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  1. I'm so glad they're both back! First single was pretty good!
  2. Mihenno

    I have Chase Sapphire and get 2X points for dining and travel. Within the last year, I've traveled quite a bit (Norway, Japan, AZ, NY, etc) and the card has been great for this. Besides the fact that it's thick and weighted and feels nice to hold, it's been pretty good to me for the travel purpose. I pay for airfare, hotel, food, and everyone else just gives me their share but then it's like the entire purchase is put on the card even though not all of that is mine but I'm getting all the points for it. I currently have 98,000 points which I could cash in for $980 or redeem it for airfare and get an additional 25% out of it. I'm holding on to it for now because I won't be going anywhere anytime soon (with Corona virus and all). I do have a debit card, but I rarely use that now because I don't get points with it. To answer your question: to me, there's really no advantage other than accumulating points/cash back. There's no real difference if I used my debit card or my credit card. Both end up pulling money from my checking account. With the debit card, that money is obviously pulled right away, but with the credit card, I just end up pulling what I charged on the credit card all in one payment at the end of the month. Sorry I feel like im rambling at this point lmao. So basically the reason I got my current credit card is because it's weighted and not paper thin and 2x points for food/travel.
  3. Mihenno

    I never understood why my friends have like 4-6 active credit cards. If I don't have money to buy something, I'm not buying it. I have 1 card and I use it for EVERYTHING to rack up the points. I pay it off every month and refuse to ever be in debt. The credit limit on it is only $8,300. Debt scares me and Idk how my friends can just continue on like they're not drowning in it.
  4. Mihenno

  5. Mihenno

    Same here in Chicago
  6. Mihenno

    It's only a matter of time until I get it lmfao. 🙄 (I work in an ER and 2 outpatient clinics)
  7. Mihenno

    This is the one I have
  8. Mihenno

    Pro Controller is a good investment for those games that seem like the joycons would be a nightmare to use. I would never play Zelda or even Dark Souls without the Pro Controller. I haven't played any fighting games on the switch, but I'd rather have the pro controller to use than anything else. You should really get one.
  9. Kate and neo from My Fairytale are back omg 

  10. They were pretty good live when I saw them and friendly as well.
  11. Mihenno

    Damn I remember when I was in high school and they first debuted
  12. Mihenno

    Idk why, but this is an interesting group of members for me.
  13. Just saw RAZOR and they were pretty great! Sad towards the end with Tetsuya leaving and everything 

    1. Paraph


      yasssss it was filmed too henny

    2. Zeus


      what happened? why did he leave?

    3. Paraph


      @Zeusit was tetsuya's last live, he's just called it quits for the band

  14. After a grueling 13hr flight, I finally made it to Japan!!!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. nekkichi


      yasss enjoy

    3. patientZERO


      Have fun and live it up as much as possible! I hope you don't encounter any jetlag!

    4. Mihenno


      @crucifiction Staying in Tokyo (Giza and Shinjuku) and then Osaka!

  15. Mihenno

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