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    Glad he's back
  3. Good for them. They've had it rough with labels and drummers, it'd be nice if they could catch a break. Thanks for answering all my questions btw, I know I've asked a lot!
  4. That's good, at least. I don't know much about production costs and all the responsibilities of forming an independent label but I was wondering how it stacked up against finding another label. If their contract with Ains ended they technically could have, right? But maybe creative freedom was worth more to them idk I hope they'll be able to make full use of it
  5. True. Kisaki's a tough act to top lol. Yukika still somehow manages to pull them in... who's kuroyuri with now?
  6. I see. I remember reading a long thread on him and Ains a little while ago, he's one shady dude. Starting new sub-labels and secret ones and who knows what else, and shifting bands, dropping bands, I really wonder how he keeps track of everything.
  7. Yeah, they put out a pretty solid single though so I hope things are at least looking up. I think that was one of the biggies I was wondering when Memento Mori disbanded if they would cut all traditional instruments out of their music, it would be good if they do get more opportunities to experiment (and not just bc I miss MM) I didn't know that about Mei! And they left ains a little while ago right?
  8. I was worried about this band for a while after they released their first album since they didn't do anything for what felt like a really long time... and man, it's such a bad habit. It takes so much longer for me to get un-sick of a song than the time it takes for me to get sick of one you'd think I'd just learn and include some variety with new songs but nope!!