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  1. hey,friend

    do you know if lezard's album "トカゲッチュ(tokagetyou)" was already uploaded here? thx

  2. yay!!! let us know your thoughts once you hear it haha it's a hard comparison to make cos the first single had an out-and-out ballad and i'm a sucker for those. but overall, i think the new single is more representative of vivarush's sound and it was really able to showcase ruimaru's distinctive vocals. i'm SUPER in love with both singles but i'll lean slightly towards the new one if i had to choose
  3. they only have 2 singles so far: [2016.09.07] Merry-Merry-Merry-Go!!-Round☆ (4 songs) [2017.02.08] オコサマジック (3 songs) they distributed 等身大Dreamer as a CD in August last year but the same track is also in their first single. yeah they have a lot more songs and i'm pretty sure they will record them (or most of them) eventually!
  4. anyone else here heard their new single?? it's def one of my fave releases of 2017 so far btw their keychains have sold out orz
  5. wtf i dont like the sound of that title at all x_x
  6. lol funny you asked cos my friend @cirrusand i were just talking about him a few days ago and joking that he went back to playing computer games 24/7 again his official twitter is still around: https://twitter.com/MiNiMUMLiME afaik he's just doing sessions sporadically now, but it says on his profile that he's not accepting requests/invitations from bands etc.
  7. will type it out later! here you go: アカシックレコード 作詞 MASASHI 作曲 潤正 what's up? 過去と未来への融合 what's up? 幻想郷のリアリティ what's up? 後回しの日常に what's up? 己の力を放て what's up? 秘められしこの力は what's up? 人間への欲望が what's up? 生み出した世界情勢 what's up? 今「自分」を解き放て もう何も怖くないから さぁ記憶の欠片を集め ※アカシックレコード 君の色に染め上げて欲しい 大好きな君のDNA 吸い込み 壊れてしまうほど 過去の君も 未来への君も 大好きです 頭がクラクラと 回っているのです 目に見えない 答え探し 自己陶酔 繰り返し 僕と君の先祖達も 繋がってる (RAP)賛歌を歌う人々を尻目に 自分の価値観を問いただして この場所には何もないと感じ 一人探してる桃源郷に 君との未来を共有しよう 脳内参照 推奨しよう 瞑想している自分の人生 見えない未来は手の中にある パノラマの様に映っている 風景は本物なのかな? 終わらない夢でも 見てるみたい 今この世界は 僕の手の中で踊っている 玩具さ 手に入れたいものは 君が全て最初から持ってる これからは 自分が主役の物語なのさ 現実逃避がお得意 少年のお話さ ※リピート
  8. you mean the kanji lyrics of akashic records?
  9. i dont think i can handle this right now @_@
  10. been a little busy with work so it took me forever to do it but i finally heard their new single and 素晴らしきこの世界へ SOUNDS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. ViV

    Today was ViV's tour final at Takadanobaba AREA, which is also their disbandment live. flowers (hirohiro's birthday was yesterday and rayji's birthday is today - that's why they have 3 different flower stands ) their setlist today: It's always painful as hell to lose another band that means so much to me, but more than that I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to have met them in the first place. I fucking love every one of their members, their different personalities, their random quirkiness, but also how serious they can be at the appropriate moments, and pretty much everything about the band. I'll always remember how endearing hirohiro is, his smile, his waves, his giggles, his vocals, etc... viv wouldn't be viv without him. i'll remember sayuki as their 'idk wtf i'm doing here' guy hahaha but he's so damn charming in his own ways :))) i'll remember rayji's immaculate attention to viv's fans; the way he ALWAYS goes out of his way to show his love and concern for every single one of us, and how he assures us that things will always be alright. and of course i'll never forget wataru. ever. again i'm so so glad i met them. these 4 years feel so surreal x.x THANK YOU VIV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333333333333333
  12. ViV

    Second half of their Nagoya live: Footages from the Osaka leg of their oneman tour
  13. VIVALET will disband after their oneman live at Ikebukuro BlackHole on 2017/04/25
  14. i love this preview so much more than most of what meteroid did after changing their concept. the vocalist sounds like a cross between aki and chizuru lol
  15. omggg i feel so bad for the other 4 members T_T it's a legitimate reason yet i can't help but feel he could have dealt with this better than texting the staff his intentions then proceed to refuse all attempts to contact him. the band deserves better.