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  1. odrep

    Nada contra DT, eu até curto uns roles mais puxado pro estilo do Pain of Salvation, Marillion e Steven Wilson, mas eles nunca curti, vou sacar esse rolê Eu andei um tempo longe do jrock/vk e agora to em viciando de novo curioso esses momentos que a gente tem eu escutava incessantemente de 2005 (quando conheci) até 2009, aí só fui voltar a curtir em 2015 e to nesse vai e volta dessa vez mais viciado do que antes
  2. odrep

    Becoming a Buddy was the happiest decision I've ever made
  3. odrep

    He's on fire
  4. odrep

    Pretty much what everybody has been talking about BAAM and BBoom BBoom: EXID'S Up&Down/Ah Yeah 2.0, wich doesn't mean is bad, but compared to BBoom BBoom i think BAAM is kind of meh. Btw, this is pretty great
  5. odrep

    Phoenix Splash TV is not bad, the guy is a musician and make some accurate analysis
  6. odrep

    The BP comeback is growing on me little by little, I already loved Forever Young, in the beginning I think the other three were ok but I'm liking them more now. I Want You sounds good, not as melodic as Good Evening, but I can dig it.
  7. odrep

    That S...Ugh
  8. Where do I change my user name?

    1. suji


      You can do that by contacting any of the site admins: @CAT5 @Seimeisen @Ito

    2. odrep


      done, thanks

  9. I Would like to request the translation of this really touching and emotional music, pretty please. thanks in advance.
  10. Where do I request for a lyric translation? in the lyrics thread or in the request thread?

  11. odrep

    Mundo globalizado é isso mesmo hiehiwhihai
  12. odrep

    Então...Pela terceira vez vai ter Miyavi no Brasil D:
  13. odrep

    só queria revisitar esse clássico
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