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  1. Kirito

    PV song is great and i like the atmosphere of the first track 'ivy' ,(if i remember well). It reminds me a bit of pierrot old era
  2. Kirito

    Even if they are self produce they could ask a studio to mix and master their music. It would certainly sounds better
  3. Kirito

    A good composition with some serious work. It's shame i can't get into the voice of Jin : (
  4. Kirito

    He really got.a pleasing low voice. I just don't think the compositions are good enough for his voice. The potential is here , but they need to put more deep honest emotions
  5. Kirito

    Why everyone hate Issei? What did he do ? I dont get it
  6. Kirito

    i heard the law in japan is very difficult with this kind of cases. How is it possible he can get away with this ?! He just paid money and that's all ? very weird
  7. Great look, a bit mysterious This band resist over the years, and is one of the most interesting one
  8. Kirito

    Gosh i'm listening to his work with Kisaki project. Those songs were amazing... this guy really need to be surrounded by people who know how to compose music
  9. Kirito

    I read an interview on JaME of him. He said the only regret he had was to stop ReS. I can understand this. A good singer is nothing without a good composer. And satsuki is definetely not a good composer
  10. Both first singers were really so so, no emotion coming out from them. Hope they can find a good one
  11. I can't listen to this album because of the production... there are some kind of phase issues , the reverb sounds like the drummer played in a swimming pool xd. Uruhua should focus on his guitar and let professionnal do the mix
  12. Kirito

    Happy for them, i hope they can make some kickass songs like at their debut
  13. Kirito

    I'm curious if it's still produce by Yohio. Because they seems to totally change their direction
  14. Kirito

    I like " Voice of Cradle ", kind of rock ballad. And " the crime to Cradle" . I like Takeo drum playing, his style is not complex but hé always find original rythm. But i admit during Pierrot his work was even more good because he mixed acoustic and electronic sound, which gave something pretty unique to Pierrot. To me Pierrot was more famous simply because the musical alchemy between the members was deep. They perfectly fit together. Electronic drums, guitar synth, Aiji unique guitar lead. All those elements together were amazing. Angelo is a good band , but they are not " great" because it's too simple. They should take more risk and experiment.
  15. Kirito

    1500 € ? doesn't seems so bad just to appear at anime convention