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  1. Anyone have uadjet's single? The link is long dead and it's the only thing missing from my

    Ligro discography (apart from basket case)

  2. Late to the party but abstracts' new song Nocturne is badass!

  3. I'm sure I'm not the only one disappointed to see their comeback turn into a cancelled album and a disbandment. Let's make a thread to discuss this underrated band. llll-Ligro- Years Active: 2010-2013, 2017-2018 First live 2010.12.19, went on hiatus 2013.12.19 Side project 時限式:uadjet (jigenshiki:uadjet) active 2014-2017 Returned from hiatus 2017.12.01, officially disbanded 2018.05.18 Members Vo. ヒナタ (hinata) Gt. kazari Former members Gt. anki [left 2013.12.19] Dr. ヒロ (hiro) [left 2013.12.19] Gt. shin [left 2011.07.26] Ba. chiaki [left 2011.07.26] Discography* 2010.12.19 露草色の、 [無料配布] 2011.02.13 モノクロのカナリア [無料配布] 2011.02.27 虫籠/露草色の、 [無料配布] 2011.06.23 Useless repentance/亡目 [無料配布] 2011.08.19 DEFECTIVE IN PRODUCT(cease exist.ver) [無料配布] 2011.11.05 R sight [無料配布] 2011.12.16 両極の天秤 2012.01.29 HOLLOW 2012.04.22 INVITE [無料配布] 2012.05.11 保心と嗤う 2012.08.15 GRAVE MARKER [通常版/限定版] 2012.10.17 不羈 [通常版/限定版] 2012.11.13 INVITE (rerecording,remaster ver.) [無料配布] 2012.XX.XX NOT WORTH A D__N (rerecording,remaster ver.) [HPにて無料ダウンロード] 2012.XX.XX 不羈 (rerecording,remaster ver.) [HPにて無料ダウンロード] 2012.XX.XX INVITE (rerecording,remaster ver.) [HPにて無料ダウンロード] 2013.05.22 IDEOLOGICAL SUICIDE 2013.11.06 彼岸花 2015.12.29 在る空に傀儡 [as 時限式:uadjet] [無料配布/30枚限定発売] 2016.12.29 碧落の暁り [as 時限式:uadjet] 2017.12.01 INVICTA [YouTubeにて配信] 2018.03.01 INVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL [YouTubeにて配信] 2018.03.04 basket case [無料配布] 2018.05.30 弔 [発売中止] その他 2012.01.29 ドグマ [無料配布] 1. ギア/Golbeza 2. 瞞しに凪/llll-Ligro- 2013.04.23 Blame the Redemption [無料配布] 1.INVITE [llll-Ligro-] 2.INVITE 人を捨てたモノver. [Vo.ZAKU from RedruM] 3.MurdeR [RedruM] 4.MurdeR ATMから下ろせないver. [編曲:llll-Ligro-] 2017.12.01 時限式:uadjetの墓標 [入場特典] A gift to fans who attended the live on this date. This appears to be a clear gravestone-shaped object with the 時限式:uadjet logo and some other words inscribed on it. My best guess is that this is meant to mark the end of 時限式:uadjet and the return of llll-Ligro-, as this live was also where they announced their comeback and the day they released the PV for INVICTA on YouTube. *Appendix to discography 無料配布 (muryou haifu) is a free distribution. 通常版 (tsuujou-ban) is regular edition; 限定版 (gentei-ban) is limited edition. Both GRAVE MARKER and 不羈 (fuki) were released in two types. The band released three rerecording,remaster ver. songs on their homepage for free download in late 2012. It appears these are still accessible using the Wayback Machine. 在る空に傀儡 (aru sora ni kugutsu) was released in two types: it was distributed to attendees of the live as a signed CD with a member comment/lyrics card, and also sold at that same live as a limited edition of 30 copies for 500 yen apiece (hence the name 'one-coin single').
  4. Just got my order cancellation email from Amazon. Looks like that's the end of Ligro.
  5. They have at least two unreleased songs that I'm aware of, but that's still only 14 songs max after their latest single.
  6. This! Shame my company doesn't give me the day off even though it's a holiday, I'd love to go... Also for what it's worth, I'm not sure how true it is but the poster says that one man sold out in one second!
  7. I didn't know about that distribution. I've been looking for a copy of CONVICTION but it hasn't turned up anywhere...
  8. Good news. Interesting that their recent distributed song CONVICTION isn't on it though.
  9. Interestingly some stores still have the album up for pre-order under the delayed 5/30 release date. I imagine they won't be able to fulfill though if it really is cancelled. I just placed an order with Amazon and it went through OK, but I imagine I'll be getting a cancellation email in the near future.
  10. Now that you mention it that makes sense.
  11. This. I'm excited for the new single, and 3 new songs is great, but another part of me wants them to hurry up and put out a mini or something with all their unreleased material.
  12. That sucks, with the tracklist and release date finalized too. I was really looking forward to this comeback. On the other hand, I hope Hinata makes a full recovery. Even if they can't resume activities in the near future, I hope there will be some way to get hold of the completed songs at some point - I would contact them myself but with the HP down I don't know where to send an email to.
  13. Really enjoyed their first single so I'll try and get hold of this!
  14. Fair enough. I suppose we won't know until something more official is revealed.
  15. Don't know what the demo part is about but the name should be 'Black November' (kuroi 11gatsu)