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  1. odrep

    What th is cheki
  2. odrep

    Nada contra DT, eu até curto uns roles mais puxado pro estilo do Pain of Salvation, Marillion e Steven Wilson, mas eles nunca curti, vou sacar esse rolê Eu andei um tempo longe do jrock/vk e agora to em viciando de novo curioso esses momentos que a gente tem eu escutava incessantemente de 2005 (quando conheci) até 2009, aí só fui voltar a curtir em 2015 e to nesse vai e volta dessa vez mais viciado do que antes
  3. odrep

    Becoming a Buddy was the happiest decision I've ever made
  4. odrep

    He's on fire
  5. odrep

    Pretty much what everybody has been talking about BAAM and BBoom BBoom: EXID'S Up&Down/Ah Yeah 2.0, wich doesn't mean is bad, but compared to BBoom BBoom i think BAAM is kind of meh. Btw, this is pretty great
  6. odrep

    Phoenix Splash TV is not bad, the guy is a musician and make some accurate analysis
  7. odrep

    The BP comeback is growing on me little by little, I already loved Forever Young, in the beginning I think the other three were ok but I'm liking them more now. I Want You sounds good, not as melodic as Good Evening, but I can dig it.
  8. odrep

    That S...Ugh
  9. Where do I change my user name?

    1. suji


      You can do that by contacting any of the site admins: @CAT5 @Seimeisen @Ito

    2. odrep


      done, thanks

  10. I Would like to request the translation of this really touching and emotional music, pretty please. thanks in advance.
  11. Where do I request for a lyric translation? in the lyrics thread or in the request thread?

  12. odrep

    Mundo globalizado é isso mesmo hiehiwhihai
  13. odrep

    Então...Pela terceira vez vai ter Miyavi no Brasil D:
  14. odrep

    só queria revisitar esse clássico
  15. odrep

    I'm looking for some soft-kei stuff like L'Arc, Glay, La'cryma Christi and etc I tried SOPHIA, but it's almost impossible to find anything by them in the internet also, where to start in PENICILLIN's discography?
  16. odrep

  17. odrep

    There has been any news regarding Kaoru's finger situation?
  18. odrep

    eu gosto desse cara
  19. odrep

    AOTY for me so far.
  20. Hallelujah is perfection.

  21. odrep

    They're streaming the record for 24 hours!
  22. Disgusted with Michael Gira.

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    2. Tokage


      did he actually do it?

    3. Tokage


      also @Bear probably the whole alleged rape thing

    4. odrep


      I don't know how to express myself rightfully in english language about that sort of subject. I'm not saying that all alleged rape portrayed in the media is true. Take what happened with Conor Oberst, for instance.

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