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  1. This is literally everything I ever wanted. Like I can't remember the last time I was looking forward to an album like this before. My fave album of 2019 for sure
  2. I still can't get over the fact that Royz finally recorded "No Fate" and it's literally everything I wanted it to be. I've been waiting YEARS for this.

    1. saiko


      Where is it?

    2. Mihenno


      It came out today on their BEST OF album and its on iTunes :D

  3. Mihenno

    I like the song and the video but I hate how the vocals dont match up with Koudai's mouth
  4. Help. "DRESS HOMUNCULUS" is SO catchy

  5. Ok this might be my least favorite release of theirs
  6. Mihenno

    i like it but why does Mao's voice sound robotic af
  7. Mihenno

    Very excited!
  8. Mihenno

  9. Mihenno

    Thanks for clarifying!
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