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  1. The acoustic gig should be cool. The live shit from the streets in Kiev(?) earlier this year was as cool as ut was corny, and it was corny as fuck. Loved it.
  2. I was hoping he would move more towards hip hop so that's very welcomed here. Thought the production and vocals were both top notch.
  3. Read this yesterday and thought it was fantastic. Unreal shit, but very amusing.
  4. Bear

    Album of the year.
  5. Bear

    Finished Black Mirror season 4. Very good as always, but weakest season yet? Thought USS Callister, Hang the DJ and Metalhead were really good and stood out, not only in this season, but as some of the best episodes in the entire series. Hang the DJ had a really nice and uplifting tone ala San Junipero, and USS Callister had much of the same feeling to it. It has a certain bleakness and shit, but much of the comedic elements, bright and colorful visual style and ending had much of the same feeling. Metalhead were grim as fuck, but probably the most interesting of the entre series visually. Black and white, minimalistic, beautyful cinematography and just an overall dark and grim atmosphere. Crocodile and Black Museum were both good with both having some major pros, but as a whole they were flaws. The cinematography, bleakness and cast were amazing, but there was something that just didn't fully do it for me. Black Museum had a bit too much "been there, done that" feeling to it although the first short story of the episode was fantastic. Arkangel's among the worst of the series so far. Bottom 2 for sure. Just. Eh?
  6. Bear

    That looks sweet as fuck. Did you make it from scratch, or did you just buy stuff that was ready to be put on?
  7. Bear

    Heard the first track and I kinda like it, but I thought ut was a bit too uplifting and positive-sounding.
  8. No biggie. This entire forum is filled with people who do that. But as soon as someone add an opinion of some sorts when posting news and shit, chances of people getting interested is just much higher. Especially if one compare it to someone or something. I tried this in the film threads lately too. Just posting the name of the film and nothing else. I am pretty sure my mini-reviews cause a lot more interest, and my thoughts on the movie might get more people to see/avoid it too even if someone disagree's with the opinion. Example: vs Someone will disagree about the statement made above, but it will win the interest of a few more than the first example and that's all I meant with "adding something". So fucking what if someone disagree and act a bit childish and holier than thou about it? Who cares? It's the internet. If you can't handle stuff like that life just isn't for you. Last statement not meant towards you btw.
  9. Bear

    Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror is just great in all of its awfulness. Awful in every way, still it has one of the most memorable scenes in all of cinema. That scene is just fucking nuts.
  10. Norrman?

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      Nabo! Fun to see!

    3. Bear


      Yeah. Hvor i Sverige bor du?

    4. Laurence02


      Skåne, så kanske inte helt "nabo"-likt (dessvärre). Du? 

  11. That was three words and your post Immediately went from boring to pretty fucking valuable. Just because of your own damn opinion. Nice. Well done. Will check the song later. Should be good indeed.
  12. Bear

    The Watch
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