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  1. This Artist Intro for 蜉蝣 Kagerou took forever to make, so check it out lol.



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. YuyoDrift


      otherwise I'd have put XII Dizzy, Wrist Cutter, and Yuugure no shazai on the list.

    3. saiko


      Yuugure no shazai is an actual must!!!!


      btw, I'll check the mix later!

    4. suji


      Thank you! ♥

  2. YuyoDrift

    I have nothing to add to this discussion right now, I just wanted to say that these last few posts have really given me new takes on the KPOP scene. You've given me enlightenment, thanks lol.
  3. YuyoDrift

    Hey, welcome to the forum! I'm a member from the Midwest myself (well, used to be). Have you attended any other anime conventions in that area like Anime Central or Anime Midwest in Illinois, Anime Milwaukee in Wisconsin, or Youmacon in Michigan? I've never heard of Anime Weekend before, but we do have members from Atlanta that might have. Take a look around if you've never lurked our forum before, and make yourself at home. We have a bunch of topics that you can take part in and plenty other users to chat with that enjoy listening to those very same artists/bands. Shoot any of the staff here (including myself) if you have any questions. Hope to chat with you soon!
  4. Whoa, I didn’t know Kiyoharu had an OP for a newly aired anime?


    I legit tripped when I heard him start singing haha.

    1. chipathy
    2. YuyoDrift


      It’s called Blade of the Immortal and it’s an Amazon-Exclusive anime that just starting airing last week.

  5. It’s a VAMPS kind of Saturday right now.

    Evanescent is a great song for the beginning of fall. :) .

  6. Dude I’ve been out of it. When did they get back together? Did they ever disband actually? This news is good, but I’m so out of the loop that it brings confusion more than excitement?
  7. That new mixtape subforum makes me remember how much of a loser I am for all the undelivered mixtapes I promised lol.


    I promise it will get done! 

    I’ve just been busy asf 😆.

  8. YuyoDrift

    Ah jeez, what the hell happened? Im just hoping that Byo doesn’t go jumping from band to band when they’re gonna cease activities like that. I guess I’ll follow him on insta, assuming he’s active there.
  9. YuyoDrift

    Never heard of the third one lol but I was actually not that impressed by Your Name. Felt Overhyped that it ruined it. I consider The Girl Who Leapt Through Time a bit more enjoyable.
  10. YuyoDrift

    @heresytrash I saw your blog-post about the anime film A Silent Voice. It was great to read your thoughts on it. I personally wrote an entire paper on this film and felt that there was a lot of things I took from watching, that it had to be put on paper. I personally consider it on of my top 3 favorite anime films of all time.
  11. YuyoDrift

    What if, he's drowning out the noise with his whistle/hum because he hates the noisiness too? Nah but seriously, you work in an open-space office? I hate those.
  12. YuyoDrift

    Alright I'm back here, again. This time my beef is with current contender for AoTY (or so I hear (weebs amirite?)) Demon Slayer (or Kimetsu no Yaiba, for you hardcore otaku bastards). Back when it first started airing, I decided to jump in early and see if it had promise. Well, let's just say that while I enjoyed the artwork and plot, they fucking butchered the shit out of how they presented it. As a result, my opinion of it by just the first episode was that this was gonna be a snooze-fest, so I put it off (more like dropped it, honestly) cuz I have a backlog and shit, ya know? Anyways, I met up with a friend, had some drinks, and caught up with our animes of the season. After I mentioned that I dropped Demon Slayer, he begged me to pick it back up again (and make it past episode 3) because I might actually grow to like it as it was really good in his opinion (plus he knows I'm a jaded fuck when it comes to anime). Well I decided to humor him and pick it back up, this time doing some research as to who was the studio behind it and their past work, simply because there were things in the first episode that I found familiar and wanted to reference it in other works they may have created. Well it took me up until episode 4 to break her in, simply because the attempt to present everything was still just so poorly thought out, that I was actually facepalming at certain scenes, even going so far as to actually think about other anime shows that did it better lol. I'm up to episode 10 or so, and I still feel the same way about the show as I did from the first episode, and I dunno man, I think the show's already on a thread with me, and I'd hate to see a repeat of Your Lie in April. I'll come back and explain what other problems I have with the show, but this main one sums up a lot my flac with Demon Slayer.
  13. Since city-pop never actually died as a style, there are diamonds hidden within the many genres that emerged since going back into hiding, and part of this thread is finding some of those "in between the times" releases that prove that city pop is the fusion genre that adapted to make it this far. I stumbled on this 2013 album by BLU-SWING, a musical group that began activities around 2008, focusing on swing/jazz and adapting with funk/hip-hop as well. Pretty good.
  14. YuyoDrift

    I was gonna watch it tonight. What's the feedback about? Him being honest? lol
  15. YuyoDrift

    Listening to it right now, actually. For me, Acceptance Speech was already damn good. Why the sudden remaster? Edit: Looked into it, and wow I had no idea that people considered the old version to be flat w/vocals being too high lol. This Remaster definitely sounds more DGD sounding, but I never had a problem with the original 😅 ehhh. Also, I haven't been following them for a while but is Tilian's voice still getting worse? Fans were concerned about his vocals because DGD toured and then released 2 albums last year, definitely putting a strain on his vocals.
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