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  1. gekkabijin type c cd gekkabijin type b cd watashi wa kairai type a cd watashi wa kairai type d cd jyo no ka/oborozukiyo type a cd jyo no ka/oborozukiyo type c cd jyo no ka/oborozukiyo type d cd jyo no ka/oborozukiyo type a,b,c,d cd set kyuubi zeal link comment dvd kyuubi like an edison comment dvd gekkabijin like an edison comment dvd fanclub shiryu june 2016 dvd ruru postcard gekkabijin postcard x3 mitsuki family party photo bp magazine vol.9 all cd's have obi's Swap: i have mahiro jyo no ka cd japan photo, i want mitsuki or junji. 2017. i have hiyori gekkabijin cd japan photo, i want mahiro, takemasa or mitsuki. 2016. Wanted: takemasa jyo no ka vanguard. will swap for another vanguard. PM me if interested. Buyer pays postage. Paypal only. Posting from UK.
  2. Buying マイドラゴン My Dragon Nijigen Complex type A cd, with obi and preferably trading cards. Send me a message if you have one to sell. Thanks
  3. visualcrisis

    Malice Mizer was my first a long time ago.
  4. visualcrisis

    Jiluka. I havent heard alot of Fixer though, i'll have to listen to them more.
  5. Hello I am selling nothing... this can be closed And if anyone is looking to trade kiryu trading cards i have extras and i am looking for some.
  6. visualcrisis

    So sad. RIP Mikuru
  7. If you are not going to send items i want a refund. This has gone on long enough.
  8. Mahiro for me. He is my favourite vocalist. I love his vocals and all the crazy things he does.
  9. visualcrisis

    Received cds, good seller, thanks
  10. visualcrisis

    Sent you a pm
  11. visualcrisis

    hi im interested in buying kiryu. please pm me, i tried pming you but it wouldnt let me.
  12. My favourites are kote, angura, gothic, lolita. I mostly go for all black outfits with a splash of red. Eroguru isnt bad either.
  13. visualcrisis

    Just wondering who on here is on fanpop. Maybe some will hate it but I spend more time over there, i kinda like doing polls etc. There's quite a few clubs for jrock bands. If youre on feel free to add me. (my link is on my profile) I'm actually not so comfortable on forums