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  1. Uruha updated. Good news! We get another year of The Gazette!! Here's to 2020  💌

  2. Finally caved and saw the chiropractor. She classified my intermittently injured shoulder as "kitty wampus."

  3. Dezert is killin me right now. Why are the most intelligent musicians inevitably the prettiest? 😶

  4. lei0418

    Think I know who the album title is referencing. Someone else has to figure it out though or I'm not gonna say anything. 🤔
  5. lei0418

    I didn't mind Mejibray but I haven't brought myself to listen to this yet. Still follow Mia though cause he's dope.
  6. lei0418

    Album is gonna make for a decent live, that's for sure. Hoping they record Gohatto.
  7. Mia is showing off his saline drip...his eye is watering and it has a little squint to it. Oh my god my heart... 

  8. I wanna go to Gazette anniversary! ☠️ VI Guns are now 18. HOW. 

  9. lei0418

    I thought it was awkward and it made me uncomfortable. I'm confused now.
  10. I loved the "蟲" (Mushi) cover. It reminded me of early Glacier from Okinawa. I usually don't like split covers either, the last one I really got into was The Gallo x Avelcain. Very rarely do the artists compliment each other, but this time they did it! 🎖️
  11. lei0418

    Hi my name is Jenna Leigh. 💟
  12. I didn't have any problems with Batsu x Game. They're terribly recent though, I wonder what happened?
  13. lei0418

    Does anyone know where Tetsuya went?
  14. They're sweet. 3D video was 100% Pretty as all hell! Been following the drummer on IG. Watching for their next release like a hawk!
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