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  1. Mika is definitely one Of the most impressive drummer out there. Of course people tend to be more impress by show off drummers... Like Yoshiki. But Mika drummin is very subtle and dynamic, he follow the energy of the song, he can play softly with a lot of small details to hitting the hell out Of the drum. I really admire that.
  2. Yes exactly, in the past it was like he was screaming all his pain. I remember an interview they said they wanted to have more fun now and not being stuck with depressive songs X) Anyway i'm happy they don't deny their past like some others bands
  3. I read in another forum some people said they lost their more "underground" vibes with those remakes. And Tatsuro voice became more nasal, less emotional... I think Of course they can',t reproduce the same emotion because it was long Time ago. Sometimes i don't understand what fans expect
  4. Kuchiki no tou production is already really perfect... the bass sound is one of the best i've ever heard.
  5. yep it's weird Dir en grey didn't make like a special set list for this event. Like adding really old songs
  6. This album is very intense and complex yeah... I will need to listen to it many times. for the moment i'm crazy about the last track, the emotion is stunning
  7. I went to see their last live in Paris, last tour with B7KLAN... Gosh they are one of the best live bands i've seen. On CD, Dio is like so-so, or just okay. But during concerts they become monsters, they know how to make a good show
  8. it seems he just have fun doing covers for the moment. I know he also produced last release of " lynch "
  9. This song is damn good. Love the bass sound and the old style feeling. Too bad the band is so underrated ;/
  10. it's a shame Satoshi stop music..
  11. nekkichi : You serious ? ;0 Lestat : 100 % agree. Seems like nobody care about them outside of Japan. It's kind of sad
  12. What do you think of this album? (I'm searching a lossless version but can't find : ( )
  13. Is there any upload? Extracts sound pretty good!
  14. I've never seen any upload link of this band... Is there an upload somewhere?
  15. Animus is really awesome... I can't find words. Is there a download link somewhere?