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  1. Happy b-day Shmilly! ❤️

  2. Actually the album will be released on 10/30. 10/19 is the date of their one man live.
  3. Surely this is the end of NCBL. It was just a couple of days before their big sold-out comeback show, so I can't see how they'll bounce back from this one. Very disappointing considering they finally recruited a new guitarist and started producing new material. Japan is SUPER strict over stimulants, many a celebrity has had their career ended overnight just from possession charges. Add that to the fact that a very large part of NCBL's (ex-)fan base hates Masa over the whole financial management fiasco that led to Cazqui and Daichi leaving and I'm not really sure where they can go from here.
  4. Shmilly

    My impression from the tour final was the same. I like the recorded versions of everything, but they still need some time to practice and grow as a unit to maintain that level for a long live performance. Mio's growls and screams were great, but a lot of the cleans were a little off key and he had trouble hitting some of the really high notes (although they did play almost 30 songs). And Yoh needs to stop waving and pointing at the crowd so much and just play that damn guitar lol.
  5. I can understand how representation in the film industry (and many others besides) is a major issue, but on the other hand... surely the whole point of being an actor is that you can assume various roles and perform them convincingly? That's the definition of the job right?
  6. Shmilly

    Founder of the biggest male talent/production agency in Japan (SMAP, Arashi etc) just died this week. Unfortunately he was also a suspected pedophile.
  7. Shmilly

    Personally speaking, I think an artist's personal life should be completely separate from their professional career, at least until the point that their misconduct becomes public knowledge. If an artist is doing something terrible in their free time, that has no bearing on their ability to produce music. If it emerges that an artist has been involved in some kind of scandal, it does become much more difficult to support their future endeavours, but that shouldn't come at the expense of writing off their past achievements. It's possible to be both a great musician and a shitty human being; whether that affects your enjoyment of their past career comes down to how well you can divorce their actions from their profession. And condemning all the other members and staff of a band - assuming that they aren't complicit - based on a single person's actions is just childish and unreasonable. As for the whole 'using it as an argument' issue, as far as I'm concerned there is no argument to be had. Artists are just human like the rest of us and should be held to the same standards by society. That's why my apparently controversial post in Johnny's thread got so much attention - I think he was a terrible person, but I respect his achievements and influence on the whole industry as a professional. If you can't keep those things separate, you're just writing off a whole legacy based on one person's actions. TLDR Being a successful artist doesn't make you immune to the same laws and moral principles as the rest of society. It's no excuse. BUT Being a shitty person doesn't make you any less of a talented musician either.
  8. Shmilly

    Apparently the same people who are quick to shame a man who has just died are the same people who are quick to judge someone they have never met over a single comment on the internet. In no way do I condone pedophilia or any form of harrassment. I think it's a hateful crime and show of disrespect another human being. In fact, my own (ex-)girlfriend was molested in Japan and despite going to the police about it it was just one person's word against another so nothing came of it. That was one of the most trying times in my life so far, feeling so powerless to do anything about the situation. The nature of my comment was just to say, let's respect that regardless of who a person was there must be numerous people, be it family, friends or coworkers, who are saddened by that news. As far as I'm concerned, it's a shame when anyone dies because that loss ripples through so many others' lives. And I also think it's possible to respect someone's professional success while divorcing that respect from your disgust towards anything that happened in their private lives. If a popular actor is embroiled in a rape or adultery scandal, that doesn't make them any less of a great actor, it just makes them a shitty human being.
  9. Shmilly

    A lot of disrespect on this thread. Regardless of what he may or may not have been guilty of, this is a man who has just died, and someone widely respected who helped shape not only the careers of some of Japan's most popular artists but the whole industry(ies) they work in at that.
  10. Shmilly

  11. Shmilly

    For me it's easily Kizu. They have been consistently great, with great production quality too, and creative composition. Also their live performance strikes a great balance between super energetic and emotional. I just couldn't get into DIMLIM, which might sound strange coming from someone who likes NAZARE. I can respect that they're a talented bunch and see why they're so popular but something just didn't click with me. Also risky move making your first song unreadable (it's apparently 'Awareuta'.)
  12. Shmilly

    I don't know if this is more common in Tokyo, but in my several years of living in Japan (and a year living in Tokyo in the past) I have never been approached by police or asked to verify my resident status, nor have I heard any stories from other foreign acquaintances (not that it's really come up in conversation though to be fair). I think the only conversation I've had at length with the police was when an officer was making the rounds in my neighborhood checking emergency contact details. He seemed friendly enough and interested in my background since I speak Japanese, but never came across as suspicious or hostile. Come to think of it though I don't think he ever did record an emergency contact since I don't have any family in Japan...
  13. Shmilly

    That's a shame, their revival self-titled album was great.
  14. Shmilly

    Cautiously optimistic for this.
  15. Shmilly

    How about GACKT? Old solo stuff and MM work sounds much more raw and emotional than a lot of his recent stuff, where it seems like he's sacrificing some of that in an effort to producing clean recordings. I also suspect his voice has changed along with the facial surgery we all know he had done, and possibly just a result of aging too.
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