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  1. YuyoDrift

    Thanks for that. Found an article about it here.
  2. YuyoDrift

    I'd agree it was when they had the most exposure for sure. Bands during these years definitely became successes before some of them knew to call it quits 10 years later like Girugamesh, SCREW, -OZ-, and DEATHGAZE. I'd say Miyavi was lucky asf because he struggles to stay relevant today like Gackt and Hyde but back then they were gods.
  3. YuyoDrift

    Just listened to the new single and the B-Side was a surprise yet very enjoyable. I really hope Sho doesn't ruin his lovely vocals.
  4. YuyoDrift

    ^^ Similar situation. Most friends were hella ghetto and listened to Bone Thugs and tried to become rappers themselves lol. I was actually fully introduced to VK by a girl I liked in HS (she was well into the scene years before I was) and since then only people I know who would be open to it would share my interest. I think my brother and my cousin are the only ones left to still listen, as that girl and I went our separate ways but say hi when we run into each other at concerts. My gf is slightly opening up to VK, so that's nice. You just made me realize that I have no friends out here in Denver lol and no, coworkers don't count. @The Reverendwhere you at? lol
  5. I just got reprimanded at work and all I could do was laugh in their face about it. Feels good.

    1. IGM_Oficial


      How does it feel being fired?

    2. YuyoDrift


      That's why I laughed.






      They couldn't.

  6. YuyoDrift

    Shit, this song takes you for a ride alright. Place me into the group that would call this Vanitas 2.0, as that artistic approach has been kicked up a notch, making the entire track sporadic. It's hard to put it into words but the song is so close to not being listenable due to the amount of ideas thrown into it. I agree with many others here that they need to take it easy considering how well they are doing right now in the VK scene. If its a rival thing with NAZARE then please let us know. I really feel my thoughts have already been mentioned by others but their work really does make everything else out in the VK world right now pale in comparison. There, I said it.
  7. YuyoDrift

    Hol' up. Apple is killing off iTunes? WTF. Why have I barely heard about this????
  8. YuyoDrift

    I take it you weren't around the scene during the 2005+ years? LOL this was going on constantly. Don't even get me started on the blog posts online during this time. The lines were cringe for sure, but like @Gesu has stated, we were all those people at one point so we should be a bit more positive about it since those fans are there to support the band just like we are. So long as the GazettE don't shift their music to please the anime otakus/weebs and focus only on anime OPs then we are ok haha. That photos/video thing, it will get old fast since some fans are seeing them for the first time. Next few shows and I'm sure the numbers will go down. I never looked at it from this perspective but after realizing that the Japanese get to see 90% of their performances constantly, they don't feel compelled to whip out their devices and sherish the moment like the rest of us internationally (plus the Japanese are respectful and courteous I know I know).
  9. @platy and I were just discussing this observation as well not too long ago. Albeit a known issue within the GazettE fandom, Aoi's lack of fulfillment in the band when it comes to contributions musically or simply pitching ideas have really shown this time around. Our M&G, while amazing (I accidentally didn't attend the last M&G in 2016) it was to meet them, you could tell who was showing face for the fans, and for me it was Aoi. This discussion could go on for hours but to keep it short, there has to be room for expression and creativity for all the members, otherwise we may see things turn DEG style where the members don't even sit in the same room at times. They've more than earned the right to breathe easy after so long, so why not actually go back to basics and let creativity fly? NINTH is a great example of this and I hope they continue in this direction in the future. Getting back to the live itself, I also mentioned this to @platy but was the soundcheck somewhat shit for anyone else? Don't mean to sound like an ass but I noticed that Reita's bass was a tad overwhelming for the NYC stage, so the guitars sat far too back, sound-wise, for my tastes. Ruki's vocals were also slightly muddled but clear enough where no one cared. I think Kai's drums were the only somewhat "tuned to spec" instrument there. Keep in mind Kai doesn't have to switch guitars or anything but this poor soundcheck was not corrected until the encore. That's when the concert became waaaaaay more tolerable for me, and only because the techs came out to prove my suspicions and tweak things.
  10. YuyoDrift

    Hey welcome to the forum! I went to the GazettE live here in the States and if the setlists are the same overseas (from what I can see) then you're gonna have a great time. Make sure to move around with the crowd if you're gonna be close to the stage though, otherwise its a bad time lol. Chat with you on the forum soon!
  11. For those who don't know it exists, we have an introductory artist/band mixtape thread.


    We've done our best to index the artists in alphabetical order, so if you have an artist/band you've been wanting to check out take a look.


    Also, if you have an artist/band you think people would like an introduction to then please, feel free and contribute as many as you'd like!


    Hopefully the links are still up lol.

    1. CAT5


      Thanks for reminding me about this!

    2. YuyoDrift


      No prob. I'll be working on an intro mixtape for SCREW, and maybe Kagerou like I promised @suji a while back lol.

  12. YuyoDrift

    This. How long have we been waiting now? This has potential to be handled worse than any kickstarter/gofundme before it. Let's see what they do. Not to mention how much effort they are making in dodging any questions related to Tifa's character. Say what you will but I will join the pitchforks if she does end up being altered to please the minority that's already ruined real life for everyone. Why a fucking game you probably wont even play? I'll settle for Advent Children Tifa at least. Edit: Oh shit nvm its been addressed
  13. I have seen what cannot be unseen. I have also crossed it off my bucket list lol.

  14. Professionally, it'd be FUKI from Unlucky Morpheus. I just can't fathom how productive her day-to-day life is and so I'd wanna see it for myself lol. Casually, it would have to be either Byou from Khryst+ or Hazuki from lynch. Guys are just really into their careers and very chill from what I hear. Plus Hazuki can teach me fishing and take me with the gang to fish one morning lol.
  15. YuyoDrift

    Just taking a moment here to mention how mind-blowing the backing guitar chords are in their album Disorder. I noticed them during the song "7月8日 (Shichi Gatsu Youka)", but the other songs have these nuances to them as well. I never took the time to listen to this album as intimately as I did this weekend, and finally noticed how the chords speak on their own, almost as if they are the hidden force being driven here.
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