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  1. Naaaaani

  2. Naaaaani

    It's just perfect, French post punk/coldwave is brilliant
  3. Naaaaani

    You could just easily prove if I'm wrong but you decided to judge me. Alright then, keep me in touch, I'm interested. Btw, I respect lichtlune's right to has his own opinion even though I don't agree with it. His life, his way.
  4. Naaaaani

    This is how this world works. There is no perfect economic system but capitalism still remains most effective for better or for worse, you shouldn't tell me how socialism is effective and communism is real, lol, I see every day the horrible legacy of red "effectiveness" around me and in people's minds here. If you don't struggle and do something to push your life forward but just drowning in sweet red dreams of eternal justice, equality and happiness, you will surely die. Nobody will cure your illnesses for free like nobody will give you food and clear water. Because why? Who are you? Nobody gives a shit about you, the real world is not a "safe space" on Facebook, struggle or die, easy. Don't want to be rude but, man, you should overgrow your childish fantasies about helping everyone poor and oppressed as soon as possible or you will be surprised how bad it can end.
  5. Naaaaani

    Agree. And the history nicely shows what can happen because of radical right or left ideas, I live in a country which has been fucked up and destroyed by commies and nazis simultaneously lol. Only violence, tons of corpses, profit for ideological leaders and nothing for you. It's not too hard to overgrow maximalist and radical views, the time will do it for you. But it depends on you how many times your life will fuck you before.
  6. Naaaaani

    For sure, real scumbags. I don't how it's possible to be a nazist/racist and like milkshakes. Lichtlune called me a nazi, so no milkshakes for me anymore.
  7. Naaaaani

    Nobody because fascism and Mussolini already dead, lol. Btw, agree with you on this point but it's might be fair only for the US.
  8. Naaaaani

    The one and only really mature position that could be, btw
  9. Naaaaani

    How many nazis do you usually see every day and how you always show your hatred towards them?
  10. Naaaaani

    lichtlune, my dear, are you this aggressive and hateful in your daily life?
  11. Naaaaani

    Another 30 minutes of pointless shredding, pls
  12. Naaaaani

    Why leftards like to call everyone who they don't like a fascist so much? Mussolini has died many years ago, correct your manuals. Neonazis and antifa are just two sides of one coin.
  13. Lmao, just le typical wet red fantasies
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