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  1. Another bassist gone 😭 I’d wish they ask seita to comeback.
  2. smilesxchibi

    Most likely Yukkie took over vocals
  3. smilesxchibi

    I am all for this 😁
  4. I’m so fucking happy for them 😭 i really wish Az would return to the scene
  5. My heart ♥️ Cant wait for this release
  6. They lost their previous vocalist?? Huh
  7. Happy birthday dear! Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥

  8. smilesxchibi

    Was wondering about them lately, shame but wasnt sure how active they were.
  9. smilesxchibi

    Super excited for this lineup, even moreso seeing TAMA being apart of this
  10. smilesxchibi

    Honestly this is pretty sad, didnt think Kanon would leave either. Was hoping they could take a break and come back even stronger. Best wishes for them though
  11. Ok but its technically not a mini album if it only has two songs (not including the extra on the m-card)
  12. smilesxchibi

    Idk but this sorta reminds me when R-shitei released that fake pv before releasing visual is dead...maybe this could be a facade?
  13. That is very unfortunate it would have been understandable if he decided not to perform and reschedule. Hoping his parents recover well and quickly.
  14. smilesxchibi

    That outfit is gorgeous 😍😍
  15. smilesxchibi

    Im digging this look, accepting their style and music direction. Ugh but i am loving Naoto so much more
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