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  1. Muma

  2. Muma

    Ahh I've not been asked out at all before that time and I just panicked....a little too much and too visibly xD Also God that sounds like one of the worst kinds of people to be hit on by
  3. Muma

    If it makes you feel any better, once someone asked me out and I had a full blown panic attack right there and then.... Fun times
  4. So I'm trying to be more active on here again in the hope to get back into my beloved VK bands as it's just been non stop post-rock/study music this past year I've been out of the scene for a while and now the news section all feels so foreign to me so I'll be a little slow in the beginning xD Either way it's good to be back and I've missed this community a lot <3
  5. I feel like i've done this so many times now but in case anyone remembers me I'M BACK (hopefully) for a while I've been on a stangnant music phase for a while so what better place than to look here (but also man, people have left staff have changed and need to get a grasp of the ropes again...)
  6. Muma

    I'm happy with being ace. But I'm now leaning more towards the aro side. Everything indicates it but it's a little more complex and I feel I need to explain the intricacies of how I'm feeling. There is no one way to be aro. It doesn't invalidate it but people do and it's terrible (even worse with gender shit for me tho like ;__; I hate this society and I just want to live in peace without explaining every little thing when it doesn't fit with the norm)
  7. Do I believe in it? How do I believe in it? Do I believe it exists? Yes. Do I feel it? Do I KNOW it exists. Probably not... (I tend to overanalize things and get out of loop but I hope I can contribute) We have these words, "romantic" and "love". They're often associated with each other, and often not. These exist because someone at some point has had the need to try and describe this feeling, it becomes used and used until it's accepted in society and it's defined as 'x'. But with things such as these EVERYTHING IS SUBJECTIVE. People describe them differently and there is no right way to feel either of these things but we talk about them as if there is some sort of universal truth and understanding to them. So something like this must exist, it seems to logically follow right? However doesn't mean it's accessible to everyone, for example aromanticism (like Lestat mentioned above). Because you can't feel it doesn't mean it doesn't exist, because you can feel it and the concepts are so widely used in media (which just further strenghten you're feelings that this is desirable, correct, a goal and universal) doesn't mean that it is an absolute for everyone. It always seems to come down to whether someone feels it or not and then everything gets warped around personal experiences, which is usually not great to back up a point because you're the only one who has those specific emotions which are attached to an event. SO YEAH! To me it seems futile to discuss some things because it's just something that no one will evey agree on. Even if your beliefs overlap and in writing it seems the same, chances are you're talking about different things. We just use language to communicate through a set list of words and definitions with set meanings, but somehow contradictorily (cba seeing if that's a word) there seem to be infinite connotations within these. AHRG sorry for the long windedness but this is my view on the topic so (I tried to keep it as concise as possible, I hope it worked xD)
  8. So I found this thing on the world of the tumblblogrrrrrr and I thought it was p cool so... (excuse the lame ass topic title0 Using only song names from one artist/band, cleverly answer these questions without repeating any songs Pick Your Artist/Band: La Dispute Are you a male or female: For Mayor In Splitsville Describe yourself: Nobody, Not Even the Rain How do you feel: Fall Down, Never Get Back Up Again Describe where you currently live: A Broken Jar If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: The Lost Last Continent Your favourite form of transportation: A Letter Your best friend is: You And I In Unison You and your best friends are: Damaged Goods What’s the weather like: New Storms For Older Lovers Favourite time of day: Stay Happy There If your life was a TV show, what would the title be?: Then Again, Maybe You Were Right What is life to you: The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit Your Relationship: Bury Your Flame Your fear: He Is Here, He Is Not Afraid
  9. Muma

    In Vertigo - Beach Fossils Why do people feel it necessary to comment on your weight at every opportunity?
  10. Muma

    banned for not sitting out the entire plug session that one time
  11. Hey I tried to PM you but seems you can't recieve any new messages.... But i'm interested in that giru bandanna but won't be able to pay until I move into my house bc there will be no one to pick it up (uni student) I also live in the UK so I was wondering how much shipping would me Thanks
  12. Muma

    i don't think it's strictly limited to japanese drag artists, or at least if I can make it I won't stick to just Japanese. That's how it usually is with any plug session tho so unless I've missed anything I presume it will be as usual
  13. Muma

    under the starlight - Luzmelt (also it was actually only one person who got stabed at Notting Hill Carnival if you remember that far back) Help me, I've started going on tumblr again!! What do..?
  14. Muma

    A GLEAM IN EYE - lynch. Rosé?
  15. Muma

    Can't Shake The Feeling - Diamond Youth Would you be one of the first to die in a zombie apocalypse?
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