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  1. I'm into this one! The delay is nice on the guitar.
  2. I love this song - it might be my favorite by Acme thus far. PV absolutely doesn't fit the tone of the song, but whatever - solid music.
  3. TheStoic

    I'm on a nostalgia high from this news - I am stoked to hear how this will sound - will he be screaming? Probably not - which is unfortunate since he had an epic scream - although it blew out his voice. Either way - I am looking forward to hearing the project.
  4. TheStoic

    There is something so wonderful in hearing Jiluka cover Do As Infinity. I never would have imagined.
  5. TheStoic

    Their mixes always had the electronics and vocals so loud in the mix, that the guitar and rhythm sections - which were the best aspect of their sound - drowned out. Their recordings really took away from their potential. While I love the talent Leda has, and with Sujk behind the kit and Keita holding his own - they should have executed better - but they never seemed to compose a record that really took off. At this point, I just want Leda to keep making heavy music with solid heavy vocals. I hope that he ends up back in a band with a heavier theme.
  6. I just listened through this and really and liking it. Very boucy djent / progressive metalcore. I liked Last Calix too and the vocals from Kaz, so the vocal performance is fine.
  7. TheStoic

    Seiya has great chops. The Incipit instrumental track is proof enough he is a great writer. I hope the vocalist they recruit can bring some solid vocals. I'm really interested to see how this turns out. I feel for both of them as Deviloof just took off in popularity internationally after Jared Dines watched the new Deviloof PV without them. I still think their songs with Seiya were even better, but to miss the boat like that must suck.
  8. Man - I'm so bored of the jazzy swing VK tracks - the genre loves them too much. Someone needs to kill this trend. These tracks are alright - not as good as the Aria release, but I'll take a listen.
  9. I adore this! I'm 110% on board with it!
  10. TheStoic

    I really like their sound - not breaking any ground - but consistent and solid.
  11. TheStoic

    Psyched to hear this one - they have been fairly consistent in my view.
  12. Their recent releases have salvaged my first impressions. I'm ready to hear this one - if they continue their current trajectory - this will be solid.
  13. I have been following them for a few years now an they have become one of my favorite Japanese bands. Mathy melodic post-hardcore at its best.
  14. TheStoic

    I really have loved Katsuya's music in both CodeRebirth and Misanthropist. I'm stoked for this.
  15. TheStoic

    That was insane. So hype right now.
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