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  1. Oh god it's been a hilarious year. We are barely 2 weeks in!

  2. RESULTS! First off, I want to thank everyone who participated! For those who planned to, but could not, it's OK! There's always this year's awards to look forward to. Maybe. Anyways, On to the Results! ______________________________________________________________ Best Overall Artist/Band Best Album Best Single/Maxi-Single/EP Best Cover Art Best Song Best Look Best Newcomer Best Veteran Best PV Saddest Disbandment Most Overhyped Band Most Overhyped Release Most Underhyped Band Most Underhyped Release Most Disappointing Release Most Anticipated Release Band that Changed their Sound for the Best Band that Changed their Sound for the Worse Band that you spent most of your money on in 2017 What the hell were they thinking!? Award Best Revival/Returns There were SO MANY ties , as well as categories that had NO CLEAR WINNER. In any case, thanks everyone once again for participating in the JRock Awards this year, and let's look forward to if/when we host 2018's!
  3. Best Overall Artist/Band - JILUKA, ARCHEMI, Matenrou Opera Best Album - Pantheon Pt 1 (Matenrou Opera) Best Single/Maxi-Single/EP - Black Pentagram (Unlucky Morpheus) Best Cover Art - TRACES Vol. 2 (the GazettE) Best Song - "Violet" by Unlucky Morpheus, "Night Howling" by Aiolin Best Newcomer - アクメ(ACME) Best Veteran - KAMIJO Saddest Disbandment - BLESSCODE Most Overhyped Band - LACK-CO Most Overhyped Release - THE CORE by RAZOR Band that Changed their Sound for the Best - Matenrou Opera Band that you spent most of your money on in 2017 - the GazettE Best Revival/Returns - リグロ(llll-Ligro-)
  4. Been a while.
  5. Last Day! Get your votes in for the JRock Awards 2017 while you still can!



    I'l be closing the poll around midnight (my time zone).




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      finally got them in! looking forward to the results~ :)

  6. I would agree to this, to an extent. The album is refined, and like you mentioned, it's easy to see why some fans don't like it. I too, would love to listen to a version of "Eve" that had prioritized higher frequencies more than trying to balance the entire track. It needs more "life" to it. What made AA so great in the beginning of their career, was their determination to be the loudest fucking band out there. Making noise essentially, not giving a single fuck about anything else. What we see now is the band truly focusing on creating pieces of work with meaning behind them. What they want to achieve is making music that's just right for them, showing their maturity as a reunited group of friends once again, letting go of past BS. It's actually very commendable, as most bands never stay together long after some drama, let alone forgive, to then embrace this change. Danny certainly has vastly improved his vocals, and its one of the highlights of the entire album, as songs that may sound bland, hold their own with his singing. You can also look at it from the other side, saying that the band is trying to be mature to a point where you may say "they're trying too hard". Focusing too much on trying to make the music "just right", to then sound "watered down" as you put it. Some fucker on Sputnik said they come off too "Nickleback" haha cracked me up.
  7. YouTube revoking privileges from that kid, due to his ignorance, is a step in the right direction for the company. Hopefully its a reality check for the rest of the "YouTube stars".
  8. Only a few days left to submit your votes for the MH JRock Awards!

    Get them in ASAP!



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  9. Wow, and he was only in his 30's. Too damn soon.
  10. Dude I'm loving the BETA for the Chrome Remote Desktop online. I no longer have to install anything. Hopefully the connection is secure doe lol.
  11. You know, I'm right here. lol. 100% sure?!? Are you sure??????
  12. Going to take this one over for 2018 @CAT5@Lestat Coming back for the 4th year in a row, this thread is dedicated to Japanese releases in 2018 that the MH Community will listen to and would like to keep track of throughout the entire year. It’s a nice way of referring back to a list, should you forget if you’ve listened to a certain release yet or not. I know I forget sometimes haha. These ratings can also help those who may want to see which releases are favoring well or not, based on each individual user who you may have similar tastes with. You never know, as this could come in handy at the end of the year. Feel free to set up your own rating system (Stars, ?/5, ?/10, Best to Worst, Oooh to Eww, etc.), but try and use spoiler tags to save room in your post, and save room on the page for the other members’ rating lists. Previous Years for Reference: 2015 2016 2017 I look forward to seeing everyone’s lists at the end of the year! Yuyo’s List for 2018:
  13. To tell you the truth, I'm not gonna be surprised when Apple loses a shit ton of revenue from that IOS/Battery Blunder. I feel this is going to be a very rude wake up call for them, as they pretty much only invest in their phones now, making up for more than 2/3 of their earnings. Could we actually see a return of Apple, the company that actually fucking cared about their products and the consumer? This is gonna be a funny year.
  14. Maybe it's a delayed feeling of joy. It's gotta be. I chose this. There's no way it could have gone some other way.......right?
  15. Don't forget to choose your top picks for the MH JRock Awards 2017!


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