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  1. idk why but i just love looking at Yukito (anfiel)

  2. Ok so Olympos sounds really uplifting and refreshing and I'm into it. Also the previews for the album sound pretty good. I think I'm going to like this way better than Paradise Lost but Lunar Phase is still their best album for me so far. 銀の贖罪 blew me away. That's probably my favorite release by them. All 3 songs, especially amber cotton, are phenomenal. ❤️
  3. Super excited! They're doing amazing! ❤️
  4. Mihenno

    omg what......
  5. Mihenno

    ^ Wow that song is fucking awesome
  6. Mihenno

    I really like the new look and the song sounds like a banger as well! (and omg they're touring with my sweet violence boyz)
  7. Mihenno

    Omg I need to hurry home to watch this Omfg this is IT. It's everything I love in a fucking song and the video is super high quality and fucking awesome. HAKLO is slaying 2018 rn
  8. they always look breathtaking omg
  9. I listen to VK 98% of the time, but that other 2% is spent listening to Coheed & Cambria and honestly, their new album that comes out Friday is sounding really promising.

    1. nekkichi


      it's actually out on spotify already, enjoy!!!

    2. reminiscing2004


      SSTB and IKSSE are two of my favorite albums ever. I wish the newer records didn't have as much of a relatively-"produced"/clean sound as they do, but their formula is great. Also an amazing live band

  10. Mihenno

    omg love the album art
  11. Mihenno

    I went to a wedding recently and stayed in a fancy hotel
  12. Mihenno