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  1. ☠️  💭  🤍  🍦. hidai hidai, hidai, hidai hidai hidai...

  2. I had to go inside Target today and it was totally not pleasant.

  3. lei0418

    Yes indeed. I've only read bits and pieces of but I really got into it, Jolyne's the most interesting thing on the market right imo. I'll watch if they finish her however it's sounding like they're taking their time...
  4.  CHIAKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 💦  💙  :lolita_wth:

  5. lei0418

    Transition is a bitch. He probably just needs a rythm guitar and some weed. 💚 I dug up Kira. His name is Suzuka: https://twitter.com/DEZERT_KIRA
  6. I just wanted to correct myself, apparently the purple teddy bear has been passed around more than I know. It's possible no one actually owns it. 

  7. lei0418

    Awwz I'm sorrrry~
  8. lei0418

    Pretty much. People hear oh you're into Japanese music? *lists off a dozen obnoxious J/K pop bands* then wants to talk comics. Like really, I've never read a single manga front-to-back and have zero interest your cosplay fanaticism. Your language is night and day from mine. It's likely we have about 3-4 words in common. 🙄
  9. lei0418

    People are seriously oblivious, man. They act like they ain't never seen androgynous Nihon shock rockers bein spicy.
  10. 🌀 🌊 🔮 🍬

  11. The ads that keep coming up on this are "call and get help fast..." Still, I thought it was a treat. 🧁
  12. Another Jolyne fan, yaassss! 🐬 

  13. lei0418

    I'm going to have to interject and insist on usage of the politically correct term, "small people." "Although the persona of the bandomen appeared largely dynamic online, they were in fact, small people."
  14. can I just #$%^&*^(&)!#$@%#^&$*()*(*#^@%&^!$!@#%^$&%
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