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  1. BugLug just keeps improving and getting better .

  2. A lot of pvs and channels are disappearing from youtube. >_>

  3. Flash-Fab-Supernova

    Aww I really liked them. ;__;
  4. Flash-Fab-Supernova

  5. Flash-Fab-Supernova

    3/4 songs for October are SE's. The non-SE is a recreation of Sprecchor....
  6. Flash-Fab-Supernova

    The app is super cool. Subscribed and didn't regret. Lots of great songs.
  7. Flash-Fab-Supernova

    Pretty excited about these DIVas at all times.
  8. Flash-Fab-Supernova

    GnD music App is also available on android and contains many demos and shows a lot of promise for this new project. ;O; Pretty pumped about this~!
  9. Flash-Fab-Supernova

  10. Flash-Fab-Supernova

    Let's heat things up~! Also, dirty room~!
  11. Can't watch my dvd cause I don't have my region free DVD player and I just wanna watch and cry and feel good. ;O;
  12. Flash-Fab-Supernova

    If you have an iPhone you can download the GutsAndDeath app and I think it might have songs there but that's just a suspicion founded on staring at the OHP wishing for previews.
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