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    Visual Kei and J-rock. Mostly Alsdead, lynch., Nocturnal Bloodlust, Dir en grey, the gazette, One ok rock, Galneryus, Matenrou Opera, Blesscode, NoGod, Rentrer en soi, etc. The list goes on, feel free to ask! I also enjoy video games : Final Fantasy (most of them), Dark Souls 3 (1&2), Devil may cry, Borderlands and I'm addicted to Battleborn. I also enjoy the Persona serie and the Tales of serie. I also write poems and watch animes.

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  1. Wow. What a touching report, it's almost as if I was there. I could really feel all those emotions. Thank you very much for the report
  2. Ok, so I've made an international order on closetchild last thursday and I have yet to receive an email saying they will ship my order or anything at all except the automatic email. Is it normal? or am I being too impatient?

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    2. TrentReznor


      The last internation order I made from them (international, but pretty much in the same time zone, just 1 hour diff) it took them 4 working days between the automatic email and the paypal invoice. Then, once you pay, in 1 day or less they will send the package.

      So far, I dont think you need to worry, as @Komorebi, unless you are very lucky, they need to get your items from their shops. Also note, that maybe they dont update their website in "real time", so the item you order maybe is not available anymore in their main shop and need to check the others. But all in all, I think they are a very very trustable store, and you should get the confirmation soon.

      The bad thing is...once you start ordering from them...you are very likely to order more and more:grin:.


    3. Komorebi


      I've been maling monthly purchases there for about two or three years now. It is indeed addictive. 

    4. Alsdead14


      I received their email this morning!!! Thanks guys :D I just paid the shipping fews and they will send it to me on monday I guess since it's closed atm.

      And yeah, I guess it can become addictive lol.

      The dvd I ordered is the last one ALSDEAD did for japan only. I honestly can't wait to have it!!

      I'm so happy they answered :) 

  3. Hello. Regarding closetchild-cd.jp, how do I buy something from there? I don't speak japanese and when I go to checkout it doesn't translate but before the checkout it worked. Also, do they ship overseas? Any help would be appreciated. :) 

  4. I really enjoyed their first album, it was some kind of visual kei I never heard of, the music was original and all. I will surely miss them, they had a lot of potential. I wish them good luck, and I'll keep on listening to them! UNCHAIN will remain my favorite track of them. Always. I still have their cd in my car, ready to play it whenever I feel like it . @echoI know how much you liked them, I'm really sorry =O. If you could make a report of their last show, it would be nice, to immortalized and all.
  5. Wow, I bought their first full cd and enjoyed it, such a shame. Is there any reason for it?
  6. Alright thanks a bunch! I'll check it out! I've been following them for so long now, and they release a lot of stuff, like 1 album every year, that's amazing.
  7. Who's the new drummer btw?
  8. 【AllS SETLIST 0712】 Retrospect Japan Tour AT 渋谷CYCLONE 1.INAZUMA 2.DRIVEN 3.HERO 4.Adrenaline 5.FLASH BACK 6.Life Of Sorrow if anyone is interested. so I guess Driven is a new song! Now we have DRIVEN and Hunter =O
  9. TRIGGER MV is up! Quite nice I must say! We don't see J that much though, I'm suprised. and well, the solo is awesome.
  10. Awesome! Nice setlist and cool about the songs Now I really want to hear Hunter.
  11. Hey, does anyone have the setlist they played yesterday at their show at 下北沢(Shimokita)SHELTER?
  12. Nice setlist Thanks for the pic!
  13. Yayyyy! I'm so happy!!!!! And it seems that there's some album cover on their website? New music? Anyone went to that live on april 1st and heard what they played?
  14. No prob at all XD. Yeah, I bet they sound better and from what you told me and all I believe you! Well, once my future is brither and I go to Japan, I'll go see them live, as well as AIIS . Also, the reports you make on the lives are very nice!
  15. It just got in today UNCHAIN is amazing! And so is the rest of the album! It's a big surprise but I like it a lot! Thanks again for letting me the chance to discover this great band