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  1. aoiiki30

    No Revolver Blast , no Live Revival
  2. It me reminds a RoNo☆Cro! LOL, well, i like it sound! (PCM)
  3. aoiiki30

    I like Diru! and the new single was 8/10 my favorite is Kisou
  4. aoiiki30

    I remember Tainted World, was a good time!
  5. aoiiki30

    Sorry, for this TOPIC, well, the prices are in PESOS MEXICANOS, (MNX), Mexico! LOL!, i will change the MX to USD Later... Greats!
  6. I accept paypal and shipping worldwide registered or fedex Shipping is from Mexico Price is $ 20 USD plus shipping can you send inbox or MP annex them my online store (varied), the new that I did VK and especially JROCK https://www.facebook.com/vkshopmexico?fref=ts
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