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  1. YuyoDrift

    Oh man, I don't want to add to it myself, but random thoughts are random, and I don't want to keep them in my head today. It's surreal to be thinking about my childhood friend, 9 years this week since she passed away. It bothers me every single day to know that the last time I saw her, she had already been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, already too late to do anything, and just carrying on with her 18 year-old life like it was nothing, and smiling. Jesus fuck it's not fair. I feel more like shit because I haven't made time to visit her resting place, ever. In fact, the reason I'm typing this is because I had almost forgotten that she was laid to rest around this time, having actually been there at her funeral, spending hundreds of dollars on flowers, and crying endlessly because she was one of the last people I ever expected to pass away. If this is something that is going to happen naturally, and I can't do a damn thing to stop it, I'll live with this gut-punch of a reminder, even if it haunts me forever for moving on with my life and not cherishing her existence in it, no matter how short it was. I'm in another state and further away, so I wonder if I'm going to ever have that time to do actually go and visit? I think it might be time to force it into my schedule for sanity's sake, and as a reminder to her that I haven't forgotten about the better days.
  2. YuyoDrift

    It's hard for me realize/accept ( I was not the biggest L'arc fan) how influential they were to the boom (rather, the second wave, leading to the golden era) of Japanese culture to the USA, but yeah '04-'05 was a pivotal change. I mean, L'Arc~en~Ciel returned out of nowhere with their single in the anime, combined with the album SMILE the same year, along with the touring here, and then the shit going down in Japan with NANA (that soon headed our way) being iconic.... Yeah, they did a lot those 2 years lol.
  3. YuyoDrift

    Half-right. I was around when the original "Glamorous sky" released, and in order to fully understand, we need to backtrack a bit. The amount of people I knew (mostly girls) that were into VK/Japanese Rock at the time (2001-2005), were also hardcore manga readers (Japanese everything, amirite?), and the series NANA (already been out for maybe a few years) was definitely one of the top selling manga at the time (I'm sure both in Japan and Internationally). Tying HYDE into it, L'Arc~en~Ciel had just recently resumed activities after their hiatus, and it was definitely their song "Ready Steady GO", used in the anime Fullmetal Alchemist, that shot them back up into the limelight here in the USA. Their old albums were dusted off the shelves and played non-stop (there were AMVs for their songs all over the internet at the time), and when people heard that HYDE was composing a new song for the live-adaptation of NANA, to be sung by none-other than Mika Nakashima (who was the main character for the live-film, and already recognized as the music artist she was), the hype got real. So real in fact, that you can check billboards for Japan and any articles online reviewing the song, it was a #1 hit for WEEKS. I also knew people that were fans and could play the guitar, and apparently "Glamorous Sky" is very easy to understand composition-wise, and can be dissected to play certain parts that the fans are comfortable with, without ruining the song. I never really looked into the song after about a year of its debut, but with the recent re-recorded version of the song (included in the single Kiss of Death (Produced by Hyde), which was the OP of the anime Darling in the Franxx), I was surprised that the reception to a song that was already 13 or so years old was as good as it was. It was snuck in there, and if it weren't for the advertising, I don't think people would have noticed. I definitely recommend you listen to the 2005 version of "glamorous sky" before checking the 2018 one (her voice has changed slightly in this one, and the emotion of the song is almost non-existent). Just an FYI, the reception of the song influenced other music companies to implement the same strategy, such as the 2018 version of "A Cruel Angel's Thesis (Zankoku na Tenshi no Tese)", which was used for the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, and sung by Yoko Takahashi. Definitely another heavy hit song of the times before Mika Nakashima. EDIT: For those wondering, the anime-adaptation of NANA was not that big of an influence to the overall popularity of the series or the song "Glamorous Sky", so much as the Manga/Film was. The anime is now recognized as a "must watch" by those around in the anime scene at that time, but the song by Mika Nakashima/HYDE is separated only by the order in which everything happened. More people will know of the song before they know about the anime/manga they are associated with. Which explains why a lot of "covers" don't reference the series so much as Mika Nakashima herself.
  4. Well that DEG concert for Denver (finally) is the same day I leave to visit family in Chicago, and their Chicago concert is on the day I have to return to Denver 😂.


    How the fuck?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. YuyoDrift


      I think I'm gonna most likely pass on their tour. I usually try and socialize with people who might be into Japanese Rock, and it could've been beneficial here in Colorado, but I'm good.


      Plus, DEG are little assholes that rush the set-list, so I'm not gonna sit through the same songs played at 2x the speed.

    3. platy


      I don't think I've ever been to a J-rock gig that is on a weekend. Is it more expensive to play on Thursdays — Sundays? 

    4. YuyoDrift


      You know I never thought that it would be a major factor, but it could be that it was the venue's opening slot for the week and DEG's management said fuck it.


      Would have been nice to have gone though lol.

  5. YuyoDrift

    Hopefully if the reception is positive with NUL., Hizumi might consider doing a small revival of D'espa.
  6. YuyoDrift

    Same lol. Could the streaming of their discography be an indicator for something?
  7. YuyoDrift

    ....... couldn't resist. That's a hard comparison to argue.
  8. YuyoDrift

    Dude, wtf. This is why I hate the fucking weeboo fandom sometimes. It's one thing to mention that an anime sucks or that it should never be seen by others, but I'm getting pretty fucking tired of reading people's comments online saying "they should die" or "KYS (name of studio)" because eventually THIS SHIT will be welcomed too. Edit: My comment is directed to all fandoms for videogames, animation, and film.
  9. YuyoDrift

    Holy shit why is the DMV so damn crowded in the morning? I thought nobody went at that time lol.
  10. Just when I decided to catch up on city pop, I find out that my dude's channel was taken down months ago :(

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    2. YuyoDrift


      I'm getting in contact with the guy right now actually lol.


      Guy does gigs in Chicago at a Japanese Bar I used to go to. He goes by the DJ name of Van Paugam. Haven't chatted with him since I left to Colorado, so it's gonna be awkward catching up ehhh.

    3. colorful人生


      oh wow, he did the Summer Break! city pop mixtape for My Pet Flamingo. I didn't cop the cassette att though. I think I know what channel you're talking about.

    4. YuyoDrift


      Here's the bar in case you guys want some late-night Japan Vibes when visiting Chicago lol




      Japanese owner btw.

  11. YuyoDrift

    Since I'm always listening to throwback albums, I wanted to listen to their first album again this weekend since we now have a remastered version of it from that new "Best-Of" Collection. I gotta say, unless my nostalgia goggles are on, this entire album sounds brand fucking new to my ears. Almost like I never listened to this album at all before, and that insults me just typing it out, I'm that serious. No surprise to me, I sat through the entire first-listen, it was so good. So good actually, that I had to replay it all over again just to be sure I wasn't dreaming and that it sounds no different to the originals haha. This is well worth the money for anyone trying to get it. I'm on their second album right now because I just like what I'm hearing so much. "XII Dizzy" sounds like it took a time machine to yesterday to get recorded haha I hope that doesn't sound off cuz that's the only way to put it into words. Definitely gonna use these newer versions to make an Artist Intro playlist for sure. Just really gonna be tough picking only a few of them lol.
  12. YuyoDrift

    Definitely a popular opinion for the more seasoned anime otakus like moi and people around the 30 year age. I didn't know that the 15min episode thing was a trend right now, wtf? I was playing that Saiki-K in the background and noticed that, but I didn't know other shows are doing it now, ughhhh. I always thought it was some terrible method to present children's anime shows from 20 years ago (like shin-chan or whatever) that would only stay in that area of anime.
  13. YuyoDrift

    Same as @LIDL. I can fit all my playlists from iTunes onto my current iPhone, which I had organized from scratch long ago, so the need to stream any of it is not necessary. Should I forego the apple products in the near future though, I'd probably buy a standalone MP3 player and reserve digging through my entire collection through a web-based RDP session like Google Chrome's. I used to always have a separate MP3 player with about 8GBs of room so I can always drag and drop new stuff and listen to it on-the-go, so it wouldn't be hard for me to return to that. edit: I see @spockitty did the same thing lol I could always just pay for a streaming service if I want to hear anything US-based too.
  14. YuyoDrift

    Go back to reddit, scum.
  15. YuyoDrift

    I'd say more established cosplayers in general are like this, but even then it's both Japanese and American as a whole, and done purposely for IRL fan service. Amateur cosplayers aren't at all like this, and they can be cute and wholesome to boot. This comes from someone who doesn't understand/care for the whole cosplay thing, but appreciates the reasoning as to why people do it.
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