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  1. Naaaaani

    Kinky cunt man, yes
  2. Naaaaani

    Oh thank you vk-Jesus
  3. Naaaaani

    Good luck on your way
  4. Naaaaani

    The band with no real releases in 10 years
  5. This place is dying slowly, isn't it?

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    2. Naaaaani


      After all, we all are slowly dying

    3. Ito


      Living is just slowly dying anyways.

    4. Paraph


      I've been a fan of VK since I was 15. I'm 31 now and have seen it shift and adapt to the times. I don't think it'll ever fully die. Unfortunately there aren't as many bands I care about, and all the ones I do are ones long since disbanded. 

  6. Never were. He has just produced their -I'll- and Jealous singles, as I know. Yukiya is mostly famous as a vocalist for D≒SIRE, JILS and Kain, captain obvious is here lol.
  7. Naaaaani

    it's really hard to watch and also hard to hear. MiA's rhythm parts are just drowning in the mix. Also, the vocalist, gj on singing like a generic awful vocalist from any oshare band.
  8. Naaaaani

    Sounds promising
  9. Naaaaani

    Oh god why
  10. Naaaaani

    Surely going to buy this album on bandcamp. Not very original but still very nice and enjoyable.
  11. I liked the new album so much. Sounds more experemental and inspired more than Arche. I love it, nice work.
  12. Naaaaani

    The resistance that we deserve lmao. Kisaki will go full bankrupt before going to prison.
  13. Naaaaani

    In love with this song, reminds me of my punkish school years
  14. Naaaaani

    Well, it's time for Kisaki to drop a soap in prison. I bought an objexxx CD from this fucktard a couple of years ago, lol.
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