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  1. Mihi

    Omfg yes give it to me
  2. Mihi

    Wtf? I thought their Reborn album was pretty good
  3. Wow, I feel like if I were to ever see them live, I'd never make it out of the venue alive.
  4. Not a single release from them has been bad (to me anyways)
  5. Mihi

  6. Wow it’s been FOREVER I am so glad they’re back releasing new material!
  7. Mihi

    I like it
  8. Oooooo this sounds better than the last 2 releases!
  9. Mihi

    I swear they have the best names for releases ❤️
  10. Mihi

    holy fuck im glad im not the only one who's come across Madison Rice.
  11. Mihi

    It sounds good! but omg @ a different song on each of the 4 types. T____T
  12. Mihi

    I like the slight change in sound for this release. Not disappointed at all!
  13. Mihi

    Thank you! I'm so happy they put Operation Calamity songs on it. ❤️