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  1. nomemorial

    can't believe we got SD3 (Trials of Mana) 24 years after JP release. stunned. and the remake they're working on looks amazing!! can't wait to dig in (once I clean up some of the current backlog...)
  2. nomemorial

    pretty much this on repeat all week
  3. nomemorial

    When it comes to bands going abroad, though, these guys really do make the most sense at this point. Huge crossover potential. Could totally tour with most any of the Western "deathcore" bands (and steal the show, too, but that's another story...)
  4. nomemorial

    The closest I can think of is, maybe, NANA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nana_(manga)
  5. nomemorial

    can't believe they would just write the "F" word like that 😱
  6. nomemorial

    !!! Love this band, hope some video surfaces from the event!! (doubt it, but one can hope...)
  7. nomemorial

    ヴァージュ - Gracia-ガラシャ- (w/DVD, 2019, SDR-346-A) gulu gulu - 変なメリーゴーランド 不味い盤 (2019, HEDO-001) gulu gulu - 変なメリーゴーランド 美味い盤 (2019, HEDO-002)
  8. nomemorial

    Shinjuku National Gardens are quite lovely and peaceful, even with tons of other people around. For the polar opposite, I can't recommend Golden Gai and Omoide Yokocho (Piss Alley/Memory Lane) enough. The former for drinks, the latter for food. Small, cramped, crowded, and a ton of fun to just hop in and out of different places. They were some of the highlights of my trip, even with tons of tourists wandering about (myself included). Outside of that, the must-visit VK shops are all within a block of each other in Nishishinjuku. Like an Edison, Pure Sound, Closet Child, and Jishuban Club/Club Indies. Ton of good eats in the area, too, but really everything I had in Japan was delicious so you really can't go wrong. (I mean this, not even in like a Japan fanboy kind of way, it was all really that good.)
  9. nomemorial

    this is the truth right here - these guys are wiping the floor with most of their contemporaries
  10. nomemorial

    Just got my copy of Gracia, so went ahead and ripped the PVs to YouTube. Thought this thread would appreciate. Enjoy!! Quality could be better, but DVD doesn't give me much to work with when ripping. Either way, hope you enjoy!!
  11. nomemorial

    Was so afraid to use the word "CHON" when referring this track to my friends, but you're not wrong!!
  12. nomemorial

    how awkward to be retroactively third-wheeled like that
  13. nomemorial

    i have listened to this so many times in the past 30 minutes and i must say, THIS TRACK/VIDEO HAS EVERYTHING endless, head-spinning guitar-tapping chuggy dissonant riffs the entire crew basically just chilling in a hospital during a jazz solo bed-ridden infirmary joker impossibly high vocal harmonies a man in a leather bodysuit at least 4 actual genres of music goth gf Ryuya i'm supposed to just go back to OTHER MUSIC now?
  14. now that we no longer have to wonder if the new DIMLIM is good (it's GRRRRREAT) i only have to wonder how long i will force my friends and peers to listen to me talk about it

    1. Duwang


      I've been telling ya'll that for months lol

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