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  1. Are you coming back from a long time hiatus, or decided that Q1 was so good that you finally want to start keeping score on what you listen to? lol


    We have a place on the forum for just that!



  2. Alright @platy , Darling in the FRANXX just went full fucking KILL LA KILL on us, so I think I can confidently say start watching it lol.
  3. I didn't even realize the amount of youtube vids trying to explain the hate for ichigo lol So excited for tomorrow!
  4. How bittersweet. In a way, I'm glad they stopped activities (god knows if they would have ended up like A9/An Cafe these days). It would be amazing if they did come out and say they are reviving the band again. One of my long time favorite bands from my teen years. Was AYABIE's Virgin Snow Color 2 ever worth listening to?
  5. Mmm hmm, we are gonna get along just fine hehe. Welcome to the forum! It's great to hear that you've come out of lurking. Fans of the scene are always welcome, especially 90's Visual Kei Oficionados such as ourselves (we're starting to thrive again it seems lol). I can't wait to hear all the kinds of wisdom/knowledge you have to offer here on MH. Oh and also, it's never too late to say hi. Just message any of the Admins/Mods on the website (Red/Blue) when you have any questions. Talk to you soon!
  6. Lol shit I got mentioned on a reaction video 

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    2. AimiGen7


      Was it willingly or did they see you say something here and decided to quote you?

    3. YuyoDrift


      Well I messaged this guy I follow yesterday (does reaction vids, and he seems sincere) who just happened to enjoy a few releases from VK bands that were shown to him when he first started his channel (December I think). I was just trying to give him a heads up that a new single just released that I thought he'd enjoy (Unlucky Morpheus - CADAVER), and if he had time to check it out that would be cool.


      Then I see this today lol


      I found it even funnier because he was going on about how a shitton of people messaged him about this, and then I was thinking "Shit. I wonder if he's gonna mention me". Sure enough, he did haha.

    4. BrenGun


      get him more visual kei to review

  7. Thank god someone else said this. I was afraid of getting attacked by the mobs lol.
  8. "It's like Malice Mizer caused cancer to all future generations of Japanese metal." ...... Que?
  9. Just saw it on instagram. I'd agree with the comments above.
  10. Telegram is banned in Russia.

    Now that is funny.

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    2. nekkichi


      probably ukraine, vk is more or less govmnt owned.

    3. YuyoDrift
    4. nekkichi


      we been knew. in tangentially related news - 



  11. Saw A Quiet Place last night. My thoughts on the film have me torn. The film itself, and what was shown to us, was well executed. Actors are great (especially Blunt), and the scenes that were to keep you well planted in your seats delivered on their impact. It's what you don't see in the film, and begin to think about after its over, that starts to give the film an over all "meh" rating. There are reviews out there that mention that this information was left out as it was irrelevant, a wise decision in fact. My question is: to who? The film felt as if the additional information would have reinforced and extended the plot in a healthy way, addressing some of the questions asked by the audience as the film went along. Instead, we have to look online for answers. Sure enough, I haven't found shit in my attempt.
  12. So I'm following up on EP 14 and holy shit the drama online regarding how the episode went down is beyond belief lol. Never seen a subreddit as salty as this one rn. Fuckers even sent hate tweets to the creators of the show with their outrage haha. I hope they don't cancel it from these acts of ignorance.
  13. For those who might be interested, here is a translated attempt to the lyrics for both CADAVER and REVADAC, courtesy of user 雅miyabi from YouTube: This is fucking genius. Nothing short of amazing from the band.
  14. You've got to be fucking shitting me hahaha holy shit! Didn't hear about this until now, but hot damn that was good. Impressive as fuck actually. I was just thinking about them this week, and wondered how they were gonna top their EP. Definitely sold me here with that inverted track.
  15. Sure thing. Since It's been a few months, I wouldn't be surprised if they introduced updated/new headphones (maybe they have the old ones on clearance?). For the price, I can recommend the Klipsch R6 (99% positive they should be there at your best buy lol) https://www.bestbuy.com/site/klipsch-reference-r6-earbud-headphones-black/4946038.p?skuId=4946038 Do you have a Guitar Center around you? If you are willing to spend near $100, they offer higher quality earbuds there too. My personal pick (if you don't mind a longer cord) is the Shure SE215. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Shure/SE215-Dynamic-Microdriver-Earphones.gc The highs and the mids are well worth the price, and the lows are acceptable (but poor to those who listen to Hip-Hop/EDM) for rock music. NOTE: You can find a special edition (from Japan Ooooh) of these for the same price on AMAZON. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Shure/SE215-Dynamic-Microdriver-Earphones.gc (These have a bit more bass, and are the much more preferred version of the 2) Where do you reside? It can help with locating stores near you for audio.