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    Visual Kei and J-rock. Mostly Alsdead, lynch., Nocturnal Bloodlust, Dir en grey, the gazette, One ok rock, Galneryus, Matenrou Opera, Blesscode, NoGod, Rentrer en soi, Dadaroma, Jiluka, FIXER, Cat fisT, Deviloof, etc. The list goes on, feel free to ask! I also enjoy video games : Final Fantasy (most of them), Dark Souls 3 (1&2), Devil may cry, Borderlands, Dragon Ball Fighterz (currently playing), Monster Hunter : World (currently playing), South Park games.. I also enjoy the Persona serie and the Tales of serie. I also write poems and watch animes.

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  1. No prob, my pleasure. These guys deserve more love I'm glad that you came back on the forum! Yeah I remember you telling me that their tickets are expensive af. Haha, poor Yosuke. Loved what he did in the live dvd haha, I bet he's way more awesome live. Maybe one day, I'll finally see them live. Did you heard anything about a new single or album? I know it's only been like 6 months or so, but I want new material :D. And indeed, Maki's english is way better Maybe he did that haha. Cheers!
  2. Is he really the same guy that used to sing in RENTRER EN SOI? I can't believe my eyes and ears after seeing that video...
  3. Yeah, the songs are so good too The packaging is so huge haha, it takes a lot of place compared to my other vk cds. And yeah, the photobook is awesome! Cheers
  4. Nice guests! I hope his last live was fun. And btw, you're not the only fan left on here I still enjoy NoGod a lot. I just didn't listen a lot to Vampire and the other releases after. But I bought their indies best selection double cds back in the days, and I still enjoy those cds
  5. Been trying to buy from Vivarush International Webshop since yesterday. I've been talking to one guy that administrate the page and he's trying to find a solution for me to buy their stuff... (My credit card doesn't work, but it works everywhere else) Sincerly, I've never seen someone so dedicated to their job! I'll have that god damn Mademoiselle single lmao.

    1. Alsdead14


      @SuuuIt worked out in the end :) THANKS YOU V STAR PROMOTION! :D 

  6. You can change the language to english, but anywayz. They are still trying to figure out what's going on as someone from the America completed an order as a guest with her VISA and when I use mine, it says the same message of error. They are still answering me atm. Hope it get fixed, I want that image signed haha and the Mademoiselle single.
  7. I tried to order from their webshop but the credit card system doesn't work. I contacted them on facebook and they said they are looking into the matter and trying so solve the issue.
  8. Thanks! I'm glad to see they're still together, I love that band a lot
  9. soooooo... BLOOD STAIN CHILD is dead? They changed members, vocals so much over the years and now they call it quits? Or is this just another band? Anyway, I pretty much like this. Good to know the guys are still around
  10. Yayyy, +3 on sounding like Aicle. Now that's band I want to follow! Seems interesting and I like the sound!
  11. Not VK or Japanese, but any Jonathan Young fan on here? As he covers Anime themes, video games and all, anyone? haha.


  12. I like this song! The keyboard or music in background remind me a bit of what Suicide Ali used in their songs. Dunno why, maybe it's just me lol.
  13. For nagoya kei, what about cocklobin and 9goats black out, those are nagoya? If I recall right.
  14. Oh I forgot, as AllS, their new name and sound, here's 2 videos and 1 live video plus 1 extra live video : MEMORIES (2017) : LIMELIGHT (2017) : IDENTITY DISORDER (live) : A_dust (live) : There we go, now you can see both sound and see the changes they did, and especially Maki's english. He improved a lot! And Shin's solo are still the best <3
  15. Kill The King (2014) : FLASH BACK (2013) : DIRTY EVIL (2013) : DISTRUST (2009) : INAZUMA (2015) : There you go, start with those, and tell me if you like them. I'll still post the full Discography later this week, and probably in FLAC, as I discovered how to extract in FLAC. Hope you enjoy them! Kill the King is my favorite song by them! The guitar solo is killer, and the live version has a bass solo before <3 and as I said, I own their last dvd, if I ever find how to extract it, I will upload it on here as no one ever posted it. I'm pretty sure people will enjoy it! 33 songs, and it's pretty nice!