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  1. Naaaaani

    Welcome the new Mizeria's songwriter
  2. Naaaaani

    Prepare your wallets
  3. Naaaaani

    Lucifer's underground will perform as Azalea, lol. 1/2 of original Azalea.
  4. Naaaaani

    What a huge teenage problems, lmao. Is it so difficult to just enjoy your favourite music?
  5. Naaaaani

    It's time to resurrect Utsukushiibitsu
  6. Naaaaani

    Hide deserves to be peacefully buried already but some people still continue to fuck his corpse. It's all about the money ofc.
  7. Naaaaani

    I'm really interested lol
  8. Naaaaani

    The fact a great nation like Chinese is still living under red old totalitarian bastards, who should be already dead or rot in a jail in 21st century, is hilarious. It's time to wake up, lol.
  9. Naaaaani

    The cancer of the vk scene lmao
  10. Naaaaani

    It can be just a little lie. Let's forgive them for it.
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