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    Visual Kei and J-rock. Mostly Alsdead, lynch., Nocturnal Bloodlust, Dir en grey, the gazette, One ok rock, Galneryus, Matenrou Opera, Blesscode, NoGod, Rentrer en soi, Dadaroma, Jiluka, FIXER, Cat fisT, Deviloof, etc. The list goes on, feel free to ask! I also enjoy video games : Final Fantasy (most of them), Dark Souls 3 (1&2), Devil may cry, Borderlands, Dragon Ball Fighterz (currently playing), Monster Hunter : World (currently playing), South Park games.. I also enjoy the Persona serie and the Tales of serie. I also write poems and watch animes.

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  1. Hello! Thanks for following me! Nice to meet ya!

    1. psychonnect_rozen


      No problem! Glad to meet you!

  2. Alsdead14

    Well, yeah. I don't listen to Miyavi's newest stuff. I don't really enjoy the latest GazettE and well, Dir en grey's newer stuff is okay I guess haha. I still prefer their old stuff. X Japan, well, they haven't released anything in years haha. Oh I forgot to mention but I listened to Nightmare too, and well, I prefer their old sound compared to newest stuff. So yeah I guess I'm the same as you haha. I like newer band like DADAROMA, Jiluka, Nocturnal Bloodlust. I also enjoy lynch, but not their last album haha. They are kinda old but I discovered them in 2014 and was hooked up. Dunno, the old bands releases are just... dunno, maybe I'm too old for that haha and can't get into their newer sound. But about Miyavi, I miss the old days, I miss how he was just fooling around with his guitar... now it's just... meh. Oh and you're welcome haha!
  3. Alsdead14

    Hey welcome! I also started listening to VK when I was very young (16) I'm 28 nearly 29 now haha. I remember using limewire to download VK as well. Started with X JAPAN, Miyavi, Dir en grey and the GazettE back in 2006. I'm still listening to VK after all these years. Anywayz hope you have fun on here! If you're looking for new bands or bands you don't know, send me a message! Have a good day!
  4. NEW FF7 REMAKE TRAILER AND RELEASE DATE !YES!!!! FINALLY!!! Who's excited about it?? I AM! hahaha.

    1. monkeybanana4


      Same here! There’s finally a release date. Can’t wait to see the rest :)

    2. Alsdead14


      @monkeybanana4 Here's a longer preview, in case you haven't seen it!

      I can't wait either man! CHEERS!!!

  5. Alsdead14

    Cool! Looks promising! But sound like a typical Ai song nevertheless haha.
  6. Alsdead14

    Nice! Forgot about that release! I enjoyed the album last year, hope this single is good!
  7. Alsdead14

    Alsdead for All is dead. Dunno, always loved the sound of that band, it represents well their music and their lyrics, well at least back in the days when their moto used to be something like "we assume that mental illness is the basic of all" back in the days, their lyrics represented that a lot. Anywayz haha, interesting topic!
  8. Alsdead14

    Well, you just acted the way you thought was good for them. Sometimes, you can't help people if they don't want to be helped. You can't make them do as you what them to do stuff. They have to learn their stuff themselves. Maybe it's time to think more about yourself and focus on what's important in your own life. Try surrounding yourself with people more positive, because yes, as the guy above me said, some are toxic, they are just there to bring you down (talking from experience). Again from experience, I was the shoulder that people cried on it, and well, there's not much people around me anymore. I got fed up of being used all the time. So I change my life and I'm trying to move on. Like I said, focus on what makes you feel good, people you enjoy being with people who don't put you down or use you and well, being rational with people who struggle with their feelings is not a good mix too. Sometimes, they don't want to hear the truth, they only want to be heard. That's a part too you have to consider. Some people just need to talk, heck, everyone love to talk about themselves, so you just listen, and well, if it affected you negatively, you just move on. Not easy, but yeah, as the guy said above, you are still young, you will learn with experiences. I hope you can meet people that are nice to you, and well, I also saw you a lot on the forum lately, you look like a nice person to me, so don't let them bring you down. Have a nice day!
  9. Alsdead14

    That's what I thought too when first hearing it! Wow, it's so good! Looking foward to the mini!
  10. Alsdead14

    The song is good, love the solo, but not what I was expecting. Oh well haha. Cheers!
  11. 1 week to go until Sekiro is out! Who's getting it? Are you excited as I am about it? Cheers!

    1. platy


       I wouldn't be able to play it myself, so I'll be watching my bf go through it. The boss fights are gonna be so gooood

    2. Alsdead14


      Yeah! Totally haha. I've been playing through Dark Souls 3 lately again haha. Just to get in the mood. Too bad you won't play, but seeing it is nice too :) Cheers!

  12. Alsdead14

    2029.4.5? We have to wait 10 year? haha
  13. Nightmare was the band that brought me to the VK scene. I was looking up for percings ( I wanted one at the time) and found a picture of Hitsugi on google. Then I learned he was in a band called Nightmare and decided to check it out, and I loved it. It was back in 2006, my first song was Akane. I checked the comments on that video on youtube and found out about Dir en grey which became one of my favorite band then I discovered the GazettE. I downloaded lots and lots of stuff between 2006-2010. I remember using the college's wi-fi to download on brasilian blogs haha. As for J-rock it was One Ok Rock, back when they actually made rock music, in 2010.
  14. Alsdead14

    Yeah me too! Btw thanks for the link haha, I thought sharing it here for more people to see would be a good idea, but all credits goes to you for your finding
  15. Alsdead14

    Red Dead Redemption 2! Doing the story mode, then maybe gonna try the online. I also play Borderlands from time to time (my favorite game) and well waiting on Sekiro in 2 weeks!
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