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  1. Shmilly

    For me it's easily Kizu. They have been consistently great, with great production quality too, and creative composition. Also their live performance strikes a great balance between super energetic and emotional. I just couldn't get into DIMLIM, which might sound strange coming from someone who likes NAZARE. I can respect that they're a talented bunch and see why they're so popular but something just didn't click with me. Also risky move making your first song unreadable (it's apparently 'Awareuta'.)
  2. Shmilly

    I don't know if this is more common in Tokyo, but in my several years of living in Japan (and a year living in Tokyo in the past) I have never been approached by police or asked to verify my resident status, nor have I heard any stories from other foreign acquaintances (not that it's really come up in conversation though to be fair). I think the only conversation I've had at length with the police was when an officer was making the rounds in my neighborhood checking emergency contact details. He seemed friendly enough and interested in my background since I speak Japanese, but never came across as suspicious or hostile. Come to think of it though I don't think he ever did record an emergency contact since I don't have any family in Japan...
  3. Shmilly

    That's a shame, their revival self-titled album was great.
  4. Shmilly

    Cautiously optimistic for this.
  5. Shmilly

    How about GACKT? Old solo stuff and MM work sounds much more raw and emotional than a lot of his recent stuff, where it seems like he's sacrificing some of that in an effort to producing clean recordings. I also suspect his voice has changed along with the facial surgery we all know he had done, and possibly just a result of aging too.
  6. Shmilly

    Signal - Crossing fate. Missed out on that live by two days and have regretted it ever since. Never seen a single copy in second-hand stores or auctions, and I've been living in Japan for years.
  7. Thanks to the awesome @VkBrutaliaN I was finally able to see the lyrics for this super rare track. Signal was one of my favourite bands so this is quite an emotional song for me. I'm still looking to buy a copy if anyone has one to sell. I'll pay big for this one. Anyway, the song is about rebirth and meeting in another life, forgetting the sorrows of past lives and finding a reason to live. Based on the lyrical content and some old comments from Yuri and Shinya on Twitter, this seems to be a culmination of the band's work and a message of thanks to the fans. Original Japanese, Romaji and English translations are below. Crossing fate 闇に抱かれ闇の中彷徨う 終わり無き道 生きてる意味 死に向かう理由を誰か教えて 出会いを知り 別れを繰り返す 輪廻の中で 胸の傷に傷を描いた過去からただ逃げてた Deep sorrow After you cry Get over sadness 無口な君と愛し合えるの? 笑顔ひとつを 心に咲かせよう 幾千もの眩しい過去よ 君の未来を輝かせて 此処で叫ぶ理由を君が教えてくれたね 俺の生きる意味を一緒に見つけてくれた Be living… 月日重ね繰り返す重みと矛盾の果てに 終わりの声 聞こえていた 心は砕かれて… Deep sorrow After you cry Get over sadness 無口な君をそっと抱きしめ 涙ひとつを 心に降らせた 幾千もの悲しい過去よ 君の未来を奪わないで だけど君はもう俺が側に居なくても 生きていけるから そっと目を閉じて… Open up your future 此処で叫ぶ理由は君に出会う為だから 泣き顔は似合わないよ Will we ever meet again? I'll never say goodbye… =========================================== yami ni dakare yami no naka samayou owarinaki michi ikiteru imi shi ni mukau riyuu wo dareka oshiete deai wo shiri wakare wo kurikaesu rinne no naka de mune no kizu ni kizu wo egaita kako kara tada nigeteta Deep sorrow After you cry Get over sadness mukuchi na kimi to aishiaeru no? egao hitotsu wo kokoro ni sakaseyou ikusen mono mabushii kako yo kimi no mirai wo kagayakasete koko de sakebu riyuu wo kimi ga oshietekureta ne ore no ikiru imi wo issho ni mitsuketekureta Be living... tsukihi kasane kurikaesu omomi to mujun no hate ni owari no koe kikoeteita kokoro wa kudakarete Deep sorrow After you cry Get over sadness mukuchi na kimi wo sotto dakishime namida hitotsu wo kokoro ni furaseta ikusen mono kanashii kako yo kimi no mirai wo ubawanaide dakedo kimi wa mou ore ga soba ni inakutemo ikiteyukeru kara sotto me wo tojite... Open up your future koko de sakebu riyuu wa kimi ni deau tame dakara nakigao wa niawanai yo Will we ever meet again? I'll never say goodbye... =========================================== Wandering in darkness along an endless road Someone tell me the meaning of life and death In endless cycles of encounters and farewells I'm just fleeing from the past that left scars across my chest Deep sorrow After you cry Get over sadness Can we really love one another even though you are silent? Let a single smile bloom in your heart Let your thousands of radiant pasts illuminate your future You taught me the reason why I'm shouting here You helped me find meaning in my life Be living... At the end of countless burdens and contradiction I heard a voice calling an ending My heart is broken... Deep sorrow After you cry Get over sadness I tenderly embrace your silent form A single tear fell in my heart Don't let your thousands of sorrowful pasts take away your future Now you can go on living without me by your side Softly close your eyes... Open up your future The reason why I'm shouting here is to meet you again That tear-stained face doesn't suit you Will we ever meet again? I'll never say goodbye...
  8. Yeah, I'm good friends with the manager there. I used to visit him and chat about VK whenever I had free time in Shibuya. He even played my recommendations over the store speakers... :') I think the only mens shop left is the one in Shinjuku (the same location as the CD one) but they're still doing business online.
  9. Shmilly

    So to come back to this months later, I ended up using Windows' built-in screen recorder (intended for gaming) to record the live stream. Of course I had to manually start and stop the recording, but I was watching the thing anyway. Because I watched it after-the-fact I was able to cut out the unnecessary parts and just record the live itself.
  10. Super excited for this, just wish they'd hurry up and record Sayonara though! Beautiful song they always play live.
  11. Shmilly

    Nice troll based on the recent film 'Fly Me to Saitama' that Gackt stars in.
  12. Shmilly

    Apparently both editions of the original pressing sold out, so they re-released the regular edition with a slightly altered cover.
  13. Shmilly

    Loved the video, didn't enjoy the song so much. It was a little too repetitive near the start and the overuse of 'motherfucker' in the rap section was a little grating (cool vocal insert between all the growling though). Mixing excellent though, despite the over-reliance on pedals the drums sounded really punchy and awesome. The video itself had some gorgeous shots and lighting and managed to tell a kind of story despite the lyrics being pretty much indecipherable. Maybe I'm just not into this level of extreme deathcore, but I prefer a little more structure to my songs. The lack of any kind of clean vocals or chorus-style section makes it ultimately forgettable for me, despite the high level of execution.
  14. Shmilly

    The limited edition also apparently comes with a download in mp3 and wav of the whole album immediately following purchase - so you don't even need to wait for it to be shipped to listen to it.
  15. Shmilly

    GACKT's facial surgery culminates in a Michael Jackson cover album. It has been foreshadowed.
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