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  1. me too, i'm so heartbroken
  2. LIEVRE CLAY will disband after their oneman live "コノセカイ" at Ikebukuro BlackHole on 2017/05/22.
  3. happy birthday @CAT5!!!! hope you're having a wonderful day :D 

    1. CAT5


      Thanks, hiroki!

  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ happy for him too, euclid is a good label! i'll die 100x over if he joins Guild as their vocalist lolol
  5. This CD is also available on closetchild: http://www.closetchild-cd.jp/product/56563 I haven't tried ordering from there cos I got it from their live but it seems like you have to contact them to add it to your cart though (try the お問い合わせ button). Maybe someone can try and let the rest of us know? Oh and taro didn't leave the band, he "graduated" and changed his stage name to tsukimi lol.
  6. ルクス(lux) new single (title to be announced) will be released on 2017/05/17. They will hold a mini oneman at LIVEHOUSE'D on 2017/07/25, and Haruka's birthday shusai on 2017/05/18 at HOLIDAY OSAKA.
  7. メガマソ(Megamasso) new album "天使崩壊(tenshi houkai)" will be released on 2017/06/21.
  8. tonight was purple stone's 4th anniversary oneman at Osaka Muse!!!!!! will update with fuma's pic later lol they had a ton of MCs, and they did lots of songs that they don't normally perform at lives!
  9. hmm somewhat recent photos
  10. apparently anfiel's yukito did the piano instrumentals for this album!
  11. not sure what to expect from this but Lime's a great vocalist so i'll stick around for samples
  12. Durandal members have lost contact with Vo.SHION from 2017/03/04 (for recording of their new maxi single "ARGYROS"). Gt.MAY will pause live activities in 2017/03 due to his health problems. The release of their new maxi single "ARGYROS" will be indefinitely postponed, but the band is not expected to disband or go on hiatus.
  13. Not 'officially' announced but they mentioned in their twitcast just now that they'll be making a 'secret' appearance at DE:VI6's shusai at Ikebukuro Blackhole on 3/28!
  14. New band "NORANECO" has formed and they will hold their first live at Ikebukuro edge on 2017/04/24. Vocalist is ex-Lieluck/ex-FeniX Yuu Their new single のらねこフェスティバル☆ will be released. OHP: http://www.noraneco-official.com