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  1. YuyoDrift

    You guys better not think we forgot about this! ✨ Coming back for the 3rd year in a row, MH will once more be hosting the MH JRock Awards for 2019! ✨ Now, before you start voting, read the rules provided in the spoiler below, otherwise Yuyo is gonna gonna be mopey about it. Once you have read the general rules, here's how to vote: 1. Copy the list of categories below into your reply 2. Fill in your votes (you can skip as many categories as you'd like) 3. Submit. Try to keep your votes organized under spoiler tags in order to save space for other voters. Your posts will stay hidden until the end of the voting. Here are your categories to choose from: Voting will last until Monday, January 13th of the New Year (2020) This will allow everyone to take their time, since some of us are still waiting on some final releases to come out this month. Note:  "Album" includes both full and mini-albums. For simplicity reasons, we follow the "Once Visual Kei, always Visual Kei" rule. So yes, that makes bands like Dir en grey or L'Arc~En~Ciel a Visual Kei band, just for the purpose of this voting. If you missed/skipped 2018 or are just joining the forum and have never heard of this, then take part this year! If you have any questions about the 2019 MH Jrock Awards, feel free to contact me or any of the MH Staff! Happy Voting!
  2. YuyoDrift

    It was so depressing coming back to visit some friends this time around. One was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, another may be clinically full-blown schizo with no one knowing his current whereabouts, another stuck in the same lifestyle as high school and completely looking like crap, idk why but somehow regardless of how bad I have it, I can’t enjoy the good things about my life knowing they’re like this. it almost feels like a hometown form of shellshock and idk if I ever want to come back to my old lifestyle, knowing I could have ended up just like them.
  3. YuyoDrift

    Oh yeah, I was supposed to come back to this topic. Welcome to Monochrome Heaven @Luciphel! Well considering how social media may implode at any time now (or abandoned), you chose the perfect time to join/come back lol. Now, I feel, is one of those crucial times in the VK timeline to begin the whole preservation and whatnot, so the more old school fans that wanna join us, the happier we are to let them in. I think that you'll fit right in considering that you've been around for as long as some of the regulars on here, including myself. Haha my childhood right here. The fact I had to download things file by file using those programs, never again. Oh yeah, I saw your band list and you need to update that shit to 2019 lol luckily MH can help a ton with that. Let the staff know if you have any questions. Talk to ya soon!
  4. YuyoDrift

    We still try and one-up eachother when we can lol but we have become docile so you're going to be OK. Welcome to the forum!
  5. YuyoDrift

    Ouch, I actually enjoyed some of DIAMOND lol.
  6. YuyoDrift

    In this case quality wouldn’t matter, as they’ve aged pretty damn well. but imagine a remaster of any of these three...... damn.
  7. Today's the Ramen-O-Rama Festival and I'm seriously nervous. 


    Not cuz of the festival itself but the fact that they know who I am now because of all the back-and-forth emails the organization and I exchanged lol.


    I'll be sure to post pics later if it doesn't bomb!

  8. YuyoDrift

    Eh, it’s kind of hard to pinpoint. I agree with @platy’s take, the exception being amateur American porn cuz it’s new faces or new takes in scenery. Mainstream porn simply regurgitates the formula that trends online over and over (the family stuff, real-estate, babysitter, etc.), which they ironically source from amateurs. Japanese is still my preference because of the sheer volume of videos that make the industry, and something that you’ve never heard of may come across your feed and it’s several scenes and not a 5min teaser. Kinda hard to distinguish any other countries because online porn sites don’t use the tags very well and I also think people don’t care that much haha.
  9. I hate waking up from a dream like “damn”, and then having it fuck you up the rest of the day.

    1. cheesy_VK_Freak


      yeah, I dream a lot of unnecessary stuff, but there are certain themes that have been coming up for years, for example being observed while being on the toilet and I wake up with a bad feeling and I have all those theories why it keeps coming up lol, but no answer.

      Our brains are ... pretty monsters

  10. This Artist Intro for 蜉蝣 Kagerou took forever to make, so check it out lol.



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. YuyoDrift


      otherwise I'd have put XII Dizzy, Wrist Cutter, and Yuugure no shazai on the list.

    3. saiko


      Yuugure no shazai is an actual must!!!!


      btw, I'll check the mix later!

    4. suji


      Thank you! ♥

  11. YuyoDrift

    I have nothing to add to this discussion right now, I just wanted to say that these last few posts have really given me new takes on the KPOP scene. You've given me enlightenment, thanks lol.
  12. YuyoDrift

    Hey, welcome to the forum! I'm a member from the Midwest myself (well, used to be). Have you attended any other anime conventions in that area like Anime Central or Anime Midwest in Illinois, Anime Milwaukee in Wisconsin, or Youmacon in Michigan? I've never heard of Anime Weekend before, but we do have members from Atlanta that might have. Take a look around if you've never lurked our forum before, and make yourself at home. We have a bunch of topics that you can take part in and plenty other users to chat with that enjoy listening to those very same artists/bands. Shoot any of the staff here (including myself) if you have any questions. Hope to chat with you soon!
  13. Whoa, I didn’t know Kiyoharu had an OP for a newly aired anime?


    I legit tripped when I heard him start singing haha.

    1. sleepy coffee
    2. YuyoDrift


      It’s called Blade of the Immortal and it’s an Amazon-Exclusive anime that just starting airing last week.

  14. It’s a VAMPS kind of Saturday right now.

    Evanescent is a great song for the beginning of fall. :) .

  15. Dude I’ve been out of it. When did they get back together? Did they ever disband actually? This news is good, but I’m so out of the loop that it brings confusion more than excitement?
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