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  1. @chemicalpicturesI was the same way, so I attempted to give them another try and finally found a handful of songs I can get behind. Maybe you'll like the ones I liked. They were: DEVIL’S SANCTUARY 狐狗狸 手鞠唄 ID PSYCHO -サイコ- 蟷螂 片想い 相合傘 月-MOON-
  2. wow slay me into a different dimension
  3. Wow another disband that seems unreal. So sad
  4. omg Kou's (CLOWD) new look has me d e a d.

    1. hiroki


      he's so sexy and adorable at the same time.. how????

  5. omg this is so surreal
  6. I stopped scrobbling in March, but I may come back to it
  7. Fuck, that's so cool and honestly sounds like a lot of fun! Thank you so much for the detailed explanation
  8. @DuwangWhat's the significance of the pinky gesture that I see in some photos? Also thanks for sharing some of your cheki! If you're still going through with the shopping service, I would love to buy cheki from you.