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    Visual Kei and J-rock. Mostly Alsdead, lynch., Nocturnal Bloodlust, Dir en grey, the gazette, One ok rock, Galneryus, Matenrou Opera, Blesscode, NoGod, Rentrer en soi, Dadaroma, Jiluka, FIXER, Cat fisT, Deviloof, etc. The list goes on, feel free to ask! I also enjoy video games : Final Fantasy (most of them), Dark Souls 3 (1&2), Devil may cry, Borderlands, Dragon Ball Fighterz (currently playing), Monster Hunter : World (currently playing), South Park games.. I also enjoy the Persona serie and the Tales of serie. I also write poems and watch animes.

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  1. Alsdead14

    Quelqu'un parle français ici? Bon j'ai deleté mes anciens commentaires et je suis pas vraiment actif ici, mais c'est toujours sympa de parler de VK avec des gens Quels sont vos groupes préférés? Moi c'est ALSDEAD, Dir en grey, lynch., Vivarush, L'arc~en~ciel, Matenrou Opera, Girugamesh, Sadie. J'aime aussi the GazettE, mais pas vraiment les cds après TOXIC. Il y a des chansons de sympa, mais bon. J'aime tout plein d'autres groupes, et je ne suis pas de France, mais du Québec. J'attends vos réponses
  2. I really like his voice but I can't seem to enjoy the new matenrou opera (since Anzi left). I hope his solo career will sound nice, also I'm one month late haha, can't believe I didn't saw that one. Thanks for the info, I'll look for this one!
  3. Alsdead14

    I don't know if anyone mentionned this, but the stuff bands release only in japan, like, for example, ALSDEAD's last live DVD. In 7 years, they never released any dvd but they released it only in japan, and I had to paid like 100$ for that god damn dvd, and got it like 2 years after it was released. Why the hell didn't they released it internationally? I wanted to hear them live so bad, they even played some shows in the US. They are my favorite band, and it was killing me not having their dvd. I was searching for it everywhere and couldn't find it. I agree with most of what people said. The fan base is also a pain in the ass. I don't have friends that like Visual Kei, I tried several times online, this year I even joined some facebook groups, but god damnit, all they could talk was The GazettE and only that one band. I've been following the scene since like 2006 and never made a online friend that I could share my passion with. People often judge me because I listen to japanese music. I remember one girl that once said to me, "Why don't you listen to music like everyone else?". I also hate the live-limited releases. They cost so much if they someone wasn't kind enough to share it. And well, the shipping from Japan to Canada. I bought Dadaroma's DVD and that shit cost me 120$. 70$ for a live dvd is soooo expensive. For an example, I bought like Delain's dvd, it cost me like 40$, but I had 2 live cds with it. Same with Nightwish. Why does VK cost so much? I'm also somehow that likes to buy cds and have a collection. My current collection probably cost me 5000$ since 2008. and well, I often have to download stuff as I don't have much money, and well, when I share stuff it gets uploaded everywhere. I rarely buy stuff anymore except for alsdead (now AllS). Anyway, that was me complaining haha.
  4. Alsdead14

    Omg! I hope it's a comeback! But it will probably be a one-day revival as usual. Anyway. I can't wait to hear from them. First Cat FisT news now them. All the band I used to like very much are giving news Yayy.
  5. I can't believe how much they censored DADAROMA's DVD "This is LIVE" lmao. Yoshiatsu is crazy. Especially during THE KINKY and MASTURBATION hahahaha. Was worth the wait and the price!

  6. Hmmm, well he does sings clean during the chorus?
  7. Here's another song, if anyone is interested... It's weird. The music is weird and the clean vocals are weird. Dunno, can't get into them. The other MV was well made though.
  8. Alsdead14

    It's all good, I have my Metal Symphonic Bands in the meanwhile haha. (the show I went on april 22th). Anyway, if you ever hear anything, please let me know
  9. Alsdead14

    No prob, my pleasure. These guys deserve more love I'm glad that you came back on the forum! Yeah I remember you telling me that their tickets are expensive af. Haha, poor Yosuke. Loved what he did in the live dvd haha, I bet he's way more awesome live. Maybe one day, I'll finally see them live. Did you heard anything about a new single or album? I know it's only been like 6 months or so, but I want new material :D. And indeed, Maki's english is way better Maybe he did that haha. Cheers!
  10. Alsdead14

    Is he really the same guy that used to sing in RENTRER EN SOI? I can't believe my eyes and ears after seeing that video...
  11. Alsdead14

    Yeah, the songs are so good too The packaging is so huge haha, it takes a lot of place compared to my other vk cds. And yeah, the photobook is awesome! Cheers
  12. Alsdead14

    Nice guests! I hope his last live was fun. And btw, you're not the only fan left on here I still enjoy NoGod a lot. I just didn't listen a lot to Vampire and the other releases after. But I bought their indies best selection double cds back in the days, and I still enjoy those cds
  13. Been trying to buy from Vivarush International Webshop since yesterday. I've been talking to one guy that administrate the page and he's trying to find a solution for me to buy their stuff... (My credit card doesn't work, but it works everywhere else) Sincerly, I've never seen someone so dedicated to their job! I'll have that god damn Mademoiselle single lmao.

    1. Alsdead14


      @SuuuIt worked out in the end :) THANKS YOU V STAR PROMOTION! :D 

  14. Alsdead14

    You can change the language to english, but anywayz. They are still trying to figure out what's going on as someone from the America completed an order as a guest with her VISA and when I use mine, it says the same message of error. They are still answering me atm. Hope it get fixed, I want that image signed haha and the Mademoiselle single.
  15. Alsdead14

    I tried to order from their webshop but the credit card system doesn't work. I contacted them on facebook and they said they are looking into the matter and trying so solve the issue.