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  1. Naaaaani

    I'm really interested lol
  2. Naaaaani

    The fact a great nation like Chinese is still living under red old totalitarian bastards, who should be already dead or rot in a jail in 21st century, is hilarious. It's time to wake up, lol.
  3. It sounds like a generic garbage
  4. Naaaaani

    The cancer of the vk scene lmao
  5. Naaaaani

    It can be just a little lie. Let's forgive them for it.
  6. Cargo cult is still going, nice
  7. Another one mediocre brvtal visual core 0-0-0-0-0-0 band?
  8. Naaaaani

    Falling in love with them once again, I think
  9. Naaaaani

    Kuroyume > any of your favourite bands Fight me wahaha
  10. Naaaaani

    ...is way more better than most of the vk newbie vocalists, no need to discuss
  11. Naaaaani

    It sounds like a black metal band name for me
  12. Naaaaani

    Finally good news on MH
  13. Naaaaani

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