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  1. I have a very fast metabolism and it has, admittedly, made me very lazy. I've had a few longstanding workout routines that end up falling apart after a few months-a year for various reasons. Used to have access to a company gym at work and that was really great - would get a solid 30-45 minutes in every other day which felt pretty good (at the very least better than nothing). When I moved (and thus started working remote) I changed over to a home workout routine - nothing too intense, some app-based ab/push-up/squat routines that I switched off on each day, but then I got into the process of buying a house and quarantine happened and...you know how it goes. Ironically, I just started running today for the first time in years? Told myself that was gonna be my "2020" thing and then 2020 happened and I kept finding reasons to push it off until right now. Needless to say, I found out how out of shape I am very quickly (I've always been bad at cardio...), but I'm excited to try and stick to a new routine and see improvement. As I get older I really feel the importance of staying fit instead of falling into the trappings of age, especially since I know falling entirely out of shape will be much harder to reverse the older I get.
  2. This news made my entire day, crossing my fingers so hard that I'll have the chance to see them play.
  3. First time listening to these guys and I am...very impressed?? Nice balance of heavier moments with melody.
  4. nomemorial

    You're one step ahead of me, hahaha - just tracked it down in the same place. This made my day!! Thank you!!
  5. nomemorial

    Thank you so much for listening and for the kind words! I have no clue where that EP even exists, if I'm being honest (I don't even know who the person who put it on YouTube is hahahaha), but if I ever track it down I'll gladly let you know when it hits the web. Thanks again!!
  6. nomemorial

    I've been in a mess of bands since I was like 15 or so (at least when it comes to recorded material - probably countless more that never really did much of anything). Was in this band for most of my teenage years/very early 20s (metalcore/post-hardcore, I guess?) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vONb1m3vF7M Started this band after that...(atmospheric screamo) - https://barrowband.bandcamp.com/ Played in these bands for a little while - https://officialweathered.bandcamp.com/ (shoegaze-influenced emo) https://youfolk.bandcamp.com/ (kinda psychedelic-influenced emo/alternative?) And now I'm in this band (chaotic metal/hardcore) - https://rottingindirt.bandcamp.com/ I definitely miss my younger days of touring and being kind of a careless idiot, but being older and more "stable" has its perks, too, I guess. Music has always been my most consistent outlet and the one thing I used to "define" myself for the better part of my life. I feel a bit more disconnected from it now, but being able to do anything at this point feels positive, whether it's recording new stuff or playing a random local show when time permits. Haven't really ever made any money off of it, at least not in any profitable capacity, so I can't much call it a career, but the length of my involvement with it sort of makes it feel like that.
  7. my band just dropped a few new tracks on Bandcamp/Spotify/everywhere else. 


    hope you dig~~


  8. nomemorial

    Mana quietly shook my hand when he signed my copy of Merveilles and immediately re-deified himself in my mind so clearly he is untouched by sin as far as I'm concerned but really, this topic as a whole is always funny to me because I always build up an image of musicians I'm a fan of in my mind and they almost never match or live up to that image. Then again, that's just idol worship as a whole, anyway. I always feel kind of endeared by indie VK acts and hope that they are all the lovely, wonderful, hard-working boys we'd love them to be, but as others have pointed out, the business model doesn't entirely lend to that...
  9. nomemorial

    my dog is looking up at me from beneath the desk with such concern now that he knows this thread exists
  10. nomemorial

    what the fuck is going on this year???
  11. nomemorial

    On one hand, this makes me appreciate where they are a bit more - on the other hand, a lot of it really gives me hardcore deja vu to me in my late teens/early 20s and how I felt about being a musician then (which then really strikes the part of my brain that knows those things just...don't work.) I don't think MISC. is a bad album by any means - would have been a better EP, truly, but I appreciate the ambition of stepping entirely out of what they were known for. I just...really want them to fill out their damn lineup!!
  12. nomemorial

    DIMLIM @ Chile/Brazil: let's Chile/Brazil @ DIMLIM: ...let's not
  13. nomemorial

    the ESSENCE is COVID-19
  14. nomemorial

    Vocals are pretty unremarkable to me in either direction. I can realize he's not great, but VK has been passing off mediocre vocalists for years to the point where they've somehow convinced me that bad vocals are actually fun to listen to (I'm looking at you, Verxina...) Have spun this a few times the past few days and I'd say it's a solid 7 overall with the good tracks being very good. Definitely could have been a really top-notch mini if they trimmed the fat and threw a little more at production. The AINS backing will clearly do them a lot of good and I'm sure we'll see them spit out enough material in the coming year to get a feel for how far they'll go, but overall I think it's a solid jump in quality from Meidara. I really love the whole super-goth take on "pseudo-traditional" garb they've got going, too.
  15. nomemorial

    Yep - guitar tones are very tinny and hollow. Also - the vocal melody in the verse of ズタズタ is giving me serious deja vu as I know it sounds a lot like another popular VK song, but for some reason I can't place it... edit - I think it just reminds me of the intro of 貴女ノ為ノ此ノ命。by the GazettE?
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