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  1. An acoustic DOZING GREEN? Acoustic as in actual acoustic guitars and setup or just kyo crooning over a piano version of the song?
  2. Crube

    Indeed. Either way, it couldn't come out soon enough.
  3. Crube

    It's a straight forward track compared to the rest of the album, but it's already like... the auditory version of sex? Mirai even pointed out to not expect the rest of the album to sound like this track.
  4. Crube

  5. Crube

  6. Crube

    Pac-Man going into a grocery store and eating all the fruit inside a produce section would make better music than this.
  7. Crube

    Back in 2010 at Sonisphere as a small snippet in the middle of LIE BURIED WITH A VENGEANCE.
  8. Crube

    We are going to get a brand new AC/DC album with Axl Rose on vocals before the new X Japan album.
  9. Crube

    Well damn, this should be fun.
  10. Crube

    But could they... sustain the truth?
  11. Crube

    I was just lazy when I incorporated and Zero and Tefutefu into the proper album. I tacked and Zero as the intro and Teflonteflon before The inferno so it balances out the whole two song titles in English and two song titles in Kanji setup.
  12. Crube

    So, did the band completely forget they redid undecided or they didn't add it to the expanded and remastered version of UROBOROS because the song title wasn't all in caps mode?
  13. Crube

    Tetsuya Naito reference. Maybe.
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