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  1. maimu clara dolls ?????

  2. karin-adele

    the more i look at this the more mistakes i point out so lets just not even look
  3. karin-adele

    they're not that elegant.............................
  4. karin-adele

    who the fuck deemed urobutcher okay who why whyyyyyyy Psycho Pass Ginoza Nobuchika and shitty proportions some more random sketches
  5. karin-adele

    I'll be there for the lolz I think most of us all are lol
  6. karin-adele

    You seem like a cool person, welcome!
  7. karin-adele

    meh, it's SuG. What was I expectating. Won't see them going back to the old days, will just have to settle with this.
  8. karin-adele

    I'm following ghoul and free for now, i heard zankyou no terror's good so I might follow that too.
  9. karin-adele

    lmao go ahead lol yeah i guess so, sometimes feedback is good too tho
  10. karin-adele

    omg sorry my hands slipped I'm actually told I should put less details in so im just juggling between too much details or none lol
  11. karin-adele

    Excited! omg I just finished catching up with all the chapters oh my god And thank you yo! Tho there's so many more cute artists out there, I'm still practicing lol
  12. karin-adele

    I should have called this thread shitty doodles dump or something !!! I HOPE PEOPLE ARE EXCITED AS I AM lol idk ???? uhh i've only been drawing one proper thing lately i think oh well whateba
  13. too hot 4 me //rolls back on to bed

  14. karin-adele

    these painting are reallllyyy niicceee yo!
  15. F♥ckin' guys F♥ckin' HappYYYYY Dayyyyys man this is gonna stick with me lol
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