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  1. Mihenno

    Saw the title of the thread and literally thought "omg hiroki is going to be so happy"
  2. Merry Christmas y'all

  3. Mihenno

  4. Mihenno

    Love it, Subaru looks so breathtaking
  5. Mihenno

    Been listening to BASALT for a couple days now and I have to say that I do like it. I really like 螺旋階段 and REDRUM. FREAKING OUT, DONT BE SILLY, and ボクトアソボウヨ... are still growing on me, but I do enjoy them when I listen to the album as a whole. I love Byo's voice and can't wait for their next release.
  6. idk why but i just love looking at Yukito (anfiel)

  7. Ok so Olympos sounds really uplifting and refreshing and I'm into it. Also the previews for the album sound pretty good. I think I'm going to like this way better than Paradise Lost but Lunar Phase is still their best album for me so far. 銀の贖罪 blew me away. That's probably my favorite release by them. All 3 songs, especially amber cotton, are phenomenal. ❤️
  8. Super excited! They're doing amazing! ❤️
  9. Mihenno

    omg what......
  10. Mihenno

    ^ Wow that song is fucking awesome
  11. Mihenno

    I really like the new look and the song sounds like a banger as well! (and omg they're touring with my sweet violence boyz)