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  1. same sentiments, seems like they were trying to do too much in the title track o.o all 3 b-sides are wonderful though, love subaru's vocals <3
  2. Member comments: Source: https://miztavla.amebaownd.com/posts/3110842?categoryIds=178035
  3. Fans voted for their favorite purple stone songs!!! They got 2200 votes in all.
  4. this is so heartbreaking. to think he was still tweeting normally just 4 days ago. RIP.
  5. ^ it says that the members need some time to think about what the band stands for and where to go from here but anyway, they've had a good run. always loved jin's lyrics and i hope they eventually come back.
  6. omg anzu is back!!! T_T
  7. Tracklist: Limited Edition (CD+DVD) DSI-010/¥1,980(+tax) [CD] 1.光 2.I Be 3.鑰孔の続 -カギアナノゾク- [DVD] 1.光 MV 2.光 MV Making 3.Oneman Tour 2017「一石を投じる」Document Regular Edition DSI-011/¥1,500(+tax) [CD] 1.光 2.I Be 3.鑰孔の続 -カギアナノゾク-
  8. i love this song!! thanks for translating it
  9. omg tomo, dying i love it!! <333
  10. i wasn't too convinced by the spot but the longer version is better for me. seems like a fun song that's a lot more enjoyable live than on record though haha also i'm so glad Mio joined!!!!! <33333333
  11. ASTARIA Gt.ゆづき(yuzuki) will depart after their live on 2017.09.30 owing to aggravation of his spinal condition, and the band will be on hiatus after their oneman on 2017.11.03. From Rey's comments it appears that they are waiting on yuzuki's condition to improve so that he can be back for their disbandment live whenever that may be.
  12. seems like it's a limited-period band since they are "graduating" on 2018/3/21, but i'm interested for sure