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  1. nocturn-e

    but THE PLEDGE, namamekashiki, conceived sorrow, and ryoujoku no ame are all amazing .-. TMOAB has plenty of hidden gems hidden behind the dirt.
  2. nocturn-e

    I just preordered sukekiyo's album too .-. anyway, I'm so excited for entirely new songs ~
  3. nocturn-e

    I'm stoked for this c:
  4. nocturn-e

    I just want to hear more of Akito's vocals :c I really miss meth.
  5. nocturn-e

    This is literally what was in my mind when i saw the title.
  6. nocturn-e

    Die is actually doing this? Im surprised.
  7. nocturn-e

    crying as,sadf
  8. nocturn-e

    I checked this thread to see how many people would think it's ViViD.
  9. nocturn-e

    So happy x _ x but damn it, release a full album asdfk
  10. If they end up disbanding over this. I will kill someone.
  11. nocturn-e

    Damn, I hope it's big news x _ x
  12. nocturn-e

    I was so into them ;_;
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