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  1. No surprise it’s fucking raining, the day AFTER they cut a big fucking hole in my ceiling.......


    Colorado, you’re really making this “going back home” thing a lot easier, you know that? 

    1. Komorebi


      👀 so Chicago is a yes?

    2. YuyoDrift


      If I live through this hell, maybe lol.

  2. Hey I hope you guys realize this, but you can make a thread on any albums you want to see get some love in the reviews section 😀.


    If you wanna make a poll and leave it at that, go for it. Paragraphs hurt my eyes anyways lol.

    1. platy


      @YuyoDrift but you always write at least 3 paragraphs in every message ;) what's with the hipocrisy there? 

  3. YuyoDrift

    Shit, now I’m thinking he was waiting for VK to get to the lowest point it ever could (bands disbanding in droves, live houses in shambles, the rich and powerful getting more exposure to the Yoshiki business model) before releasing it since nothing else would come out for weeks and promotion would be easy. Probably thinks he will save VK with it 😂. If he does, wow.....and now that I think of it, I expect donations to Japan’s most affected musical areas to be his targets, but for a musician to care about the places that made them big is rare.
  4. YuyoDrift

    Wow I messed up the song selection option haha. It was honestly tough to choose one of the two to feature, but I continuously see music from Emadara being referenced as favorites by Laputa fans. It's also my favorite of the two so 😜. These guys are a master of their craft and EMADARA proves it. It's like a story being told, a rollercoaster ride, as well as an acted out play, all in one with these songs. My favorites are just like many others: "MOVE OF DARKNESS", "MONOCHROME", and "FREESIA". The chords in these tracks are just a marvel to listen to, down to the resonance, which I feel is missed by many musicians of today.
  5. Since there seems to be plenty of views on this thread and many of the users on this thread also continue to post in the other related threads, I will mention this here: Please take the time to read the general rules From this point on, any user that continues to derail/troll/bring attention to oneself in relation to these threads, that may lead into getting reprimanded by staff, will be. Regardless of how you feel about these specific topics, you should have the capability to not respond to these threads and move along if your only response has nothing to do with the topic in question. Your responses will be hidden without hesitation as there has been an abundance of non-related and frankly unnecessary postings that should have been removed immediately after they were posted. If you honestly believe that it was worth posting something unrelated to the topic, giving negative feedback (by "negative" we mean intentionally being rude or condescending in more than one thread by the same OP), and possibly antagonizing everyone in the thread as a result, then please, feel free to message the staff with your concerns. Please use the report function if you feel the threads require our attention or if any specific user needs to be spoken to due to their behavior. We are aware of the types of posts that have been going around, as well as the threads and what they are about. These types of threads are not the first of their kind on this forum and will certainly not be the last, however, should you ignore this warning and continue to repeatedly exhibit the same bad behavior that earns you the entirety of the staff's attention, your participation on this forum will be. This thread will now be closed as a result.
  6. Release: 1997年06月25日 Label: Toshiba EMI Tracklist: 1. ALKALOID 2. LOWSPIRITED 3. MONOCHROME 4. REINCARNATION MORNING 5. MOVE ON DARKNESS 6. S.C. 7. MARK MARS 8. OVER MIND 9. EVE 10. STAY 11. FREESIA Let me know what you think of the album!
  7. Anybody here go by the name XJapan90 on PS4? If so I ran into you but your settings didn’t allow me to say what’s up in-game lol.

  8. YuyoDrift

    You're getting claps?!?!? I would rather have that than 50+ idiots howling like maniacs EVERY EVENING in an attempt to do the same thing, like ok?? How the fuck did this become a thing. On the topic of stupidity, I don't find it comforting that I'm earning WAY more from unemployment checks than I had with a fulltime job........and so considering that I don't have to work for another month or so, it makes sitting on my couch drinking beer and playing video games surreal enough that it's hard not to see how broken the income system here in the USA is.
  9. YuyoDrift

    Just in time for the new iPhone SE release lol
  10. YuyoDrift

    Oh, this is a nice change of pace. The experience that is Mother gets much of my praise musically for its incredible arrangements that paint a vivid depiction of Luna Sea's initial career and the era it was birthed in. What's also worth noting is that many songs you think will end up a flop, gradually and surprisingly, get amazingly better as the track progresses. Once you hear that shift in direction after the buildup, you'll understand what I mean, it's something I've rarely experienced. Personally I think the break-periods with calmer songs in-between made the listening experience that much more enjoyable, and even those songs give you that same overall album feeling to keep things vivid. "Genesis of Mind", without a doubt, pulled a fucking David Bowie on my ass, continuing to prove that it is the "long-song"-ers that end up being worth the entire listen, and it's my favorite song on this album, hands-down. "Mother" is one of the best "last songs" I've heard thus far, you wouldn't even think it was last song in that album. By just Mother alone, I'd be convinced that these were some majorly dedicated musicians with so much potential and creativity that was blossoming for its time. If other fans are saying that this is Luna Sea at their best, then that is a pretty fucking convincing argument. This is a pretty high point to be at, I'll admit, it's unreal. I wish I was there in person to witness this album being created in the studio, I like this album that much. Really, I know this saying gets overused but, this is a release that you deserve to listen to if you consider yourself a VK fan. There are a lot of great tracks that make the listen worth it, but the overall achievement I feel having listened to it is my takeaway.
  11. That's honestly one way of looking at it, I agree. New blood must have helped, for sure (unless they never got a replacement then ahhh). I also low-key like the cover album art for this.
  12. I have to take some time to come back to their past work, as the last I recall was some members had left. Good to see that they at least have material coming out, hopefully those previews sound good.
  13. I am now convinced that Kuroyume was the sole forefather of all the VK  I enjoy. Haha.


    Shout-out to their album, FAKE STAR.

  14. YuyoDrift

    A stoner thought: When I listen to music from the 90's I always play a game where I try to pinpoint the year it came out, based on the way it sounds and the way they interpret music styles from that time. Some artists that I've met would consider you to look/listen to music in a way that begs the question: "Did this work capture the essence and life of the "time" they were trying to immortalize?" Something that you can pick up by the strums of guitars, the tempo and collaborative efforts of the drummer and bass guitar, as well as the level of focus that the singer is working with in order to exude the mood of their song. Some albums do this quite well (and as a result are "dated") and others don't but end up being recognized more and popping back up from time to time because people were fed it til it became muscle memory. You know what songs I'm talking about... It's a degree of appreciation that I'm currently feeling by discovering the music I am listening to, on my own. The mystery of "what was it like (to having lived that lifestyle)? and I do I agree with the you from back that this song is "timeless" in its own way, even though by mainstream standards, it's not. It's also my enjoyment to find out, I suppose.
  15. YuyoDrift

    I recommend her to anyone into Crystal Castles all the way up to most Melodic Synthpop fans
  16. YuyoDrift

    So the other day my gf and I moved my desk from facing the door out of my apartment unit to now being parallel with the adjacent wall of said door. Idk why but I have this level of paranoia that makes me feel like there's something behind me when I sit at my desk and it really bothers me. At the same time I tended to look over my desk to the rest of my apartment, which did waste as much of my attention span as the paranoia is now, so it evens out. I have another month to get used to this I guess. Random as fuck but this is what that thread is for lol
  17. YuyoDrift

    You run out of things to do after 25+ years. Anyways, this is some shit I would expect out of children lol but no one ever says they grow out of things like that. Some people are like that with their animals (I'm the messenger, relax) where they goof off with eachother like fratboys (hence the child-like comparison), it's a weird level of comfort with your animal that I can't understand cuz I don't find that stuff funny in most context. That said, this is probably not something you share publicly cuz yeah, just because you find it funny, doesn't mean others are going to or worse.
  18. Forgot to mention this but my boi Van Paugam had a hell of a tweet to share last week. I had no idea it happened (I miss my city )but still cool to hear about.
  19. After like 5 years, I finally found the OST to Iria Zeiram. You guys have no idea how bad I was looking for it lol.

  20. YuyoDrift

    Maybe add in “I like one more than the other” cuz that may be some people.
  21. YuyoDrift

    I'm honestly going to go mad if I don't make a decision on the next 2-3 months of my life here soon. If I don't apply for this mass unemployment going around then it will only be longer before I receive any aid to help keep me from being in debt again. If I do then I'll need to sever contracts and employment prospects that I have right now, even if the economy resumes within the next month or so, but I'll be on my own looking for a job once unemployment runs out (just like the other 3mil people will be too). I never thought 2020 was going to fuck us this bad, I'm just debating whether to cut my losses and head back home to family for the time being.....
  22. YuyoDrift

    You misunderstand. What I mean is that lynch. (a band that has been around for a long time, when those bands were around, specifically) wanted to do exactly what we are hearing with ULTIMA, but did not do as well with XIII. I guess you can say that it's the equivalent of when the GazettE tried to do this with Beautiful Deformity and that was not that well received, and then making up for it with Ninth. It's difficult to put into words but lynch. pulled it off. Edit: These "styles" aren't good because they are old (or rather used before), but that they are good arrangements in general, and need to be used more often by bands of today, which does not happen.
  23. YuyoDrift

    So I've been trying to figure out why this album works out so well to revive reinvigorate that macaroni formula they were trying to do with XIII. I've noticed that they've taken arrangement styles from music of the late 00's, bands like Sadie, Sel'm, 9GBO, even the GazettE which I'm surprised by, combining it with their own composition style to release a "take-two" of their last album and honestly ULTIMA does a lot more to bring those nostalgia vibes (something they were trying to do with XIII) than XIII did.
  24. YuyoDrift

    Back then? I wouldn't confide in my answer as I was not in Japan but I'd say that bands like L'arc, Buck-Tick, and Luna sea as opposed to pop artists making their debuts were looked at equally by promoters and those looking to market music labels across the country (of Japan), so that's why you saw bands in anime OPs along with OPs made by Ayumi, BoA, and other artists/composers like Izumi Sakai (ZARD), Yoko Kanno, etc. We know now that VK is harder to produce now, but I'm not as in-the-know to tell you why other than resources drying up (era that died out in the late 90's) and scandals giving the scene a bad image even today. I'm just saying that the 90's marketing boom for all forms of media bled together when it came to how to promote it and what was promoted.
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