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  1. I like everything these guys have released so far, but Gu Yan needs to be the starting point. Their best! Love the traditional folk music they add to the mix, but only in small doses, and it's so classy. Just a bit of it that truly adds som flavour to the mix, not so that they turn into a folk metal band or anything.
  2. I must be the dumbest fuck in the entire universe. Ever since my big, decent TV died I've watched less movies, which is like for the last half a year. Because this old TV doesn't have an optical cable input, so I haven't been able to watch anything with my surround unless I've used my PS3, because that actually has an optical cable input. Anyway, I tried to "stream" films from my PC to my PS3, but I couldn't get that working. And I tried my USB after googling a bit, and I couldn't get that working either. However, I just googled again and on my first try I found out you just have to create a folder on your USB stick called Video. And voila, it works. Jesus, that's so dumb. Can't believe I missed that the first time I tried. Anyone know a decent tutorial to add subs to video files? Prefer watching films with subs, but I am not sure how to do this. Haven't tried just adding a subtitle to the folder like I would do if I plugged the USB right into the TV, but I assume it would not working on the PS3. Does anyone know this?
  3. I'm still ill, so I am not gonna do a long-ass review. But I'll do my best before my head explodes or something similar to that due to a massive headache I've had for almost a week now. My partner was @plastic_rainbow who I don't really know anything about, but it didn't take long into the mix before I saw we were a miss-match as far as tastes goes. 1. A short intro that sets the mood nicely. It's not exceptional, but when used right this could be handy. But it doesn't really run too well with the next song. Like, not at all. 6/10 2. This track does not continue the vibe of the intro, and it just makes the intro seem meaningless. The track starts off with a disgusting, modern metalcore riff without any character at all before some cheesy synth and godawful growls jumps right at you. Every softer part of the song are actually fairly decent, but whenever they try to be brutal, hard or whatever they're trying they fail really hard. And it's a lot of that in this track. I'm not familiar with these type of bands at all, but if I were to guess I'd say this is Matenrou Opera or something. 4/10 3. The third track is something different for sure, a pop-rock track with a god awful female vocalist. For some reason, this sounds like a song written for a regular TV-show designed for and marketed to children. This could, based on the sound alone, have been included in some shit like Teletubbies or something. Doesn't do anything but annoy me to be honest. 3/10 4. This is more my cup of tea. Short and weet pop rock with a vocalist that sounds nice. Sounds a bit familiar, but I can't really put my finger on what it is. Gives me some Kra vibes at times. Liked this track quite a lot. 7/10 5. Probably the best song off the mix so far. Nice and poppy, but quite challenging at the same time. The drums should sound way out of place considering how the rest of the track sounds, but it works really well. The "breaks" or whatever are excellent. What the fuck is this? 7/10 6. This is another nice track. Quite poppy, but at the same time it challenges me to some degree. Not quite sold on those vocals, but musically it's really nice. Could probably have been 40-60 seconds shorter, though. 6/10 7. This is another nice track. Starts really slow and just builds and builds towards a massive ending. But the intro could've been shortened a bit, and the drumming turns a bit annoying towards the last minute and a half of the track. But it's quite nice, this track. 6/10 8. This sounds really familiar, but I can't put my finger on what band it is. I should probably know it, though. Kinda reminds me of Kagerou or something. Haven't listened to these type of bands in year, but Kagerou is the first band I think of. Really like this track. 7/10 9. A beautiful track I would assume is off a video game soundtrack. Nice, dreamy atmosphere with some stunning female vocals. 8/10 10. I don't get this at all. A slow, boring track with poor vocals on top of it. And at 5.55 minutes it feels long as fuck too. 3/10 11. The hardest track on the mix, and also the best one. I should probably know what this is, but I can't really figure it out. It's nice, dark very atmospheric. Sounds like a mix of post-rock, screamo and black metal. Can't wait to see what band this is. 9/10 12. The mix' last track is a dream-pop ish track with a dreamy atmosphere and shabby female vocals that fits the music. It's real nice. 8/10 While the music on this mix doesn't quite hit me as hard as I'd have wanted, it turned out to be a nice, varied mix with some very interesing tracks. Really looking forward to see the tracklist. Well done, @plastic_rainbow. Sorry for the late review and sorry for it being a short and poor one on top of that.
  4. I've been a fan of Zuriaake for years now, and I really need to see these guys live. They seem to be an experience live, and a real force of power and emotions. And visually they're among the most impressive and interesting ones alongside Cult of Fire and Mgla. They way these bands capture the atmosphere and sound with how they dress, act and appear on stage and pictures are fantastic. Be sure to check out their entire discography if you're into bands like Drudkh, Sad Legend, Downfall of Nur, Walknut, Ygg. I'll even throw in some Summoning and Moonsorrow to the mix. Speaking of Summoning, the last track on the video is a Summoning cover. And unlike the majority of Summoning covers, this one sounds great, even if they don't do too much with it. It's just pure magic. Those clean vocals are as bad as they are amazing, powerful and emotional.
  5. Macon Blair (Blue Ruin, Murder Party, Green Room) debuts as a director with I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore, neo-noir comedy that is as smart, funny and goofy as it is dark, brutal and gritty. Some lovely characters, and the two leads, Melanie Lynskey and especially Elijah Wood, are fantastic and their chemestry are amazing throughout. I love how Macon Blair doesn't try to hide that's he's both a good friend and have worked quite a lot with Jeremy Saulnier, because this film reeks of Jeremy Saulnier, and the violence is like taken straight out of a brutal Jeremy Saulnier film. I expect this to be among my top 3 films of 2017 as we enter 2018, if not the very best one of 2017. This is pure brilliance!
  6. They happen to look exactly the same as HeviSaurus because they're almost the same band, just under a new name due to a disagreements with Sony. And another vocalist. They had to pay up for this shit, though. And while we're on this, Sharky Sharky deserves a mention:
  7. Just ordered these three: Limited to 500 compies. 200 black and 150 each of white and orange. 22 black, 30 white and 23 orange are left. Be quck or be dead.
  8. Kodama is just godly and a brilliant pick. Alcest's best since Souvenirs d'un autre monde, and inbetween they've released two masterpieces, so that says a lot about the album. It's a real pleasure to the ears, heart and soul.
  9. I think most of these bands have done a good job making the songs their own but without completely loosing the touch of the original track, so if you like some of the songs I would check out both bands. I always recommend checking out the original tracks first. But for a band like Sigh, it's more or less a must to check out at least 5-6 of their albums as they've changed so many times during the years. If you check out just one or 3 albums, you won't really get the full picture and the right impression of the band as a whole. They're just a very varied band. Same goes for Bathory, the band they covered, but to a less extreme degreee than e.g Sigh. They also changed a lot during the years. I am horribly late for my review, but I'll fix it this weekend. Working "late" while being ill isn't the best idea, so I've just been really exhausted when I've left work this week. But I've listened through the mix enough times to write something now.
  10. It's not what I listen to the most, butvwhen I do it's usually doom/stoner/sludge. Sonic Flower, Bongripper, Belzebong and so on. Superb bands!
  11. I just re-watched The Driver by Walter Hill, and this is still one of the very best films ever made. It's cool, stylish and very minimalistic with awesome characters that don't bother to speak an awful lot. I love everything about this film, from the car chases which is among the best ever caught on film, the acting, the direction, the soundtrack. Everything about it is simply perfect to my eyes. Walter Hill found a lot of inspiration from Jean-Pierre Melville in this, and especially Le samouraï which is another perfect film and among the best ever, but that's just good in my eyes. I can't get enough of this film. Probably watched it 50 times, and I'll continue watching it several times a year as long as I am into watching films. I also watched Zhangke Jia's A Touch of Sin yesterday and this is by far the best film I've seen from him. I thought it was very much different from his previous work (at least that I've seen), but hit's only for the good IMO. Some beautiful violence and four great stories. Superb film!
  12. Ingmar Bergman was a God.
  13. I don't always get to chill though. After all, I am working 1on1 with a 6 year old kid diagnosed with autism and ADHD, and they've also seen signs of epiletic activity in his brain. So it's usually a bit more action during my days when it's regular school.
  14. My review will probably be up tomorrow. Heh.
  15. Decided to bring my old Nintendo Wii with me to work today, and I'll leave it here for the week. It feels decent getting paid to play New Super Mario Bros. Love the different vacations when we can do shit like this.