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  1. nomemorial

    WOW the legend returns. Cannot wait for this.
  2. just found out my Shinjuku lodgings are a three minute walk from Like an Edison/etc... RIP my wallet

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    2. monkeybanana4


      @nomemorial Oh, that's awesome! That taiban (mixed bands) live sounds like it'll be a blast with that lineup! Best advice is to not be afraid to have fun and join in on the furitsuke (a choreographed dance usually created by the band for a particular song) with the fans. Hope you have lots of fun! Would love to hear how it went when you return ^^

    3. nomemorial


      I've been saving as much as I can for almost a year now and it's STILL feeling like not enough (and my wife and I are picking up and moving across the country a week after we get back home so uh, that'll be interesting)


      I'm hoping to write up a quick live report when I get the chance! I really enjoy a lot of the bands on the lineup so it was perfect timing for me.

    4. yomii


      looks like you have quite an adventure ahead of you ww good luck! hope you'll have an amazing time〜

  3. nomemorial

    I love this band. Also IZA 🙌🙌🙌
  4. nomemorial

    Whoa. Nostalgia blast!!!
  5. nomemorial


    Welcome! Glad to have you here.
  6. nomemorial

    Snatch Game left a lot to be desired, but that lipsync... LEGENDARY
  7. nomemorial

    here - https://www.last.fm/user/sharkboyyy have had the same account for what feels like forever. add me if you like!
  8. nomemorial

    Have never listened to them, but their drummer's look is ELITE. Gonna look em up now!!
  9. as much as I love it, this PV straight up looks like it was pulled from a weekday morning PBS show



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    2. Gesu


      Aah, Malice Mizer. Back when Gackt was actually not too bad.

    3. nomemorial


      nothing wrong with a little Reading Rainbow-chic

    4. suji


      weekday morning PBS shows....ahh, those were good times~

  10. nomemorial

    I can assume they're taking the place of Karasuna Mei to fuyukai no tomodachi (and by taking place I mean just reorienting to this look/name, I suppose) at AREA on 5/6. I'll try to do a live report and write up my thoughts on their set (though hoping we get some music prior to that date)!
  11. nomemorial

    Just saw this on my Twitter timeline and got confused until I dug a bit deeper. Intrigued!!
  12. nomemorial

    nostalgia will be the death of me
  13. nomemorial

    Preview intrigues me much more than the video. Will definitely give this a spin.
  14. nomemorial

    My job is super generic office fare and nothing worth talking about ever happens, but in one week alone we've had a random film crew on site for some unknown Netflix show and yesterday they found someone dead in the parking deck so there's that
  15. nomemorial

    It's like they tried to write a speedy riffy metal song, but left the riffs at home 🤔
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