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  1. Kirito

    It's a the VK version of Bring me the Horizon haha but i like.
  2. Kirito

    I think if you play the same song with a real drummer and a bassist it would sound much better, more powerful. I felt like his voice is too good for this instrumental
  3. Kirito

    it's not because it's soft that it's bad.. it's just a very basic song, they can do much better
  4. Kirito

    The more i listen the more i like it... the sound production is also very impressive. Have to agree also on the improvement of Takeo over the year, he developed his personal drumming style
  5. Kirito

    Yes the transition surprised me at first too I think they often do this kind of contrast between sections. Kind of dark and light
  6. Kirito

    Solid Track. i like it very much
  7. Kirito

    I'm curious what is everyone favorite Angelo album ? For me i would say ' Faith ', the most coherent and impactful release to date
  8. Kirito

    Cannot agree more with zombieparadise. When Pierrot had a concept they would go deep inside. For example, i think with the Angelo last album ' resonance ', they did a kind of ' brighter ' album. It's not bad, but for me they could do much better. Pierrot when they wanted to do a bright album, ' Heaven ' came out. It was like each album as it owns world. Also each members brought something more original. For example Jun guitarist of Pierrot used a guitar-synthetizer. I don't see many bands nowadays who use this kind of thing. It adds a lot of originality. Takeo on drums mixed acoustic drums and electronic pads. Plus you add to this Aiji groovy guitar style. I know i sound like a fanboy of Pierrot. But dont get me wrong, i like and listen to Angelo. But Pierrot is Pierrot. Maybe Faust will shut our mouthes who knows
  9. Kirito

    Yes i blocked on the same sentance too haha x) Those titles are really good. Hope the song are too. My favorite PIERROT album was Private Enemy. If it comes close to this i will be glad
  10. Kirito

    Hope they will finally take some risk... x)
  11. Kirito

    Withering to death Gauze Macabre Uroboros Kisou DSS Arche TIW I miss the catchiness and simplicity of Withering to death. I think i don't really like the extremely low tuning of their new albums. It makes everything more muddy.
  12. Kirito

    on par with kyo ?? xd he is miles away from kyo for me. Many many vocal tuning on their music. They even don't hide it, it's part of the sound.
  13. Kirito

    Toshiya is stylish !
  14. Kirito

    They just start the band and you think it would be smart to directly do a full album ?
  15. Kirito

    A good singer with very so so composers. Same story with Satsuki without RES, he doesnt know how to compose music and we can feel it
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