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  1. @chemicalpicturessay whaaaaa I'll check it out when I get home lol This looks cool!
  2. Man, do the GazettE bring on in the activity on this forum or what haha. So long as the album does not cater to only one genre like their last one, then I'm all for it. If they manage to pull off this theme they have, then that is some impressive shit.
  3. First off, I have to say: If English is not your native language, then HOLY CRAP your spelling is fantastic! We appreciate you taking some time and introducing yourself on Monochrome Heaven, as we love to meet all of our lurkers haha. As the others have mentioned, we hope to see you around on the forums soon. Oh and as @Komorebimentioned, us MH Staff are here if you have any questions. Welcome!
  4. That is a very good question. What would I have listened to if Glay or Gackt, or even the Pillows, flew past me growing up? What would I have done if JPOP queens like Ayumi, Namie, or even Nanase, not been my gateway to music overseas? Japanese music is something that has become a core part of my very being, allowing me to learn about the outside world, as well as how the internet works, which in turn, led me to a career in Information Security. I can't imagine something else that could fill its place. If I had to guess, I would venture to say that American Metal would have filled in the void temporarily, before drifting away from that last bit of teenage angst, and succumb to just listening to whatever comes on the radio. I say that because when I first listened to Japanese music, I purposely went out and taught myself how the internet works, in order to browse forums, blogs, and site's where the P2P sharing wave of the 00's existed, in order to get my hands on as much as I could. I'm pretty sure that I would not have done this for an American Metal CD that I could just go and buy down the street, and so eventually I'd lose interest. I'm sure I'd just stream my music at this point, just like everyone else.
  5. I'm drooling over our pool going on for the McGregor/Mayweather fight next week.

  6. Ermahgerd I got paired with@chemicalpictures. I'm not worthy lol. This is my first time, so please be gentle haha.
  7. The Pillows Every Otaku and their waifu in the world has heard of this amazing band. Formed in Hokkaido, Japan in 1989, the Pillows' music can be best described as a cross between rock bands like The Beatles and The Ramones, as their music style has evolved significantly since their debut, and is the major reason that makes them unique in the Japanese rock scene. Providing their music as the soundtrack to one of the most recognized anime of all time (FLCL), The Pillows became an international sensation, touring across the globe, and becoming the gateway for many of us into Japanese Rock. As a VERY big Pillows fan, I chose to feature tracks that allow you to feel what I felt when I first heard their music. Hopefully this mix will interest you enough into taking a look at their epic discography. Tracklist: 1. Wake Up! Dodo 2. I think I can 3. Tiny Boat 4. White Summer and Green Bicycle, Red Hair and Black Guitar 5. Beautiful Picture 6. Lesser (Hamster No Yuuutsu) 7. ハッピー・バースデー 8. Funny Bunny 9. ポラリスの輝き 拾わなかった夢現 10. Hybrid Rainbow 11. Pulse 12. Blue Drive Monster 13. Last Dinosaur 14. Ride on a Shooting Star 15. The Third Eye 16. トライアル 17. ムーンダスト Download: Link (Some bitrates may be low, as I've collected these over the course of 15 years, so I apologize in advance) Runtime: 72 Minutes
  8. Damn it I'm gonna look bad if I don't join at this point lol Sign me up.
  9. Having a beard is cool and all, but being called "Old-Timer" is not lol I'm in my Twenties goddamn it.

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      Tbh I'm pretty sure you don't need the beard to be called old timer, Yuyo.

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      ....wtf Komorebi 😂 

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      You do tend to sound older than you are in your long posts XD

  10. Suchmos' KIDS was pretty good- er, I mean, Welcome to Monochrome Heaven! Feel free and get caught up to speed, as you've missed quite a lot in the scene. We have TONS of topics where you may participate, so for now, make yourself at home. Any questions, feel free to PM anyone with a Blue or Red username. Welcome back to VK.
  11. Welcome to the MH forum Heine (or would you prefer Vino? haha) Take a look at all the content we have here to provide, and feel free to participate in the discussions we have on a daily basis. There's much to learn here on the site, and perhaps you may stumble across something new that you will come to enjoy. I believe everyone here knows who DIr En Grey are haha, so making friends who want to talk about Diru is gonna be easy We also have a dedicated thread to discuss the band as well. Any questions, feel free to PM anyone with a Blue or Red username. Have fun on the site!
  12. Note to self:

    Hire a professional to install a water heater.

  13. I'm still waiting for the next release from some of these bands haha. Seriously, its hard to imagine the scene without bands like Girugamesh or SCREW. ZERO ONE from DIV is an unforgettable release. Thank you very much for putting this together @doombox Let's hope the list for 2017 is a lot smaller haha.