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  1. Shmilly

    Just wanted to say that I bought (paid for) the DizSolid CD in late 2016 but never received it. Sent a follow-up message but no reply. Seller claimed it was sent at the time but it's been re-listed here. @X-Marc would be happy to try and resolve this if you're willing to communicate about it. Can dig up an old PM thread about it.
  2. Sad but not unexpected. She's still so young (they all are really considering how long they've been in the industry... well, that's the idol business I guess). I wish her all the best for the future. I'm excited for the next phase of BABYMETAL though. The two recent singles and new song 'Tattoo' which they've been playing live sound great; I think they'll announce a new album at the end of this tour. From the live footage I've seen recently the remaining girls have really matured as the BABYMETAL mythos is beginning to develop into something quite unique.
  3. Shmilly

    Damn this really sucks, I was just thinking we haven't seen any new material from them in ages. Cazqui is imho one of the most talented guitarists in the VK scene right now and I hope this doesn't discourage him from pursuing other musical projects in the future. As for NCBL, it's hard to see how they'll avoid disbanding without any guitarists...
  4. Looks like they were busy in their 'down time' getting the new drummer up to speed and recording new material. There's a little studio footage on the fan club site, showing them rehearsing with the new lineup and also recording vocals for one of the new songs (kiss wo shiyou).
  5. Shmilly

    Good news. I remember enjoying something from them a while back so I might have to check this one out.
  6. Shmilly

    Pumped for the revival live. Already got my entry in for the ticket lottery so fingers crossed. As for the album... it's less of a 'best' album and more of a 'here's the rest of the songs we didn't put on VANDALISM'. The reused tracks will be unchanged from VANDALISM, the other old B-sides will be remastered and the new song is an unfinished track they were working on when they disbanded.
  7. Shmilly

    How did you call that?!
  8. Shmilly

    Personally I like it, although the English is hilarious.
  9. Shmilly

    So in order to watch RAZOR's tour final, I took the plunge and invested in premium membership for NicoNico. But it's only possible to watch ended streams for a month or two after their original stream date, so I wondered if anyone knew a way to download from NicoNico, or even just record streaming video in HD. Of course, if I can find a way to do this I might be able to help you all out by grabbing some other premium-only content or live streams...
  10. Shmilly

    I completely understand! He has a wonderful voice but that persona he wore for Born didn't always let him use it to its full potential.
  11. Shmilly

    I hope we finally get some recorded versions of the songs they've been performing since they formed.
  12. Excellent news, these guys are on a roll recently.
  13. Shmilly

    These guys work fast! First release is a 14-track album and then a 4-type single with 4 songs, a music video and making, and live footage too. Now they're putting out another full album? Great news if they can keep up the consistency.
  14. Shmilly

    Maybe it's just scare tactics? Like 'you know who you are.' Depending on the personality, just a deterrent might be enough to stop them even attempting to get into another show, or at least to stop sharing inappropriate information. Bangya can be EXTREMELY obsessive over their favourite bands, if they were banned from a concert I imagine they'd be pretty upset.
  15. btw I have the setlist for the last 2days if anyone's interested but it'll take some time to type out bc they played OVER 50 SONGS