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  1. nomemorial

    Sho is still totally selling the Macabre-era Kyo look in those promo pics so for all we know they could come out swinging in full pleather at the next gig
  2. nomemorial

    I really hope they fill out the lineup. I'm not stoked on them dropping the visuals, but I like their music enough to not be all that bugged by it. Was crossing my fingers we'd see a lineup reveal at this live or something, but kind of disheartened that it wasn't the case.
  3. nomemorial

    "brace yourselves"
  4. nomemorial

    After listening everything they've done consistently, I do feel his Kyo-isms are most prevalent in CHEDOARA rather than their singles - he vocally sounds much different to me across those releases. Regarding the inhales, I'm still not fully convinced that's all he's doing. A lot of the more recent live videos + when I saw them in May have me thinking he's exhaling some of those screams now - a lot more power behind it.
  5. nomemorial

    Major bummer 😔
  6. nomemorial

    Reaching out here cuz it seems appropriate. Planning on stepping outside of my comfort zone a bit and trying a bit of makeup. Really want to go for some rougher looks a la modern Kyo or some of the Nagoya-kei bands. No clue where to start, though, in terms of makeup brands/must-own stuff. Watched a few makeup tutorials on YT and since I'm finding that I wanna go somewhere between VK and "goth" it's difficult to find something that really hits both marks in the middle. What do the people of MH use for makeup? What do you consider staples? Please help me. I am clueless.
  7. nomemorial

    You really summed up my feelings on them. They're unlike any other band to me and that "comfort" feeling really drives the point home.
  8. nomemorial

    So, this is fun for me. Not "new purchases" by any means, but I just recovered my old VK collection from storage at my parents' home. A lot of stuff I forgot I even had! List/photos below! CDs アリス九號 ‎– 祇園盛者の鐘が鳴る。(2004, PSTA-0054) アリス九號 - 銀の月 黒い星 (w/DVD, 2005, PSTA-0062) AURORA - philosophy (2002, DFRG-00510) しゃるろっと - 恋辛抱マンセー! (2004, NRJ-002) deadman - 雨降りの向日葵 (2003, DSDS-004) DIR EN GREY - Gauze (2001, FWR-030) DIR EN GREY - Macabre (2000, SFCD-0001) DIR EN GREY - 鬼葬 (2002, SFCD-0012) DIR EN GREY - Withering to death. (w/DVD, 2006, FREE 01) DIR EN GREY ‎– The Marrow Of A Bone (misprint, 2007, WRCN15) DIR EN GREY - Uroboros (w/DVD, 2008, TE124-2) ドレミ團 - 郷愁悲歌三重殺 (2003, MRD-0002) ElDorado - AULA (2001, DSCA-1006) 餞~ハナむケ。~ ‎– 青春バリバリ特攻集『俺は腐ったトマトじゃねぇ (2003, PSTA-0039) ギミック - セカンドオピニオン (2004, MSGM-001) ギミック - Minerals (2004, MSGM-002) GLAY - One Love (2001, PCCU-00011) Gullet - Mad Bless You (2003, CPCS-002) Gullet - Hide & Sick (2003, CPCS-004) 雀羅 ‎– 呪縛ト不フ緋色ノ悪夢 (2000, MSJ-002) 雀羅 ‎– マリィの赫檎 (2001, MSJ-006) 人格ラヂオ - 遊歩道 (2003, JRYN-1130) マーディレイラ ~Mar'derayla~ - LOVE&PEACE&HORROR (2004, UCCD-024) メリー ‎- はいからさんが通りすぎた後... (2003, FFRE-003) ナイトメア ‎– Ultimate Circus (2003 - CRCP40049) ナイトメア ‎– シアン (w/DVD, 2004, CRCP10086) Rentrer en Soi - wither (2004, FWR-034) Rentrer en Soi - Sphire Croid (2005, FWR-035) SCISSOR - Number Cut #3 (2004, LOOP-4004CD) シド ‎– 憐哀-レンアイ- (2004, DCCA-9016) ヴィドール ‎– 我輩ハ、殺女成リ… (2004, UCCD-023) ヴィドール - 人魚 (2004, UCCD-034) ヴィドール ‎– ロマネスクゴシック (2004, UCCD-041) DVDs アヤビエ - 台形 / ミザリィインザダスク (2004, S.D.R.D-001) ナイトメア - Ultimate Circus Finale 03.12.12 渋谷公会堂 (2004, CRBP-10018) ヴィドール - 四月ニ十六日、初体験・・・ (2003, UCDV-001) ヴィドール - 逆・美人局 (2003, UCDV-007) ヴィドール - 人形演説 2004,9.11 LIQUID ROOM ebisu (2004, UCDV-010) VA - Under-Code Productions - 「Matina 最終章」 ~Final Prelude~ (2003, UCDV-001) VA - Under-Code Productions - 関西制圧 2004~2005 (2005, UCDV-014) VHS パニックちゃんねる / Panic☆Ch ‎– PV(PANIC☆VIDEO)~通常版 RusH - (2DK) (2003, 103080131) Magazines Cure - Vol. 1 Cure - Vol. 6 Cure - Vol. 13 Cure - Vol. 15 Cure - Vol. 21 Cure - Vol. 27 (a few message CDs from Third Stage pictured here, as well) (signed RusH postcard and パニックちゃんねる / Panic☆Ch photos) (Rentrer en Soi "wither" message)
  9. i want a full length and a world tour (i am also greedy and sustaining myself on an unrealistic set of hopes and dreams)
  10. nomemorial

    Baseless statement of wishful thinking - plz let Katsuya come play guitar so we can mash Slothreat sound with DIMLIM sound 💀
  11. nomemorial

    UGH this is such a bummer. Wishing them the best and hoping the best for the future of the band.
  12. Only commenting because I've seen the point made a few times, but...casting Ariel, a character whose race plays 0 part into who she is with a non-white actor is absolutely not the same as casting canonically PoC characters with white actors. From GitS to Airbender to everything in between, those are not comparable scenarios and I don't understand how it's hard to see that.
  13. anyone here play FFXIV? just got back on it and literally none of my friends are playing nowadays so i've been running solo for the most part. drop your char name and i'll add you! 


    i'm Xri Nel-tahn on Excalibur

    1. tetsu_sama69


      Hobi Honeywind. I play on the same server! If you need a fc let me know!

    2. Marchen


      Teresa Karlov@Behemoth :)

    3. platy


      I'm on Louisoix. Brunnera Mulu'mi 

  14. nomemorial

    Grew up in a very religious (Southern Baptist) household. My parents were fairly lenient about media and such compared to friends' parents so I'm always grateful for that, though there were still those awkward "now that you watch anime do you worship the devil???" moments. Kind of fell further away the older I got and the more I learned about the world and interacted with non-Christian folks - especially because many of the "secular" people I spent time with acted far more "Christian" than most of the religious folks I encountered. Got tired of being judged due to my general interest in niche subcultures and not looking like some cookie-cutter buzzcut n' Oakleys youth group bro so I of course developed some deep resentment issues regarding that part of things when I was in my teens/early 20s. Past that, it's the fairly typical story of "I simply can't associate with those types" in post-2016 America. The cognitive dissonance of Christian Trumpers is all kinds of amazing and alarming because I simply cannot fathom the mental gymnastics one must do to think it's a cohesive way to believe. All of that on top of western Christianity being an inherently racist and homophobic institution and I just dumped it all at once. That being said, now that the smoke has cleared from my "last straw" moment with religion, I do find myself reinvesting in spirituality in a number of ways. Part of me still wants to believe in the idea or image of Jesus I knew growing up, but it's hard to not connect it to what I see before me now. There may still be a "fear of the other" implanted in me that leads me back to that place, but I'm comfortable enough with myself to realize that sometimes whatever calms the anxiety is valuable regardless. Other parts of me find more pagan-leaning ideas very compelling from a mythological standpoint and the amount of reverence I saw in Japanese religious practice really struck me. Visiting temples and the sheer beauty of them while still giving a certain sense of humility is so unlike what I'm used to seeing in America that it really inspired me to think more about the power of spirituality. I had a quiet, personal moment at a small shrine in the woods that will likely stick with me forever in a positive way that is unlike anything I've felt from western religion. I suppose that leads to my final point of frustration with most western Christianity in that it pretty much deletes any and all spirituality and mysticism from its own "canon" so to speak. I was laughed at and put down for ever expressing interest in the metaphysical side of things outside of "God's plan." I found that everything was always presented to me the opposite of how I needed it. When I wanted to seek out the spiritual side I was basically told that was "not correct," but when I was dealing with real, tangible problems all I ever got were statements of "oh, we're praying for you!" It was too pick-and-choose. Too uncertain of itself. I don't like that. Sorry for the ramble - this is a topic really close to my heart and I'm pretty sure most people close to me are tired of my tirades on it, but I truly believe western Christianity is presented in a way that is very damaging at long-term levels and I am still, as a full grown adult person, dealing with the ramifications of what I was made to believe in my youth.
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