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  1. Kirito

    on par with kyo ?? xd he is miles away from kyo for me. Many many vocal tuning on their music. They even don't hide it, it's part of the sound.
  2. Kirito

    Toshiya is stylish !
  3. Kirito

    They just start the band and you think it would be smart to directly do a full album ?
  4. Kirito

    A good singer with very so so composers. Same story with Satsuki without RES, he doesnt know how to compose music and we can feel it
  5. Kirito

    I would prefer a real drummer than an electronic one x) i think it would sound much better. But anyway it's not bad, and Hizumi still rocks
  6. Kirito

    I don't understand, they go back to this name for a short period ?
  7. Kirito

    +1 for a good mix of " Stalker " ;o
  8. Kirito

    He also record the instrumental parts ? Yes Undying is really good. I think his highs note are fine for me as long as he doesn't over use it. For the moment that's the case with Nazare. He should choose carefully the moment to put his crazy high notes
  9. Kirito

    Satoshi was one of the best singer. He could put so much emotions..
  10. Kirito

    I listened a lot to their discography these days... I like the mysterious aspect of their music. Not many bands developed such atmosphere.
  11. Ah i like Seth voice better than Kamijo... His voice is so relaxing
  12. Kirito

    Maybe they will stay with one guitarist and just find a new bassist. Would be more simple to manage
  13. Kirito

    Okay thanx ! I think he improved a lot with this one
  14. Kirito

    Anyone know who did the mixing of " Rijin " ? This person deserve an award seriously... the song got so much depth it's amazing.
  15. this effect on his voice is a bit weird.. what is this ? sounds like a guitar chorus effect x)
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