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  1. Kirito

    Thanks for sharing ! I saw Shin on last the gazette dvd documentary.
  2. Kirito

    Excited ! ! ! ✨✨
  3. Kirito

    Both are important.. unfortunately singers learn less and less how to properly sing, they relate on technology ( melodyne , auto-tune.. ) to fix their performance.
  4. Kirito

    This album is legendary , everything is amazing. Almost every songs has such a big impact, it's so deep and emotional.
  5. I totally agree with you. I was just thinking that some bands can do everything for fun and even live show. But I don't exclude that doing music cost a lot of money, and It's good if at least you can get the amount you invest. Music videos, equipment, sound production , artworks....
  6. Have you seen his first live dvd ? It's full of little fan Girls. I know it's a bit long time ago, but i don't think fans disappear like that.
  7. Kirito

    When you have such an amazing drummer like that, the minimum is to make him record his drums parts on a good e-drums. Even if they go to a recording studio, i'm sure in 4 hours rent he would finish an album. But this kind of drums sound they did became the new standard. It's boring because all the metalhead seems crazy for this overcompressed and inhuman kind of drums sound
  8. Kirito

    Totally agree with ' pixy false ', the introduction is a total steal from ' Pierrot - finale '. Sometimes this kind of situation can be a coincidence but here there are too many similar things
  9. And you don't think it's possible some bands are just having fun making music... ? I mean, nowadays it's very crazy to think your gonna make a living with your band. It's possible, but you cannot do music for this reason.
  10. Even if I don't always like his songs, i have to admit his productivity is very impressive. I understand he works 100 % of the time for his label but yeah , how can he gets enough income to be able to focus only on music like that
  11. Kirito

    Same here i only remember track 11 : 自我 , I love this floating atmosphere
  12. Kirito

    Thanks for the link even if the quality is not very good
  13. Kirito

    What you say about the new line up is also a problem for MISC. There are a lot of guitar track on each song. But for sure they will sample some for live shows. Personnally i don't mind synth to be sample but i dont like guitar sample..
  14. Kirito

    What's the problem with his talking ?
  15. Kirito

    I care because i want to listen to music as faithful as it was made. MP3 destroy the sound quality to my ears
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