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  1. YuyoDrift

    Why the hell do I keep typing out responses to things that I end up not posting? Like lengthy fucking summaries and thoughts to things or topics, only to just say "ehhhhh I'm good" and scrap them. Anyone else do that?
  2. "No answer is not a good answer"


    My quote for today.

  3. YuyoDrift

    As someone who grew up in the Latino community and spent night after night, cookout after cookout, club after club of listening to Reggaeton and Bachata....I can;t listen to that shit either. Many of the people back then agree that the music has gone way past its prime, and with the recent collabs with nobodies (fight me) I can surely tell you that it is not what it was. I'll live in my 2002-2008 era of Luny Tunes and their Mas Flow jams thank you.
  4. YuyoDrift

    If you're gonna extend my contract again, couldn't you at least just fucking make it the full year so we don't have to do this shit over and over? The one thing I forgot about choosing this type of work.....
  5. Oh god this week was especially exhausting.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. platy


      Same and so will my weekend. Man, I'm tired. 

    3. God


      same, tho.  this week is kicking my ass p hard.

    4. chipathy


      looks like alot of people had a shit week, woke up anywhere from midnight-4am every work day due to feeling sick af 

  6. Oh god we're getting hit with snow again?!?!?


    Wtf Colorado.

    1. plastic_rainbow


      heard that it snowed back home too (wisconsin).

      snow in april ain't even a joke anymore

    2. nomemorial


      saw a snowflake outside yesterday (in Chicago) and shed no less than four tears RIP

  7. YuyoDrift

    Well I'd like to think that after 10 or so years of activity the regulars of MH feel compelled to keep it running lol I know I do. I've spotted you a few times on here, and the only thing I could recall was that you are a D'espa fan. Care to share some other bands you listen to? I am more of a Nagoya Kei fan myself but I was following a ton of bands in the mid 00's that were outside the subgenre like D'espa too. Time flies when I think about it. Welcome back to the forum in any case. We need more older members to reminisce about the times haha.
  8. To go see HYDE in Chicago in may or nah.......

  9. YuyoDrift

    While it is publicly known that I have a large distaste for Mejibray, I never tell anyone what kept the fires going. It stems not so much from their crappy music (although I believe this to be true) or that their diehard fans at the time couldn't see past the superficiality, it was actually just that I think/thought they looked like giant assholes who were just dicking around and made VK look bad. In short, an embarrassment to the scene. Was I wrong? Idk I never cared to check but I do know that the members still look like assholes haha. The fact they are no more just gets a meh from me. Secretly, I think a certain band I listen to felt the same way as I did too lol so there was also that.
  10. I mean, I had just typed out a big explanation on my thoughts regarding DEZERT (and bands like these in general), both in this thread and the DAMY review you posted. But why beat a dead horse, ya know? Edit: Never posted them b/c of said reason
  11. All this reminds me of the D'espa/Alice Nine days lol.
  12. YuyoDrift

    If this is the case I sincerely hope that the OG VK fans come out of the woodworks for this. The way the scene has been recently, I feel "now or never" couldn't apply any more than it could with this. I really can't believe this is real. I was literally just asking myself if Mako would ever come back. To see that Asanao gets to play alongside them is one of the most epic things he can be known for to me lol.
  13. Stuck at a McDonalds for the time being since I have no power at my apartment. 

  14. YuyoDrift

    We know.
  15. Its not too late to start making your ratings list for 2019!


    It's real easy!

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    2. Lestat


      Haven’t listened to a single Japanese release yet, oops. 

    3. Komorebi


      It's freakin' March and I'm already like a month behind LOL

    4. YuyoDrift


      @Komorebi I think yours is the most filled out of all of us lol so I wouldn't worry too much.

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