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  1. YuyoDrift

    As my crap luck would have it, my flight home just got cancelled due to the weather (my pc is at home), so I’ll take this as a sign to just sit this one out. @Seimeisen Thanks everyone for the offers! I appreciated it!
  2. YuyoDrift

    Do it. haha. No but seriously, I'll sit this trade off out as well. I've had a hard time getting to my PC (and my IRL work as well) this last weekend. I'll still put together my mix just in case anyone volunteers to trade, but no pressure. haha.
  3. YuyoDrift

    My take @ghost would be that I think he plateau'd a long time ago. The way this was produced, you'd think he'd be able to sing with a wider vocal range. Boy needs to learn to sing a bit more versatile.
  4. YuyoDrift

    I’m going to have to listen to the iTunes version now, thanks guys. Lol. I might be in the minority, but I feel the MV version was a tad too “flat” for my tastes. Not too sure where the words muddy came from haha. Maybe if I was listening through Apple earbuds lol but as far as I can tell (I have the CD) the album version has a higher gain, and so there’s more clarity in the drumming and while the instruments could be a bit in sync, I wouldn’t necessarily call that a bad thing. I’ll listen to the AAC version and update post. Edit: Sounds exactly the same for iTunes version. Production is the same at least.
  5. Day 3 for me, and I'm still listening to NINTH.  It's gotta be at least my 15th play through the album.


    I feel I'm having a repeat of DOGMA, where I need more time to listen to every nuance this album has to offer in order to put a review together.

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    2. nostalgia


      Usually, I prefer fast-paced songs to ballads, but right now I just can't stop listening to その声は脆く. I think I need help. xD

    3. YuyoDrift


      @nostalgia and you see, this is what is driving me nuts.


      There are hints of their past works in this song, in terms of composition.

      Yet at the same time, they've changed up the order to an almost original execution (for them at least).


      @Spectralion Wait, are you serious? Fuck. Now I have to listen to again with yet another approach lol.

    4. Nagisa


      Can't wait to read your review.

  6. YuyoDrift

    Haha I’m still in if @CAT5 is. Perfectly fine with me if not though. 😋
  7. YuyoDrift

    Didn't know about the warehouse change. Well anyways, I actually got mine in the evening yesterday from CDJapan.
  8. YuyoDrift

    Don’t worry bout it lol If anyone wants to still sign up, I will join the trade-off to make it even. @saishuu change your mind yet? Lol
  9. YuyoDrift

    @Komorebi what are you doing to me? lol I am going to be in Denver during this time.
  10. YuyoDrift

    I was very tempted to listen to the previews, but as I listened to the intro, I said "oh god Jesus I cant do this" lol I'm gonna wait for my CD to come in the mail. I can wait 2+ days? Right?
  11. YuyoDrift

    Man you guys made me binge their 翔〜カケラ〜裸 album for days now haha. God I love this band.
  12. Just realized I missed celebrating my 5th anniversary here on MH lol

    1. platy


      how would you have celebrated? 

    2. YuyoDrift


      Maybe a beer, and an avatar with a birthday hat or something haha.

  13. After 8 long years, I just gave my letter of resignation to my boss. No turning back now.

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    2. Raburr7


      I left my job after 3 years coz i couldnt take any more night shift and i feel like i am finally free :P


      Wish you the best and good luck, life goes on :D

    3. YuyoDrift


      Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone!


      @The ReverendI remember when you quit your job! Man, you give me hope lol.

      I have no replacement job lined up, but its not gonna deter me from trying my best at seeking a new one. It's a brand new career attempt for me, so I hope I can fit in with everyone else out there.

      Gonna move out there, and hope for the best.

    4. nostalgia


      Wish you the best for your new career!

  14. YuyoDrift

    https://www.instagram.com/yuyodrift/ I've been meaning to get back into amateur photography like during my car scene days. I also need to migrate my flickr photos on over to here. Soon. lol.
  15. Are you coming back from a long time hiatus, or decided that Q1 was so good that you finally want to start keeping score on what you listen to? lol


    We have a place on the forum for just that!