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  1. Awesome. That 求めたものは求められること hook from the preview is just so good.
  2. Anyone have the WAV files of SARIGIA's songs they sent out via LINE? Even though I signed up in Dec I only got the third one

    1. patientZERO


      They've been sending out songs through LINE??

    2. Shmilly


      Yeah if you followed their official LINE starting mid-December, they sent out all the songs they're uploading to YouTube in WAV format. However, the DL was only usable for one week and if you joined late you missed out on the older links.

    3. patientZERO


      Well, I joined now, so I'll be ready for their next release.

  3. Great news! Is there a setlist for the one man?
  4. Sounds tight. Looking forward to more from these guys.
  5. Great news for them, I just wish I could understand what all the hype is for. Guess I'll give their album a second listen since I don't remember much about it. Edit: Oh now I remember, I didn't like their mini-album so I never checked out the album in the first place. But since they have a new guitarist and Ryo the trackmakermaster was in on it, maybe I'll give it a spin.
  6. The name is stupid but the preview is awesome. So happy to finally see Juri recording some more stuff that isn't boring J-pop.
  7. Side note, they played a couple new songs at their one man at the end of December so that's promising.
  8. Aw well. There goes another promising one. Do they? Maybe bands with attractive members, or ones that already have some level of popularity. Cost of polaroid slides/potential cameraman aside, it's also a big time investment. From experience I've had back stage at some indie VK gigs, they sure spend a lot of time making the same tired poses for countless cheki shots, and often after that even longer signing or writing on them.
  9. Judging by their last release, they're moving in a good direction. Cautiously optimistic for what comes next, especially with tour titles like those.
  10. Commenting just to +1 this. It is one of few albums that I can still say with confidence that I enjoy every track enough to listen to the entire thing without hitting the skip button (well, at least up to the final lengthy instrumental track). In addition a.b.s was the very first band that I ever saw live, so it's fair to say that they had a big impression on high school me. Still hoping for a comeback...
  11. I think people are misunderstanding this - look at the price tag! 10,000 yen for some intros and an unreleased song? It's going to be two full live recordings by the look of it.
  12. Late to the party b/c I was out of the country but KIDS WAR!! x9999
  13. This really sucks, I had hopes for these guys to break out a little more. At least I'm glad I was able to see them once. Hopefully some of the members will return next year in different projects.
  14. - the GazettE's new album will divide the fan base, as usual. - RAZOR will release a full album at last, or at least record all the songs they've been playing for months already. - MEIDARA will find a new bassist and continue to make awesome music, or disband, which would suck. - L from T3B/BALALAIKA will make another unsuccessful band. - ex-Grieva members will return to the scene in some form or other. - dadaism#4. - Kizu will continue to release singles with split tracks rather than just making an EP/album. - DELUHI will have a one-off revival live. (Juri and Aggy's project vanished without any releases, and FED's new single B-side is called 'farewell'...?) - GACKT will release one single to remind everyone that he still does music. - ex-CodeRebirth Katsuya will find a vocalist and his new band will slay. - llll-Ligro- will quietly release a phenomenal album that no-one listens to. - ONE OK ROCK will release another album all in English. (Or surprise hiatus since two of their members got married this year/are starting families). - LOVEBITES will tour Europe. (They already played two shows in London last month).
  15. Needs a longer preview to distinguish them, but worth keeping an eye on at least until there's a full song out (especially the guy on the right).