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  1. nomemorial

    On one hand, this makes me appreciate where they are a bit more - on the other hand, a lot of it really gives me hardcore deja vu to me in my late teens/early 20s and how I felt about being a musician then (which then really strikes the part of my brain that knows those things just...don't work.) I don't think MISC. is a bad album by any means - would have been a better EP, truly, but I appreciate the ambition of stepping entirely out of what they were known for. I just...really want them to fill out their damn lineup!!
  2. nomemorial

    DIMLIM @ Chile/Brazil: let's Chile/Brazil @ DIMLIM: ...let's not
  3. nomemorial

    the ESSENCE is COVID-19
  4. nomemorial

    Vocals are pretty unremarkable to me in either direction. I can realize he's not great, but VK has been passing off mediocre vocalists for years to the point where they've somehow convinced me that bad vocals are actually fun to listen to (I'm looking at you, Verxina...) Have spun this a few times the past few days and I'd say it's a solid 7 overall with the good tracks being very good. Definitely could have been a really top-notch mini if they trimmed the fat and threw a little more at production. The AINS backing will clearly do them a lot of good and I'm sure we'll see them spit out enough material in the coming year to get a feel for how far they'll go, but overall I think it's a solid jump in quality from Meidara. I really love the whole super-goth take on "pseudo-traditional" garb they've got going, too.
  5. nomemorial

    Yep - guitar tones are very tinny and hollow. Also - the vocal melody in the verse of ズタズタ is giving me serious deja vu as I know it sounds a lot like another popular VK song, but for some reason I can't place it... edit - I think it just reminds me of the intro of 貴女ノ為ノ此ノ命。by the GazettE?
  6. nomemorial

    Thoughts on this album so far? I'm digging it. I always think it's bold for a new band to drop a full-length straight out of the gate so not all of the songs are winners, but I think there's more good here than bad. A lot of interesting guitar work hidden under some of the denser layers - hope they get better production on the next outing so the more interesting elements are easier to hear. Definitely not a game changer by any means, but it's all pretty solid heavy VK and I love their looks so far. I'll definitely follow them. Past that, I will say production is a bit wacky - they really tried to push the low-end to cover up the less-than-fantastic sounding elements, but it doesn't sound bad.
  7. nomemorial

    very excited for this - clip sounds great!!
  8. nomemorial

    Not much to go off of overall, but I have a weird feeling that I will end up liking these guys a whole lot.
  9. nomemorial

    Oh yeah, I fully agree. Have liked where these guys have been headed.
  10. nomemorial

    Of all the VK metalcore bands, these dudes sound the most like western metalcore. Counting the days til they get signed to Rise Records or something 👀
  11. nomemorial

    These guys have grown on me a lot. Interested to see how this is.
  12. nomemorial

    yeah, that makes sense. still hoping we get them over here to the US...
  13. nomemorial

    This album confounds me. There are some very good tracks on here - well written stuff that sounds full, atmospheric, and energetic. On the other hand, for every great track, there's another one that feels empty and half-cooked. One of those all-too-common cases where an EP would have been better than an LP. I don't mind the softer style, I don't even mind the trip-hoppy SE tracks, but the tracks that feel most successful to me are where they finally dig in and let it get a bit heavier. That overdriven rhythm guitar that shows up in a few tracks just makes it feel meaty, while some of the all-clean tracks feel incomplete. There is clearly bass recorded here (whether it's synthesized or real, I can't quite tell), but it's mixed so low in most of these songs that it barely even registers. Here's to hoping they fill out their lineup and stick with it long enough to really make something great with these stylistic changes. They're almost there, just need an editor or more stubborn producer (read: someone to challenge Retsu, I think).
  14. nomemorial

    fingers crossed it's more band members 👀 expecting tour dates/another MV, though.
  15. nomemorial

    Really dug this. Curious to see where the album goes.
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