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  1. ビバラッシュ(vivarush) will be doing a live-limited release per month from 2017/10 ~ 2017/12 in conjunction with their autumn shusai tour.
  2. i've been doing nothing but listening to vistlip for the past 2 days and dying haha. any thoughts on Bittersweet album?
  3. Setlist of their two-man yesterday at Osaka Muse Almost all my favorite songs of theirs in one live haha
  4. personally i think it's probably because they're finally doing an album after SO MANY singles so i'm not too surprised. i mean at least it isn't a best album with 10 previously released songs and a bonus track called "Thank you" lolol. i don't expect them to be Shonenki #2 but who knows ._.
  5. Purple Stone has just announced at their two-man live tonight that their new album "赤と青(Aka to ao)" (2 types, 2700 yen each) will be released on 2017/08/23
  6. i don't have time to do a detailed review of the album for now, but i share @Mihi's sentiments for the most part - which was kinda unexpected because i think anfiel attracts us in really different ways. for one, i don't bop to heir catchy/aggressive sound as much as i immerse myself in their melodic/bittersweet mood like in Step by step and Aqua (not to mention my ridiculous bias for ballads like 冬桜 and 指切り). as for the album itself: i did not like ルピナスアンハピネス at all (this is literally the only song so far in anfiel's discography i can't bring myself to press 'Like' on my foobar), and A.C.T.C was also weird to me. Scar sounded like the anfiel i'd REALLY like, until the middle section when Shogo sounds like he's struggling with the crescendo - i have no idea why they did not choose to re-record that part. there are some moments that stood out like the title track and ひだまりアンサンブル which were pretty nice; and i actually really enjoyed RIP. that said, i think it's normal for bands to try their hand at something new and maybe this will turn out to be a good experience for them in the long run. also, speaking for myself, the album doesn't make me love the band any less cos i know the anfiel songs i fucking LOVE will always be there and this album just felt more like a missed opportunity to love them even more (if that makes sense?) i'll try to type up a longer post soon but in the meantime i'm interested to hear what others think!
  7. Just a heads up that the CD is only available via mail order (for shipping in Japan only). You'll need to email masaya.home.town@gmail.com and tell him your name, postal code, address, number of copies. Shipping fee is 200 yen per order. The deadline for this is 2017/06/23. Alternatively you can grab it from V star webshop if you're overseas. Deadline is 2017/06/27. This will be the last release by masaya before he relocates to Tokyo.
  8. omg i'm in love
  9. アヴァンガルド (Avantgarde) will disband after their oneman on 2017/08/31.
  10. somehow i missed this news o.o good for them and looking forward to it! well i mean if even you're still trying after so long...