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  1. Thanks for the info!
  2. What about their first 2 singles and mini album? Were those live-limited? I tried looking online and couldn't find anything. CDJapan has a listing for "Julia" but it's sold out with no option to buy.
  3. I'll take 6 new songs <3
  4. Is this live-limited? I've looked a couple of places and can't find it listed anywhere. If anyone can tell me how to purchase this, it would be much appreciated!
  5. I am SO excited for this release <3
  6. wow how did I miss this thread? lmao
  7. XD this reminded me more of DIV's 2nd album SECRET than Shounenki's. I'm just hoping they release at most 3 singles and then hit us with a second album so that it's loaded with new songs <3
  8. I'm really happy they're finally putting out an album, but wow @ that track list.....
  9. Ok so I finally listened to the new album enough to finally determine how I feel about it... Pls don't shoot me but..................................
  10. thx bby
  11. I NEED this
  12. yaaaasssss
  13. I've been in LA for 5 days now and it's literally poppin and I'm wondering why I'm not living here permanently??

    1. Yukimoto


      LOL UGH I miss it<3

    2. echo