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  1. Shmilly

    Apparently both editions of the original pressing sold out, so they re-released the regular edition with a slightly altered cover.
  2. Shmilly

    Loved the video, didn't enjoy the song so much. It was a little too repetitive near the start and the overuse of 'motherfucker' in the rap section was a little grating (cool vocal insert between all the growling though). Mixing excellent though, despite the over-reliance on pedals the drums sounded really punchy and awesome. The video itself had some gorgeous shots and lighting and managed to tell a kind of story despite the lyrics being pretty much indecipherable. Maybe I'm just not into this level of extreme deathcore, but I prefer a little more structure to my songs. The lack of any kind of clean vocals or chorus-style section makes it ultimately forgettable for me, despite the high level of execution.
  3. Shmilly

    The limited edition also apparently comes with a download in mp3 and wav of the whole album immediately following purchase - so you don't even need to wait for it to be shipped to listen to it.
  4. Shmilly

    GACKT's facial surgery culminates in a Michael Jackson cover album. It has been foreshadowed.
  5. Shmilly

    Limited edition of the DVD appears to be limited to Little Hearts.
  6. Shmilly

    Sure. Most of them are credited as 'Music: Issei' but there's a couple of exceptions. 受難 (junan) is credited to Uta, Believing to Yoh, another DAY to Mio, and 色失 (shokushitsu? iro-ushinai?) and SAD[ist.] were apparently composed by Tsubasa (ex-DIMLIM, I guess). Lyrics are all credited to Mio, and it seems Issei produced the instrumental tracks solo.
  7. I have very mixed feelings about this band. I was on board with the hype in the lead-up to their first single, but after hearing it, it was mostly forgettable other than the title track. This new preview also sounds pretty generic to me. I think the members are talented but I'm worried they won't take off because the most memorable thing about them is their outfits. I think someone involved has a lot of money to throw at this project because Muku's costumes in particular are insane. And of course the 3D projection mapping at their first one-man was really cool but can't have come cheap.
  8. Shmilly

    Second opinion time. So I got a copy of the album, listened to it through a few times in CD quality, and it's really grown on me. There's more variety than people make out (admittedly mostly thanks to songs not written by Issei) and the mixing isn't god-awful. Agreed, it's not quite professional studio-level quality but for a first release recorded in an apartment, it's not bad at all. I would say that the second press is a good purchase since it includes most of the good tracks and leaves out the instrumental fillers. I do really like unknown though and Blink is good apart from the highs. As for the whole 'Issei is a dick' conversation, all I have to say is that his personality or private life don't have any bearing on his musical talent or whether or not you can enjoy the band's music. The dude's a good drummer, has a good ear for upcoming talent, and writes decent stuff. Not condoning his attitude or behaviour in the past, but as far as the music goes it's irrelevant in my opinion.
  9. Shmilly

    Mixed feelings... this album is looong. Definitely carried by the vocals but I like their vibe. The deathcore tracks get intense and the poppier ones have surprisingly catchy choruses - 受難 in particular caught my attention on YouTube because of that after the initial impression that this was just another dark screamy band. It's nice to see another vocalist on the scene with solid gutturals and cleans though, a lot of the really intense metalcore-kei bands suffer from poor or repetitive cleans imo. (Highs are a little nasal though XD) Instrumentation is nice if a little messy composition-wise at times and with occasional unnecessary elements, but a very solid and surprisingly dense release for a new band, especially considering they managed to record a whole album's worth of songs just for a run of 250 copies. Just trying to get one for myself now, it's so damn expensive lol.
  10. Shmilly

    That's a shame. If you still have a digital copy (especially lossless) I'd be grateful if you could share it.
  11. Shmilly

    Just wanted to say that I bought (paid for) the DizSolid CD in late 2016 but never received it. Sent a follow-up message but no reply. Seller claimed it was sent at the time but it's been re-listed here. @X-Marc would be happy to try and resolve this if you're willing to communicate about it. Can dig up an old PM thread about it.
  12. Sad but not unexpected. She's still so young (they all are really considering how long they've been in the industry... well, that's the idol business I guess). I wish her all the best for the future. I'm excited for the next phase of BABYMETAL though. The two recent singles and new song 'Tattoo' which they've been playing live sound great; I think they'll announce a new album at the end of this tour. From the live footage I've seen recently the remaining girls have really matured as the BABYMETAL mythos is beginning to develop into something quite unique.
  13. Shmilly

    Damn this really sucks, I was just thinking we haven't seen any new material from them in ages. Cazqui is imho one of the most talented guitarists in the VK scene right now and I hope this doesn't discourage him from pursuing other musical projects in the future. As for NCBL, it's hard to see how they'll avoid disbanding without any guitarists...
  14. Looks like they were busy in their 'down time' getting the new drummer up to speed and recording new material. There's a little studio footage on the fan club site, showing them rehearsing with the new lineup and also recording vocals for one of the new songs (kiss wo shiyou).
  15. Shmilly

    Good news. I remember enjoying something from them a while back so I might have to check this one out.
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