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  1. Brandon

    and they've changed costume like 3 times a year.
  2. Brandon

    So among japanese it's a big difficulty to separate R from L and V from B. But bash him when he does it right with "serenade" <-> "seleande" because it was misspelled wrong in the past and it should remain wrong. And bash him when he does it wrong "revellier" <-> "rebellier" because it follows the typical japanese misspell tradition.
  3. Brandon

    I guess Kisaki owns all Matina release!?
  4. Brandon

    Idk why everyone think the visual kei bands are something like superstars. Its a very underground genre even in Japan. There are very few bands (like 10) who can called successful. The other 100-1000 bands are all struggling and gets support from family, friends and a few fan girl to be able to continue their dream to be famous. btw better to not mention about the producing of Under Code Production, when Vior Gloire oneman had like 15 people. the label literally sank after the magnificent 12012-Vidoll-Phantasmagoria trio.
  5. Seriously, create so big hype to show they can play literally a fuckin Child Prey rip off? Sometimes i wonder how people can have so thick skin like this.
  6. If they make 10 copies, yeah, it can be sold out
  7. Brandon

    It's visual kei, no one wants to date a grandpa.
  8. I think absolutely different, Phantasmagoria and Lin is so far from each other. Look, i respect that you love this band, i agree the metalcore has grown huge but, as @herpes said, Lin is a mess. I feel so absolutely, a long time ago.... since Metamorphose. Kisaki has a lot of good idea, but it doesn't turn out well like in Phantasmagoria, because you can be 100% sure the Phantasmagoria's songs have not written only by Kisaki. Jun and Iori did an amazing job in arrangement and he could work better with Riku about lyrics at that time. Lin had a big chance to be famous just because of Kisaki and Riku's history, but the songs was not enough good, that's it. Look at the Oricon first week sales. As if Forever Exists 2000+, Metamorphose ~900, Silent To My pain ~700. Flowers Bloom ~400 and since that it's getting worse and worse. It's not because the scene changed, it's because the people realized Lin won't be ever on the same level of Phantasmagoria and they gave up on this band. Even with Megaromania members the band didn't upgrade so much.
  9. I don't really agree. It's quiet sad if they can't live off of this band, but Phantasmagoria would kick ass anytime, even now. In fact Kisaki can't write such amazing things by himself.
  10. Brandon

    Absolutely not impressed, but give a chance for full songs.
  11. Brandon

    I guess simply they can't afford it, small band.
  12. Brandon

    And people ask in such situations "why my favorite band will disband? T _ T" and than try to explain, because they are living far away, looking cool and making reasonable quality music, that doesn't mean they are successful.
  13. "Cancels all band activities" is a bit... overreact!? Since their live schedule for this month is 1.14 Guest and 1.25-26 2days oneman, that they wont cancel. So maybe they will stop for a week, no rehearsal, no home-recordings. Maybe their unannounced new materials will be released later, but this no one would recognize anyway...
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