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  1. Kirito

    3 to 4 songs each single and 3 singles a year is like a full album for me. And to be able to show themselves 3 times a year is a good marketing strategy i think. But of course the impact can be better with a full album, they now became very popular so it's possible.
  2. Kirito

    i found this seems new : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTJM63dyrz5i7j_kTwc_s9g but it's still longer extract : ( I like his voice, very clean, precise. And i can definitely hear the influence of Jun (ex. Pierrot ) on guitar here. I'm happy for him, it's much more interesting than his previous band ' aLvino '.
  3. Kirito

    Or at least a worlwide digital release x)
  4. Kirito

    So nobody ever heard full songs here ?
  5. Kirito

    Maybe they did a 5.1 mix ? That would explain why the mix is the bad. Because 95% of people don't have a 5.1 system. They should do at least 2 version, a normal stereo for most people and 5.1 for others
  6. Kirito

    Maybe it's their own label?
  7. Kirito

    I'm surprised to see so many votes for Homura Uta ! This album is very special and original.
  8. Kirito

    They didn't do any promotion for this song, it's a bit weird. No message about it on their facebook. Maybe yohio is focus on his solo career
  9. Kirito

    Good decision
  10. Kirito

    If it's a demo, it will probably be re-recorded or re-mix
  11. Kirito

    PV song is great and i like the atmosphere of the first track 'ivy' ,(if i remember well). It reminds me a bit of pierrot old era
  12. Kirito

    Even if they are self produce they could ask a studio to mix and master their music. It would certainly sounds better
  13. Kirito

    A good composition with some serious work. It's shame i can't get into the voice of Jin : (
  14. Kirito

    He really got.a pleasing low voice. I just don't think the compositions are good enough for his voice. The potential is here , but they need to put more deep honest emotions
  15. Kirito

    Why everyone hate Issei? What did he do ? I dont get it
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