And that is a compliment for sure. Like The Wailing this is full of stunning details, beautiful cinematography and photo throughout. 2,5 hours well spent! Felt more like a 70 minutes movie tbh. The Stalls of Barchester - This is the first episode of the 70's anthology series A Ghost Story for Christmas. This has nothing to do with christmas, but it was aired during christmas as a tradition of telling ghost stories during this time. This is a pretty standard ghost story. Decent, but not amazing by any means. A Warning to the Curious - This is the second episode, and this was much, much better. Folk-horror based ghost story that's chilling and suspenseful. This is one of a few episodes I have seen before because of it's folk-horror themes. The Witch in the Window - Ghost story that leans more towards drama than horror, and while it surely does carry some atmosphere and looks gorgeous, it feels a bit cheap and underdeveloped. It's a slow-burner, which I tend to like a lot, but this doesn't carry enough story for this much drama. Wasted potential IMO.
  12. Bear

    lolwat? Stoner? Are you serious, or just joking around? There is literally nothing stoner about Ghost at all, so I don't really get why one would exchange Ghost with stoner. Weird. Black Sabbath isn't exactly the first band that pops up in my head either, aside from certain atmospheric elements and general feeling on a few of the songs of the debut album.
  13. Batyushka just released two more albums. That makes it 9 albums since september 12th, 2019. Haha!
  14. Bear

    This sounds superb, so I really can't wait for this. Really don't mind Mortiis going back to dungeon synth after its recent popularity, even though it can be seen as him just jumping on a trend. But I am very much fine with that.
  15. Bear

    Mrs. Amworth - Late 70's British horror short that was a pilot for an unmade anthology series called Classics Dark and Dangerous. It's a lighthearted horror mystery-comedy that's a bit too jolly for its own good IMO. Not bad, but not amazing either. Decent way to spend 30 minutes. Gwen - A slow, slow, slow, slow, slow-burning folk horror tale that's certainly not for everyone, but if you're into slow-burning, atmospheric folk-horror movies then this should be of interest. Well-acted, superbly shot and edited, well-written and with superb cinematography. It's dark, bleak, atmospheric and suspenseful, but it might be too slow for most. But not for me. I thought it was really good. If folk-horror like Hagazussa and The Witch, this should be interesting to you. It's closer to Hagazussa than The Witch, tho. Cat in the Brain - Cat in the Brain is one of Lucio Fulci's final movies and is a meta-horror where Lucio Fulci plays a fictional version of himself. Lucio Fulci is a tormented horror film director who is slowly losing grip on reality. It's a weird one, with scenes from several of his other movies appearing here and there, but I think this is super underrated, slightly overlooked and really fucking awesome. Way better than its reputation. Death Weekend - Grim, bleak and awesome mid-70's rape and revenge that offers nothing new to the sub-genre, but is full of grimness ala The Last House on the Left. Feels like a mix of The Last House on the Left and Straw Dogs. Good shit!
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