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  1. Purple Stone held their 2nd Tokyo oneman (4th overall) to celebrate GAK's birthday on 1/13! Some photos (i'm actually kinda surprised they got so many flowers!! <333) Set list on the night (which @CloudyTree has already posted on the news thread) Opening SE 「PαR@LyZ£ -Op.10-」 1. パラダイス・ダンス 2. 歌舞伎町バタフライ 3. アオイヤミ 4. 回転木馬 5. Dark Insanity 6. Hysteric Lady -SE- prelude re:vir 7. RIVER 8. 絵空事 9. 嘘つきピエロ 10. Scar 11. ポイズンチョコレート 12. 甘酸っぱいマンゴー 13. アドレナリンBANG! 14. パニックパニック! Encore 1. キャットウォーク 2. BLAME and pics from their Jishuban instore the very next day because why not? btw today is GAK's actual birthday! here's his twitter if you wanna wish him happy birthday
  2. yesterday was glamhaze's last live at Shibuya rex i'll probably use this same thread to post updates on satoru's solo project if thats ok?
  3. vistlip new album (4 types) will be released on 2017/03/29
  4. oops i forgot to post their setlist. i'll make it up with some photos on the purple stone thread later. anyway, what a setlist!! hopefully one day they will release a DVD
  5. !!!!! were you drunk when you wrote your list? lololol anyway, nice list a little surprised you chose Snowman over CONTRAST for vistlip though. but i agree that everything vistlip did in 2016 (EXCEPT aya rebirth) was wayyy better than disasters like COLD CASE. so that's a relief. i'm also surprised how many people REALLY liked anfiel's aqua. i mean, yeah i love it (obviously) but was it markedly better than the other stuff they did in 2016?? i'm probably too biased to tell though haha.. also loved everything Axkey did, especially Fantasia, which placed just outside my top 10 singles. RAINDIA was a nice surprise too... never thought i'd buy their stuff when they first started out.
  6. iNSOMNiA will disband after their oneman live "閃光の刻" on 2017.03.13 at Ikebukuro EDGE. Their new album "ARCANA" (13 tracks, 2980 yen) will be released on 2017.02.01 [tracklist] 1. 狼煙-introduction- 2. Fanatic Parade 3. Lost Emotion 4. アフロディジー 5. BULLET 6. 咎 7. THE WORST-interlude- 8. JOKER 9. ゴシックワンダーランド 10. Haunted Orchestra 11. Snow Caller 12. REM 13. REVELATE
  7. masaya singing GLAY's Winter,again
  8. i've heard unpleasant things about some members of the kerberos staff as well, but since i'm not an "insider" of the industry i'd rather suspend judgment. what's more, at the rate indie bands are generally breaking up these days it's kinda hard to say whose fault exactly it's down to (short of dramatic exposés like what happened with rockstar records). what i can say though, is that kerberos seems to be a pretty damn good job of supporting vivarush - everything from promotion/distribution to conceptual work to photos is pretty much flawless. i'd never thought a band like them (basically newcomers to the kansai scene as they were previously based in fukuoka) would sell out ruido. of course, a good bit of credit is def due to the member themselves. anyway i can't say i follow kerberos as a label anywhere as much as i follow vivarush haha, but my impression of them is pretty positive for the above reasons.
  9. i think the confusion arises from the fact that Kerberos supports sessions in an ad-hoc fashion. they used to have bands they support regularly through contractual agreement (FoLLoW and Shellmy were examples) but i'm not sure if that's still the case now if they are supporting everyone from Zigzag to SHIVA to ルクス (basically... a great deal of active Kansai bands). it's also unclear if 'supporting them' just means 'inviting a band to play for our label live'. Vivarush is the only formal band that has signed to Kerberos atm, so that's 50% of the reason why i'm keeping an eye on Kerberos. the other 50% is because their label's director Keita was from EVE and i'm a hugeeeeeeee fan of him
  10. Masqued Liar live-limited CD "21313" will be released at their live from their free one-man live "ポワソン・ダブリル~最後の嘘~" at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 on 2017/04/01. It will be provided for fans who enter under premium ticket (2,000yen) for that live and will come with member autographs
  11. Misaruka will disband after their one-man live "-Finale-" at Takadanobaba AREA on 2017/05/30
  12. aww <3 he even said on TV that his hairstyle was inspired by visual kei
  13. i haven't had the time to update this thread more regularly than i'd have liked >_> sorry! so the new single's full PV is out - thoughts anyone? what's your take on the band's recent direction?
  14. Anfiel was the front-page feature in vol. 37 of ZEAL LINK's free paper. i scanned the first few pages of the magazine (THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) i might translate the interview when i have free time, but enjoy the pics in the meantime
  15. by the way this will also be Kaname's last live before he retires edit: oh nvm i think he added one more session on 3/6 so that's the last. but yeah if you're an ALIVE fan go see him ^^