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  1. unpopular opinion: current LEZARD > kizu + lime-era LEZARD 

    1. colorfuljinsei


      kizu-stans are out to get you now, haha


      侍アバンギャルド has me agreeing w/ you on this one. LEZARD has def. started to reach their full potential w/ Sora. The band isn't as "one-note" as they used to be w/ Lime...which brings us to Kizu.


      IMO Kizu is exhibiting the same problem old-LEZARD had, just w/ nu-DeG flare. I think when everyone starts to shake off the nostalgia goggles, disinterest is going to set in. Though, I was never interested in "that" style band, so others see it differently.


      It's all personal preference I guess. LEZARD's electro-kei doesn't appeal to everybody, as well.

    2. hiroki




      funnily enough, i used to think the limitation was with LEZARD's composers cos the great majority of lime-era songs followed the same percussive style that matched the high-pitched chest voice, but sora basically demonstrated that lime was the problem. who would have thought... ._.


      i'm not bashing lime cos he's obv technically very gifted. i was a fan of early LEZARD and i still have fond memories of their songs. but imo sora stretched LEZARD's repertoire to places where they could never have gone with lime.

  2. hiroki

    i also dislike how all the media's spotlight is on 3-4 "swing voters", as if being a republican and having the ability to independently review the facts + the moral conscience to take a stand to do what you believe is the right thing are mutually exclusive. as much as politician these days (regrettably) vote in lockstep, i'm sure this is a hard vote for many republican senators too given how blatantly flawed a SCOTUS candidate kavanaugh is (like, even for conservatives, you've got to be in ultra-crazyland to actually believe hand on heart that he's the best conservative judge out there). but to always expect your colleague to do the right thing on your behalf while gleefully casting the politically expedient vote is just.. cowardly. also, i haven't seen this in the media much: but i've been wondering what john roberts (the chief justice) is thinking watching all of this unfolding. his jurisprudence is conservative, but he's obsessed with preserving the legacy of the court and would hate for the supreme court to be viewed as some sort of ideological apparatus (most famously: he decided to join the liberal justices to vote 5-4 against repealing obamacare through a curious technicality on taxation, which scholars interpreted as his unorthodox way of protecting the supreme court from being seen as a partisan institution). it would be interesting to see if he drifts further left to become more of a swing vote if kavanaugh is confirmed.
  3. hiroki

    up, hundreds of cds still up for grabs
  4. hiroki

    LOL. can you gaze into your crystal ball and predict the next few bands of this style where members are gonna fuck up and cause the band to break up? i'm dying for you to enlighten me.
  5. not bad, i'm still more biased towards 未完成レプリカ but this is still nice. love sena's voice and the mood it evokes.
  6. what i did was to buy everything, extract the 5 songs that sound like Ray°C, and delete everything else pretending they don't exist
  7. hiroki

    After next week a small selection of the CDs i'm selling will be shifted to Japan and shipped from there. If anyone's interested in any item highlighted in yellow and want to combine them with other CDs pls PM me by Sunday
  8. HAKLO new mini album "This is HAKLO." (6 tracks, 2000 yen) will be released on 2018.08.26.
  9. 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁
  10. アンフィル(Anfiel) new album "COUNT DOWN" will be released in November
  11. hiroki

    Updated with estimated shipping rates
  12. Hello. I'm selling a small part of my collection cos I ran out of space... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ql4NK16WUMrYy3H_wwn8NVXbTC2r3F96XOfmJIqI6n0/edit#gid=0 - Listed prices in USD but I also accept the equivalent in JPY. Buyer pays shipping + paypal fees (30 cents + 4.4%). - All CDs are in good-excellent condition and stored in clear plastic wraps. All obis are intact for CDs that originally have one. Damaged cases have been replaced with new ones. - I ship worldwide but pls note that if you live outside of Asia, shipping can get pricey (see below) - If you need pics for specific CDs, just ask. International shipping rates: Proof that I own them: