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  1. Uverworld is making a theme song for the Japanese dub of Venom.... huh.


  2. YuyoDrift

    Shit, too late lol. I saw it on opening night, and I thought it was a snoozer as well. The whole universe is just comprised of jumpscares at this point. Dude I can't believe you went to see that. At the same time, thanks for taking the bullet for all of us lol. I saw What We Do In the Shadows the other night on Netflix. Not at all what I was expecting lol, but it was very entertaining since it was like a spinoff of MTV's True Life "I'm a vampire" or something. Do recommend if you're bored and on Netflix.
  3. YuyoDrift

    Welcome to the forums! Take a look around if you haven't already, and feel free to ask any one of us staff if you have any questions. We have LOTS for you to see on this website, so start exploring!
  4. YuyoDrift

    There's something calming about a song that's full of melancholy and sorrow. Like a musical diary written by someone else for your own solace. Take for example songs from one of the most recognized albums in the Nagoya scene, In the Direction of Sunrise and Night Light by deadman.
  5. YuyoDrift

    Just saw this on Amazon video the other day. I gotta say, it's quite entertaining. Got to episode six, and thought that the season has ended since it was at a good stopping point, only to find out there are 24 episodes! Sweet. @Gaz I'm looking forward to some more Jojo too!
  6. Quite the rumor we have here. I would expect nothing more than a one-day revival concert or the likes of.
  7. YuyoDrift

    Wow. What the hell happened???
  8. YuyoDrift

    Not gonna lie but, even though its been a few years since it shut down, no Anime wallpaper site has yet to surpass the quality that Animepaper.net was....
  9. I'm on a L'arc-binge at the coffee shop today. Heavenly sounds better than it did years ago.

  10. YuyoDrift

    @The Reverend we’d be lucky if lynch. wrote music like they did in ‘07 haha. The avoided sun was part of an era of visual kei that has yet to ever be seen again. With that said, recommending this release is something I would not dare do if we were to compare. You’d be disappointed hard. XIII continues this recent era that began with D.A.R.K., so I’d rather recommend that album before you got this one. edit: there’s a little bit of the buried in this, but you really have to try hard to listen for it. Sounds more tedious than it should have to be.
  11. YuyoDrift

    | This leftover pizza tastes better once you warm it up. Tracklist: 1. INTRODUCTION 2. THIRTEEN 3. GROTESQUE 4. EXIST 5. JØKER 6. RENATUS 7. AMBLE 8. SENSE OF EMPTINESS 9. FIVE 10. INTERLUDE 11. FAITH 12. OBVIOUS 13. A FOOL With the return of bassist Akinori, lynch. has become a 5-member band once again. With tours 「13th ANNIVERSARY –Xlll GALLOWS- [THE FIVE BLACKEST CROWS], 『TOUR’18「THE NITES OF AVANTGARDE #2」“A BLØODY REVENGE”』, and the release of their compilation album SINNERS -no one can fake my bløod, the band has been on the move during 2018. While the announcement for their new album XIII had warranted excitement, it also brought along with it some skepticism from fans. Seems reasonable since we have seen an abundance of mediocre re-recordings and mixes from lynch. How the band could have possibly had the time to put together an album, let alone what it was going to sound like, was something to be concerned about. First impressions of XIII are positive. The album feels balanced, as Hazuki’s vocals are not the only prominent feature here but the chords and basslines of the guitars that compliment it, providing strength in the mid-range as well as an actual presence. Tracks such as "THIRTEEN", "RENATUS", and "FIVE" are perfect examples of these nuances, as well as some highlight tracks of XIII that are equally enjoyable. Taking note at one of lynch.’s only hindrances, we see that they've stuck to the same composition style as their last two albums, making a large portion of XIII feel like a collection of B-sides. It failed to strike immediate chords with me, something that D.A.R.K and even AVANTGARDE had no problem with. Adding to this is a variation in sound, something unfamiliar that I knew would take time to be accepted as the new norm. The balance in vocal and guitar strings, while being right up my alley, leaves the drumming much to be desired. There is reduced dynamic range, isolation, and maybe even a flat signature, ridding any “tail end” from the drums that could give the album more life. With arrangements mimicking the last two releases, and an unfamiliar sound, my first listen through XIII felt like one big blur. However, after giving the album a couple week’s worth of listening, an appropriate break-in period that I felt was needed, XIII by lynch. has distinguishing attributes that separate it from the rest of their discography. The more I listen to it, the more my initial thoughts beforehand seem like fan uneasiness as lynch. has revisited their past work and refined it, throwing in inspiration from Visual Kei bands of the 90s like Kuroyume, Luna Sea, and Laputa. "RENATUS" has become a track favorite, with an astounding atmosphere that gives the aggression of those guitars a stronger bite. I’m a sucker for melodic tracks, and "AMBLE" sounds almost euphoric, providing many moments of elation that I wish could last forever. The versatility in musical instruments during "FAITH" is one to definitely check out. Lastly, the emotional cool-down track that is "A FOOL" brings XIII to a smooth close, without trying too hard to make it obvious. XIII sounds completely different than it did a couple weeks ago, as the album takes on an empathetic atmosphere, driving a nostalgia trip that's going to be different for everyone. The album is able to express its confidence here with an abundance of melodies and guitar solos, like a tribute to 13 years of lynch.'s past work, with a glint of 90’s Visual Kei thrown into the mix. Whether this combination will make one feel something is up to the listener, but overall this album certainly has become a standalone release that I can easily stand behind, only after being given some time to warm up to it first.
  12. YuyoDrift

    Playing the Megaman X Legacy Collection 1&2, even though I've played the X-series games about a million times. Trophies mostly.
  13. YuyoDrift

    Welcome to the forum (finally)! Now that's quite an intro haha. With an artist list like that I think you'll fit into the community just fine . I was brought up on Anime OPs too, so its nice to see another fan join us. What I really find interesting is that you dove into Japanese Hip-hop around 2010, as I used to be a big fan in the late 90's/early 00's, but actually jumped ship around '08-'10 haha. What artists could you recommend from around that time?
  14. YuyoDrift

    Can someone translate this little tidbit from their interview with Gekirock earlier this month? If I'm reading that right, is GROTESQUE one of those songs that they referred to with 90's elements?
  15. YuyoDrift

    Ehhh....hmmm... yeah. Anime weebs gonna shred him apart.