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    You think? @secret_no_03? While it is an actual event on FB, we all know its BS. Eh, screw it.
  2. "The Air Force is warning people against storming Area 51 in Nevada, after a Facebook event page, organizing a meet up at the "Alien Center tourist attraction," went viral." https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/air-force-warns-storming-area-51-facebook-event/story?id=64389885 Since everyone is talking about it, I figured I'd post it here for the lulz. Discuss.
  3. YuyoDrift

    Not gonna lie, I always ask if there's anything else to drink if I see a pitcher of water available lol. Even funnier is I know a couple people who carry a Mio "water enhancer" around in their purse/car.
  4. YuyoDrift

    While I agree completely @Disposable, some people are more of a hassle/could stir trouble for others/society if they didn't own a pet. Hard to elaborate, but some people are so irresponsible with something like another life, that I'd rather (sorry guys) hear about an animal passing away from neglect/abuse/undernourishment than say, a baby or another adult. You hear about animals being fat, or out of shape, and if it can be noted, you see that same ignorance affect their children (and themselves). On the upside, that's kinda why parents get animals for their kids, so they learn to bond and understand the value of taking care of someone else, and then the experiences that come when that animal passes away (naturally or otherwise). Kinda of like prepping you for life in small doses.
  5. YuyoDrift

    If I were to get a cat, it stays inside. If they need a more open space, then I'd be willing to build a playground indoors to compromise. I forgot about the diseases on rats, so that drives my point even further. Regarding the diet, I want to be clear that the cats do not belong to me. I have no obligation to monitor their eating habits or their dietary necessities, because I can't control (neither can they) whether or not they eat out of a trashcan/another cat's asshole on their little adventure outdoors. The cats are at her parents place, and they have always bought "budget" cat food, which I'm sure would have been fine in their youth, but these cats are entering 10-11 years of age. It could be that since the same brands aren't easily available (family are from the midwest as well), and cost too much to order/deliver online, they jumped on another cheap brand. So was it their fault they didn't provide a variety of food types for the cat to eat, that now the same food is making it sick, but new food is making it worse? Probably, but nothing they can do now. I think vitamins are going to be out of the question until a vet tells them its necessary, they are that frugal. My dogs back home (sadly I couldn't bring any of them, and felt they were in better care with my family) have always been fed properly and monitored like they were my kids, and they were some of the pickiest/stubborn shits I've met (shiba inu), but they have been conditioned to at least try food to let me know how it is. If they don't like it they walk away, so for me its odd that a cat does not do the same.
  6. YuyoDrift

    I agree with you alright. My gf has had outdoor cats her whole life, and myself having grown up with dogs that were always indoors besides taking them out for walks or a visit to the park, I can't fathom why a cat needs to be outside at all. I can tolerate an indoor cat being on my lap because I know its clean(er), but a cat that has been outside all day and possibly had an orgy or massive killing spree during that time (this is funny to those who read but I've seen it) to then come and decide it wants to rub it's filthy, probably tick infested or blood soaked body on me is a HELL NO. Several times one of the more psychotic fuckers bring us dead and alive rodents, birds, and rabbits back into the home and plop the thing on the table or on the floor where we can see it. My gf then tells me "Awwww, he considers you one of his own.....", like wtf? Nothing I enjoy more than feeling blood on my sock and the helpless cries of a rabbit/mouse as it dies in front of me /s. OH, and the other fucker? throws up EVERYTHING it doesn't like to eat (we've already confirmed it's not sick), but only AFTER jumping on the bed and getting comfortable, and I'm talking full course meal vomit, that sticks to the fabric and requires 2-3 straight washes to come off. I feel bad for a dog when they do it because you can see and feel the humiliation and shame in their eyes, but a cat? No, they just walk away in a "Clean that shit up. I'm gonna puke on that spot again later, bitch." like they own me. As you can tell I have a disdain for them. Maybe I haven't met the right cat, but I've met some terrible ones so far to make me pass on getting anything more than a dog for now.
  7. awwwwww shieeeet Did anyone ever get their Vita port from this asshole?
  8. Hmm, maybe the Zune. I honestly thought Microsoft could have done so much more to improve it/advertise it. Same goes for the PS Vita.
  9. YuyoDrift

    Man, a lot of you played Spyro lol. I got the bundle going on sale this weekend that includes both the Spyro and Crash Bandicoot trilogies. I forgot how easy and fun Spyro was to play, that even my gf wants to try it (she didn't grow up on the PlayStation). I'm also playing Bloodstained. @ghost@chipathy , do you guys understand the customizing/dismantleting of items well? I had to skip the tutorial and am completely lost lol. I'll try and just stock up on items and then take time to try it out. Overall for me the game is good, the voice volume on some characters is off, but bearable. Definitely more forgiving than the Castlevania series, in terms of gameplay.
  10. Hmm, you seem more invested in this than I am, which is very little. My defense for the actors/actresses was to go beyond SJ and simply see their "just business" take, as you said. Considering that there are still many actors that have yet to "come out of the closet" after a successful life in hiding their true identity, you may be hard pressed to believe those college kids in drama or acting 101 never disappeared. We're only what, maybe entering the second decade of openly gay actors in hollywood? I'd give it more time. You could be right that she's overflowing with confidence/cockiness in an industry that calls for it in order to "make it", but as I've mentioned in another thread, part of the balance is being proud of what/who you are no matter what. If she is taking advantage of a system that's been catered to "her types of people", and well enough to piss someone like yourself off, aren't you glad she's the wrong person to make statements like these to make your argument hold more weight? It's really hard to provide an answer to this because we both understand that the mainstream audience cannot handle a level of exposure like say, a film about the struggles/lifestyle of a protagonist who is gay, played by an actor/actress who has openly admitted that they are gay, what with everything that has been surfacing online regarding LGBT and the associated controversies with it. Even Hollywood, that have been black-facing/eye slanting/etc actors since forever because they feel that (It's a stupid way of looking at it today, I am aware) their revenue gained at the box office would come in more steadily this way, aren't ready/accepting for it. I even question if the current actors are willing to look the other way for success/land these cut/dry roles they know their counterpart could more accurately play. Aaaaaaaand then you have people like SJ saying "what's your problem guys? this is Hollywood and I (we) can do whatever the fuck I (we) want in our films." That said, an indie film will always be the best method to do all of this, what with people being more open to smaller budgeted studios these days. Combined with the internet at their disposal to promote/bring awareness to the intent of the film, I'd say this would be a better route to go in order to break that mold. Leave the fuckers in Hollywood in their palace and create your own, ya know? Getting past the conglomerate that is the movie industry that controls possibly every movie theater out there with their own films could be tough, but after seeing films (that you wouldn't think would do well) that bring a satirical/compassionate form of awareness on issues here in the USA by newer directors like Jordan Peele and Ryan Coogler, I'd say it's possible to give Hollywood a run for their money. I love it. Edit: I just read @secret_no_03 post and I agree haha.
  11. Convincing arguments. I always question whether using actors that appropriately fit the roles would be a better solution. I understand the history of Hollywood, and how people of color who could perform roles that would be just as good as their white counterparts, are never even considered. I want to believe that the actors that existed during the 90's (mostly Caucasian) simply had better connections in the industry, for roles that anyone could play, and for the most part they did. Feel free to educated me about the dark side of the industry, I'm all ears because we're hearing about stories of unfair treatment all the time. I suppose with the rise of new studios, producers, and directors that cast roles for characters they've conjured up have now become more cut and dry, making it known that they need this type of actor and this type of background for their movie. I think another problem stems from films that are adaptations of books, comics/manga, anime, etc., that clearly identify everything about the character for us to become familiar with. If we knew none of that, then there wouldn't be a problem, as we have no attachment to it (sentimental or another form of personal identification). I always look at it from the perspective of an actor trying to make it in Hollywood, and would use this as my defense for them (the irony). Say for instance (I really feel bad for using my boi) Leonardo Dicaprio's role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Are we gonna really say that it would have been better if someone who was actually mentally handicapped would have been a better fit for the role? My take is no, and the reason being is that playing the role of playing someone like that is the challenge for an actor. To be able to place yourself in that mindset, and some actors go out of their way to study the workings of someone/something, in order to properly portray them in film. To be able to do that, allows them to better understand that type of person/ideal/lifestyle on a level that only someone in acting can use to grow. So playing a gay or trans (sorry I don't know the terminology well) person should be no different because the process should be the same, and no interference from the fanbase or whatever should be had. This is why we have critics that do their thing after the film is released. I wanna mention this because I wonder if anyone feels the same way as I do, but a film about a certain type of subject/theme, only played by a cast that are applicable to that subject/theme, always feels like it was only intended for an audience that can apply to it. So in a way I completely understand what SJ is trying to say, but I wonder if they even needed to say it. Sometimes I feel actors forget that they can show them they are up to par by walking the walk, and talking the talk. Making an effort to show fans their processes as an actor/actress playing new roles, and how they get a better understanding of these characters says a lot more than a statement from the heat of the moment that can be cut up and misinterpreted. * I am going to mention now that voice acting for an animated film/show is on a whole different spectrum, as most of the time the audience would not even know who the voice behind the character is, let alone their ethnicity/race of color, since voice pitch and mannerisms are taken into account (i.e Seth Mcfarland, Phil Lamarr, etc.).
  12. YuyoDrift

    I never enjoy discussion on this topic as a whole, because as mentioned, the stigma/process/lifestyle that helped create the old breed of bandomen in 90's VK is gone. Music at it's root, is an extension of the artist(s) overall lifestyle or mindset, or at least always has been for me. With that in mind, VK no longer carries it's "genuineness" or originality, as the bandomen that exist today don't carry that gritty lifestyle or troubled upbringing that we can easily identify in the music. I use this as a metric in order to mark the shift in VK music entering 99' to about 02'-03'. The angst was still there, but that new generation introduced new themes and methods to bring that VK aesthetic into more "professional" standards. Case in point: I would agree that in terms of skill relating to professionalism or competence to write/perform music, its gotten better, and the resources available are utilized greatly by the new/young generation. However, the skill in terms of creativity/spontaneity/genuineness has/will always lessen, largely due to time/age. We all know that maturity tends to be the biggest killer when it comes to any form of expression that comes naturally, and VK can be considered it's own being that has begun to grow out of it's prime. It's a trade-off that occurs without our consent, but when utilized properly, gives birth to the next phase/trend/era of music. It's how we can identify sounds from certain periods from the same band over the course of 20+ years. Reason why I don't like to discuss this is because we all say the same thing and are practically going in circles to reach the same point lol.
  13. YuyoDrift

    Can we bring back more variety on popular radio stations? I'm tired of hearing the same 5 songs every hour, and would like to hear a nice up and coming artist like it used to be. Maybe radio is a dying market and I'm just talking to the wind, or my tastes are getting too stale for the in-crowd. Oh btw, Denver's radio stations suck compared to Chicago. Fight me.
  14. YuyoDrift

    Oh some actors who are activists for anything outside of politics like world hunger, climate change, and the works are free to do so, but there has to be a large reputation and history of them doing this to back it up. Leonardo Dicaprio has been my childhood crush since forever, and if he would say something out of character (which I know he would not do) to wrongfully use his influence for some sort hidden motive/agenda, I'd be like "Leo nooooooo.....what got into you?". There's only so much they can do before someone asks for their opinion in politics, and thus far the wiser actors can state a neutral answer that will not leave room for ambiguity. @Gesu I understand. I personally don't think anyone who could possess this much "power" by any means, should use it for anything other than awareness and helping others in the world, and I applaud those who have gone out of their way to help the world in their own way. You mention their popularity outside the USA, and that is another factor they need to consider, because the roles they play in tv and film are highly idolized and respected (look at all those outraged people online who don't like casting roles or storylines and witchhunt the actor personally) and can be crushed in an instant if one quote from their mouths conflicts with anyone out in the world. So really, for the sake of both themselves and the people that watch them, they need to learn that there are others in the world who can handle world issues. I've gotten off topic, but if you want to agree to disagree more, you're welcome to PM me.
  15. YuyoDrift

    This is where you and I would differ. My views are on the opposing side. Actors, public figures, famous people, or whatever we call them now, should NEVER step outside their little palace of fame and fortune to try and influence their ideas onto their fans, especially politics. You see people being told to buy bath water for fucking sake and they do, what happens when they tell them to slander politicians or candidates for presidency they don't like again? I could get pissed off just writing this but fuck it, I've seen some of the dumbest shit come out of Hollywood stars' mouths, that you'd question how the fuck people allowed someone like that to become famous. Some of the most stuck up, asinine, hypocrite shit that makes Donald Trump's tweets look like comedic relief. They are the LAST people I want to hear politics from, just stick to your fucking movie/tv roles fame, you idiots. Hell I'll be accepting, and take their views on the actions made regarding politics and how to turn it around, but it's never that. It's always a direct criticism of the individual who makes the decisions, like that is gonna do something. Fucking embarrassing.
  16. YuyoDrift

    Really? Hahaha I bet that fucks some people up for sure. But hey, its your own mind you're drowning in, at least I hope. You make this statement out of fear of the repercussions of not being clear, and I'll tell you right now (and for those who don't want to hear it but need to) that in a perfect world, these types of people need to exist. Part of having people with their own identity is being proud of it, even if it is the worst thing in the world like murdering or racism. It's what keeps the balance/order in society, and always has been since the dawn of time. Now, if their actions are something we can't stop/prevent, then that's where the imbalance begins. I think we are heading in that direction already. Soon no one will want to be their own person, or worse, hide their agendas/motives under the public eye because it will soon be so easy to do so. I think that is a scarier picture that few people seem to understand can happen. I wish I knew examples in history for reference, but I don't . I guess murderers/rapists who have been able to hide under normal society can be the closest related thing to what I'm trying to say, and if right now we can't even tell what they look like under the types of people we have in the world now, what's gonna happen when everyone "looks" and "acts" the same?
  17. YuyoDrift

    Curve-ball scenario for you like-minded people here on MH: (Sorry I highjacked the thread @psychonnect_rozen) What if you found out that a piece of art was created using things that were from victims, like blood or ground up bones mixed into the paint? What if before recording an album, the fucked-up member goes and abuses/rapes/kills someone to warm up? I think that realization might make me change my view completely since it's happening at the same moment of creation of the artwork/music. First I'd actually be like "WHAAAAT!?!??!?, holy shit that's fucked up!", then I'd feel sick to my stomach.
  18. YuyoDrift

    You might be right. Some people understand the risks of trying to seek knowledge, and as severe as it could be, they still go through with their quest. I guess you could say I'm one of those people. I also feel that as a society we need to be able to look past the mistakes of days from the dark pages of history, and learn from them, which I feel we have poorly done since it keeps happening.
  19. YuyoDrift

    Man, that makes me sad as fuck to read. Are you not gonna listen to Lostprophets because of what you have read/been told, or because you have no interest for your own developed reasons that had no outside influence? Does their music just suck? I'm curious. I am confident that if someone made me feel bad for inquiring about something/someone that is apparently shun by the sheep of society, I wouldn't speak to them for a while, maybe even not hang out with them anymore. It's one thing to tell me of the atrocities that occurred and it's better to not listen/look into it, but to have developed a "I'm afraid of what others will think of me" mindset either on my own or driven into me by years of society saying this is what happens if you do, then shit, I'm glad I came out the way I did and won't threaten someone with some imaginary influence I think I might have over them. The music/art didn't commit the crimes, the person who once was the creator did, and even then there's another way of looking at it. I hope you realize that people change in the course of 10-20 years, and an artist might not be the same person who created the song/work of art people might use for inspiration/relief. That's why there's always the argument of "is it an expression, or a representation" when it comes to the world of art.
  20. YuyoDrift

    Ah, 2019: The year where most people give a shit about things they weren't even around for. I'll go ahead and partake OP, as I've always wanted to share my thoughts on this as someone who has a self identity and wants to understand those who don't have one. 1. What artists do you separate their art from their actions? All of them. Not a single time did I ever think to myself "Man, that CD/Merch I bought because I thought sounded/looked great, must sound/look so good because the people are so wholesome and the holiest of holy that they couldn't EVER do anything wrong.....". No, I bought it because I wanted to. Mind you, I apply this to everything that can be considered a work of art. 2. Is it a legitimate argument? Depends, but overall not really. Sometimes I question people's rationality when it comes to things like being a fan or being interested in something for your own reasons. If I bought let's say a painting, and at the time I didn't know or care about the origin or meaning behind it, I'd say that was a decision I made simply because I thought it looked great and would look better in my home/office. Now, if for some reason I found out it belonged to idk ..... Hitler, I'm going to be honest with you, I'd probably see fucking dollar signs for days on end. This is because I can see past Hitler the mass murderer and see him as the artist he was. I have a rare fucking painting that will go for millions of dollars and would end up in a museum if otherwise, I don't give a shit about anything else. I was not around during that time, and in fact my family weren't even on American soil either. Am I greedy? Hmm....that's another topic. Am I cold-hearted bastard? No I see the reality. You might have not even read what I posted and just want to voice your useless opinion to make me feel like I'm going to be responsible (lol the fuck) for something that occurred so long ago and has nothing to do with me (my assumption since you didn't care about my insight, so I'm allowed to not care about yours and share how I feel about it too). If other people would go out and say I support Nazism or something, and demand I burn it or tear it apart, I'd say you're fucking stupid. I'd say something else like "Oh yeah? Well goddamn, lets go to the most well known museum of art and burn the whole fucking place down, because I know of at least 1/2 of the artists that have art on display that "shouldn't". Sounds pretty fucking irrational if you ask me. Collectors of art/music can see past this, and so can the people who work at museums, simply because they CAN see past the person who might have done terrible things, and focus on what is related to their profession, the artist. Bringing it back to music, it's even easier to separate. If someone like say Kisaki made all this music back in the 90's we enjoy, you have to remember that he made the music all back then. If you were alive and in Japan when it released, and knew some dirt on Kisaki that you can prove and date back to that same timeline, then you can hold an argument with me on this. But guess what? I'm pretty sure EVERYONE did what he might have done back then, and most likely got away with it. But let's pretend our world is perfect and say he was the odd man and single him out, kudos. Shady shit in Japan was a daily thing. I fucking love hearing about it as it gives Japan this flair for being badass and dangerous while proving that every society has its colors. Fast forward today and no one cares or knows who Kisaki is among new fans, yet you learn about his current life and how he might suck at it hard, and now suddenly what? You, the fan from back then who probably has 1'' of dust of old demo tapes from la'sadie or whatever fucking band he was in in a box somewhere, and you are gonna throw them out? HAHAHA don't make me fucking choke, you're about as a big as a hypocrite as the people you have around you. Being played by the society that can easily turn on you at the drop of a hat. The you from back then called, they want you to get your fucking backbone back and decide what YOU want to do, and not what you feel society would want as a "justice served" spew of bullshit I'm tired of seeing on the internet. 3. Do you think that one persons actions should generalize a whole band? (Ex. Kisaki and Phantasmagoria or any of his past bands)? I can't believe this is a question but OK, no, it shouldn't. If people really dropped a band like say, lynch. as of recently, for something like Akinori smoking some pot, then don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. No one gave a fuck.
  21. YuyoDrift

    So many new users! Welcome to MH! Thanks for coming out of lurking to say hi lol. You'd be surprised at how much more the website has to offer when you become a member🙂 Take a look around and ask any of us MH staff if you have any questions. I'll check out the channel when I have the chance, as I'm always up for supporting YouTube fans of the scene.
  22. YuyoDrift

    Currently own the first gen iPhone X 256GB model (ya know, the actual iPhone X with good materials). I'm usually one to spend extra if it will allow me to future-proof my devices for 3-5 years. Made a good call as I hear the newer gen iPhone X's materials have been cut down..... Or was my model discontinued like they said they would? Lol. Before this I owned an iPhone 6 tapped out at 128GB, again, for same reasons. Overall a great phone, as it was as "field-serviceable" as an apple product could get at the time. I had replaced the battery replaced 2x, and changed the lightning port since it burnt from the lint that got stuck in it from being in/out of my pocket. The headphone jack I think I miss the most on it. Before that I owned the iPhone 4S 64GB. Geez was that thing small but fun to use. I also didn't care about dropping it lol. Apple iPhones have been very reliable and simple-use phones for me in the IT industry, with their seamless ecosystem and their great customer service.
  23. YuyoDrift

    Can someone elaborate on Ryuya's departure from a musical/musician's standpoint? Does he feel his performance has plateaued with the current music style of band, or if his outlook on whether or not he is a good guitarist at all hit him so hard that he's calling it quits? It's always hard to digest Japanese formality, and so nuances on whether or not they are leaving on good terms or not doesn't interest me. I'm more interested on the music's sound, and how that comes back to the musician and their current state. I really feel for the guy, as any musician who prides themselves in their work would be crushed if they suddenly realized that they might be the reason for the future stagnation of the band, or if they know that this is all they can do and suddenly realize the gap in talent within the other members as time goes on. It really screws me up that guitarists are always the ones that seem to always have this internal conflict within themselves and find leaving the band or retiring completely as the easy way out. As far as the replacements go, tempos and rhythms can be matched in terms of performance, for both guitar and bass. What can't be replaced is the flow and scaling, which for those who had already pointed out, seems to have been tapped out with the current lineup. It definitely explains why the latest single was sporadic, and I had a feeling that they would get worse on the next release. This news is terrible, but the fact the others will continue activities brought up these thoughts and I wonder if they were being limited in progression in the first place?
  24. YuyoDrift

    Wow damn, I learned something today. RIP to the man, the legend, pretty much the reason why Japanese TV shows are the way they are over the last 50 years.
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