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    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. doomsoul136


      O-o Hahaha lulz. Maybe it looks like its been through kisakis hand with all them scratches all over it  XD 

    3. Keiyuu


      The same seller actually sold some questionable L~CYFER tape few days ago, so your assumption wouldn't be that far off lol https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/o195264716

    4. doomsoul136


      XD thats funny although  I never really heard of L~Cyfer so im not sure

  1. I can't believe I just spotted something on your list I'd like to buy. xD PM sent~
  2. Whut? Did he join La'Mule with 15? lol
  3. IKUYA, guitarist and composer from the Nagoya band Ti+Dee (1991~1995):
  4. Not only the singer (Jui), but also their guitarist Camus was in this band. Camus wrote the music in De-vine and decided to rerecord his song with Luinspear, which led to that live-distributed 1-track single "Luvis". Aside from what CoolKill3rX listed, they had a few more songs which were never recorded but some of them are available als terekos. I can't tell you why they disbanded, but their activity period was from September 1999 to somewhere in 2001 and they were from Sendai (like NIGHTMARE). And some minor but maybe interesting fact: A younger brother of Luinspear's guitarist Camus played in another Sendai-based vk band called ze零ro.
  5. Ehm, even your own countries Amazon has MUCC available. They have some stuff released by a European (German) label, which shouldn't be expensive here in Europe.
  6. I guess it's time for my coming out. Straight BI GAY OTHER!!! I don't kno' Kawaii Jrockers ✔
  7. Yes, this is very early SAKRUN. According to the description it's their initial line-up. I think the uploader of the video is actually their first bassist SHINGO. https://twitter.com/no_shingo Well, the video title says ディパーチャ so I'd say it's the songtitle? They had a demotape in the early days called 媚薬. I don't know the tracklist but maybe that song is on it as well.
  8. Wasn't the vocalist the only member who ended up in Scarlet Valse? Just wondering because you said "their".
  9. First band of Seth from Moi dix Mois.
  10. Now that's a dedicated yabuki fan xD http://page23.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/o141116373

    1. Biopanda


      Ahahaha oh wow... shit-tier music as far as the eye can see <3

    2. Keiyuu


      Aaaand someone bought it via Buy It Now :x

      At least there were some never seen MAI and Kirei tapes.

  11. Definitely 1st era MIRAGE. Beautiful compositions (mostly thanks to YAYOI) and I absolutely love TOMO's voice.
  12. Wow, after nearly 30 years, huh? Great band...