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  1. what i did was to buy everything, extract the 5 songs that sound like Ray°C, and delete everything else pretending they don't exist
  2. hiroki

    After next week a small selection of the CDs i'm selling will be shifted to Japan and shipped from there. If anyone's interested in any item highlighted in yellow and want to combine them with other CDs pls PM me by Sunday
  3. HAKLO new mini album "This is HAKLO." (6 tracks, 2000 yen) will be released on 2018.08.26.
  4. 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁
  5. アンフィル(Anfiel) new album "COUNT DOWN" will be released in November
  6. hiroki

    Updated with estimated shipping rates
  7. Hello. I'm selling a small part of my collection cos I ran out of space... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ql4NK16WUMrYy3H_wwn8NVXbTC2r3F96XOfmJIqI6n0/edit#gid=0 - Listed prices in USD but I also accept the equivalent in JPY. Buyer pays shipping + paypal fees (30 cents + 4.4%). - All CDs are in good-excellent condition and stored in clear plastic wraps. All obis are intact for CDs that originally have one. Damaged cases have been replaced with new ones. - I ship worldwide but pls note that if you live outside of Asia, shipping can get pricey (see below) - If you need pics for specific CDs, just ask. International shipping rates: Proof that I own them:
  8. hiroki

    SHeepSLeep will disband after their oneman live on 2018/09/10
  9. hiroki

    vistlip just announced at their 11th anniversary live at Zepp Tokyo that they will be releasing a full album in Nov
  10. hiroki

    Look: i think the vocalist is irodori's takeru, bassist is log's yuuki and drummer is lydiar's junya. not sure about their guitarist...
  11. what my room looks like when i'm organizing cds x_x




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    2. reminiscing2004


      vice should do a documentary on you

    3. Cantavanda


      Holy crap! Do you digitally keep track like on Excel of all items you have? Where you got them and how much you paid for each?

    4. Komorebi
  12. Ba.みゆ(miyu) will depart from i.Rias after their one-man live on 2018/9/14
  13. hiroki

    Ryohei will retire after their last live.
  14. Purple Stone new single "飛んで火にいる恋する夏の虫 (tonde hi ni iru koisuru natsu no mushi)" (3 types) will be released on 2018.08.22 http://purplestone.jp/discography.html#7thsingle
  15. hiroki

    i didnt realize someone compiled the numbers for the entire year so thanks for posting this! i just wanted to add that these numbers refer to the first week sales and aren't the total copies sold for individual releases