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  1. smilesxchibi

    That outfit is gorgeous 😍😍
  2. smilesxchibi

    Im digging this look, accepting their style and music direction. Ugh but i am loving Naoto so much more
  3. smilesxchibi

    He is making a mistake!!! Lol
  4. smilesxchibi

    LOving the track and loving the band so much more!! They deserve the recognition
  5. smilesxchibi

    Hikaru did some work for Hizaki?
  6. smilesxchibi

    Ok seriously Not liking them losing vocalists but happy to see them continuing activities. but in all seriousness i'd want them to form a separate band with Az and or at least Decola Hopping's vocalist
  7. smilesxchibi

    D: i have to drop everything and go for this!!! Ahhhhh
  8. smilesxchibi

    End if the year tour?? Possibly them wanting to go with a diff style next year
  9. smilesxchibi

    Hmm, theyve been awfully quiet lately
  10. Ugh i love them so much, definitely picking up a physical copy
  11. smilesxchibi

    Super stoked!!
  12. I feel they need to take a break again. Venture out and do something dofferent for a bit, or at least take their time writing material. I love them but this song is just passable (but i wish they'd ask bou to rejoin and become a 6member band haha)
  13. smilesxchibi

    Hmm it's definitely gonna be interesting hearing the rerecordings, especially ablaze my sorrow. But looking forward to the new songs (kinda wish they touched cold pray tho lol)
  14. smilesxchibi

    Im kinda assuming they all want to do something a different from SuG, like as a creative break
  15. smilesxchibi

    Omg i really hope they can release a dvd for this T-T