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  1. TheStoic

    I'm liking the sound of of this one - they have been up and down with my interest in the last few years, but I'll check this out.
  2. Mixing in the acoustic arpeggiated sections in the verses paired well with the high-tempo distorted riffing in the pre-chorus and chorus. Razor is becoming my favorite VK band in this era. I hope this next single is solid.
  3. TheStoic

    @Laurence02 - Thank you so much!
  4. I really hope a band materializes with him on guitar as a permanent project to release new music. He nails the djent sound, and I want to hear more.
  5. TheStoic

    I am sure this might have been discussed in another thread - so forgive me if this is redundant - but I'm trying to find a free VPN Website/Proxy that accesses Japanese content and YouTube. I have UK and EU proxy sites, but am still limited when trying to access Japanese native content. Let me know if anyone can help me out as I have been looking for a simple solution for a while. Thanks.
  6. TheStoic

    I moved to Japan in 2002 and started with Kisou after buying a copy of it after seeing the band in a Shoxxx VK magazine. I was wowed, and worked my way back from there; Kisou was still my favorite at that point, but I enjoyed the others. Then once Six Ugly was released however, I fell in love with the band's more western and heavier sound and have been following through the evolution ever since. I second the comment by Kaye to start with Vulgar. It has accessibility and heaviness and blends it all well - from there is the question to go heavier and darker (all post-Vulgar work) or lighter and poppier (all pre-Vulgar work).
  7. TheStoic

    Can anyone send me a Japanese Proxy site to access the Japanese YouTube? My other proxy sties still block it that I use currently.
  8. TheStoic

    The production really takes away from how hard the riffs hit in these tracks. The instruments are too low in the mix compared to the vocals, and the bass needs to be up to make those heavy sections really punch. Don't get me wrong, I like this band and this music, but I honestly think the production is holding them back. Edit: The synth sounds are also way too front and center.
  9. TheStoic

    I like it just fine at this point. It sounds like a return to the Beautiful Deformity era. Not my favorite Gazerock era, but it has some punch and hooks, so I'll take it. I'd like them to experiment with some acoustic ballads again, like Reila, Cassis, or Dark Long Night again, instead of all chuggy rock - Ominous was a good track for the change of pace. I really like the Dogma release, so I hope the new album stays heavy like that bug tries to get more proggy and experimental as seen in tracks like 13 stairs and Undying.
  10. TheStoic

    Whiteout was jarring, but slowly is growing on me.
  11. TheStoic

    I just fell in love with that Large House Satisfaction track. Never have heard the band before, but that voice, the falsettos, the blusey solos infused with garage-indie rock in the vein of bands like Art School and Cinema Staff - it was made for my tastes. Thanks for sharing @plastic_rainbow!
  12. I'm psyched to hear this news. I loved Code Rebirth and his solo Misanthropist works. If he brought on the vocal from Last Calix (who collaborated with Misanthropist) or a vocalist that can balance cleans and dirty vocals well, I think this will be a band worth noting. I also saw on his insta in the past times he has hung out with Ryo (formerly Girugamesh) - but I doubt that will become a reality. If it did, I am sure that Ryo's name recognition in the scene would elevate this band. I hope to hear news from Katsuya soon.
  13. That was the first LACK-CO song I really enjoyed on first listen. I'm really on the fence with these guys, but this track is enjoyable to me. I might actually care to fully listen to this next one.
  14. TheStoic

    I was a fan of Red Zone as an EP, especially the opening track. This preview just shows me I will consistently enjoy the music these guys put out. I am starting to learn that if Koryuu is involved, I will enjoy it.
  15. Hell Yeah! That MV was a jolt of pure energy! These guys keep impressing me! I love the heavier and more metal sound they have blended into their indie roots.