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  1. omg, i really really like it
  2. They first performed their new song ガラス越しの君へ last month at a live I was at, and I still can't get over how emotional Ohayuuki got when he was singing it T_T I'm glad they were able to at least record it and put it in their last album <333 Gonna listen to it and die 123712938 times haha
  3. omg reading @echo's live reports is literally one of the few things i come on MH for these days haha. i really wish i could capture the mood and live atmosphere as well as she does but i think it's impossible ._. anyway, because lux is such a fucking important band to me i just want to add on to what she wrote, even if it feels like my words are so inadequate T_T
  4. finally managed to get phase faith's 'WILL' after a couple of years of wondering if it was ever released, together with their new single which i never knew existed either o.o; as well as: yoh's beautiful song he wrote for his bro's wedding, anfiel's re-recording of 'timeless' distributed at their 3rd anniv one-man on 1/21, and lux's dvd they gave out before their last live on 1/22.
  5. bleached my hair some time ago
  6. Happy birthday again <3 <3 <3

  7. Happy b-day Hiroki! <3

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      thank you!!! <333333333

  8. happy birthday dude! (。-∀-)

    Hopefully this year lots of new bands will come to your path!

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      thank you!!

  9. Happy Birthday, Hiroki! Wishing you all the best~! :3 

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      Thank you CAT!! <333

  10. Vocalist is Jekyll (ex-ATRUS), kamite guitarist is Dai (ex-Oneness). Shimote guitarist is Karen (ex-ashley). This feels really weird cos they seem like a totally diff band without Yoh, but I guess i'll follow cos i'm a huge fan of Jekyll. I'm fine with autotune but I'd rather hear Jekyll's real voice cos he has really nice vocals.
  11. More info: Yoh wrote this song for his younger brother when he got married. The single will be sold, not distributed.
  12. グラビティ(gravity) new single "ギラギラ卍系 (gira gira manji kei)" will be released on 2018.02.07. New look:
  13. like what jaymee said, in 99% of the cases giving the band a few man as a one-off thing won't be decisive in whether your band survives or disbands (unless it's a sizable amount and you do it regularly...) also, for fear of gya-drama, most fans refrain from giving money directly to the band, but personally (and i stress this) i feel it's fine under certain situations. it depends a lot on how you do it, the temperament of the members (some bandmen will be offended), stuff like that. it's also probably ill-advised to attempt it with bigger bands. it's been a while since i've done it, but when i did i'd write a note to the effect of 'have a great uchiage!' and i don't breathe a word about it to anyone. only once did i have the cash discreetly returned to me (at the next live), upon which i promptly spent the equivalent amount on chekis lolol. we both had a good laugh about that. having said that, most gyas would just blow an obscene amount on chekis if they wish to 'donate' to the band.
  14. LONDBOY will release a DVD of their last live 「LONDBOY LAST ONEMAN LIVE -ミヤコワスレ-」 on 2018.02.18 (6200 yen).