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  1. Bear

    Surprised to find out that this is a serious band. Thought it was a parody tbh.
  2. Bear

    Mandy - 2018 is the year that just keeps giving as far as films goes, and Mandy is the last film to truly impress me. After having impressed a lot with the sci-fi horror Beyond the Black Rainbow in 2010 (which I reviewed a few months back), Panos Cosmatos returns with another exceptional and unique film. If you've seen Beyond the Black Rainbow you kinda know what to expect, because Mandy is a weird-ass flick much in the same vain. First hour is syrup-slow and rather out there in an artsy ways, where the main object obviously is to create atmosphere mostly via the use of creative lighting, smoke and some weird-ass effects, because the plot is thin and very much familiar. And Panos Cosmatos is not afraid to use his time, and he's not afraid to let a scene just go on and on without doing anything to it. But the film is visually stunning beyond words, it's over the top violent and extreme and it features a Nicolas Cage who's never been better. That's just one hell of a performance by a man long forgotten. Performance of the decade perhaps? A fucking beats of a film. By far Nicolas Cage best performance and film ever. FOTY!!! Fun fact: There is an axe in this film, and the design of the axe is based around the F in Celtic Frost's logo. How fucking badass is that? Exceptional-looking axe too. Panos Cosmatos has hit two homeruns in two attempts. Clearly the most exciting new director out there atm and one to keep an eye on for sure.
  3. Bear

    The Amazing Spider-Man - Aside from decent romance, this doesn't bring much new to the table as far as Spider-Man goes and I cannot believe that they spent so much money on a reboot that feels more or less exactly the same as the original. A waste of time as far as I am concerned. Not because it's bad in any way, but because I've already seen Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3. Meh. Not very impressed by the CGI either. So artificial and boring, and the scenes made for 3D are nothing short of embarrassing. Fucking ew!
  4. The awful title aside, this song is great and the sound is just amazing. That guitar tone is sexy as fuck, and Nick Holmes is just getting better with each release since he started growling again. Like, I'm one of few(?) who though Holmes did really good on Grand Morbid Funeral, but this time around he sounds even better. I kinda wonder if one of the reasons for that is that GMF was written before Holmes joined the band, and that this is written more to suit his vocals or if he's just gotten used to it again. Or a mix of both maybe? Anyway, good track.
  5. Bear

    31 - If you look away from the abysmal Halloween remake and its awful sequel, Halloween 2, Rob Zombie comes off as someone who can't do no wrong. From the mean and brutal exploitation horror films House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects, to the faux nazisploitation trailer of Werewolf Women of the SS and to the slow-burning and more visual The Lords of Salem, Rob Zombie always finda way to truly impress me. He's got his own thing going on and there's just no-one in the world making films like him atm. 31 is another Rob Zombie flick and he goes back to the style of The Devil's Rejects, albeit a bit cheaper. It's full of blood, violence, gore, camp and kilos of cheese waiting around every single corner, and it's a full-on Rob Zombie-flick from beginning to end. And if you read this, you'll notice that I called it cheap. And I did. Because it comes off as a quickie. Like one of those films that were written, funded, filmed, cut and edited in a month and a half, on a very low budget (1,5m, compared to House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects' 7m). Anyway, it's a full-on exploitation flick that doesn't try to be anything other than exactly that. Exploitative, offensive, mean and grim. I fucking loved it! Thought it was as good as The Devil's Rejects and The Lords of Salem. This is Rob Zombie making The Running Man into an exploitation film. Grotesk - I was ordering some DVDs last week as they were cheap as fuck, and one of the film I ordered was this. Never heard of it and didn't bother checking it out, as the artwork for the cover was absolutely brilliant. It looked really old school and made me think of cheap no-budget exploitation horror from the 60's and 70's, and I was not wrong. The name of Herschell Gordon Lewis was more or less written over the film from beginning to end, as well as Andreas Schnaas as it has that amateurish rawness to it. Like, the script is shit, it looks and sounds like it was filmed on a phone that cost $25, and there's not a single element of quality here. But it's real fun, and I truly enjoyed it. Good-awful special effects, terrible but funny acting, corny dialogue and even cornier characters. I had fun. Well worth the money and the 63 minutes it took from my life. Michael Denner of Mercyful Fate and King Diamond fate helped with the soundtrack. VampyrVidar - I was looking forward to this and was very pleased when I got a couple of free tickets too the movie, and while it wasn't a masterpiece it was fun. Starts off really well, combining horror and comedy in the most excellent way. The first 40 minutes were excellent, and both the horror, special effects and humor worked really well. After that it lost more and more elements of horror and became more and more comedy, and it kinda lost me a bit. The jokes got very hit and miss, and a lot seemed to be offensive for the sake of being offensive and nothing else. But I'd recommend people to support this anyway as it is the type of film Norway needs atm, and it's a no-budget film as it got no support from the film-industry in Norway. Genre films ain't accepted over here, only big productions and deep drama films get any support. Disgusting! Meatball Machine Kodoku - 12 years after Yudai Yamaguchi and Junichi Yamamoto made the masterpiece that is Meatball Machine, and 10 years after Yoshihiro Nishimura made the short spinoff Meatball Machine: Reject of Death, special effects wizard Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, Helldriver, Mutant Girls Squad), a man who actually did the special effects for the original Meatball Machine, returns with the long-awaited sequel for a classic cult film. So how is it? Well, he clearly knows what Meatball Machine was all about, because this is a Meatball Machine film alright. To my big surprise it takes a long time to build characters and plot, but as soon as it kicks-off it complete and utter madness until the end. As over the top and bizarre as it gets, and it's loads of fun. But it never reaches the genius of the original film. But it's highly recommended for fans of Japanese splatter films. Yoshihiro Nishimura, and a lot of the other Japanese splatter directors, are a bunch of weird ones. Because when they go practical they are truly brilliant in their job, but they rely way too much on CGI, and the CGI is so fucking bad. At times it can work, but sometimes they go a bit over the top with it.
  6. Bear

    Sicario: Day of the Soldado - Good, but a bit of a disappointment tbh. It lacks the coldhearted and mean-spirited atmosphere of the first film, and the character changes was a bit iffy. Felt they didn't make much sense at all. But the film was cool and Benicio Del Toro is brilliant once more. What an actor!
  7. Bear

    No. Just no. Sicario - Dark, grim and really great thriller with a magnificent Benicio Del Toro that completely steals the show. His performance is on a whole other level in this flick. All aspects of the film is great, but he's the best part of it. And the first scene where the cross the Mexican-American border bak from Juarez. Intense as fuck! Superb!
  8. Bear

    Vampire Cleanup Department - Romantic horror comedy in the vein of Mr. Vampire and it's sequels, so a jiangshi horror film if you want. Hopping vampires, Taoist priests and kung fu. Just like the excellent Rigor Mortis, this is a homage and tribute to one of the genre greats Lam Ching-ying who passed 20 years ago last years when this was releases. Lam Ching-ying was one of the actors in Mr. Vampire and its sequels. Anyway, this is just lighthearted fun, unlike Rigor Mortis which is a lot darker and more stylish. It's got nice characters, fun, witty dialogue, a decent, heartwarming story, and a superb cast consisting of Chin Siu-ho (Mr. Vampire, some of its sequels and Rigor Mortis), Richard Ng (Mr. Vampire 3, Rigor Mortis), Lo Mang (Toad in the Venom Mob, played in films like Five Deadly Venoms, Crippled Avengers, Five Element Ninjas and shitload of other superb masterpieces) and the lesser known Yuen Cheung-yan who is always fantastic. So you could say we've got a ensemble cast here, and with all these involved it's hard to make something bad. So yeah, it's a fun film. Not as good as the classics and not quite up there with Rigor Mortis, but I was very much entertained.
  9. Bear

    Thought Terrifier was terrific. On a whole other level than e.g It. Dark, grim, sadistic and with what is perhaps the coolest clown ever. Excellent atmosphere too. Totally recommended!
  10. Bear

    Lowlife - I ain't gonna add too much about this, but I watched this a few days ago and was quite surprised to say the least. I haven't heard a single mention of this nowhere and just checked it out because I really liked the artworks. Lowlife, Ryan Prows debut feature, isn't an original film that brings anything new to the table. But it still feels like a breath of fresh air as it's 100% 90's Quentin Tarantino through and through. If you ask me, everything about the film just feels extremely 90's Tarantinoesque, and I loved it. Everything from the way the film is told and filmed, to the characters and their dialogue just feel like early Tarantino. I guess a lot of people will write it off as a poor copycat, but for someone like me who's watched Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown 50+ times each it was totally awesome. Solo: A Star Wars Story - I've heard a bit this and a bit of that when it comes to this film, but I ain't gonna lie, I really liked it. It feels like a Star Wars film through and through, but at the same time it feels quite different because they've taken more of a classic space western approach, rather than a space opera which gives it a new dimension as far as Star Wars goes. Not quite on par with Rogue One, but still very, very good IMO. Donald Glover is just fantastic! Office Uprising - Decent enough action-comedy with lots of violence and many, many jokes. Sadly, both the special effects and jokes are very hit and miss. At their best they're excellent, but the excellent ones doesn't come in plenty here. Tries to go into horror territory, but never really manage to build itself as a horror film. So I'll post it here instead.
  11. Bear

    Brain Dead - Nope, not the classic Peter Jackson splatstick from 1992, but Adam Simon psychological horror film from 1990. It tries to be clever, but never is and it feels very predictable and rather boring. A few special effects that looks great, but that's about it. Very disappointing film.
  12. Bear

    Really liked the third season too. Weird as fuck, but it was really entertaining with fucking Rutger Hauer stealing the show as usual. What a man and what an actor! So underrated. The season as a whole was a small step down, but it was still really good. Looking forward to season 4. Been watching an episode of Good Girls now and then lately and finished season 1 the other day. Fun crime-comedy with Christina Hendricks, Retta and a fantastic Mae Whitman in the lead as three women who decides to do something stupid because they're in a hard situation in their life. Manny Montana is also really good in the series. Thought it was both fun and engaging. Adds nothing new to the genre, but it's fun. Real fun!
  13. Bear

    Skyscraper - I like Dwayne Johnson a lot, so I will watch almost any movie that has him in it, and as this does have him in it I just had to watch it. Mildly entertaining Die Hard rip-off without almost all the things that made Die Hard a classic, genre-defining film. It's fun for what it is, filled with cool scenes and a very awesome Dwayne Johnson, but it's nothing special. I do not regret watching it though. Surf Nazis Must Die - The title kinda says all, doesn't it? Cult film with the name of Troma Entertainment attached to it. It's about a bunch of neo-nazi surfers, lead by non other than Adolf himself, Führer of the new beach, who decides they gonna own the fucking beaches around the area. You have Adolf, Eva and Mengele as some of the surf nazis, and that's kinda all you need to know. Awesome film!
  14. Bear

    All you have to do is become me.
  15. Megathérion, German black/thrash with members from the brilliant band Eurynomos and Cruel Force. Fantastic release if you like 80's black/thrash. As old school as it gets.