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  1. This makes me so nostalgic. They appeared around the time I started with vk. Good (and not so good) times... And some of those that were already mentioned like Crystal float and Yume kago ~tragic Cinderella~.
  2. ZEAL
  3. Kaiki (ex. Silver-Rose, ROUAGE, WITH SEXY), arguably the most important figure in the 90s Nagoya kei scene and founder of the indie labels noir and its successor Soleil.
  4. She's a Japanese actress called Tsubasa Akimoto, mostly known for action/stunt related stuff. http://www.tsubasa-project.co.jp/talent1/akimoto_tsubasa.html But note that when you google her name in romaji you'll mostly find pictures of an AV idol with the same name.
  5. Valkyrja
  7. Belcute
  8. Velze Dieulawahl
  9. TULIA
  10. Madeth gray'll
  11. Oh god! o_o This is really interesting and unexpected. Originally this band was formed by KYON and a guitarist called YU-TA in April 1991 under the name TRASH. Then YOU (bass) and AKO (vocal) joined and they released their only demotape as TRASH. Im November 1994 they changed their name to MARY RUE and in February 1995 original member YU-TA left and was replaced by RYO. Under this lineup they released a tape and a CD in the late 90s. I'm not really sure when they disbanded, probably shorty after their CD release (97-99?). Also sometime in the late 90s or early 00s their song KISS was re-recorded by A-UNIT, a band led by MARY RUE's vocalist AKO. I don't know whether other members were involved because it was only released on some obscure omnibus tape which does not state any member names. :/
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    2. Axius


      O-o Hahaha lulz. Maybe it looks like its been through kisakis hand with all them scratches all over it  XD 

    3. Keiyuu


      The same seller actually sold some questionable L~CYFER tape few days ago, so your assumption wouldn't be that far off lol https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/o195264716

    4. Axius


      XD thats funny although  I never really heard of L~Cyfer so im not sure