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  1. big boys don't play visual kei。。。
  2. Ancient last.fm scrolls says: "I get the feeling that if I order a pizza in Japan, there is a 95% chance it will be delivered by an ex-indie VK band member."
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  4. bury me in the tons of avelcain chekis pls

  6. Laughing like a hyena bacause ニコチン中毒 is not only nicotine poisoning、but also a person (mostly woman i suppose?) in a double sexual relationships (笑)
    Can’t stop crying, help

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Chuudoku can also mean addiction, which makes sense I guess if you're referring to someone who is always "the other woman"



      this is reference not to chuudoku (it also can be addiction, you're right! and i think it also make sense), but to nikochin, really unexpected word play w (at least, now i know counter word(?) for dicks... idk how it will help me in practical japanese lol)

  7. Also, full mv!
  8. isn't it a bit rude to make me believe in friendship after so many painful episodes, after years of self harming and self blaming, and then ignore me without a clear reason... am i that awful

    1. Dillinger


      Some people are just shitty people. But the only thing you can change is your reaction towards them.


      "I have known people who have been incarcerated, people dying from cancer, severely deformed, or suffering physically. Contrary to what one might think, these people were all completely happy because they didn’t create a negative mental story about what they were experiencing. They were doing everything in their power to make their situations better, and importantly, they were not allowing the events in their lives to keep them from loving life. So, the key ingredients to achieving happiness are two-fold, yet they are really the two faces of the same coin. What are they?"

      I am positive you are a loving, caring person. Otherwise, you wouldn't care so much about people who have hurt you so much.


      You just need to share that love with people who are appreciative of it.

    2. Laurence02


      Some people are huge assholes. You aren't a problem, the others are.

  9. YAY KERBEROS!!! can I sell my soul to gyaro pls

  10. Batsu can't touch boobs what a shy ugly child♡

  11. i'll wait until they announce liveshows in VR or something like this.
  12. zan (from 紅ク染マッタ記憶) without mask is as creepy as kaede from avelcain (; ・`д・´)
    (i like zan but i don't really like kaede i'm sorry... i'm waiting my next avelcain merch pack with random presents and i'm really afraid i'll get something with kaede :'D)

  13. I'm hontou ni sorry (´・ω・`) But I bought my dream brow henna and a pair of really cool sneakers!
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  15. Happy birthday...