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  1. *updated with link to pics and other items not listed here!* http://hogwartsgal.livejournal.com/
  2. DISCOUNT SALE FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER!! *Plus Prices Lowered!* *List updated-more updates with more items and link for pics to come still!*
  3. DISCOUNT SALE FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER!! *List updated- new cds added, sold cds removed*
  4. Junpei'sGirl

    Car battery died on me and left me stranded at the grocery store...not good in itself, but it happened to be in the morning on my way home from work, so it didn't cause me to be late for anything, and my sister was able to come give me a jump start to get me to an auto store to buy a new battery! Yay for getting to see my sis!
  5. Junpei'sGirl

    the good karma that I have been sending out into the world decided to come back and pay me a visit today at at work!
  6. Junpei'sGirl

    ...I am...
  7. Junpei'sGirl

    Thanks! I have to have a picture to draw from and it takes me forever, but the first picture is my favorite I've ever done, not only is it of my favorite member, so I got to stare at his picture for a few weeks while working on the drawing, but out of all the pictures I had of him, none of them showed all the details that well, so I was trying to memorize the details from his outfit after one of the concerts and he kept catching me staring at him and eventually he asked me if I needed something, so I explained why I was staring and he was like "OH!? Look all you want!" and posed and turned and whatnot so I could see the details, lol! He was adorable!
  8. Junpei'sGirl

    Hearts, stars, and horseshoes, clovers, and the moon! Pots of gold and rainbows, and the red balloon!
  9. Junpei'sGirl

    Just check on my cd order due to ship at the end of the month...one of the CDs I ordered that is due to come out on the 14th is already in stock- that is at least 5 days early! ...tell me why it never happens with the last release of my orders (T_T)
  10. Junpei'sGirl

    Yakisoba and milk tea with chocolate chip cookies for desert!
  11. hi! picture here: http://jrock4sale.livejournal.com/648.html I have a Megaromania cd- Oath -cross of eternity- (in my cd sell post), but do not have anything from Metis gretel.
  12. That would fit best in a padded envelope, if you are ok with that, flat rate priority is $5.95 by USPS, so $22.95.
  13. FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER: 25% OFF OF PURCHASES OVER $175 20% OFF OF PURCHASES BETWEEN $100-$174 15% OFF OF PURCHASES BETWEEN $50-$99 10% OFF OF PURCHASES UNDER $50 (Shipping will be added AFTER the discount) EXTRA: prices lowered!! -Prices are in US dollars. Shipping not included, will be shipping from NC, USA. -I accept Paypal only -Can combine cds from my '150+CDs' sell post with items from this post! -Feel free to ask for pics or if you have any questions! DVDs: Choshinsei- Time to Shine- Japan Special Edition [w/DVD, Limited release] ($60)$55 (this comes with cd, dvd, short manga, and more!) DIO- Tour Dictator ($45)$40 Moon Child (English Subtitles) [initial pressing Limited Release] ($90)$70 (comes with 3 discs, 3 art cards, photo album-as in one you can put pics in, and it all comes in a special box) Uchusentai Noiz- Japan Toy's Panic Kingof Oneman Show 2009-2010 Live DVD ($60)$50 (signed!) Plastic Tree- Merry Go Round the World [Limited Edition] ($65) $55 (t-shirt not included, but still has the special box it came packaged in) Plastic Tree- ゲシュタルト崩壊 DVD ($43)$38 Tokyo Michael- イルミナティ、ノヲト ($17)$15 Vidoll- Flashback ($35)$30 凛 -the end of corruption world- Independent "MAZE" FILM ($43)$38 Band Merchandise: AAA- keychain ($7) Alice Nine- Piece of 5ive elements 「THE BOOK」-Alice Nine 5th- -photobook from 2010 tour (signed! $50)$40 Alice Nine- wristband from 2010 tour ($20)$18 Alice Nine- towel from 2010 tour ($30)$25 D=OUT- strap from 2010 tour ($15)$13 D=OUT- folder from 2010 tour ($10) D=OUT- towel from 2010 tour ($30)$25 Irokui- Mirror from 2010 tour ($25) Irokui- signed photo of the band from 2010 tour ($25)$20 Jun Matsumoto- 2 sided photo/poster thing I got at Japanese festival 2011 ($10) Kagrra- 10th anniversary folder ($15)$10 Kagrra- 10th anniversary photo ($15)$10 KAT-TUN- Playing cards ($7) Miyavi- wristband from 2010 tour ($20)$18 Miyavi- folder from 2010 tour ($10) Plastic Tree- Re:chord -photobook from 2010 tour ($25)$20 R-shitei- Bassist Nanahashi's custom pick ($15) $10 Scandal- pin ($5) SuG- 2 stickers from 2010 tour ($8 )$6 Uchusentai Noiz- wristband from 2010 tour ($20)$18 Unite- pin ($5) Versailles- wristband from 2010 tour ($20)$18 Versailles- towel from 2010 tour ($30)$25 Vivid- sticker pack from 2010 tour (never opened) ($15)$12 xTRiPx- sticker ($4) Kirakira Summer Typhoon!! 2011 tour trading cards- Regular Cards- 1 for $5, 3 for $12, 6 for $20 Special Cards- 1 for $8, 2 for $14, 3 for $20 pics for most of the band merchandise listed here as well as more items not listed (like trading cards, stickers, postcards, and more) can be found here: http://hogwartsgal.livejournal.com/
  14. Which DOG in the PWO cd are you interested in, or are you wanting both?
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