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  1. Bear

    Netflix strikes again, so fuck the motherfucking haters. I'm only 6 episodes into the series, but so far I'm extremely satisfied. Animated anthology series that so far has been horror, sci-fi, fantasy and comedy. Incredibly diverse, so you got no idea what the next episode is gonna be both story-wise and visually. Really cool stuff. Episodes so far has been between 5 and 20 minutes long.
  2. New Martyrdöd is heavily awaited. Not long ago since I really started appreciating their more neo-crust inspired sound. Some Blind Guardian news: I'm excited for this, and it's not long ago since I started appreciated their more symphonic and proggy Queen-inspired albums. But this will be something special I think. It's been in the works since 1997. 1997!!!
  3. Bear

    Wu Tang Clan, Public Enemy and De La Soul are playing in Oslo i May, as wellas DJ Premier. Crazy good line up. Gonna go for sure!
  4. Been very much into a couple of Xülthys' projects lately. One-man black metal band that nailed the music, lyrics and imagine a lot. Great, dark and moody music and really cool pictures and cover arts. There's something really mystic about the pictures. Reminds me of old pictures of a secret cult of something. Bašmu https://basmu.bandcamp.com/ Girtablullû https://girtablullu.bandcamp.com/releases Flešš https://rawflesh.bandcamp.com/releases Really impressive stuff IMO. Dark, grim, atmospheric, raw. Really got everything.
  5. Deafheaven goes more towards thrashy black metal without any post-rock influence at all, and it sounds awesome. By far the best thing they've done since their debut.
  6. Bear

    Idontknowjeffery is my new obsession. More often than not pretty lo-fi and chill beats with pretty slow but groovy rapping on top. Can't get enough of this guy.
  7. Bear

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - 2018 was a fantastic year for animated superhero movies, and while not as good as or unique as Batman Ninja og Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, this is still very unique and different and a fan-fuckin-tastic movie. Superbly written, animated, voice acted and so on. Also, the coloring scheme throughout the movies are really sweet. Spider-Man Noir deserves his own movie, and Nicolas Cage was beyond fucking brilliant. Like, he was THE star of the film. Holy shit! GOD! The Equalizer - The type of badass action thriller you'd expect to see Liam Neeson star in 5-10 years ago, but it's a bit different and the biggest difference is that this carries a much warmer lead character played beautifully and amazingly badass by Denzel Washington. I would love to see less cut up and better choreographed action scenes, but the entie film is just sweet as candy. Completely awesome! The Equalizer 2 - Lacks some of what made the first one THAT fucking good, but I don't think this is much worse at all. More of the same, but done way better than e.g Taken 2 was. Lovely stuff!
  8. Bear

    Maniac - Exceptional sci-fi drama with with some truly stunning performances by Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. It's a remake of a Norwegian series I have not seen, but I might watch it out of curiosity. This was phenomenal! A must-see IMO. The Umbrella Academy - Didn't except to like this much, but I actually did despite some major flaws. The overall tone is a bit inconsistent, the choices of music is so standard and boring that it almost seem parodying regular choices, and Luther turned out to be a poorly written cliche. But overall the series was cool. Like a mix of Watchmen and X-Men, but not nearly as good or interesting as either. But recommended if you're into atypical superhero shows.
  9. Bear

    Anyone knows any decent places to download or watch anime? Currently looking for Cyber City Oedo 808, but I can only find it on youtube with English language. But thought I'd pick up some anime again. Been a few years since I watched it regularly, but I need some place to get it from. Buying is always an option, but a lot of it is so fucking expensive. Edit: Forget about it!
  10. Some more news: Been listening to this track a lot in the past weeks since it was recommended to me on Spotify. And it has blown me away. It took me AGES to get into Helheim post Yersinia Pestis (14 years, and I gave ever album since Yersinia Pestis a lot of listens), but it wasn't until the release of landawarijaR in 2017 that I started enjoying newer Helheim and now I love it all, every single release from their 1993 demo Helheim to landawarijaR, and judging from this track I'll love this as well. This song is very different, carrying a rockish drive to it, while still keeping the recent touch of norse atmosphere to it. Brilliant, and one of Helheim's best tracks ever. Catchy as hell, while still giving you a lot to dig into and enjoy. Simple, but EXCEPTIONAL drumming. Love the changes around 2:14 and 2:44. They add so much to the track itself, despite being incredibly straight forward. Can't wait for the album to drop! Teaser from an upcoming single by Vulture. They released a modern speed metal classic in 2017, so I can't wait for this. Should be awesome! Stälker - Powermad Nothing released from this two track EP yet, but if you've heard these guys you know this is gonna rule. Like Vulture they released a fantastic speed metal album in 2017, but this was, to everyone's big surprise, even better than Vulture. Furious speed metal! Their demo is a must-have for any fan of speed metal. Well, so is their debut album.
  11. Sinmara - Hvísl stjarnanna https://sinmara.bandcamp.com/album/hv-sl-stjarnanna Two tracks from the upcoming album. One of the best out of the recent rise of bands on Iceland, and this sounds terrific. New Bewitcher single on its way, and this is the teaser. Sounds exactly like you'd expect after the cool debut album. Black/speed metal in the vein of Venom, Bulldozer and Bathory. A track from the upcoming Fen EP. Fen's always good, but I don't really get why this has been releases. It's basically just a long interlude. Hope the two, longer tracks brings something better with them. https://malignantvoices.bandcamp.com/album/citizenship-of-the-abyss Two tracks from the upcoming Owls Woods Graves album. Black metal punk by two five Medico Peste members, as well as two of Mgla's live members. Sounds awesome! https://katechon.bandcamp.com/album/sanger-fra-auschwitz Not sure if I have posted any news about this, but the new Katechon album are right around the corner. Judging by the two tracks available, this is gonna be their best release so far. Chrome Waves - A Grief Observed https://chromewaves.bandcamp.com/album/a-grief-observed Chrome Waves kinda blew a lot of us post-black metal fans away back in 2012 with their debut EP, but then they went silent for 6 years and everybody seemed to forget about them. But their debut album is right around the corner, and the two singles they released last year were very good. Recommended!
  12. Yep, I know and it's really cool. I would also love to see Vintersorg get back with Vargher and release another Havayoth album, but that's not gonna happen for sure. Don't think either are interested. It's one of those really obscure bands that no one really seems to know, not even Vintersorg fans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTN1S1toaeM Good news for fans of dark, filthy, disgusting and putrid death metal as Triumvir Foul are releasing a new EP called Urine of Abomination. This track sounds really cool. Both albums are top notch btw but their first demo are still the best thing they've released. Both music and production are spot on. One of the coolest death metal releases of the 2010's for sure. But both albums are heavily recommended as well.
  13. Bear

    First that comes to my mind is Merry's two oldies covers from the Gekisei single. Isezakicho Blues by Mina Aoe (1968) and Merry's cover
  14. This is basically a new incantation of Bal-Sagoth with four of Bal-Sagoth's five members. Only one missing is Byron Roberts. Sounds like older Bal-Sagoth which is a great thing. The vocals isn't the best, but they sound much better on the track than they did on the previews we got a week ago which was completely and utter awful. And considering Byron are one of the best lyricists of metal I don't expect we'll get any concepts as great as his, but whatever. I can do without good lyrics anyway. Sounds cool tho. https://frozendreams.bandcamp.com/album/voices-of-the-arctic-winter Frozen Dreams, Summoning worship from Sweden. A bit more sugarcoated than Summoning is, but it's good, atmospheric/epic black metal. Released one album in 2017, two in 2018 and so far one in 2019. Effective and productive guy, and it doesn't seem to lower the quality of his releases which is sweet.
  15. Bear

    Hard to disagree with that, Jigsaw. X Japan and Toshi was always best when they went full speed/power metal, over the top symphonic speed/power metal or just catchy as fuck heavy metal. I actually think Toshi sounds a tad stupid when he sings ballads.
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