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  1. Lmfao I bet these are fun live especially 頭がハッピーちゃん
  2. Wow nice! I’m glad they’re doing so well
  3. Mihi

    Ok this one song is literally 100x better than their entire mini album. Wow I am in love ❤️
  4. This might be my favorite single from them. All 3 songs sound so good I’m so excited for this!!!
  5. Mihi

    Seriously addicted to their sound and Haruka Koudai.
  6. s h o g o ❤️

  7. Mihi

    13 songs.... MV collection.... 3 singles.... so Julia, Envy Circus, and UNIVERSE PVs.... That leaves 10 songs... Admiration, XIII BITCH, For example, 摩天楼が照らす果て, ECSTASY PARADE.... 5 songs... so 5 songs left... Given the title of the album, I'm assuming there won't be any new songs and it'll just be what they play live... so maybe the remaining 5 songs will be a combination of B-sides? Or maybe Void Innovation Party and DESPAIR from their demo CD? Waaaahhh I hate speculating. I really hope the songs from Operation Calamity make it onto this. Either way I'm excited for them and this release.
  8. Mihi

    Have they announced any new releases since this album? I feel like it's been AWHILE......