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  1. 恋愛偏差値 is just one of those cheesy measures for how "good"someone is at romantic relationships (think of it as a "love" equivalent of IQ, EQ, etc.). it's also a reference to one of those "shindan" tests that bandmen like to take online and tweet the results they get (you can find a set of questions here). 26 is a pretty low score so i guess it refers to someone who's terrible at dating and finding a gf/bf. that drama jig linked prob just happened to be named after this.
  2. here are the band comments (not individual ones from member ) i can do the rest after work if no one else has done it by then
  3. omg!!!!!! T__________T
  4. i haven't been scrobbling much from my phone since they "upgraded" but it prob wouldn't have made much of a difference to this list
  5. T________T
  6. beautiful T__________T can't get enough of them
  7. i like it! and wow almost didn't recognize tatsuru, love his new hair haha
  8. omg..... i didn't think it would be a best album. i'm worried T_T
  9. ASTARIA Gt.K.O.H will depart on 2017/11/3 and will be on temporary hiatus after that. They plan to restart activities with the remaining 4 members in December.
  10. omg i love their look and their music <3333 vocalist is clowd's roadie btw
  11. haha i had intended to make an artist thread for them for the longest time but kept procrastinating it, and when i was finally about to do it they announced their disbandment, so... but blesscode will always be one of my all-time favorite bands. there's something in them that i can't really describe but it makes them stand out from all other heavy(?) bands. almost every single track they have done is memorable af and would stay with me forever. also, imperial city changed my life
  12. 彩-イロドリ- (irodori) Vo. タケル(takeru) and Gt.コウ(kou) will depart after their oneman on 2017/10/13
  13. デイドリームストリップ might become my new anfiel favorite (*___*)
  14. They will hold a one-man live at Osaka MUSE on 2017/09/15
  15. can't say i'm too surprised given shota's condition for the past 2 years but still extremely bummed. funny how after 10+ years shota is still getting lots of ridiculous flak for presumably standing in the way of alvino becoming another pierrot or la'cryma christi (which they never were from the start), but ok. personally i thought the band was fucking brilliant at what they were doing and shota will always be one of my fave vocalists.