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  1. I'm honestly impressed @Zeus spent some time mentioning what it was like in line that evening. It allows those who couldn't attend a vivid picture of what it was like during the chaos haha. The last time they played in NYC it was just as bad, organization wise, but this time there were 2X as many people in attendance so I could only imagine the frustration with the staff at that venue. I was actually staying at a hotel right across the street and so I had time to stalk the line the day of. People were hounding the staff about when the line could get started haha I think it was about 2-3PM before the attendees started gathering like seagulls. It was getting crazy. By 4:30PM just the VIP line had to be split into 2-3 groups, with some of the people in line trying to get a system going so we could go use the restroom/eat and not lose our spots for the next hour or so. I can't even imagine the line for the general admission.... Oh and regarding this: Definitely noticed the age gap this time around. It was insane. Youngest fan for me was probably 14/15, with the oldest I saw being like 40. It was the usual fan base aside from a few parents who had no idea what they were dragged to go watch (some were asking who they were lol). In a way it was cool to see all these people because sometimes I forget that VK is not the only scene that the GazettE adhere to. I'll agree that some of the naivety was cringe-worthy haha but no one knows everything, right?
  2. YuyoDrift

    Ugh man, how did I forget about this thread?!? I move to one of the best locations for beers and breweries and I forget to share them here. My bad. I've gone to some old methods of mine, searching for liquor stores that allow customers to create their own sampler 6-Pack of whatever beer you want. It's a very fast and effective method of trying out the different types of beer out there. There's little guilt if you don't drink them fast enough as its better to have one get tossed as opposed to an entire 6-12 pack. I'll have to start taking snapshots of what I'm drinking, but for now I can give those who want to know a good tasting lager out here. I think I've tried about 10 or so different companies around here and the best one is surprisingly the one you can get anywhere in Colorado. Upslope Brewing Lager Suprisingly more fulfilling than the average lager out there like Budweiser or skunky Heineken, and yet more tame than a Samuel Adams Boston Lager.
  3. YuyoDrift

    This has been my view on it for a long time, and partially why I didn't want to partake in the sharing of my life to everyone. They don't need to know, they just want to be in the know. We could discuss this for ages but my take on the effects have more to do with the vulnerabilities that the younger generation are choosing to ignore/willfully accept for the sake of this "broad communication" that you mention. Most people in their late 20's can recall the time when the internet didn't run their lives, and younger people are becoming more and more aware that this was ever an event in history. My worry is that future kids will never know of this alternative, let alone be given an option similar to it. I forgot who told me this saying but it went something like: "The internet works both ways. You get to see what's going on with the world, and the world gets to see what's going on with you." It's a quote that could open a big can of worms to those who think about it too much.
  4. YuyoDrift

    This is where the simple answer can be interpreted into a very complicated version of devils advocate for me haha. Start to what? I really don't feel like making a sit session where I get rid of friends I don't associate myself with anymore to then keep around friends that I still don't take the time of day to contact because I don't use the platform hehe, but then again, having a small group to actually be able to connect with and appreciate more is tempting as a sort of renewal/revival of my social life..... Really, if I have your number on my phone and/or you are contacted at least for conversation once and a while, then you can be considered for my Facebook friend list. That could be like 20 people lol but even then I could just text or call you, why go to another application to then do the same fucking thing? Plus, I might piss some people off when they find out they are removed. I could elaborate and give my take on why I did it but really deep down idgaf and they need to move the fuck on with this fucking tantrum about how close you thought we were. If you must stay in contact with me (even though you never made a fucking attempt to do so on the site or anywhere else), then just ask for my number god damn why the fucking drama? ehhhhhh I'm good. Easier just to make another account lol.
  5. YuyoDrift

    Ugh man I envy you. This is courage ladies and gentlemen haha.
  6. YuyoDrift

    Oh cool, a show in Denver. Might go. Are all the members in good health or?
  7. YuyoDrift

    Yo that Emery track is post-hardcore goodness holy shit. Loved that entire album. Haven't done this in a while. Let's see: 1. Deftones - Digital Bath 2. Crystal Castles - Crimewave 3. Emery - Playing with Fire 4. Anyo - Loop 5. 殻 [Kara] - Debris 6. BoA - Call my Name 7. 12012 - Aren't You Dead Yet? 8. Dance Gavin Dance - Jesus H. Macy 9. the GazettE - Anti Pop 10. Scar. - Realize LOL holy shit I had my own Emery song pop up. Chose 殻 because this entire album was a masterpiece, assuming you can find it.
  8. This entire time I had no idea Mother's Day was the second Sunday of May.


    This fucked me up more than learning Thanksgiving is the 4th Thursday of November haha.

    1. Marchen


      this is something that I never remember and always expect somebody to tell me when it is lol

  9. Less than 10 days left to submit a banner for the MH front page!


    Just don't submit a mejibray one lol please.


    1. Gesu


      How about an 8P-SB one? :P


      Disclaimer: I do not like 8P-SB.

    2. Zeus


      yes please submit and don't be shy!

  10. YuyoDrift

    Honestly, I'd say the TOXIC era played a BIG role in the birth of the new/current generation of VK fans, solely by this song being in that anime. After the concert the other day and seeing the fans and hearing their little knowledge of the scene itself, this statement is very accurate. Early Oshare Kei was actually pretty goth and unique. An Cafe, Aile, and Lolita 23q were pretty good imo. LM.C was ok too. edit: forgot about baroque and ayabie my god 🤦‍♂️
  11. YuyoDrift

    Well they were immensely popular in the west during 2004-2006, and started to wane a bit during their sound change around 2008 or so. I can confirm they have fallen off the map here in 2019, so I wouldn't be surprised if they call it quits after the best of album they are releasing. I have no band that I can't stand anymore. It used to be Mejibray but prayers were answered lol.
  12. When did we refer to this era as "Idol Kei"? I'll have to come back to this post when my jetlag is not so harsh but this is a great topic.
  13. YuyoDrift

    I have mixed feelings about the live. Fucking VIP/Regular lines were LONG ASF for sure, and the fucking drama between the heresy fanclub and early VIP attendees was one to remember. Staff were aggravated for sure. The live tuning was definitely off as Reita's bass was overwhelming the others, and it didn't get any better until the techs came out before the encore to fix the issues. Not the end of the world but noticeable. Was a shame we didn't get "UNFINISHED" cuz I was really looking forward to that.
  14. YuyoDrift

    Show was good, little too much bass but can't complain overall. Crowd was a little much haha. Next time I'll be sitting down and enjoying the show from afar. Merch line was crazy though.
  15. YuyoDrift

    I see you're from New York. I take it you went to see the GazettE a couple days ago? I saw a lot of people there so I wouldn't have spotted you, but if you were in the VIP line maybe you saw me? I was the guy in a denim shirt still wearing sunglasses haha. Anways, welcome to the forum. Say hello to us regulars sometime!
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