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  1. omg fuck me up
  2. That's unfortunate. I'm gonna guess difficulties arised after masquerade of cosmic because it kinda seemed like the next couple releases were totally "solo-like"
  3. I can already tell this is gonna be a bangin single I literally cannot wait for 3 new songs!!!!!!!!1!1!1!!1!! i hope the PV blows my mind
  4. I'm just dropping by to say that while I was at a Crystal Castles concert, I was jokingly talking to my friend about starting a band with me and her (like Ethan and Alice) and this random guy turns to me and is like "yeah maaaaan totally! I could totally see you guys doing witch house." (we were dressed like trash goths at the time). So when he said "witch house" that was legit the first time I heard that term and had no idea that Crystal Castles was labeled as such. I always just labeled them as "noise" LOL Also, Thank you for the recommendation list of bands, I'm gonna check out some of those.
  5. another one???
  6. Ugh wtf
  7. Ryota is luring me in with that gaze
  8. I feel you on that, but the CDs have shown up on closet child and yahoo auctions. The single and the mini album are considered "0th" releases. I am hoping that when they do decide to release their 1st single or 1st album that they are sold in shops. I feel like they're testing the waters right now to get more of a following. I can't attend their lives so I don't know if they're growing and doing well or if they're losing fans.
  9. 2016 - 20?? Vo. 咲(Saki) (ex-少年記(Shounenki)(コウ/Kou)→白日ノ夢(Hakujitsu no Yume)(セラ/Sera), 黒姫の夢遊病(Kurohime no Muyuubyou)(リィザ/Riza)) Gt. 文(Aya) (ex-少年記(Shounenki)(Eiki)→白日ノ夢(Hakujitsu no Yume)(チナ/China)) Gt. 義(Yoshi) (ex-少年記(Shounenki)(Nao)→黒姫の夢遊病(Kurohime no Muyuubyou)(ゼル/Zeru)) Dr. 啓(Kei) (ex-ELIO→黒姫の夢遊病(Kurohime no Muyuubyou)(support)) Website ○ Twitter ○ YouTube ○ Instagram If you're familiar with Shounenki, then you know they disbanded back in March 2016 and Rei retired from music. In April of the same year, 2 new bands were formed with ex.Shounenki members. Kou and Eiki went on to form Hakujitsu no Yume as Sera and China. Kou and Nao went on to form Kurohime no Muyuubyou as Riza and Zeru. Both bands existed simultaneously until they eventually combined to form amai bouryoku (with the addition of Kei on drums) at the end of the year. So yeah, I wanted to make this thread because I'm obsessed with all of Kou's bands and because amai has released most of what they play at lives now (aside from 調教してください which may actually come later hopefully??? Just like how 黒猫姫 got a CD release.) Please feel free to post here with news, pictures, live updates, personal stories, favorite songs, why you like them/why you don't, etc!!!! ♪
  10. I NEED this