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    Kisaki's Errand Boy
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    Kyoto, Japan
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    punk and metal
    noise and ambient
    experimental and minimalism
    NO LO-FI
    NO BLUES, JAZZ, FUNK, FOLK,...........

    except music, I love anime too, because I'm also a fan of voice actors and actresses. That's my motivation of watching anime too. I don't care about comics and light novels.

    about video game, only some RPG and all kinds of SHMUP (STG). sometimes, platformer and adventure games.

    other: music programming, mix, "invent" and "imagine" breakdown riffs for metalcore and do vocal covers (not for now, maybe later...)

    favorite game consoles: PCE (Turbo Grafx-16), Neo Geo CD, Sega Game Master, Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation, XBOX360, SNES, Sega Mega Drive (Genesis), Bandai Wonderswan Color, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Dingux, Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo 64, Atari Jaguar......(yeah, I'm a big fan of old consoles too. actually I also love old computers like Amstrad CPC and Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amiga, Sharp X68000, Fujitsu FM-Towns......)
  1. Akc-Hrm

    Dio-Distraught Overlord- - Coma Gold my 1 day revival is over, see you next month!
  2. Akc-Hrm

    thank you all, dear. I'll miss you. About to leave now, thank you. Bye!
  3. goodbye everyone! see you next year. bye

  4. Akc-Hrm

    Oasis? yeah, reminds me another name is Blur... gotta have a try.
  5. Akc-Hrm

    my perseverance. Are there any people that you extremely hate and even wanna kill them? How many?
  6. Akc-Hrm

    ah, and I'm very sorry about the drummer Mr.Stuart Cable's death...
  7. Akc-Hrm

    I've just try to listen to some songs. and I, I wanna say, my feeling is it just like the Silverstein suddenly ran into post-britpop and alternative rock without post-hardcore influence, and gave me a little saddness to my heart, let myself think about past years... It is surely a good band I think. If it plus some nu-metal or hardcore punk or post-hardcore elements, I'm certain I'll fall in love with them. gave Maybe Tomorrow a score personally→9.2/10 good job! ^o^
  8. Akc-Hrm

    We Are The Blog - McHome (single 2013 newest!) what a weird band name...then what about We Are The Facebook? We Are The Twitter? We Are The Tumblr? (shut up you guy =.=)
  9. Akc-Hrm

    Breathe Carolina - It's Classy Not Classic (album 2008)
  10. The last day I stay here. and I pick a favorite band to listen to today. MCR... I'll say goodbye to ya'll tomorrow morning. ToT

  11. Akc-Hrm

    what about metalcore, deathcore or electronicore? here you go. Her Name In Blood (deathcore) ArtemA (electronicore) Ashley Scared The Sky (electronic deathcore) Sever Black Paranoia (trancecore) Translations (electronicore) Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (electronicore) Crossfaith (electronic metalcore) SILENT DIFFERENCE (blackened death metal / progressive metalcore) Fear From The Hate (trancecore) キバオブアキバ (electronicore / alternative metal) and some visual kei... Lynch (alternative metalcore) CodeRebirth (alternative metalcore) meth. (alternative metalcore) Nocturnal Bloodlust (some symphonic and synth influenced deathcore) Deathgaze (alternative metal / melodic death metal / metalcore) these are my ever listened bands.
  12. Akc-Hrm

    wow, Welsh post-britpop with alternative rock and hard rock, indie rock. a little cool, I think. gonna have a try~~~
  13. Akc-Hrm

    I'm a coke-holic. If you have to move to a lonely island, what's the very first CD you wanna be with you? (album-limited)
  14. Akc-Hrm

    My Chemical Romance - Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) (single 2010) ps. so many Na...= =
  15. Akc-Hrm

    My Chemical Romance - Conventional Weapons #5 (single 2013) after listening these two songs, I've got to sleep, it's too late here... 眠いなー‡