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  1. I loved the "蟲" (Mushi) cover. It reminded me of early Glacier from Okinawa. I usually don't like split covers either, the last one I really got into was The Gallo x Avelcain. Very rarely do the artists compliment each other, but this time they did it! 🎖️
  2. lei0418

    Hi my name is Jenna Leigh. 💟
  3. I didn't have any problems with Batsu x Game. They're terribly recent though, I wonder what happened?
  4. lei0418

    Does anyone know where Tetsuya went?
  5. They're sweet. 3D video was 100% Pretty as all hell! Been following the drummer on IG. Watching for their next release like a hawk!
  6. They're fabulous! Kept saying how much the vocalist sounded like Ai...and of course it was. So freakin psyched for this project...! I used to listen to IIII-ligro-...
  7. lei0418

    Video it was cute but slightly terrifying. I'm stuck on his voice like the other girl though so I'll listen to all of it. Although the heavy/melodic metal phase of Dezert is still unmatched...it's tough not to keep watching. I mean he went through a guitarist change. So there is a pretty distinct transition and I don't think people are taking account of that. Even though he's the main writer it I think Miyako is a still a huge influence. I really don't mind him. It just goes to show that Chiaki's effected by who he writes around, rather than simply being a dictator. Either way I see it as progress. I think these kitties still got a lotta tricks left...
  8. lei0418

    Thanks for posting this madness. Followed these guys since the first Memento Mori release, helluva trip! Found out about ten minutes ago that Jin Jin and Yohan were identical twins, he just covered his face...dear god...
  9. lei0418

    Album release tomorrow. Black Hole 1 Dark In Black Hole 2 バケモノ 3 Thirsty? 4 みぎて 5 白痴 6 Call of Rescue 7 半透明を食べる。 8 御法度 9 神経と重力 10 天使の前頭葉 11 ラプソディ・イン・マイ・ヘッド 12 感染少女 13 True Man 14 I’m sorry 💟
  10. lei0418

    I must have all 92 pages.
  11. That's what I thought was so cool about the site. Uncensored responses to lives. The reason the girls write all the wild commentary is clearly for the purpose of entertaining the bandsmen. Japanese women are hysterical. Something I loved about their concert goers. Best part about those sites in my opinion. People are rarely that creative where I'm from, they just flame each other lmao. I can't even go to a garage band in America without hearing endless crap commentary and people bashing each other trying to get bandgirls to turn on each other and side back and forth trying to get at the men. The idea is to turn each other on not turn on each other! Man I need to see Asia haha
  12. Holy crap I didn't know they shut down Tanuki! The craziest threads I ever read all referenced it. They probably shielded it all and redirected it somewhere, I don't know the correct tech term but I know it can be done. I didn't realize it was such a huge secret? I'd read stuff off it before but chose not to join cause of how raunchy it was. It seemed kinda sketch mainly as the girls were presented as hosts/bangya right off the bat but was still highly entertaining. It's a huge part of the culture and one would be rash to judge without seeing it first but on a general note I'd say, it's of value to the community in bringing light to the very human side if the industry. It weirds me out hearing it was a closed site. A friend of mine directed me there within the first few months of getting into vkei and I didn't think much of it at the time. I started reading band blogs on yapLog before finding Ameba, then lost track when everyone transferred to Line. I still occasionally read Line, but it's seldom (most other countries have it, it never really caught on here.) So many of the bands have appeared on mainstream US platforms now. At least those with an interest in foreigners. Funny enough the guys with the least interest in branching out of Japan tend to be some of the more interesting intellectually.
  13. Heard about them on Ameba when Tokyo Dome came out. I think my first track was Red. I was sunk after Venomous Cell lmao Ended up getting access to mass produced Taiwanese copies of everything. I had Heisei Banka early on and the Madara videos. The grunge/punk era stuck with me pretty heavy.
  14. aaaaaand.....he's straight! Kakkoi des!!
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