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  1. Never were. He has just produced their -I'll- and Jealous singles, as I know. Yukiya is mostly famous as a vocalist for D≒SIRE, JILS and Kain, captain obvious is here lol.
  2. Naaaaani

    it's really hard to watch and also hard to hear. MiA's rhythm parts are just drowning in the mix. Also, the vocalist, gj on singing like a generic awful vocalist from any oshare band.
  3. Naaaaani

    Sounds promising
  4. Naaaaani

    Oh god why
  5. Naaaaani

    Surely going to buy this album on bandcamp. Not very original but still very nice and enjoyable.
  6. I liked the new album so much. Sounds more experemental and inspired more than Arche. I love it, nice work.
  7. Naaaaani

    The resistance that we deserve lmao. Kisaki will go full bankrupt before going to prison.
  8. Naaaaani

    In love with this song, reminds me of my punkish school years
  9. Naaaaani

    Well, it's time for Kisaki to drop a soap in prison. I bought an objexxx CD from this fucktard a couple of years ago, lol.
  10. Naaaaani

    Welcome back, Satsuki
  11. Naaaaani

    I suppose it could be something for promotion purposes, whatever. Yes, you are right, I've forgot about it. It really makes sense. Btw, it's same for the band BOOWY, there are tons of bootlegs of the same time and I highly doubt they released them officially.
  12. Naaaaani

    I don't really care much, it contains songs that I wanted to hear when I had bought it, so it's ok for me. I can't remember how much I paid, it was near 5 years ago when I was a big X fan. You can look at it, took a photo just for you. I think Jun could say something about it, he stayed with X pretty long. He might be still active as a metal guitarist, idk exactly.
  13. Naaaaani

    So, this is the one I have. Not so hard to understand, I suppose. And never had this one in my hands, only seen it on auctions a couple of times. True. I think only band's members can exactly confirm or not anything, current (lol no) or past members from the indie times.
  14. Naaaaani

    No, I've got the black one with corpses and three tracks: "I'll kill you", "We are X" and "Stop bloody rain". All three recordings have same quality and sounding, not live but not a professional record though. Seems legit. The other version of "I'LL KILL YOU" that you mentioned with dead heads on it is a promo for their first single from 1985, "I'll kill you/Break the darkness", as I know. I can't remember exactly where I have read about it, so I can't confirm it's 100% truth. As for sound, I don't have them personally but as I can judge from rips that I have, quality of recording is rather similar to their bootleg tapes. I've got only one tape with the band photo, it's from 1985 and has some ancient members on it. The image doesn't look like it was distorted on PC or whatever else, it's just looks like a low resolution printing. Also, this tape contains their song "Steal your heart", I don't know any other recordings of it. I can say only about their "Feel me tonight" tape with Yoshiki's singing because I've only have it. it looks exactly same as bootleg tapes but X's logo slightly differs and has small "feel me tonight" writing on it. And also the date, 1985. Very low quality recording, you can barely recognise the fragments of the songs and Yoshiki's voice. No idea why has it been recorded.
  15. Naaaaani

    My little theory; 1) I'll KILL YOU, X Live/Endless dream, Longing are real demos. X Live/Endless dream even has a pricing on it as I know. Personally I've got black I'll KILL YOU, it's labeled NOT FOR SALE and has all X's lineup written on the sleeve with their real names. 2) All of these bootleg live tapes labeled as SEXY SCANDAL LOVE VIOLENCE or PSYCHEDELIC VIOLENCE CRIME OF VISUAL SHOCK have "not for sale" label on them, also some of them got "For SEXYSCANDALOUS Fans Only!" inscription on their sleeves, some of them got the band's photo. I don't really know who has been spreading these tapes, the band or some hardcore fans. Most (or all?) of them have dates before the release of X's first album. 3) Weird tapes such as "Feel me tonight" which contains some fragments of Yoshiki's silly tries to sing "Stab me in the back" and "Feel me tonight". Or "Install" tape which contains the titled song in live recording. Or Jun's tape from 1986 where he plays instrumental versions of his songs composed for X ("Only way", "Right now", etc.) on guitar with drum machine beating along. These tapes don't look similar to their demos or bootleg tapes, it's just some weird shit, I don't really know for real why they exist. Anyway, all these tapes are pretty listenable so it makes possible to listen to some rare and unreleased nice metal songs.