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  1. Mahiro san just did the cutest anime cover ever: だれかの心臓になれたなら 💜
  2. We're getting The Gallo at SabotenCon 2020. 🍭

  3. lei0418

    As far as artists responses, I've had: 🤍 Mahiro Kiryu (ameba) ...his band makes constant references, their YT is out of control rn. 🤍 Jojo of The Gallo (IG add) he lurks on here but they're mostly on Twitter. His account is a bunch of JBA action figures lmao 🤍 Yuuto Unrealistic (ameba) I gave him some sort of dramatic compliment & asked him to bring back Called=Plan. his message was just saying thank you, happy to support the band etc. Very polite! 🤍 Jin Jin Memento Mori started following me out of nowhere (wtf?) 🤍 Yuuki Glacier started following me, ancient disband from Okinawa kinda freaky kinda cool...
  4. lei0418

    Right on! Excellent life decision. I asked Chiaki DeZert. He's still THINKING about it lol. 🤘
  5. lei0418

    Thank you for the update! The schedules have become fairly confusing. I was still hoping for Zepp because it coincides with the Gallo Anniversary~ Anyone else with info, I'd be very grateful. Arigatou!
  6. What a very pretty supermassive blu-ray...that is something else. Any word on when the 18th is being rescheduled?
  7. lei0418

    I agree, it's some of Miki's best work! I'm usually partial to Kujou tracks. Hope the surgery goes well. I'll wait to hear the verdict before scheduling to visit. Hoping he'll be back my mid-April/May for the final!
  8. Glad he's no longer missing in action. That's weird though.
  9. Early Kanon Wakeshima ...oh yes oh my

  10. lei0418

  11. lei0418

    Right? I can't believe how good his english is now. He used to barely be able to say hello. I started into this stuff in '04 and he's been here the whole way....he's just a really nice guy!
  12. lei0418

    I'm really basic. I'll sit and watch guitar videos.
  13. lei0418

    It's out there, if you're into that kind of thing...
  14. I know, I know. I totally wanted the BlackMoral facemask. Usually I am standard black mask but now was the time to really shine.
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